Unknown Destiny (G)
Categories: Fan Fictions > Charmed | Characters: Wyatt Halliwell
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Helpful Tips

Here are some pointers you can use for your stories. In case you were wondering, I do not claim to be perfect, I make mistakes in my writings and am not always following my own tips. But they can be handy none-the-less!


  1. Make sure you correct your grammar and spelling. It's very annoying reading simple spelling errors.
  2. Send your story to a beta reader. You can learn a lot from someone who can give you pointers what she/he liked or didn't like. Also a beta reader can see mistakes you've overlooked.
  3. Research is always important. If you write a story about a disease and it's not realistic readers will often stop reading.
  4. As a writer know your character, make sure you know how you want your character to develop over time. A good idea is to write a short profile of every characters you've created so you always have their backgroud to fall back to.
  5. Don't rush your story. It's very important that you work some scenes out (some scenes you can rush but not everything).