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A Change In Life by Alvina

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Mike saves a slave girl. She, however, is not human and Mike and the rangers bring her back to her own planet.

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Character : Kai

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Published: February 26, 2007

Updated: March 23, 2007

A Change In Life Chapter 01

Author's note: Kendrix' still alive. They are still on the Terra Venture.
Begun at: 26 February 2007
Ended at: 23 March 2007

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Mike crawled closer, trying to see what Bugota is going to do with the slaves. He had already called the Rangers but he was sure they weren't going to be on time. Bugota was already hurting one of the slaves, wipping her with his lash. She was holding up, she didn't scream when the lash cut her skin. She just bit down on her lips.

Mike couldn't take it any more, seeing that girl in this much pain… "Magna Power!" He yelled and morphed into the Magna Defender. He then took a jump before the girl and took the lash from Bugota.

"The Magna Defender!" Bugota yelled. "Ah, I could use some good killing."

"Prepare to be defeated." Magna said and charged.

They fought for a while when the Power Rangers came, helping Magna Defender in his battle. When finally Bugota was down Magna defender turned to the tight up slave girl.

"Are you alright?" He asked the girl as he released her.

The girl looked up at Magna Defender and nodded. "We must save them" she said and started to run off.

"Wait" Magna yelled, "You're hurt."

"We must save them" she said again and ran off again. Magna ran after her and soon the rangers as well.

She stopped as a guard ran to her. She kicked him making him fall and Magna helped her defeat the guard and the other guards that were coming. "Save them, I'll hold them." Magna said to the Rangers.

"Let's go" the red ranger said and they took off.

Magna took down the last guard and then turned to the girl. She was kneeling on the ground looking at the rangers that were saving the last of the captured people. "Come" he said and helped her up. Then he almost dragged her to the Astro Megaship.

Once inside he placed her on one of the tables. As the Astro Megaship took of to Terra Venture Magna defender stood at the girls side. "What is your name?" He asked her.

"Kenya." She replied "My name's Kenya." She said before falling unconscious,

"I'll take you somewhere safe" he promised her even though she could not hear him anymore.


When Kenya woke, she noticed she was carried towards something. She wanted to struggle but was to weak to do anything, not to mention her back hurt a lot. She was now bound to let him carry her.

Mike noticed Kenya had woken up but did not say anything, he wanted her in the hospital as soon as he could… There was just one problem the hospital's were overloaded with the slaves they had rescued. So he had set for the second best option. Take her to the girls dorm and take care of her himself.

Kendrix opened the door when they arrived at the girls dorm and told Mike to place her on the couch. "We must remove the garment to eximine her back." Kendrix said.

Kenya had heard Kendrix and started struggling. "No" she gasped, fear was written on her face.

Kendrix saw the fear in her eyes and kneeled down on the floor so she could look into Kenya's eyes. "We need to treat your wounds if not they will become infected and you could die. Please let us help you." She said and saw Kenya relaxing.

"You will not hurt me?" She asked, she was still afraid.

"We will not hurt you." Mike said as he, as well, leveled himself to look into her eyes.

Kenya rested her eyes on Mike's "You were the one that saved me?" She half asked, half stated.

Mike did not know what to say. Nobody, except the Rangers knew he was the Magna Defender, so how could she?

"You are the Magna Defender?" she asked again, worried by his silence. Was she wrong?

Mike nodded, "I am" he stated. For some reason he was not able to lie to her.

Kenya smiled "Thank you." She said and with that she gave Kendrix her blessing to examine her.

Mike helped Kendrix to remove the garment Kenya was wearing and let Kenya lay down on her stomach. Both Kenrix and Mike gasped when they saw the scars on Kenya's back. How could she have survived these tortures? Mike asked himself Some of these scars are very old. He wondered just how old they were.

Kendrix went right into action and cleaned the wounds. Even though they had stopped bleeding they still needed to be cleaned. When Kendrix was down cleaning the wounds she walked to the closet to get something to wear for Kenya. Judging by her size she was just as tall as Kendrix, so she found an old dress which was still in perfect health.

