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Almost Gone by Alvina

Rated: PG13

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Hephaestion gets wounded in battle and Alexander takes care of him.

Categories : Fanfictions Alexander

Character : Alexander, Hephaestion

Pairings : Alexander/Hephaestion

Genre : General

Warnings : Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 1

Completed : Yes

Word count : 1.129

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Published: December 15, 2006

Updated: December 15, 2006

Almost Gone Chapter 01

I do not own Alexander or Hephaestion.

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Alexander dismounted his horse and searched for his sword, which he had lost in battle. He found it and crawled over to it, ready to face his next opponent he turned around just in time to see his opponent ready to swing his sword, ready to kill him.

Behind the opponent Hephaestion had seen his lover’s situation and quickly advanced on them. He trust his sword into the opponent’s back before he could strike, making him fall to the ground in front of Alexander. A thankful look was exchanged between the two lovers before the next opponents were ready to face their wrath.

Alexander took down his next opponent and the next, until he had no more to challenge him. He looked around and saw many of his men were still fighting, many had fallen and some lay wounded on the ground. His eyes searched for Hephaestion wanting to see if he was alright.

Eventually he found him, still fighting. A light smile crossed his face seeing his lover was still fighting, but it soon disappeared when a sword was pierced through his lover’s abdomen.

Hephaestion cried out in pain, but quickly reacted by swinging his sword and by doing so he decapitated his attacker, then he fell to the floor holding his abdomen.

Alexander stood frozen for a moment, seeing his lover fell to the floor. But as if a madness took over him he rushed to his lover’s side and fell down to his knees, holding his lover’s head in his lap. "I’m here," he softly whispered, as if anything louder might hurt his lover. "Doctor," he suddenly yelled, seeing Hephaestion closing his eyes. "Get me a doctor."

Alexander lowered his eyes and took in his lover’s form. Hephaestion’s breaths were getting shallow and he fought keeping his eyes open. "Don’t you dare leave me now," said Alexander, forcefully.

"I wasn’t planning… that…" Hephaestion whispered, stumbling over his words.

"My king, let me tend to him," the doctor said when he kneeled down on the other side of Hephaestion.

Alexander nodded, and sat back letting the doctor do his work. He gently took hold of Hephaestion’s hand when the doctor examined him.

"I have bandaged the wound, you’ll gently need to move him to a bed. He’ll be in pain most of the time but other than that he should be fine," the doctor nodded his approval. "I think he’ll be unconscious for the rest of the day."

"Thank you doctor," Alexander replied. He gently placed his hands under his lover’s body and lifted him. Not wanting to part with him, he gently carried him to his own tent. "You’ll be comfortable here," he whispered as he placed Hephaestion on his bed.

Although Alexander didn’t want to part with his lover he knew he had to make sure his men were alright. With one last look at the bed he left, roaming around the battle field he found a lot of dead men, Persian’s and Macedonian. He walked over to the ‘wounded’ tent and found even more men wounded. Some would not make it through the night, other’s would have to leave the army for their wounds did not permit them to go on.

He made his way out of the tent as his heart wept for the fallen and the wounded. Finding a secure and quiet spot he sat down and let the tears fall freely from his eyes. Normally he would go to Hephaestion, talk to him about what was troubling him and after that they would make love or he’d sleep in his lover’s arms but not tonight. Tonight he had to be the strong one, Hephaestion depended on him.

When his eyes were dried he stood up and made his way back to his tent. His eyes immediately fell onto the bed when he entered the tent. When he saw that Hephaestion was still asleep on the bed and still breathing he turned to the small backside of the tent, where a bath was placed so he could clean up.

He removed his armour and the rest of his clothing. He was about to step into the bath when a moan was heard from the bed. He quickly walked back to Hephaestion’s side. "I’m here," he whispered and gently caressed Hephaestion’s hair.

Seeing all the blood and grime still cling to Hephaestion’s body brought Alexander into action. He carefully removed Hephaestion’s armour and clothes and than carried him to the back side of the tent where he gently placed Hephaestion in the bathtub. Careful he sat behind Hephaestion in the tub to make sure Hephaestion wouldn’t drown.

With a cloth he cleaned Hephaestion’s skin, being careful not to put to much pressure on his lover’s wound he cleaned his entire body. He took hold of the kettle and gently poured some water over Hephaestion’s head, cleaning his hair. When he was sure he couldn’t get Hephaestion any cleaner he pulled Hephaestion out of the bath and back into the bed.

When he was certain Hephaestion would be comfortable he return to the bathroom to clean himself up. Once clean, he returned to the bed and laid down next to his lover.

Hephaestion woke up with a moan, feeling disorientated.

Alexander who had heard Hephaestion’s moan woke up, gently pulling his lover closer. "It’s alright, I’m here," he whispered.

"Al..ex..ander?" Hephaestion whispered as he turned to the warm body he felt pressed up against him.

"I’m here," Alexander replied and waited till the beautiful blue eyes landed on his own. "How are you feeling?"

"Numb?" Hephaestion whispered, dumbly. "What happened?"

"You were wounded in battle," Alexander replied.

Realisation dawned on Hephaestion and he nodded. "Yes, the attacker surprised me. He came from the ground." His fingers automatically went to his abdomen.

Alexander nodded, "yeah but you decapitated him."

"Only out of instinct," he replied.

"You want some water?" Alexander asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah," Hephaestion answered, softly as he closed his eyes. "I’m tired…"

"You can rest after you’ve drank some water," Alexander said and gently detangled himself from his lover and left the bed.

Hephaestion stared at his lovers naked body as he moved through the tent. A soft smile played on his face when he noted he was also naked.

"I put you in bath after the battle, thought you might enjoy that," Alexander replied seeing the slightly older man caressing his body with his eyes. "Here, sip." Alexander hold the cup to Hephaestion’s lips.

Hephaestion took a few sips, then he fell back into the bed again. "I’m tired… so tired," he whispered and closed his eyes.

Alexander placed the cup on the table and lay down next to him. "Then sleep, I’ll watch over you, my Hephaestion," he whispered.

Hephaestion smiled. "My… Al…ex…an…der," he whispered as he fell asleep.

"Yes, go to sleep. I’ll watch over you. I’ll always watch over you," Alexander whispered as he gently hold his lover’s body close.

The End
15 December 2006