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All roads lead to one destination by Alvina

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There were but a few men Dean had been attracted to and all of them reminded him of Gabriel. Though he wasn't sure why.

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Character : Dean Winchester, Gabriel

Pairings : Dean/Gabriel

Genre : Slash

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

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Published: May 5, 2015

Updated: May 5, 2015

All roads lead to one destination Chapter 01

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Dean was pissed. An archangel who had the power to do something to stop the apocalypse was too afraid to stand up to his own family. To say or actually do something to stop them. He was a trickster and an archangel, so there must have been something he would be able to do but just because his two older brothers were fighting, he didn't want to stand in the middle anymore…

Dean could relate though. He had always been in the middle of his brother and father's fights but with time he had learned to stand up to them. Telling the simple truths that they were unable to say themselves. That was the reason why he was unable to comprehend why the archangel, Gabriel they'd learned his name was, would just sit back and wait for the apocalypse to happen.

The hunter was angry at the archangel and had really wanted to beat some sense into that thick skull now that he was powerless inside the holy oil but he hadn't done so. Something in those honey colored eyes had held him back. Though he was tempted to just leave Gabriel inside the holy fire forever, he knew he couldn't do it and had pulled the fire alarm, releasing the angel.

It was weird but Gabriel reminded him of a few people of his past.They had all been different men so he found it strange that the archangel reminded him of all of them…

In his life there had been a few man he had slept with. Usually he kept up the appearances that he wasn't interested in any man. He was sure that his family would hate him for it and he just wouldn't be able to bare that. His father would have been against it, Dean was sure, he remembered one time when he was younger that his father had looked disgusted at two men kissing. So he had always kept it quiet that he was also interested in some men.

To keep up this appearances he often went home with women he wasn't all that interested in or would make it look like he would go home with them. Just so that his brother wouldn't get suspicious. He had to admit that Sam probably thought he'd slept with all the pretty women he was flirting with but that wasn't the case. He'd slept with maybe a third of that. Maybe even less…

Let Sam think that Dean slept with every woman he met. Honestly, he didn't care if anyone thought he was a slut because, let's face it, he tactically was. He enjoyed spending time with woman and finding the much needed release. To let the tension leave his body of his stressful work. He was also interested in a few men…

Although he could count on one hand the number of men he had been with, he had known he was interested in men when he was about twelve. Of course it had only been holding hands and a kiss on the cheek but Dean had known, even then, that this wasn't something you did with men outside your family.

He wasn't sure why he was thinking about him now, only that Gabriel had brought these memories back after their little chat down at the abandoned warehouse. Now that Castiel and Sam were doing God knows what, it gave Dean a little alone time as he sat at a bar and sipped his beer, thinking about his past.

The memory of the boy, Gavin his name was, came back to him as he let his thoughts wander.

Though Dean could still remember the honey colored eyes that had lit up when he had reached out and took the other's hand in his own. They had shared a smile as if they were doing something secretly and maybe they were but no one was around to see them. Young Dean had even leaned in and gave the other boy a kiss on the cheek. It was the first time he had kissed a man outside his family and he had to admit that it had made him feel pretty good about himself.

Dean remembered that that was also the first time his heart jumped a little when his eyes locked with the other boy. Of course, after that day, Dean never saw him again because his father had finished up his hunt and they were out of town before dark, on to their next job, and Dean never spoke about him to anyone.

It was 2 years later when he was interested in another boy again. This boy was slightly older than him, by two or three years. Anton was his name. Strange, that Dean could still remember their names after all this time. It had been about twenty years since he last saw them or even thought about them. So why were their memories so vivid?

Dean had been at the school for six weeks, maybe the longest he'd ever been in one place. He would often noticed this boy with honey colored eyes watching him but shrugged it of. It was never good to get involved with anyone since they would be gone soon anyway. Besides the boy was older then him so why would he want to talk to him?

One day the boy had walked up to him and introduced himself as Anton. Instantly, Dean had liked him. It was weird though. He was being raised not to trust anyone and he just felt it in his gut that he could trust Anton and he did. Well, for the short time he was there at least.

Although the two boys were always together and holding hands when no one was looking, it had taken Dean a while to find the courage to actually kiss him. Of course, it had been just a press of lips together but Dean had been so proud of himself. It wasn't the first kiss he had given or received for that matter but it was the only one he remembered having meaning to him.

Obviously these two experiences with men, who were still boys at the time, weren't that exiting. Holding hands and just a peck on the lips but they were the first two experiences he remembered and they were the first two memories that came to him. Strange, that Gabriel reminded him of these two school boys, who he had not seen in over twenty years…

Gabriel, the name still angered him and he took another deep swallow of his still cold beer. How the angel had smirked at him and his brother reminded him of Benjamin a boy he had met at high school.

It was the first one where it had gotten a little heavier and he had been about seventeen years old. Strangely enough he never remembered the name of the schools he's been too but he still remembered the name of the boys that he'd been with.

Dean hadn't know the other boy for long, had actually never spoken to him but when Benjamin had introduced himself using his full name, Dean had immediately started calling him ‘Ben'.