"Mike, help me change her into this." Kendrix said to Mike and as he hold Kenya up, she was to weak to sit up, Kendrix put the dress on. "I am sorry, that is all I have at the moment." Kendrix apologize to Kenya

Kenya looked at the dress she was wearing. "It's fine, thank you" She said. It has been a long time since she was able to wear anything that went over her knees. "I like it." She said and smiled at Kendrix.

Mike helped her sit up as Maya, Leo and Damon walked into the room. Kenya looked at them and instantly knew who they were. "You are the rangers" she said as she looked from Leo, to Maya to Damon and then at Kendrix.

"How…?" Damon was about to say but Kendrix just said "Yes."

"Thank you for saving me and my people. It has been a long time since we've been free." Kenya closed her eyes for a moment.

"How did you know?" Mike asked Kenya, wanted to know how she knew and others… don't.

Kenya looked up at Mike "Your voices" She answered "I remember your voices…" She said before closing her eyes. "I do not even know your names." She whispered. When Mike introduced himself and the other four to her she smiled and thank them by using their name. She then closed her eyes again and fell asleep.

Mike got up and carried her to the free bunk in the girls room and tucked her in.

"We should go" Leo said and when the girls nodded the boys took off.


When Kenya woke up the next morning the first thing she noticed was that she was not lying on the hard ground she was so used to but a soft mattress. How she had missed a mattress. She smiled happily and turned to her right side. She saw that the guys were still there… Or had they just returned? She did not know and she did not care. The second thing she noticed was the smell… A smell she could not place.

"You're awake" Mike said as he place a chair next to her bunk and sat down on it. "You've slept the morning away." He smiled seeing her blush.

"I haven't slept much the past years…" she apologized.

"It's alright" Mike said. "How are you feeling?"

"Rested" she sighed contently. "My back still hurts."

Mike nodded "I am afraid it will hurt for a while."

Kenya nodded and let her eyes travel across the room. She saw Kendrix talking to Maya and Leo and Damon were talking to another person. "Who is that?" She asked Mike.

Mike followed her gaze "That is Kai." He said. "He is also a ranger."

Kenya nodded, "I figured, since there was five of you." She said and looked back at Mike.

"I think lunch is done, want something to eat?" Mike asked her.

"Sure" she said and slowly stood up. "Could you…?" She started to embarrased to finish her question.

Mike understood though and helped her walk to the table where the others were already seated. She sat down with Mike next to her. "Kai this is Kenya, Kenya this is Kai." Mike said introducing the two of them when Kai placed some of his famous cookings on her plate.

"Nice to meet you." Kai said and smiled at her. "I hope you enjoy your lunch."

"I am sure I will" Kenya said and took hold of the fork. She took two bites and then shoved the plate away. Living as a slave made her loose her appitite and now she couldn't eat much anymore.

"I think she does not like it, Kai" Damon said trying to make a joke.

"No, it is not that.." Kenya started but stopped as a wave of nauseous took hold of her. "Bathroom?" She asked and covered her mouth.

Mike took her to the bathroom where she vomitted. When she was done Mike helped her clean up.

"I am sorry" Kenya started, tears were falling from her eyes.

"It is alright" Mike said as Kai and Kendrix walked into the bathroom.

"Are you alright?" Kendrix asked Kenya, but Kenya did not answer.

"She's fine" Mike answered for her.

"I am sorry" Kenya said again and looked at Kai.

Kai smiled at her, "It's alright. I don't take it personally."

Kenya tried to smile but failed. She burried her face in Mike chest as more tears were making it's way down her face. For some reason she felt save with him. Could she feel safe because he had saved her?

When Kendrix and Kai left Mike carried Kenya back into the room. "Is he mad at me?" She asked, feeling miserable.

"Kai?" Mike ask and felt her nodding. "No, he is not mad at you. He has seen the other prisoners who knows how long you've been without food?"

Kenya was silent for a while. "A week" she said. "I've been without food for a week."

Mike swallowed, How did she survive? No food and torture?

"That is why I was up there," she continued. "I gave my food to a young boy, he needed it more than I did. Bugota saw that and put me up there."

"You weren't allowed to help other prisoners?" He asked disapproving.

"No, we were not." She answered, as tears were again making its way down her face.

