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Was it a Fantasy by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Dean needs some alone time and encounters an angel.

Categories : Fanfictions Supernatural

Character : Castiel, Dean Winchester

Pairings : Dean/Castiel

Genre : Slash

Warnings : None

Chapters : 1

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Word count : 2.182

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Published: December 20, 2008

Updated: December 20, 2008

Was it a Fantasy Chapter 01

This is for the prompt: Dean/Castiel smut in a public place or in/on the Impala. Actually, make that just on the Impala from darksilvercat

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Dean stared up at the sky. He and Sam had just finished another job and since he couldn't sleep he decided to go out. Unfortunately this was a small town and there was no bar, that left him with no other choice than to drive to a quiet place and lay on the hood of his beloved car. Not that he minded, infact, he was glad for the quiet. There were a lot of things he needed to think about and this could be one of the moments he'd take for himself to think things through.

The moment he lay back, after taking a swing of the beer bottle his thoughts started drifting. He wasn't surprised his thoughts landed on an angel of the Lord called Castiel. Every time he met with Castiel he felt a spark shoot through his body. Every time he heard the flapper of wings, his heart sped up. His mouth would go dry when those beautiful blue eyes locked with his own and his skin tingle when the angel would step inside his personal space.

He had to admit that in the beginning he felt it rather unnerving the man, angel, always stood so close to him but as of late he starting anticipating it. He always seemed to crave that closeness of the angel. As of late those eyes, those intense blue eyes seemed to hunt his dreams, even more so than his dreams of hell. At first it was a rather unnerving experience to dream of an angel in that way but as of late he craved them. He knew the only way the angel would ever be interested in him was in his dreams.

His hand, the one not clutching the beer bottle starting to caress his stomach. It was a rather warm evening and he had removed his jacket to use as a pillow, laying on the hood of the Impala wearing a shirt and jeans. His shirt had ridden up and his hand was now caressing his bare stomach. He was already hardening just thinking about the angel but he didn't want to touch himself yet until he had a clear visual of the angel in his mind.

The first time Dean met Castiel was when he and Bobby had summoned him. Someone had pulled him out of Hell and he wanted to know who it was and since there are only demons who can pull someone out of hell, or so he thought, this was not a good thing. He had intended to kill the demon who pulled him out of hell and had even stabbed Castiel with Ruby's knife. But that hadn't killed the man. It was then that Dean realized this man, this being was something else entirely. Yet, he still had problems believing the man who told him he was an angel of the Lord.

The seconds time Dean met the angel he had come to terms Castiel was, infact, an angel. But he that didn't stop him from being careful with him. When Castiel treated him, with throwing him back into hell, it had not only stupefy him but turned him own. Gods... that being had a fire in him and all Dean wanted to do was unlock that fire.

But over the months he had seen and worked together with the angel he didn't do anything. Never let him know how he truly felt and never acting on his foolish, for he knew they were foolish, feelings. Yet, that didn't stop him from fantasizing over the angel.

In his dreams he would hear the flutter of wings and his eyes would land on the Angel. Castiel would tell him he had come here to talk to him, not about the seals but just to talk. Dean, not being much of a talker would stop the angel's rant and claim his mouth in a hot, passionate kiss.

Dean moaned as he imagined those sweet lips on his own. His hand had started to rub himself through his jeans, feeling himself hardening.
Dean would first remove that damned tie, throw it as far away as he can. Then he would shove the trench coat from his shoulders as he kissed and licked the angels neck. The angel would make those delicious sounds he could not get enough of. Then slowly he would undo the buttons on the shirt keeping his eyes locked on the angel's as each button was undone...

His hand has undo his pants and had slipped inside, bringing himself to full hardness. The beer bottle slipped from his fingers as he gripped himself harder and groaned.

"Are you in pain?" a voice asked over at his left.

Dean's hand shot out of his pants, his eyes shot open and he sat up straight as he looked at the intruder. He bit his lips as he saw who it was. The object of his affections was looking at him worriedly, waiting for an answer.

"Shit, Cas, do you have to do that?" Dean shock his head trying to clear his thoughts and not think of the blue intensity that was staring at him.

"Are you in pain?" Castiel repeated, eyes full of concern.

"No, I'm not in pain," Dean retorted, annoyed. Why wouldn't the angel leave him alone for an hour or so? At least that would give him time to masturbate properly, instead of the quick hand job he usually took in the shower. Usually he would go to a bar to relieve some tension with the help of a beautiful lady-friend but since a month of so even that didn't help him. Maybe the angel could help him? Taking one look at the angel made him shake his head in the negative. Nope, that would never happen.

"Then what were you doing?" Castiel asked, a little intrigued. He had never seen the pink covering the hunter's cheeks, it was quiet endearing.

Dean felt his cheeks getting warm and turned away from the angel. "Nothing," he mumbled, he stood up and rearranged his clothing.

Castiel cocked his head, taking in everything he had seen when he had arrived. The hunter was lying on the hood of the car, his eyes closed, his check slightly flushed. His eyes widened as he realized where the hunter's hand had been he arrive, in his jeans. "You were having sex," he stated bluntly, knowing he reached the right conclusion when Dean's eyes almost bulged from their sockets.

