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Doe Maar, de popmusical (Musical) by Alvina

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Doe Maar, de popmusical (Musical) review

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Published: November 17, 2007

Updated: November 17, 2007

Doe Maar, de popmusical (Musical) Chapter 01

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Title: Doe Maar, de Pop Musical
Artist: Kim Lian and various others
Type: Musical/DVD
Release Year: ?

Although I have never listened to the band "Doe Maar" is did recognize one or two songs from this musical. The musical begins with the song "Sinds een dag of 2" which I happen to recognize.

The musical is about two young woman (Alice (17) and Janis(19)) who are on the edge of becoming two adults. Life is beginning to get difficult for them but they still want to spread their wings. In doing so both woman fall for the same man, Rits (32).

Rits who lives with his 17 year old brother (Tommy) doesn't have a job, has another woman every day and worse of all is being evicted from his home. Not long after hearing this his father (Arend) turns up who left him 14 years ago.

By this time Alice and Janis decide to start renting a room with Rits so he gets enough money to keep his house. Arend also rents a room and everything seems alright. Until Janis finds out she is pregnant with Rits' baby.

She doesn't tell him, only Alice knows. Whenever she tries to tell either Rits or her mum (Flora) that she is pregnant something comes up. So she decides not to tell them.

On Alice 18th birthday Flora and Arend are reunited, turns out Arend left his family for Flora but Flora didn't leave her family.

Anyway after a while Arend gets sick and dies just before Janisfinally told Rits she is pregnant. Arend had told Rits he left his bible for him and at the funeral Rits reads in it and find a lot of diamonds in there.

He is now able to keep his house. We also see Arend as an Angel (sort of, he's in white and a light shines on him…)

Music: I really liked the music. The music fitted the story completely. My favourite song is "Smoorverliefd" and I really liked how they put this in the musical.

The Story: The story was interesting. It's probably not the best story's around but I do think it was good enough to watch multiple times. There's laughter in there, sadness and most of all love. There's a lot of love in this story and you can really see that and you can almost feel it.

The Actors: Most of these actors, I didn't recognize. Only Kim-Lian van der Meij (whom I've seen in Hamelen) and Jan Elbertse (whom I also seen in Hamelen). Kim-Lian was amazing as Janis and put that character down amazingly. Daniel Boissevain was amazing as Rits. I really loved how he played him. I was even amazed and didn't know we (Netherlands/Holland) had such an amazing actor amongst us.

This musical is based on the songs of the band "Doe Maar" who are a Dutch band