Mike placed her in her bunk. "All will be well now. Everyone has been saved, you have been saved." He said trying to comfort her.

Kenya locked her teary eyes onto Mike's "My people are save, that's all that matters." she said, "Who knows, they might even go back to their own planet." She said and gave Mike a soft smile.

"And we will help you." Mike said, refering to himself and the Power Rangers.

Kenya nodded thankfully. "I am so sleepy." She said as she closed her eyes.

"Then go to sleep, and know you are with friends." Mike said and saw Kenya was already asleep. He tuck her in, once again and then went to his friends who were still sitting at the table.


Kenya woke up and noticed the quiet that had formed in the room. She looked up and saw that only Kai was in the room. She looked at him for a moment and noted that he was reading a book. She smiled and tried to get up, but as she was still to weak she fell back into the bunk hurting her head. "ouch" she said and rubbed her head.

"Are you alright?" Kai asked concerned, making his way over to her.

"Yes," she said "Just hit my head."

"Here let me help you." He said and helped her up, "Where did you want to go?" he asked not knowing where she wanted to go to.

"Bathroom," she answered. Together they made it to the bathroom.

"Are you able to stand up yourself?" He asked not wanting to intrude he continued "Or do you want me to get Kendrix or Maya?"

"I think I can manage" she said."

"Okay" Kai said making his way to the door "Leave the door open, just in case you need help getting out of there." He said and after seeing her nodding, he walked out of the bathroom letting the door ajar.

Kenya sat down on the floor and remove her dress. Even though it wasn't uncommen for her people to undress in front of the opposite sex she didn't feel comfortable undressing in front of Kai. There's something about him she thought and climbed into the shower. Using the wall to stand up she put the water on the right temperate and then sat back down in the shower. She was very dirty but was to weak to stand.

Once she was down she climbed out of the shower, not bothering to turn of the water and took hold of the towel. She covered herself with the towel and called Kai knowing she was to weak to dress her self.

Kai walked into the bathroom and noticed Kenya sitting on the floor and the water still runing. He turned it off and then turned his attention to Kenya. "Should I help you are would you rather for me to find either Kendrix or Maya?" He asked.

"Would you mind helping me? It is kind of cold on the floor."

Kai smiled at her, "Of course" He said and helped her stand. Out of respect he closed his eyes while she dried herself of. Once she gave him the ‘ok' sign he helped her into her dress. Just as the dress fell into place Kenya legs buckled. It was a good thing Kai was already holding her, if he hadn't she would have fallen to the floor. "I'll carry you to the couch." He said and with a simple gesture swong her off her feet and carried her to the couch.

"Thank you" she said "I do not like being depended on others."

"I wouldn't like it either" Kai responded "But I am glad I am able to help you."

Kenya nodded and sank into the couch. She saw a book on the table and assumed it was the book Kai had been reading earlier. "Would you mind reading to me?" She asked.

"No, of course" Kai said and sat on the other couch and picked up the book then started reading out loud.

Kenya must have dozed off since the next thing she noticed was that Maya and Kendrix were talking to one another. "Hey sleepy head" Kendrix said noticing Kenya had woken up and smiled down at her.

Kenya sat up looking confused. "Kai left for his shift." Kendrix explained and Kenya nodded.

"Want to get some air?" Maya asked and when Kenya nodded Maya and Kendrix took her outside. Once outside they headed to the garden where they could sit on the grass. Once Kenya was seated she sighed contently, already feeling the energy flowing back into her body. Once she felt like she could stand up without support she stood up and walked to the tree. She touched it and smiled "thank you for your energy." She said.

Mike, Leo, Damon and Kai walked up to the girls. "Look who's outside" Mike said referring to Kenya.

Kenya turned from the tree to look at the new arrivals. "Mike!" She exclaimed "Isn't it a lovely day?" She asked and walked over to him and hugged him. Indeed it was a lovely day, the sun was shining and no evil had show its face yet.

Mike looked at the figure in his arms. Last time he saw her she had bruises on her face and most of her body. She was weak and not able to stand unaided. When he looked at her now… The bruises on her face had disappeared and she could stand unaided, walk even. "You look good." He complimented as all of them sat down.

