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Deep In My Soul (also referred to as DeepInMySoul.net or DIMS.net) is a writings archive containing fan fictions, original stories, poems, songs, reviews and articles written by Alvina Sheridan. This domain was registered on the 15th of September, 2006 through NameCheap.com and has been online since the 1st of October 2006. The name comes from a Backstreet Boys song called 'I'll be there for you'?. The line they us is "Deep in my soul, you'll find the truth" (the entire lyrics can be viewed here). I found it fitting and choose this name because I think all my stories come from my soul and sometimes it's difficult to put them into words, which is why I choose deep in my soul since it's buried deep sometimes.

All these stories are written by me and if you'd like to store one or two in your archive please contact me about this first. All the stories are fiction and therefor are not real. They never happened and I do not make any money with them.

All of my work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License


When I began written my fan fictions I used to host them on fanfiction.net. Most of my fan fictions were about a British band called a1; when fanfiction.net closed down their celebrity section (making me loose most of my fan fictions) I had no place to store my fan fictions. Therefore I decided to make my own website.

I first started out with this old Yahoo Club, they changed this as well and it became a group, also known as mailing list but this they also closed down.

I didn't like this after a while and made my own website on Geocities.com. Of course, I got annoyed by all those advertisements on my website and let someone host my website.

Yet even being hosted by someone else, and without advertisements, I was not satisfied. I wanted something that was my own, and in 2004 I bought my first domain; honestly-dishonest.net. It was my personal domain and I hosted my writings on that website.

After that I had several different personal domains but I've always wanted a separate domain for my writings. This is the reason why I bought DeepInMySoul.net on 15th of September, 2006. Ever since I've been trying to make this website easy to access for visitors and am always trying to add more writings.

I still have a lot of unfinished fan fictions and will maybe start posting them on this website but you shouldn't count on it. Since I'm a little reluctant to show them to anyone. They were written when I was 14 or younger and have a lot of spelling and grammar mistake and don't feel like correcting them. Usually I only post completed works on here as not to leave anyone hanging when I don't finish a story.


Sometimes someone needs a little help with building his or her website. Here are the people and websites that helped me build my website.


Because I think that a disclaimer is a must, I put one on my site as well. Just so you know, I write these writings for myself. The reason they are online is simply for giving a bored person something to read. I do not own any of these 'existing' characters nor the celebrities portrayed in my writings nor do I know the maker of the 'existing' characters or the celebrities. All these writings are for my on peace of mind. I do not make any money from them. If in some way I have offended you in one or more of my stories then please accept my sincere apology.


DeepInMySoul.net is copyright Alvina Sheridan 2004-2019. If you would like to use anything on this site then please ask me first. You are mostly likely able to store my fan fictions somewhere else but I'd like to know where they are stored, hence the fact I want to know.