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30 Seconds to Mars Concert Amsterdam by Alvina

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30 Seconds to Mars Concert Amsterdam

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Published: February 16, 2008

Updated: February 16, 2008

30 Seconds to Mars Concert Amsterdam Chapter 01

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On the 9th of February (2008) I woke up at ’round nine, because I had to wait for my sister who would be coming back from France I couldn’t do much yet. I decided to rip a few of my CDs since I’m in the process of ripping them all. Anyway, at least at 11 my sister arrived in Dordrecht, we got her from the train station and took her home so she could shower, change etc. Finally at 11.30 / 12.00 we left to go to Amsterdam. Thank God we had the Intercity which means we were in Amsterdam very soon. When we arrived at Central station we had to take another train to Amsterdam Bijlmer but that didn’t take long so we arrived at 2 o’clock. We were now on our way to Heineken Musical Hall.

HMH was but 5 minutes away from the train station so we arrived not soon after. My sister went in search of some Echelon members but couldn’t find those she was looking for. We did find a woman we met at the first 30stm concert, here in the Netherlands and we also met her at Pinkpop. So we were standing with her, talking and such. Maybe I have to note that at this time the line was very long and we just past half of it (mean? I think so!) There were about hundred people in the line in front of us and we were standing at the barricade that separated the hundred people in front of us with us (that sounds weird, I hope you understand my meaning).

Being at the Musical Hall at 2 o’clock we had to wait another 4 and a half hours before the doors would open. At around 4.30 it already began to get crowded and at 5.30 it was already difficult to get through the line. Thankfully at 6.30 the doors opened and we were allowed inside. First the hundred people in front of us, and then us. Those security guards told us not to run, if we ran we were taking out of the Hall… So, we walked, fast and guess where we ended up at? Second row on Tomo’s side!!

At round 8 the first band started to play. It was a Dutch band called "Make Believe". I have to say that they weren’t bad. They had one very good song, but I forgot the name. I do hope to hear more from them though! Also we were able to see Tomo on stage, listening to this band. Very Awesome! At round 8.45 (pm) the second band started. To me, they were crap. I didn’t like them one bit. I believe they song 6 songs but all sounded to same just with different lyrics and one in German. The band was called Full Deplex, oh! and the worst part is the lead singer pulled of his jacket and shirt. It was disgusting, and another worst part is one time he was right in front of me so I decided to look down… Suddenly my feet were very important!!

When the second (and last) band were done, the lowered a white sheet so we could not see the build up but it made the excitement greater! It took them about half an hour to set everything up for 30 Seconds to Mars but when the were done the famous 30stm intro began ((I know it’s not an 30stm intro but they always (often) use this intro at their concerts)) The intro was done and the sheet was still on so we couldn’t see them come on stage, that was less fun but as I mentioned before the excitement grew! Finally the started with A Battle of One and the sheet came down, the crowd went wild as we finally were able to see the band!

The show was awesome! They finally sang Buddha For Mary and I was going crazy! Also Mission was played! Again going crazy! If I’m able to get the full tracklist I’ll let you know but at this time I can’t remember in what order they sang the songs. Of course they sang The Kill and From Yesterday as well as A Beautiful Lie. Not to mention, Capricorn (Jared Solo), A Modern Myth, Echelon, Savior and many more songs which I don’t remember at the moment!

I have to say during the Kill Jared always jumps into the audience. He did it at our side so I was able to touch him (insert fangirly scream here). Actually I was to busy slapping those hands away from fellow fans when they were hitting my head. But I did touch him, my sister and her friend were holding him up so he couldn’t fall down, sweet of them, no?

The show was amazing, the band was amazing, Tomo was amazing (he was right in front of me!!), Jared was amazing, Tim was amazing and Shannon was amazing! It was one of the best shows they’ve given that I’ve seen!

After the concert we went to the ‘artists exit’. Tomo came out and I was able to get a picture with him and ask for an autograph! SO, that was awesome! Also, I didn’t mention this but Tomo had hurt his leg in London so he was walking with a crutch. When he came out all those stupid fangirls/fans crowded him and I’m a hundred percent sure they didn’t care for his leg. My sister and I were like "get the fuck away from him, his leg hurt and you’re crowding him". Later Jared came out so they weren’t crowding Tomo all that much anymore, thankfully that’s how I was able to get my picture taken with him (which he made and a very good picture it is!) and ask for his autograph.

All in all I had a wonderful time! The only down point to this whole experience was the fact that my sister was so moody and taking it out on me. I was like "what in the world did I do?" since she was all nice and happy towards the Echelon but to me she was, well, mean!

So I arrived back home at 4.30. You can imagine I was beat. I drank something and ate something, since I hadn’t eaten since 11.30 and then I went to bed. Half hour later I was already standing out of bed since I had cramp… Yes, it hurt. But then I couldn’t stand anymore so I lay back down and went to sleep. This ‘morning’ I woke up at 1.00 pm so that’s a good time. I won’t be doing much today and will be in bed very early because tomorrow I have school again and don’t want to be too tired.