Kenya sat down in Mike's arms and nodded. "Yeah, it's the earth." She said "The earth gives me the strenght to recover. My healing skills are must faster than the humans." She explained. "Now my body is strong enough to heal itself again it will heal about 10 times faster than your wounds." She showed her wrists to them.

Her wrist had cuts as deep as the bone in them but now only bruises were left. They were even disappearing as they looked at it.

Kenya looked at them one by one "As you might realise, I am not human."

"Then what are you?" Maya asked amazed.

"I am an Elf." she replied simply. "Wood-elf to be exact." Kenya noticed they were looking at her confused. "You do not know what a Wood-Elf is?" She asked and when she saw them shaking their head she continued. "Wood-Elves live in the forest. High up in the trees we have build our homes, they are in the trees for protection of course. Wood-Elves are one with nature. Their energy comes from the earth's living things, plants, trees, flowers."

"When you were a slave you lived at the camp outside." Mike mused "But there was no living thing there…"

"No," she said sadly. "If you want to torture a Wood-Elf place him or her on a place with no living thing." She shook her head. "No one should go through that."

Mike hugged her sensing her distress.

"Maybe my people will get to their own planet again." She said with a soft smile.

"Maybe we can bring you and your people back?" Kendrix suggested. "What is the name of your planet?"

"Valinate" Kenya replied. "Would you do that?" She asked, disbelieve showing on her face.

"Of course," Mike answered and the rest nodded their head. "We can't keep you here against your will."

"Thank you" she only responded. "Thank you…"

Leo's morpher made a sound. "Go ahead Alpha" he said into his morpher.

"Rangers, I detected some disturbance in the park." Alpha said.

"Okay Alpha." Leo said and looked around. "Let's do this."

The rangers stood up. "Go Galatic" they all said together and changed into their Rangers outfit.

Kenya looked at Mike and smiled "Go," she said.

Mike stood up as well "Magna Power" he said and changed into the Magna suit. Then the six of them run off towards the park.

Kenya looked around and found a branch on the floor, she took it in her hands and then ran in the same direction as the others. She saw that Mike was down but Leo was helping him defeat the Sting Wingers. Damon, Maya and Kendrix were trying to defeat Magenty. Kai, however, wasn't in such a good position. Kenya didn't even thought about the consequences as she charged to help Kai. She swung the branch at the Sting Winger who was hitting Kai and made him fall back. Then she charged again making another Sting Wingers fall to the groud. She was now next to Kai and helped him up, "Are you alright?" she asked and he nodded.

"Yes," he said and together they charged, defeating the Sting Weavers. Magenty was defeated and started to grow. The ranger quickly called for the Galactabeasts and tranfformed into the Galactazords. Kenya went to stand a little back, letting the Rangers and Magna Defender defeat the huge Magenty.

Once Magenty was defeated the six of them run to Kenya. "Are you alright?" Mike asked, he had seen her fighting and was a little concerned she got hurt.

"I am fine" she answered "I'm only a little out of breath." Indeed she was, she must be out of shape as she was never out of breath while fighting.

"Thanks" Kai said when he stood next to Kenya "for saving me."

Kenya shrugged, "No worries, you'd done the same." She said and then the seven of them left the garden…


The rangers helped the Wood Elves unto the Astro Megaship; they were going home to Valinate. Kenya smiled seeing the happy faces of her people. This was indeed all she wanted, for her people to go home. Once everyone was inside, including the rangers and Mike the Astro Megaship took of towards the planet Valinate.

The Astro Megaship landed on the planet Valinate and everyone left the ship, with Kenya, the rangers and Mike leaving the ship last. Kenya looked up at the sky and smiled, she then reached her hands up high and started spinning. Mike and the rangers smiled at her as they saw she was very happy to be home.

"Kenya?" A voice in the trees said "Daughter, is that you?"

Kenya stopped to look at the figures who were now emerging from the trees and her smile grew even bigger. "Mother!" she yelled and ran into her mother's waiting arms.

"My dear daughter," Her mother said hugging her closer. "I knew you'd survive."

"For our people I'd do anything, mother" Kenya said and turned to her father who was watching them "It is good to see you again father."

