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She wants to be me by Alvina

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Matt is in the loony bin there he meets a girl. She's the only one who believes him. Is she able to help him. Or is she the one who needs to be helped?

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Character : Matt Willis

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Published: June 21, 2004

Updated: June 21, 2004

She wants to be me Chapter 01

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"Everyone, time for your medicine!" The nurse yelled through the room and the patients slowly and clumsily got up. Matthew Willis was one of them. He slowly made his way to the nurse, Mrs. Bradley. He opened his mouth and the nurse slide the 2 medication into his mouth. Then he was handed a plastic glass of water and he swallowed some of it. He gave the glass back then went to his room where he spit the medicine out of his mouth into the bin and slipped into his bed.

"Lights out, Miss Willis." Mrs. Bradley says as she walked into his room. It was always Miss. Ever since he was stolen stolen of his identity. "Where is your roomy?" She asks not long after, Sarah his roomy, walks in. "Good Sarah, now go lie down so I can turn off the lights." As Sarah lies in her bed Mrs. Bradley turns the lights of and walks out and Matt turns on his side facing Sarah.

"I wish she would stop calling me miss!" He says to her. Sarah laughs.

"Why? Are you a misses then?" She asks.

"No stupid, I am a mister. Only no one believes me…" He stops as he sees Sarah getting out of her bed.

"Will you tell me?" She asks as she sits on his bed. Matt thought about it for a seconds then nods.

"I do not know where to begin, I mean I haven't told this to anyone before. No one would listen to me." Matt sighs and looks pleadingly at Sarah, he just needed someone to listen. Someone who'd believe him…

"Just start at the beginning. I promise I won't judge you till you're finished." Matt nods, thinking that it was strange she was still this sober with the medication. Normally, when given the medication, you'd fall asleep in less then 10 minutes.

"Four years ago I was in this band called Busted, we were doing pretty good and I even got a girlfriend who I thought loved me. She was everything to me. I told her everything I ever did with Busted and she was always happy for me. As time passed by I started seeing weird things. She starting wearing my clothes. We were at a show and I couldn't find my only t-shirt I still had left. So Clare, my girlfriend, came in and I saw that she was wearing my t-shirt. I thought it was strange when she told me she didn't had any shirts left so she
took mine because she always brought way to many clothes with her but I guess it can happen and I went to James to borrow a shirt of him.

"Anyway as I entered James' room I thought I needed my head inspected cause it wasn't the first time she borrowed something of mine. Eventually I talked to James and he told me that his girlfriend, Denise also borrowed his clothes so I thought it was something girls did. After we did the show she walked up to me and kisses me saying ‘I wish I could be like you Matt' never before had she said that and with the whole borrowing clothes things I got… scared I think."

"Scared of what?" Sarah interrupted him.

"You said you wouldn't interrupt me while I was talking." He smiled at her, knowing she was actually listening to him which pleased him.

"No I said I wouldn't judge you and I didn't, did I?" She answered.

Matt sighed, "True" he thought. "I got scared of the fact that nobody seemed to notice it but me.. I felt like I was fading away…" He sighed again and knew he had to continue his story.

"It was 4 weeks later when I really got scared. Clare had cut her hair, just like me but not only had she started to drive around town in my car but she also bought the same red guitar I own. The fact is she cannot play guitar so I thought this was weird but suddenly she asks me to teach her. I thaught her to play the guitar… But now I wish I had not.

"I remember that on one evening the phone ran and she thought I wasn't home. She answered it with ‘Matt Willis'. If I didn't know better I thought I'd said it myself. She doesn't only looks like me but she also acts like me. It was even so weird that I once say her standing up while peeing. I mean that's weird isn't it?" Sarah nodded.

"You said she acts like you, how?" Sarah asks as she lay down next to Matt under the blanket.

"Well, first she knows things I've never spoke of, she analyzed my smile, memorized my phonebook and not to mention she once went up on stage being me. I hadn't heard the ‘come-on-stage-call' and she went in my place. Nobody saw it wasn't me… Nobody noticed me… I felt like I was fading away. Not only did she steal my identity but also my life, my world everything I lived for." Tears were starting in his eyes yet he did not let them fall.

"Why didn't you went to your friends?" Sarah asks as she hugged a trembling Matt closer.

"I did, they didn't believe me… I told them I was Matt and Clare was on stage with them. They just didn't believe me… They didn't believe me!" Matt cried into Sarah's shoulder and she hugged him close. "And-and now I am here, everyone thinks I am crazy… I even start to think I am crazy." Sarah dried Matt's tears.

"I believe you… Matt, was it?" Matt nodded.

"Thank you, it means so much to me." Matt looked at Sarah. "Why are you here?" He suddenly asked. Sarah was glad that it was dark in the room because if it wasn't dark then Matt would have seen her blush.

"I like… liked to put things on fire." She answered, silently. "My mother couldn't handle me so she send me to the loony bin."

"I am sorry to hear that." Matt replied sympathyly.

"No need to be, it's better here than with my mother and her boyfriend. I even think it's his fault actually."

"Wanna talk about it?" Sarah looked at him. "It's the least thing I could do." Sarah nodded.

"Okay, let me see… where to start. Ah, yes. My mother and I lived in a small apartment in London. My father had died so we didn't had much of an income. My mother was always nice to me but when she got a boyfriend it… she changed.

"I was 17 at that time and my mother was dating her 10th boyfriend since my father died when I was 14. His name was John and he was pretty rich but he did not like children. Or he just didn't like me that's also an option.

"When she married John she was able to spend a lot of many and she spent it on me. Trying to make me happy, yet I was not. She only spent time with me when she wanted to and not when I wanted to. So I once started a fire, not a big one but a fire nonetheless. My mother found out I was the one who did it and punished me. Not bad, just a punishment.

Anyway, John found out that I did this and punished me as well… only much worse… I cannot talk about that, please do not make me…" she said starting to shake.

"It's alright, you do not need to tell me that." Matt said reassuring

Sarah nodded gratefully. "I did not take that punishment to well and started more fires. My mum couldn't control me anymore, the more she tried the more John came to punish me and so they send me here… And here I am." She tried to smile but failed miserably.

"Does your mother not visit you?" Matt asked hugging her.

"No, she does not. Guess she's not allowed of John…" Sarah started to cry. "Why does she love him more than me?" She sobbed into his arms. "I do not want to be here anymore Matt… They treat me like I am crazy, but I am not."

"Sshh… It's okay. I'll get you out of here." He says and her head shot up.

"How?" She asked.

"We'll figure something out…" They lay down on Matt's bed and both of them soon fell asleep.