The hunter couldn't actually remember if he had seen Ben before officially meeting him but then again he wasn't really looking. He spend most of his time sweet talking the cheerleaders, even though he wasn't really that interested in them. Sure, the cheerleaders had been pretty hot but for some reason they didn't hold his interest. Still he had needed to keep up appearances for his younger brother so he wouldn't get suspicious. He knew his brother was smart and would find his dirty little secret out if he wasn't careful, so he would do everything he could to get his brother of track even if that meant sweet talking some dull crazy cheerleader.

It was actually when he needed some air and be away from them that he met Ben. Dean had escaped to the bathroom and was splashing his face with water when the stall behind him opened. Not expecting anyone to be there, Dean had been startled and immediately took on a defensive position.

"Sorry, man, didn't mean to startle you," the boy had smirked up at him.

"It's fine," Dean replied, shaking his head. "Thought you were one of those crazed cheerleaders that keep following me…"

"I can shake a mean pompom and may be a little crazy but I assure you, definitely not a cheerleader."

"That's good to hear." Dean laughed at the boy before taking in his appearance. He was obviously shorter than Dean and wore only black colored clothing. Which made his eyes stand out and Dean noticed how the light made his honey colored eyes shine brightly. Like a star, he remembered thinking before shaking himself out of his self induced chick-flick moment. He so wasn't gonna go there.

The other boy cocked his head as he grinned. "You checking me out?"

Even back then Dean was never one to back down on a challenge. "What if I am?" He asked, crossing his arms over his chest and leaned back against the sink. This time letting his eyes freely roam over the other's body. Beginning at the top before lowering them and back up to meet the other's eyes.

"I rather have you do something than just looking." An eyebrow was raised in challenge and, again, Dean couldn't back down.

He pushed himself away from the sink and was in front of the boy in two long strides. He reached up to caress his cheek before guiding the other boy towards him and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

The kiss started slow, searching but quickly turned into passion and before he knew it he was being turned around and pushed back towards the still open stall and made to sit down on the closed toilet seat. When Dean sat down the kiss was broken and the other boy turned to lock the stall: "Just in case," he had said. Even though not many visited this bathroom it was better to be save then sorry.

The boy was on top of him the next moment, kissing him senseless. Dean wrapped his hands around the other boy's body, pulling him close. Their clothed crotches align and it had felt better than anything Dean had every felt and he really wanted more.

Their passionate kiss was broken when the boy sat back and undid Dean's pants before sliding his hand inside. "Shit," Dean moaned as his head fell back and his eyes closed in pleasure. The boy grinned down at him and, shit, Dean should really find out his name. He couldn't, didn't want to keep calling him ‘boy'.

"What's your name?" Dean asked between moans and tried to keep his eyes open to look at him.

"My hand's down your pants and your asking me now?" Dean could see the other smirk through his half closed lids.

"Better late, agh shit, than never," Dean moaned out and licked his lips as his eyes locked with the other's.

"It's Benjamin," the boy answered as he looked into Dean's eyes.


"Can we continue now?"

"Please, Ben," Dean breathed out letting his eyes fall close as the hand sped up. He could feel his orgasm approach. It didn't matter how far gone he was, he was about to come in his pants. He was just about to tell Ben to stop when the hand was removed as Ben stood up.

Dean opened his eyes just in time to see him fall down his knees and help him out of his jeans and underwear. Then he was swallowed whole and Dean couldn't stop the needy moan that escaped his mouth. "Jesus," he moaned and grabbed the now bobbing head as he tried to steady himself.

"Oh, fuck, Ben, that's good." His head fell back again as Ben licked his shaft before gently sucking him down his throat. This action was repeated a few times as Dean felt his orgasm approach. "Shit, I'm gonna…" He tried to warn the other boy but was too late and he came long and hard inside Ben's mouth.

Ben didn't seem to mind though, as he swallowed everything Dean had to offer before licking him all clean. Ben sat back with a satisfied smirk before he licked his lips and looked up at Dean.

Dean couldn't help but follow the pink tongue that came out of his mouth with his eyes. His orgasm had been so powerful that it was the only thing he could do. He felt drained and boneless and yet…he wanted more. He reached out, hoping Ben would understand - which he did.

Ben stood up and sat back down in Dean's lap. They kissed, lazily. Tongues dueling each other, neither winning, neither wanted to. Just a tender duel, as Dean recovered from his intense orgasm. Dean's hands started to run the other's body. First over the shirt then under it. Trying to find skin to skin contact. His hand found it's way to Ben's belt which he undid before undoing the buttons.

It was then when he heard the most annoying sound in the entire world. Breaking the kiss, he cursed his phone.

"Let it ring?" Ben asked, a little hopeful. Which Dean could understand, he could feel Ben's hardness through his jeans. Dean didn't want to stop this either but it could be an emergency.

"Sorry, might be Sammy," Dean replied. At the raised eyebrow he continued. "My little brother."

Ben seemed to understand as Dean reached for his jeans, which were still on the floor and took out his phone. Ben decided that he wasn't moving and started kissing Dean's neck. Placing soft kisses and licks on any exposed skin he found.

"Shit," Dean breathed before answering his phone. "Hey dad," he said into the phone after checking the caller ID.

His dad had called to let him know that he was coming to pick him and Sammy up. It was probably the only time that Dean had wanted to curse his father for taking him away from a high school.