"My dear daughter" he said as well and hugged Kenya close.

"Mother, father, I'd like you to meet the people who have saved me and our people." Kenya said and introduced the rangers and Mike to her parents. The rangers weren't in they rangers suit but in their normal clothing, as was Mike. As Kenya had said that their secret was save with her people and because they would have figured it out anyway, as Kenya had.

"It's a pleasure to meet you" Kenya's father said.

"How can we repay you for saving our people?" Her mother asked.

"You do not need to repay us" Leo said "We are just glad we could help you out."

"Then would you stay for a few days?"

Mike looked at Kenya and saw her pleading look and he couldn't refuse. "We'd like that" he answered for the rest of them.

And so the Power Rangers and Mike were going to stay on Valinate for a few days. They were showed to their rooms and after dinner they did what they wanted to do.

Kenya made her way to her favourite spot in the whole planet, the lake. She removed her dress and sandels and then stepped into the lake. "How I have missed this" she whispered to the water and smiled, contently.

Kai made his way through the forest, never before had he seen such a beautiful forest. He heard a waterfall and decided he should check it out. Once he arived he saw Kenya was making her way out of the lake. "I am sorry, I did not want to intrude" he said and turned around already leaving.

Kenya looked up at Kai's figure "Please, do not leave." She said and dressed herself. "You could turn around" she stated.

Kai turned around and faced Kenya. He noticed how her silver hair was playing in the wind. He also noted that her hair wasn't wet anymore… Hadn't she just bathed? he thought. He walked over to her. "You hair," he said "How can you dry it that fast?" He was very confused and probably sounded like it.

"I controlled the water to leave my hair and go back into the lake" Kenya answered simply.

"You can control water?" He asked amazed.

"Aye, I can" Kenya replied "As can you."

Kai looked even more confused. "I cannot control the water." He stated, clearly she was mad… Wasn't she?

"Of course you can. You are the Blue Rangers, are you not?" Kai nodded. "Just focus your energy on controlling the water, let it rise or something."

Kai gave Kenya one more confused look, shook his head and walked closer to the lake. He concentrated on the water, trying to let it rise but nothing happened. "I cannot control the water." He stated again.

"Maybe you'll need your Ranger power." She said.

"I must be out of my mind" Kai said before changing into his Ranger outfit. He, again, concentrated on the water and saw it rise just a bit. "Did I do that?" Kai asked turning back to Kenya.

"Why don't you try again and see for yourself." Kenya replied. Kai was not the one who had just raised the water, it was indeed Kenya. She did it so Kai believe he was in fact able to rise it, if he did not believe nothing would happen.

Kai tried again, focussing all his energy on rising the water and suddenly the water rose. Kai hold his hand in front of him and let the water rise as high as his outstrechted hand. When he felt the water touch his hand he fell back. Did he just control the water?

"See, I told you you could control the water" Kenya said, a smuck smile on her face.

Kai changed back into his normal clothing. "I never knew I could" he said.

Kenya kneeled down in front of him. "Now you do, and maybe in the future you might need it." She said and helped Kai stand up. "Come, let's go back inside. It is getting late."

When Kai nodded both of them climbed the long stairs till they finally reached the tree house and went inside. The separated when Kai's room came. "I'll see you tomorrow" Kenya said and left Kai at his door.


Kenya's mother, Traciana walked into her daughter's room. She smiled seeing her daughter reading a book she had never seen before. "What are you reading, dear?" She asked and walked closer to her daughter.

"Oh, just a book" Kenya said and blushed, for it was the book Kai had read while he was taking care of her.

Her mother was not fooled and shook her head. "You truly like him, do you not?" Her mother asked, already knowing her daughters answer.

Kenya looked at her mother and nodded. She should have know her mother already knew. Her mother, who was in fact a see-er, knew all what has happened and what might happen and so it was that her mother already knew she liked Kai.

"Yet, you have not told him" her mother said and sat down on the couch next to her daughter.

"No, I have not. " Kenya shook her head and gave a soft smile. "I was took busy making sure our people would go back home."

"Then why do you not tell him now?"

"I… don't know… Maybe because I am scared of what he will say…" Kenya stood up and started pacing, something she always did when she was considering her options. "Mother, I…" Kenya stated but stopped when her mother raised her hand.

