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Here are some reviews I received for my stories. Since I've changed scripts I can't show them at the stories anymore but found that I wanted to show them to you as well because I'm rather proud of my reviews. Reviews are good for the muse so if you would like to help me feed my muse please leave a review. I once had lots of reviews for the fan fiction 'My Life, Not Yours, My Life' but unfortunately I lost them.

My Immortal Love reviews

- by Serena
'Gawdddddd! Are you trying to make me cry Darling??? Awwww, god, poor baby Lando!!! I's make the hunny feel better any time!!!'

- By Jackie
Rate:*****5 stars!!
This story had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next!!! Adding anymore chapters to this one??..Because I seriously think you should!!!!

How Did I Fall In Love With You reviews

- by Serena
'Awwww! Fabulously sweet story! Can I beta read it for you? English emergency: 999. Sweet! Leave it how it is ' tis perfect!'

What Are Best Friends For? Reviews:

- By Minna
Hey! I have been writing too since I was about 4 :S I couldn't write but I made it up and then someone wrote it for me I still have all my 'books' they're actually pretty good I like this story, it's all realistic if you look to the characters. Though, I have seen Sydney fight the strongest men on earth and I seriously don't think this guy could be able to hold her to the ground Keep up the good work Alvina!

"o" Reviews:

- By hanniel shearer
i really like dean having an angel like castiel protecting its like castiel is deans bodygaurd forever he should never let dean go love sweet hanniel.

A Second Chance Reviews:

- By Elisabeth
Hi, there! I really loved this fanfiction. Nicely written. lis