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Christmas Wish by Alvina

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Sean Bean spends his Christmas Eve with his girlfriend.

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Character : Sean Bean

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Genre : Romance

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Published: January 5, 2007

Updated: January 5, 2007

Christmas Wish Chapter 01

Begun at: 5 January 2007
Ended at: 5 January 2007

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Sean Bean finished lighting the fire. It was Christmas Eve and he would spend this evening with his girlfriend, Angela. She would arrive within the hour and then they’d have dinner. He hadn’t giving any thought on what they’d do after dinner, he was just happy to spend the evening with her.
He hadn’t been able to see her much this year because he was away filming his latest films and this was perhaps the only day he could spend it with her alone.

Sean got up and walked towards the couch where he sat down. He remembered the first time he’d met her. He had walked into a small restaurant and was in a hurry. He was already late and wanted some coffee. Once he had his coffee he wanted to leave but had bumped into someone, splashing his coffee on himself and the person he had bumped into.

"Damnit," he had cursed trying to dry off the coffee with his hands.

"‘S’cuse you," the sweetest voice had said.

Sean looked up, "I’m sorry?"

"You looked busy, so I thought I’d apologize for you," she had replied.

Sean was staring into the bluest eyes he had ever seen. Elijah eyes were nothing compared to hers. Her blonde hair was tight together in a single plaid which she flipped back so it rested on her back. "I’m sorry," he had said at least. "I’m kinda in a hurry."

"Yeah, I noticed," she smiled. "Here, let me buy you a new cup of coffee."

He looked at his watch, "Can I get a rain check on that? I’m still in a hurry."

"Of course," she had replied.

"Alright, bye," with one last glance he left.

The day he left the diner he had not thought he would see her again. He had forgotten to let her know when he’d be back by the diner. The next day he didn’t have to go to work so he would not see her then, or the day after.

It was a week later before he went back to the dinner, again in a hurry. He was about to order when he saw her again. "Run-in-guy," she had said and smiled.

"Run-in-girl," he had replied. "You work here?"

"Yeah," she had replied. "I’m guessing you want your coffee now?"

"I’d like that…"

Weeks passed by like that, them meeting each other in the diner and when he came in she’d take her break and spend it with him. One evening they were talking to each other and laughed. Sean had leaned in and kissed her. Both were a little shocked when their lips met but soon began to response. They had parted and shyly looked at his each other, often smiling when their eyes met.

He could never forget their first meeting, or their first kiss. He was lucky to have found her and even luckier to have found true love.

He got up when he heard the doorbell rang and he opened the door. There Angela stood on his front porch, smiling at him. "Hey," he said and grabbed her by the waist to pull her in for a sweet kiss.

"Hey to you too," she replied when they broke the kiss. "Brought some wine," she said as they walked inside.

"Let me put that in some ice," he said taking the wine from her. "Dinner’s ready," he signed for her to sit down at the dinner table while he placed the bottle in some ice. Once he had done that he went back to the dinner table where he sat down behind it. "Here, let me pour you some water." Neither liked to have alcohol with their dinner, therefore they drank water instead.

"How’s work?" she asked, gently sipping her water.

"Busy, as always," he replied, smiling. "But thankfully I have some days off…"

"Yeah, my too. It has been hectic at the diner, I’m glad to have a few days off," she smiled.

During dinner they talked about anything, like they normally do. When they finished they brought their plates and glasses to the kitchen, placing them in the sink. "Go sit on the couch," Sean told her. "I’ll finish cleaning the table."

Angela sat down on the couch, staring into the fire, while Sean cleaned up. "Here, I got you a glass of wine," Sean said, holding the glass in front of her.

She smiled and took the glass from him, "thank you."

Sean sat down and placed his own glass on the table. "Come here," he slightly ordered her.

Angela smiled as she placed her glass on the table. Then she lay back in his arms, sighing contently.

"Are you cold?" he asked her when he saw her shiver.

"No," she only replied and stared into the flames once more.

Sean cherished the feeling of having her in his arms. Times like these were marked in his memory so that whenever he was away shooting some film, he’d have these memories to get him through the many lonely days and nights without her. He lowered his head so he could kiss her, the kiss grew more passionate each passing moment, so they broke it.

"I love being held by you," she whispered, looking up into his eyes.

"I love holding you," he replied, kissing her once more. "I love you," he whispered when they broke the kiss.

"And I love you," she replied.

A silence fell over the room which left them staring into the flames. "And, what do you want for Christmas?" Sean asked her, breaking the silence.

"You," she replied, smiling. "What about you?"

"All I want for Christmas I already have here, you in my arms," he replied.

Angela smiled and slightly blushed.

Sean always found it adorable when she blushed. He leaned in and kissed her. This would be the best Christmas he’s had in a long time for he could spend it with the love of his life…

The End
5 January 2007