He had really wanted to continue this with Ben but Dean knew he had to go and pick up Sammy before his father would arrive. He would be in trouble if they weren't able to leave right away.

After he hung up the phone he let Ben continue his kissing for a few more seconds before guiding the lips back to his mouth and kissing him gently in apology. "I'm sorry but I have to go," Dean told him after breaking the kiss.

"I figured when your phone ran," Ben replied with a sigh but didn't move away just yet. Maybe he knew that Dean didn't want him to go and cursed reality for crashing down on him.

"Maybe we can finish this later?" It was a lie, Dean knew it. As soon as his father arrived they would leave to another town and he wouldn't see Ben ever again. Yet he had hoped that he would see him again so they could continue this.

"Maybe," Ben replied before stealing one last kiss before standing up and straightened his clothing.

Dean sighed at the loss but stood up and dressed himself. He turned to Ben when he was fully clothed again and give him a small smile before kissing him one last time. When he left, he didn't look back nor said anything. It wouldn't have mattered any way, he would never see Ben again.

Now Dean found it strange that Ben had such an effect on him. He had known the boy for only an hour or so and he hadn't wanted to leave him. Strange… Dean thought but didn't dwell on it.

The next experience he had with a man was when he was twenty. His father, Sammy and he had been on a hunt and Dean was send out to a bar to get information from the bartender. Dean wasn't all that proud of what he done that day because he had let his family down but still he had never felt guilty about it. It had given him another amazing experience and he wouldn't have missed it for all the money in the world.

Dean went to the bar and ordered a beer, like he always did, even though he wasn't twenty-one yet his fake ID said he was. The bartender had looked at the ID like he didn't believe it but he couldn't argue with the ID. Besides the ID looked as real as it could. Of course if you'd compare it with a actual real ID you'd see that the serial number is wrong…but that's beside the point.

It had never been easy for Dean to start a conversation with anyone about the job. He wasn't like Sam who just put up his puppy dog eyes and people were falling all over him and giving away their secrets.

No, Dean wasn't like that. He knew how to pick up chicks and get information out of them but unfortunately the bartender wasn't a chick. He was just deciding what his best approach would be when the bartender did it for him.

"You ain't from around here, are ya?" He asked as he wiped down the dirty bar in front of him.

"No, actually I'm here because of the murders," he told the bartender and after that it was rather easy getting information out of him. The bartender seemed to know a lot about the town and easily gave out the information. It took Dean just a few smiles and flirty come ons and the bartender spilled his guts.

When he had all the information he needed he went to call his father but before he could the bartender had come over and told him that he would be off in 15 minutes. Dean had swallowed before nodding. His father and Sam would be able to cover it, it was just an easy hunt after all. He had called his father and told him what the bartender had told him before telling him to go on without him. It would save them time this way. For his father and brother were at the other side of town and they needed to go in that direction.

Of course his father hadn't been happy about it, he might need the backup, but Dean had told him that Sam would be able to help him. His father had agreed and Dean remembered letting out a sigh of relief. He hadn't realized how much he wanted to spend time with the honey colored eyed bartender.

"You're ready…?" The question hang in the air and Dean knew what the bartender actually wanted to know.

"Dean," he told him before raising his eyebrow in question. Asking the same question with a simple gesture.

"Richard," the bartender answered. "You mind coming to my place? It's close by."

"Lead the way," Dean replied with a confident smile. They walked towards the bartender's apartment, which was but five minutes away, in a comfortable silence. As soon as the door closed behind him, Dean was pressed against it with Richard devouring his mouth. The hunter immediately responded to it and gave as much as he got.

"Shit, been wanting to do that ever since you walked into the bar," Richard admitted after he broke the kiss.

"I hope that's not the only thing you want to do…" Just as soon as the words were out of his mouth, Dean was dragged towards the bedroom. "Guess not," Dean smirked at the bartender.

Richard didn't respond just removed his jacket before helping Dean remove his own. As his jacket hit the floor, he was kissed again. The kiss was hot and left Dean wanting more. He was rewarded when he felt Richard remove his shirt. They needed to break the kiss to remove the shirt but were back to kissing before the shirt had fallen completely to the floor.

Dean's hand moved from the bartender's back up to his check to angle him better so he was able to deepen the kiss. He was rewarded with a moan from the other man and couldn't help but grin into the kiss. Proud of himself that he was able to make Richard moan with just a kiss.

Hands encircled his back, pressing their bodies closer but never breaking the kiss. A fire started wherever Richard touched him, spreading throughout his entire body. Needing more, demanding more. Dean was happy to oblige. The only protest he had was if he removed Richard's shirt he had to stop kissing him again.

Quickly deciding that getting them naked was a much preferable option, Dean broke the kiss and easily removed the shirt and quickly fumbled with the other's belt. Wanting them to be naked right now. Dean hadn't realized his hands were shaking until Richard stopped him and undid the belt himself before giving him a wanted look which Dean interpreted that he should get naked and fast as well.

He undressed himself in record time and was grateful he did because just as he turned towards Richard their bodies melted together again and let themselves fell towards the bed, laying side by side. Kissing each other, caressing each other. Just getting to know the other's bodies. Their likes and dislikes. Every curve and every scar was traced but not mentioned. They were getting to know each other as if this was more than a one night stand.