"I certainly was not," Dean said, embarrassed. "Wish I were though," he muttered under his breath. He was about to take a few pacing away from the angel when he felt his way blocked. He looked up into the angel's eyes, questioning him.

He was shocked when he felt the angel's lips brush against his own. He was shocked and slightly dazed as he watch the angel lean back. He couldn't take it anymore and crashed their lips together in a heated kiss, exploring the sweet cavern with his tongue. A moan escaped his mouth as the angel started to return the kiss with the same fever that had taken over Dean.

Dean reached out and took hold of the tie, doing the thing he had been dreaming about. He undid the tie and pulled it over the angel's head before tossing it away. The trench coat was next and pooled on the ground. His lips started nibbling the angel's neck, delighting in the small sounds he extracted from the angel.

Castiel exposed his neck, giving Dean better access. He had never thought he would ever feel these sensations. He felt as if he was loosing his mind whenever Dean sucked on his skin. Yet, he wanted more and pulled the hunter closer to his body. Moaning at the friction it gave to his hardening member. "Dean," he gasped, he wanted, no he needed more.

Dean pulled away to look at the angel and knew what he was asking. A smirk started playing on his face when he noticed just how flushed the angel was. He slowly started to undo the buttons on the shirt, kissing the exposed skin.

The shirt soon fell to the floor. Dean claimed the angel's lips again and led his hands wander over the exposed back of the angel, making a small note to himself whenever he brushed a rather sensitive spot on the angel's body.

An impatient groan escaped the beautiful, when had he become beautiful?, angel's lips making Dean smirk. "Impatient, aren't we?" he asked as he undid the angel's belt and slid his hand inside. He felt the angel buckle into his palm as he sucked the sensitive spot where neck met shoulder.

Castiel's hand had started working on Dean's own shirt and pulled it over his head when Dean stopped his exploring tongue. Both led out a moan when the bare skin of their chests met. The angel's hand started fumbling with the hunter's belt and stood back to lower his jeans and underwear. Then helped the hunter sit on the hood of the car.

Dean hissed as his bare bottom hit the cold metal, opening his legs he pulled the angel close taking his lips in another hungry kiss.

Castiel broke the kiss long enough to step out of his pants before crashing their lips together. He gently pushed Dean down as he went to sit on his lap, straddling him, pushing their erections together before claiming the hunter's lips again.

Castiel left the hunter's lips to start his journey down to one sensitive nub, swirling his tongue around it before sucking it into his mouth. "Please," the hunter moaned, buckling up against the angel wanting, needing, more fraction.

Castiel took pity on his lover and moved downwards to take the throbbing length into his mouth.

Dean hissed when he felt the warm heat evolving him. His eyes shot open and he looked down just in time to see his member disappear in the angel's mouth. He couldn't help but led out a groan as he closed his eyes and lay back. He was so hard he felt like he could explode. It didn't take long for him to find his release.

Castiel let the softening length slip from his lips and licked his lips. He helped Dean turn over on his side and started tracing his most private part.

"Oil, in the trunk," Dean told the angel through his fuzzy daze.

Dean didn't know how the angel had opened the trunk but one minute he was gone, the next he returned with the oil in his hand. The hunter hadn't even heard him open the trunk.
The angel started preparing the hunter. First entering one oily finger in the tight channel, then two, three until he was satisfied he wouldn't hurt his lover.

It wasn't until Dean was wriggling and begging underneath him that he removed his fingers. He raised the hunter's hips and slowly pushed inside that tight heat.

Pain was written on the hunter's face as the angel leaned down to kiss him, hoping to help the hunter relax. It wasn't until Dean grabbed his shoulders and pulled him deeper inside of him using his legs that he started to slowly move out and back in again. Keeping a slow rhythm that drove both of them crazy.

"Cas," Dean moaned out, he was so close and Castiel's pave was so maddening. He needed to come and urged the angel on.

Castiel couldn't take this sweet torturing pace anymore and sped up and came after a few deep thrust with the hunter's name on his lips. He didn't stop moving not until the hunter came with the angel's name on his lips.


The first thing Dean realised when he woke up was that he wasn't outside nor on top of his car. Did that mean it had all been a dream? He tossed the blankets aside and noticed he was fully clothed.

He groaned as he realized it has all been a dream once more. Of course, what else could it be? It's not like the angel actually wanted him... is it?

"Dean, are you okay?"

Dean spun around, he hadn't noticed the angel was here. He opened his mouth to ask the angel what he was doing here when he noticed the angel wasn't wearing his hideous, but looking so wonderful on the angel, trench coat nor his tie and closed it again.

"Cas?" he asked, his voice sounding hoarse as if he hadn't had any water for a few days.

Castiel looked into the hunter's eyes. "It wasn't a dream yesterday, Dean." He then hold out his hand to give Dean his tie. Dean had to swallow when he noticed that sparkling twinkle in the angel's eyes.

"Wanna tie me up, Dean?"

The End