"It's alright Kenya, your father and I want you to be happy. If you think this Kai will make you happy then you have our blessings."

Kenya hugged her mother. "Thank you" she said into the embrace.

"Just be sure to tell him before you decide if you'll go back with them or not." Her mother advised, smiled and left the room.

Kenya smiled, knowing her mother was right. If Kai did not return her feelings she would not go with them, since it would only hurt more if she would see him every day. So it was, in this moment Kenya decided she had to tell Kai about her feelings… If only she'd knew when she was going to tell him…


Kai walked down the stairs and stepped into the forest. He wanted to clear his mind and maybe a stroll through the forest will clear his mind. He walked through the forest not really paying attention to where he was going and eventually ended up at the lake he spotted Kenya last night; the same night he had learned he could control water. He walked closer to the lake and sat down in the grass, just staring at the lake lost in thoughts.

Kenya felt like she needed to take a bath and since they didn't have any baths in the house she needed to go outside; to the lake. So her she was on her way to the lake; again. Her thoughts kept drifting back to her conversation with her mother. She should tell Kai about her feelings as soon as possible but she feared his reaction. She sighed and stopped dead in her tracks. Just in front of her, at the lake, Kai was seated bathing in sunlight. His eyes were fixed on the water and reflected the sunlight. Kenya swallowed at the breath taking sight and slowly walked to Kai. She smiled and sat down next to him. "Hi" she said.

Kai blinked and turned his attention on Kenya. "Hi" he replied, smiling. "I did not hear you."

"I figured" Kenya replied and smiled again. "I was just coming here to take a bath."

"Do you want me to leave?" Kai asked, even though he did not wanted to leave but figured Kenya would probably need some privacy.

"No, you were here first." Kenya replied, smiling. "I can always take a bath later." Kenya thought for a moment and stood up. She removed her dress and her sandels and turned her attention to Kai "Come on" she said and run into the water.

Kai looked at Kenya, bewildered. She had undressed and was now running into the water glad only in her under dress. He then laughed and stood up as well. He removed his shirt and shoes en then ran into the water after Kenya.

When Kai was into the water Kenya splashed him and laughed. Not long after Kai splashed her back and a water fight started. Eventually Kai swam over to Kenya and hold her arms making her stop splashing. "Let me go" Kenya laughed, trying to get out of Kai's hold.

"First you have to promise me you won't splash me anymore." Kai answered, a big smile on his face.

"Okay! Okay, I promise" She said and Kai released her. Kai took a step back and before he knew it he was splashed again. Kenya swam away, laughing.

"I'm going to get you" Kai said and swam after her.

Kenya knew she could make sure Kai would never be able to get her by controlling the water. But that would not be as funny as this.She thought. She had not noticed Kai was already in front of her and he took hold of her again. She struggle trying to get free, both of them were laughing. Eventually Kenya gave up and stopped struggling.

Kai still had a tight hold on Kenya so he released some pressure, but was still holding her. Their faces where very close and it took all Kai had in himself not to kiss her.

Kenya looked into Kai's eyes. She felt her skin warm up by the pressure of his arms. She leaned in closer and touched her lips to his.

Kai was stunned but kissed her back. Kai's hands pulled Kenya closer to him.

Kenya couldn't believe her luck; Kai was kissing her back. Her hands soon found their way around Kai's body.

The kiss lasted a while till the need for air pulled them apart. As they looked into each others eyes a smile formed on both of their faces. "If I'd go with you, back to Terra Venture… What would you say?" Kenya asked.

"You'd do that? You'd leave your home planet?" Kai asked bewildered.

"I want to spend my life with you and if that means I have to leave my home planet behind I'll do it.

Kai's smile grew even bigger, hearing her say that. "Then I would be very happy that you'd come with me for I cannot imagine my life without you." He answered her question and kissed her again.

Traciana looked out of her window looking at the two new found lovers. Today, my child, it will be the first day of your new life. Although trouble will haunt you, you and Kai shall be very happy in your new life.

And so it was when the rangers went back to Terra Venture Kenya went with them to start her new life…

The End
25 March 2006