That's what Dean did. One night stands. Never more than one night, more nights made things complicated. But tonight, he wanted to pretend. Needed to pretend. Richard made him feel like he was allowed to have these things and he took it.

Dean felt himself surrender to Richard's kiss and let him be guided to his back with Richard crawling on top of him. Immediately he opened his legs so the shorter man would fall between them. Both of them moaned out loud at the first touch of their crotches together.

Hands roamed over each others's bodies as their kiss grew more passionate as seconds passed away. Neither seemed ready to move their lovemaking further, just enjoying touching each other and moving their hips together in sync. As Richard pressed down, Dean pressed up. Moaning into each other's mouths.

Dean felt like he was about to explode. His hardness was rubbing between their bodies, already leaking with pre cum. He wasn't sure if he was going to last long. Then he felt a hand around himself and he let out a needy moan. Bucking up into the warm hand that was now gently squeezing him.

Richard had moved from his lips to his neck. Gently sucking the skin he found there, only to release it and kissing it again. He repeated this gesture a few times as his hand moved in sync with their bodies bringing Dean closer and closer to his high.

Dean could feel his orgasm built up, starting from the pit of his stomach and spreading through out his entire body as he shuddered. The hand kept moving, milking him to the very last drop. Dean opened his eyes, which he hadn't realized he had closed, only to let out a moan again as Richard had raised his hand to lick of the semen.

"Shit, that's hot," Dean admitted in a moment of weakness.

Richard smirked at him before lowering his head, stopping just before their lips met. "Want a taste?" He asked but Dean didn't reply. He just moved his head to bring their lips together in a searing kiss.

It was amazing how their bodies melted together. It felt as if they were made for each other. Although Richard was shorter than Dean it seemed like they fit perfectly together.

Dean tensed up when he felt wandering hands on his ass, spreading his cheeks as he was lifted a little away from the bed. When he tensed the movement stopped.

"Never done this before?" Although it was a question it sounded more like a statement as if Richard already knew that Dean was still a virgin in this aspect.

"No," he admitted and looked away. Feeling a slight blush gracing his face. Damn, he wasn't gonna turn into some blush little school girl, now was he?

"You want me to stop?" The question made Dean look up and into Richard eyes. Clear need shone within the honey colored eyes but they were also clouded with concern. The hunter knew that if he said yes, Richard would stop. It didn't matter how much the bartender wanted it, he would respect Dean's wishes.

It was weird how much he trusted this stranger but at this moment, Dean didn't stop to think about it. He had better things to do.

"Hell, no!" He replied before pulling the man down to kiss him, simultaneously working up the courage to get through this.

After the kiss was broken, Richard leaned over to get the tube of lube from his nightstand and coated his fingers. "Just let me know if you want me to stop." he told him with concern shining through his words.

"Are you trying to talk me out of it or are you just gonna go on with it?" Hiding behind witty retorts came easily to Dean. It often hid that he was afraid or uneasy.

Richard may have understood it, Dean didn't know. All he remembered was the knowing grin that spread over the shorter's man face before continuing.

At first, Dean, didn't understand what the fuss was about. He didn't exactly enjoy the sensation of having someone's finger inside him but he knew it was necessary to stretch him. Otherwise it would be plenty painful. One finger became two and eventually three as his ass was stretched. It was then that Dean felt the most pleasurable thing he had ever felt before.

The pleasure that shot through his entire body when Richard's finger ran over his prostrate was almost overwhelming. He was certain, if he wasn't lying down he probably would have had he been standing.

After his orgasm he had grown limp but after rubbing his prostrate he was hard within seconds. Waves of pleasure shot through him every time the bartender rubbed his sweet spot, making him a mumbling mess. Had he been with anyone else he would have probably cared about his current state but not with Richard. Still he couldn't explain why but at that moment it didn't matter.

"Rich, please." Although he wasn't sure what he was begging for. All he knew was that he just wanting more. A disapproving moan escaped him when those amazing fingers were removed. When he opened his eyes, which he hadn't realized he had closed again, he saw Richard stroking himself - making sure his cock was coaxed with the lube.

Dean had to bite back a moan at the sight and licked his, now dry, lips. His eyes following the movement of the other man. Watching the hand move up before moving down again. When the hand stopped moving, Dean looked up.

"You sure?" The question was whispered and only consisted of two words but Dean knew they meant so much more.

The hunter knew, with those two words, that Richard didn't want to hurt him even if it meant forgetting about his own wants and needs. Whatever Dean wanted he would go with it.

But Dean had no intention of stopping. He wanted this as much as Richard, maybe even more. He was so turned on that nothing would have stopped him. He nodded his head, hoping that was enough for the other man to continue.

Dean felt himself being filled by Richard and he sighed in relief when he was buried to the hilt. Another nod from the hunter had Richard moving inside him with every thrust hitting his sweet spot.

The pleasure he had felt moments before didn't compare to what he was feeling now. His entire being felt like it was on fire. Ever nerve in his body was reacting making him feel everything around him and inside of him.

His lips were taking into a dueling kiss, which he easily surrendered to. They moved in sync, rapidly moving towards their completion. A hand on his cock had made him release a shout of pleasure. When the hand started to move Dean lost it completely. He came all over their stomachs, clenching down on the still moving cock inside him.

