...Writings from all kinds of fandoms...


Here are some resources that could help you become a better write or help you with your research.


  • Alternative Dictionaries
    Another dictionary but for 'unknown' languages.
  • Ardalambion
    For 'Lord of the Rings' fanfiction I sometimes need Elvish phrases. This website is where I get them from.
  • Bad Fic
    Information about BAD fanfictions
  • British Slang
    A website where you can find British slang
  • CrimeLab
    This is a great website for transcripts of CSI and other tv shows like House, CSI: Miami, etc.
  • Encyclopedia of Arda
    This website is great for information about The Lord of The Rings!
  • EWritersPlace
    A great site with a lot of articles about writing
  • FanFic FAQ
    A frequently asked questions page about FanFiction
  • Firith Galad
    This website is great for information about the Elves from The Lord of the Rings.
  • Heroes Wiki
    A great website which has all the information about the show Heroes.
  • Imagination Prompts
    Prompts that will help you start writing!
  • IMDB.com
    I usually use this website if I want to know more about Actors/Actresses
  • Language is a virus
    A great way to cure your writer's block
  • Minotaur
    If you want to write slash scene and don't know how ' this is a great website for information about sex slash scenes.
  • Most misspelled words
    A great article on the most misspelled words.
  • Musings on Writing
    A livejournal page with many articles about writing. Very interesting and good reads.
  • Mythica
    If I'd want information about Mythology I go to this website. They also have information about Folklore and more.
  • Poems
    A wonderful website with great poems!
  • Rhyme
    If you can't think of a word to rhyme with maybe this site can help you out.
  • rxsList
    A website about all the medicine we know about. Great site if your writing about Doctors.
  • Shakespeare's sonnets
    Sometimes I want a reference to a Shakespearian sonnet. I go to this website for his sonnets.
  • So you want to write sex scene
    Information on how to write sex scenes in your writing.
  • Supernatural Wiki
    A great site for all the information you'll need on the tv show Supernatural
  • The Story Starter
    A great way to start a new story!
  • Vocabulary Flashcards
    I found this website once and saved it to my bookmarks. It a great way to improve your vocabulary!
  • WikiPedia.Org
    Although not all of their information is correct I do use it for information about a lot of things.
  • WritingFix
    A great website to get some prompts to write about!


  • Efiction
    A great script to manage your writings archive.
  • WordPress
    A great blogging script which you can use for managing your writings