Tonight I Wanna Cry

Chapter 01

A bottle of wine stood in front of him on the small coffee table next to his glass. He had long stopped drinking from the glass and just moved on to the bottle.

Although he wasn't one to get drunk on any occasion, tonight he wanted to get drunk. He needed to get drunk.

Looking around the room he noticed the many photographs on the wall. An aching pain shot through him a he thought of what could have been and what used to be…

He couldn't get used to being alone at night. She has always been with him, never apart. Sleeping side by side and now she was gone.

He was never one to show his emotions but tonight he wants to cry. He needs to cry so he van let go of her and move on. He was just drunk enough to let go. That was why he needed to get drunk, so he would cry.

Yet as he sat in front of the TV, which was turned on, sound turned low, he still did not cry. Maybe I should listen to ‘All by Myself', he thought miserably. That would surely hit him hard.

The day she walked away had hit him hard but still no tears would come.

Angry he took another deep gulp from the wine bottle and turned the TV of. Sitting alone in the darkness did the trick. His pride feel away as tears fell from down his eyes, like the rain from the sky.

Yes, tonight he needed to cry so he could move on tomorrow.

The End