A few more thrusts had Richard spilling deep inside him. Dean could feel his seed warming his insides and clenched down again, milking out everything the bartender had to offer.

Dean felt a sort of loss when Richard slipped out of him. The feeling left him a little when the shorter man turned him to his side and spooned behind him.

"Why am I the little spoon? You're the short one!" Dean complained but there was no heat to it.

"Because I'm not moving again," was the reply and Dean couldn't help but laugh.

Although Dean would never admit it out loud, he didn't mind. Normally he would either leave or kick his lover out the moment they finished but not now. Now he knew he needed this. He needed to know, even though it wasn't real, that he was loved.

It never happened that Dean let his guard down but being in Richards arms he did. It didn't take him long to fall asleep.

He woke up to the feeling of a hand stroking him into hardness. He moaned as he felt the man behind him gently suck his neck only to lick the bruised spot again. The hunter began trusting into the hand rubbing his behind against the hardening cock behind him. Another moan escaped him when a hand started to move over his ass, spreading his cheeks and rubbing against his hole.

The hand on his cock stopped before releasing him. They hooked themselves under his knees and pushed them up. It took Dean a moment to figure out what Richard wanted but when he realized it he raised his legs towards his chest.

Dean tensed only for a moment when he felt the tip of a cock against his, now exposed, hole but relaxed after Richard gave him a reassuring kiss. A sigh escaped him when the other man was inside him again. Somehow it felt like he was whole again.

Richard leg hooked around him as he increased his pace. Dean moaned and reached behind him. Trying to touch as much skin as he could. Although the angle was precise Dean was grateful that his first time had been face to face. Not that this position was bad, he just was glad he was able to see it as well a feel it.

He easily became lost in pleasure as he moved his body in time with Richard's thrusts. He liked having him inside him. It felt amazing. It really didn't matter what position they were in.

"This feels good," Dean thought as he licked his lips, focusing on the pleasure that was once again building deep within him.

"It really does," was said behind him and Dean was glad that Richard couldn't see him for he was certain he was as red as a tomato. He hadn't realized that he had actually said that out loud. "don't want this to end..."

The confession was whispered but Dean still heard him but didn't comment. Not needing to add to their little chick-flick moment. Yet, a thought ran through his mind as he lay there enjoying the pleasure his body was receiving. The thought made him chuckle.

"What is it?" Richard asked behind him before lowering his lips back to the sensitive skin where neck met shoulder.

"Nothing, it's stupid…" Dean replied. "Just a random thought."

"Tell me," the other man urged and Dean couldn't deny him.

"You're the closest to heaven that I've ever been," Dean replied, already feeling the blush spreading over his body. Grateful the man behind him couldn't see his face which he had turned to bury in the sheets beneath him.

Dean didn't notice it but the man behind him froze for a moment before continuing his thrusts. "Goo Goo Dolls song?"

Dean let out a laugh. "Told you it was stupid."

"Should I be honored or not?"

The hunter turned his head so he was able to look over his shoulder at the man behind him. "Think you should." He replied before his lips were taking in a passionate kiss.

Dean felt his need rise and lowered his hand to take hold of himself. Soon his hand was joined by one of Richard's and together they found a steady pace. It didn't take long for Dean to fall over the edge with the bartender not far behind him.

They lay there for a good while, enjoying each other's company. Lazily kissing each other. Hand roaming each other's bodies. When Richard slipped out of him, Dean turned around so he could wrap his arms around the shorter man.

He didn't exactly remember what it was but Dean knew he had to leave soon. So their last embrace was a goodbye and Dean returned to his family with one last longing kiss.

It had been the best of experience of his life up until that point.

Dean could still remember every little touch Richard bestowed on him. Shaking his head he took another swing from his bottle and noticed it was empty. He signaled to the bartender for another beer and gratefully took a swing from it when he received another bottle. Not noticing the honey colored eyes that were checking him out.

The look in Gabriel's eyes when he had told him Dean would let him out of the holy fire had reminded Dean of Richard. It was a mixture of gratefulness and concern. The same concern he had showed him when they were making love. Making love, Dean snorted out loud at that. When had he turned into some school girl?

Not letting his thoughts stay too much on it he thought about the next experience he had with a man. The three of them, his dad, brother and he, where on a hunt. His dad had gone to get information and wouldn't be back for a few days. Sam had decided now was the time to slip away and never come back. Which had left Dean broken.

His little brother had gone and leave him alone. Sammy didn't want to be with him. He'd rather run away from his family than stay with Dean.

Never before had he felt so alone. He wasn't even able to go after Sam or even his dad. He just went to a bar to try and drink the pain away. He was only on his second beer when short man joined him. Dean didn't remember much of the conversation just that he took the man up on his offer and left with him.

It was in his apartment that Dean found out his name was Isaac. His brain was a little foggy on the details but he did remember Isaac sliding up and down Dean's cock.

He also remembered that he couldn't help but stare into the lust filled dark honey colored eyes. It was the first time Dean had taken someone and he couldn't remember much of it. Strange though that he did remember the name…

And that Isaac had held him through out the night. Until morning came and Dean had to leave when his angry father called him to yell at him for not watching Sammy.

