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10 - A Modern Myth by Alvina

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Tonight's the last time to say goodbye

Categories : Projects - 30 Seconds To Mars

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Genre : Drama

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Word count : 197

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Published: February 26, 2008

Updated: February 27, 2008

10 - A Modern Myth Chapter 01

Disclaimer: The title belongs to 30 Seconds to Mars since they wrote the song. Any reference made to the song also belongs to them. Everything else is just my interpretation to what I think where this song could be about. 
Author’s note: My interpretation to what I think the song "A Modern Myth" by 30 Seconds to Mars is about
Begun at: 26 February 2008
Ended at: 27 February 2008

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The hospital room was silent, when he sat down on a chair next to the bed, gently taking her hand in his own.

His thoughts swayed back to happier times. A time where both of them were just happy being in love with each other and he wondered if it all had been a myth? He wondered if he had imagined everything. It all seemed so long ago…

He's pulled out of his thoughts when he feels her squeeze his hand.

She asks him how the surgery went and for a moment he doesn't know what to say. "Everything went well…" he lies and tried to smile but all that showed was a wince.

She knew he was lying. "Good," she says and smiles, sadly. But for a fraction of a moment she let's herself believe the lie. "I'll be al right," she reassures him.

But as she closes her eyes and felt life slipping away she knew it was a mistake for this was the last time to say goodbye and she let it slip…

He watches as she loses her fight with death. He realise now all he needs to do is figure out how to say goodbye to her…

The End