Endless Love

Chapter 01

Softly I ran, putting more and more distance between me and my source. Each step taking brought me closer and closer to my destination

The river was my map, I followed the river, hoping and knowing that it would take me to him.

He is my light in the darkness. My moonlight in the dark. My… everything.

But most of all he is mine.

I see his form appear and a smile grew on my face.

He sees me and rund my way. Halfway we meet and I fall into his arms. "Chris," I exclaim happily, before I claimed his lips in a kiss. We hadn't seen each other in 2 weeks and I had missed him so much. "I love you," I whisper when the kiss ended.

"I love you too, Bianca," he whispers and kisses me again.

The End
17 January 2007