Isaac was the fifth man he had been with, if you included the two boys of his childhood. It may not have been the most rememberable but it still counted. For some reason Gabriel had reminded him of Isaac as well but Dean couldn't quite put a finger on what it was.

Maybe because it was the last experience he had before meeting Gabriel the first time. Of course back then he hadn't known the trickster was Gabriel but it was still their first meeting. It also had been another time he had spend some time with a man.

A professor had fallen out of a 4 stories window. Local legend said the school was haunted so of course he and Sammy, now that Sammy was back into the game again, had to go check it out.

At the bar Dean had flirted with any of the woman who would look at him in order to get some information out of them, which often worked. One flirty smirk here, a compliment there and most women spilled out their deepest darkest secrets. Over time it had been natural to just flirt with any woman especially when he needed information from them. Often they would also leave him their phone numbers but Dean almost never called them.

Sometime during that same night he found himself in the back, sitting at the same table as a honey eyed colored man, who introduces himself as Evan. They talked, they joked, they chatted, they laughed, they flirted. Somehow he ended up with the man in the bathroom where they both sucked each other off.

Dean had to admit that wasn't one of his smartest moves since he had basically let himself be vulnerable in a public place. Had his father been there he would have been chewed up for that, Dean was sure.

It was during that time that he realized he had a certain type of man that he was attractive to before that he hadn't thought so but now he was certain. The first thing was that they had always been shorter than him but he didn't think it was the physical stuff he was attracted to.

All the men had different built or any other physical attributes. They either had blonde hair or brown hair even black hair. Big mouth, small mouth, sunken eyes, big nose, small nose. All the psychical attributes had been different. The only thing that was the same with every man, besides the height, was the eye color. All the men he had been with had honey colored eyes. Eyes that always seemed to call to him and draw him in. One look from those honey colored eyes and he was gone.

Gabriel also had honey colored eyes, maybe that's why the archangel had reminded him of all those men. He was short as well and had honey colored eyes. Shaking his head, Dean so didn't want to think about Gabriel right now.

Though he had realized he was attracted to honey colored men he didn't fall into bed with all he met. The handful he'd been with had been years apart. He had to be careful, so Sam wouldn't notice. Strangely enough, the time he slept with men were the times when he was feeling particular low about himself. He knew he had self esteem issues but whenever he had a practically worst moment he had met one of those men.

When he had Ben he had been recovering from his father's harsh words. He had, once again, failed in protecting Sam, who had gotten hurt while Dean was on watch and he had felt practically worst about himself.

When he had met Richard he hadn't been feeling all too good either. His brother and his father kept arguing together and there hadn't been anything he could do about it. He had always been in the middle of their fights and wasn't sure what to do anymore. It was actually one of his weak moments where he had just wanted to run away and never look back. It was actually the time he had spend with Richard that made him go back to his father and Sam but he would never say it out loud.

Then there was Isaac, who he'd met when Sam had sneaked away and left him alone. He had been broken but the time he'd spend with Isaac had helped him back on his feet and continue what he did best and that was hunting.

During the time he and Sam had been on the trickster case he had met Evan. It was after he had lost his father and they had found out that Sam was connected to the Yellow Eyes Demon who had killed their mother. That could be explained as his moment of weakness and that he had let his guard down.

All the meeting had been at all low points in his life. It was a miracle that no honey colored eyed man had show up after Sam had been killed but then again Dean hadn't been looking.

Of course he had met Gabriel when they were investigating the Mystery Spot but Dean hadn't slept with him or any other honey colored man during that time. Hadn't actually been in the mood much that year. Sure, he had tried to keep pretense up for his brother but his heart wasn't in it.

Then he went to hell and his entire views changed. It was freaking him out to know that God had plans for him. Not to mention that he was now dealing with angels on a freaking daily basis who kept reminding him about the fact.

But despite of that, he had found another time where he took a moment away from the word and find a nice guy who was willing to sleep with him. It was after Castiel had told him he was the first seal. He was laying in the hospital, feeling sorry for himself. How can the angels put so much fate in him when he was the one who started all of this and had none fate in himself?

He wasn't strong enough, he's never been. If he had they wouldn't be trying to stop the apocalypse. He would have lasted in Hell. He wouldn't have given in…His thoughts were broken when a male nurse entered.

Dean knew the nurse's name was Leo and came to check up on Dean every once in a while. At first the hunter found it annoying but now he secretly liked it. Of course he would not say it out loud but apparently he didn't need to. Cause the next time the nurse entered the room he locked the door behind him before he came to the bed and sat down on it.

The hunter turned to the male nurse in question when he noticed the eyes. He swallowed as honey colored eyes met his own green ones. It was strange though, he had never spoken to the nurse but he felt like he knew him.

The nurse raised his hand to caress the hunter's lips before sliding down his cheeks. Then the nurse lowered himself to capture Dean's lips into a soft gentle kiss.

"Everything's going to be okay," Leo whispered against his lips.

Dean wasn't sure whether the nurse was talking about what they were gonna do or something else. He didn't ask, he just opened his mouth and guided the tongue into his own mouth before pushing it out again. Slowly started a lazy duel.

The hunter didn't know what came over him but he couldn't push the nurse away. He needed this. Needed the comfort! Needed what the nurse was so eagerly willing to give him. Though Dean didn't know or understand why, he didn't question it. He just let it happen.

Leo was careful. Being gentle with his bruised side, not putting any weight on Dean. Also taking his time mapping his body with his tongue and mouth. As if he was trying to commit every detail to his memory. As if their time together would be more than just 1 night because tomorrow Dean would be going back home…or to the road.

Dean had felt so much love in their lovemaking that he'd never felt before. Yet, he didn't even know the man and somehow it didn't matter. Al that matter was them, together, loving each other. Even though they didn't know each other it felt like they did.

In present time, Dean shook himself out of his musings and took another swig from his bottle. It was strange that Gabriel reminded him of all those men. It wasn't as if they had anything in common besides their eye color.

As he thought about the archangel he became angry again. Gabriel had the power to stand up to his brothers but decided to take the cowardly way out and run and hide.

Still, Dean could also understand him. There had been times when Dean had wanted to split when his father and brother were at it again. They would yell and say things, Dean was sure they regretted as soon as they left their lips but never apologized for them. They would ignore Dean and the middle hunter had felt so helpless. There were times when he couldn't bare it anymore and just wanted to run away to escape.

He had never done that. The only time he had actually stand on the point and ditch was when he'd met Richard. Through his touch he had felt he was worth being loved and that gave him the strength to return to his family and stay with them and he was glad he hadn't. He wouldn't have been able to hurt his father or brother that much. Sam had done so, and Dean could still feel the ache it had left him.

Dean had been helpless at the time as well but Gabriel…Gabriel could do something about this. With every thing the archangel was able to just snap into reality he could probably do something. Hell, he was able to change his entire appearances so standing up to his brothers shouldn't be that hard…should it?

When their eyes met, something had awoken deep within Dean. Something he had thought was hidden. His heart had skipped a beat. The hunter hadn't been sure why it had but it didn't change the fact that it did.

Dean shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. Shit, he didn't know where his thoughts were going tonight but he didn't want to stay in the past. Nothing seemed to be working though as his thoughts once again returned to Gabriel.

Gabriel just reminded him of all the men he had slept with. As if… Dean stopped that thought and dug through his pockets for a piece of paper and a pen. He didn't know why he felt compelled to do so but he wrote down the names of all the men he'd slept with as well as the two boys from his childhood.

"Well, shit," he said out loud before downing the remaining of his beer and search his pockets for some money which he threw on the bar.

"Already leaving?"

Dean turned back around to face the bartender who had asked the question and looked deep into the clear honey colored eyes. "Yeah, got something to do."

It took Dean a moment before he was able to pry himself away from the bartender's gaze but he did and walked out of the bar.

He wasn't sure how he was going to do this but he knew he had to talk to Gabriel. He thought about praying to Gabriel but wasn't sure his prayers would come through. Didn't stop him from trying though.

"Gabriel, I have to talk to you…" Dean had closed his eyes during his prayer. "Shit, I hope you can hear me. So, come on. I need to talk to you." When he opened his eyes again nothing had changed. Gabriel hadn't come. "Please, Gabriel, if you can hear me, please come," Dean pleaded, hoping - even praying - the archangel could hear him.

He guessed that the archangel would receive more prayers than Castiel did, since he was a known archangel for the fact, but he had hoped the archangel would hear his prayer despite of things.

"What do you want, Dean-o?" The voice came from behind him and he immediately turned around. "What, no holy fire? I'm touched."

Dean couldn't help it but his heart skipped a beat again when he looked into the archangel's eyes. "I just need to talk to you."

"Haven't you said enough?" The archangel sounded hurt, Dean could tell by the slight quiver in his tone.

"Not about that," the hunter explained and took a step closer to the angel who instinctually took a step back. Which made Dean frown. "I didn't call you here to hurt you."

"As if you can, but I can never be too careful," the angel shrugged before sitting down on the hood of the Impala and popping a lolly into his mouth. "What do you want?"

Dean didn't say anything but took a moment to take in the archangel's appearance. They were they same clothes the bartender had worn. He glanced down at the piece of paper he held in his hand and knew that what he had thought was true. "You were already here," he simple stated. The hunter didn't need to ask because he knew it was true. The guilty look the archangel gave him confirmed his suspicions.

Dean wasn't sure what to think off that just yet and looked away as he gathered his thoughts. He looked back down at the paper before handing it over to the archangel.

Gabriel frowned before he looked down at what Dean had given him. He swallowed as he read what it said:








"You got me thinking about something," Dean begin. "I've never been attracted to men with the exception of those mentioned on that piece of paper. They all looked different, two of them were even boys from my childhood. But I realize now that I had also been attracted to them. They all didn't seem to have much in common, except they were short."

Dean had taken a step closer to the angel who was looking cornered and was probably already ready to flee. "I didn't realize that there was one more thing they have in common. It was their eyes." He continued as he raised his hand to caress one of Gabriel's cheeks. "Eyes that look a lot like yours."

Gabriel swallowed but didn't say anything as he kept his eyes locked on Dean's. Not sure where this conversation was going.

"These men have been there for me at maybe the lowest points of my life. Somehow I always felt like I knew them. Their touches and their kisses seemed familiar to me yet they were also new. Their bodies the same yet different. Although they all had worn different faces, their expressions had been the same. Their eyes would darken with arousal and soften with care. In those moments, I knew that these men, these strangers loved me and for once in my life, I was loved."

Dean took a moment to think about how to continue next. "Turns out that these boys and men weren't 7 different people but only 1 with a face transplant. They were all you."

Dean could see the slight panic in the archangels eye's when he turned an accusing look at the angel and knew he was ready to flee which is why he grabbed his hand forcing him to stay put.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He added in a softer tone.

"Would you have believed me?" The question was whispered but Dean could hear the hurt in his tone.

Dean considered the question but didn't answer him. Knowing the archangel was right, he wouldn't have believed him. "Why did you do it?"

"Honestly, I was trying to help you back then. I stumbled onto you quite by accident. I was minding my own business when your dad dropped you and your brother off at the motel. Your soul shone so brightly that I couldn't help but notice you but there was a dark spot in it as well. You were so sad that it blackened your soul. I didn't want your soul to stop shining so I tried helping.

"I swear it was all innocent. I just wanted to make you happy so the dark spot would leave. I was gonna go cheer you up, maybe with a joke or two but somehow I got side tracked I think you can call it. I just wanted to make you happy." The angel finished and looked away. He really wanted to flee but the hand around his own held him in place.

"So, all the times we met you just wanted to make me feel better?"

"I wanted to help," Gabriel admitted. Not daring to look at Dean, not wanting to see the hurt in his eyes.

"Why different faces every time?"

"I didn't want you to be suspicious." Gabriel sighed. "You Winchesters are the most paranoid people I've met. Had I kept showing my true face then you'd have thought I was following you or something."

"But you were following me..."

"No, I wasn't," the archangel was quick to answer and looked up at Dean before turning away again. "The times I met up with you I was actually already in that part of the glorious US of A."

"Why didn't you show me your true face at Springfield?"

"Though I was shocked you and your brother were there, I knew you were there for me. I couldn't show myself to you in my true face, you would have hated yourself, especially when you found out I was the trickster. I didn't want you to hate me. I just wanted to help you, Dean."

The honest look in Gabriel's eyes told Dean all he needed to know. They were telling him that he was truthful with him. That he really did want to help Dean. "So, none of it was a ploy?"

"Well, I did only want to help you but in the end I was kinda hoping for more..."

"Which is why all the name's you used spell out your own?"

"I had hoped you wouldn't figure that out," Gabriel admitted. "But I guess you once again showed me how smart you truly are..."

"So what was your end game then?"

"No end game," Gabriel admitted. "Just wanted to help..." The angel lowered his head again, no longer able to look at the hunter. Had Dean not stood so close to him he had walked away but as it was he wasn't able to move.

Dean, on the other hand, was studying the angel as if he was trying to understand what Gabriel had been doing the past years or what he wanted.

He had to admit that the few times he had spend with the angel had been the happiest of his life. Dean still looked back on those memories with a smile. Of all the seven men he had encountered the archangel in, he always had a weak spot for Richard. Richard who had been so caring during their time together. It had also been the longest time he'd ever spend with another man.

To know that he could have that time again with him was exiting, to say the least. Dean had never cared about the appearances of the men but he had to admit that Gabriel was probably the sexiest of them all. Dean had enjoyed Richard's tender caresses and made up his mind as he remembered them.

He cupped the angel's cheek making him look at Dean. Before he had time to think about it, he leaned in and kissed Gabriel. At first it was just a press of lips together, knowing the angel was a little surprised, but then Dean started to move his lips and moaned when the archangel started answering to his kiss.

"Dean," Gabriel moaned into the kiss. Silently asking with one word what the hunter was doing.

For the time being, Dean didn't answer the unspoken question. Just kept kissing the angel. Wanting that feeling back that he had when sharing the night with Richard. Waves of pleasure shot through him when their tongues started dueling. He caressed Gabriel's tongue with his own, guiding him into his mouth before pushing him back into his own. The kiss lasted a few more minutes before Dean pulled away, trying to catch his breath.

"I never wanted anything, Gabe, but I want you and I'm not going to let you go easily," Dean told him in a firm voice.

"Are you going to fight for me?" Gabriel joked. "I'm touched," he added as he placed his hand over his heart.

"No," Dean replied with a smile of his own. "But I can show you why you shouldn't want to leave." Before Gabriel could reply Dean had him in a passionate kiss pushing him back against his beloved Impala.

Dean used his leg to open the archangel's legs and moved between them, crashing their bodies together. His arms wrapped themselves around the shorter man, pulling their bodies even closer together. "Shit," the hunter moaned as he broke away from the kiss only to fastened his lips on the skin of Gabriel's neck.

His hips started to move against the archangel's bringing their hardnesses together. A moan escaped Gabriel's lips as his head fell back.

Dean broke away from Gabriel's neck to look at the angel. His eyes had darkened to amber orbs, his lips were parted but swollen. All in all, the angel looked delicious to Dean. "Might snapping those fingers of yours and take us a little more comfortable?"

Gabriel just smiled at the hunter before doing as requested. The two of them ended up on a queen size bed with silk sheets with Dean on top of the archangel. Romantic music filled the room and the hunter couldn't help but roll his eyes.

"Yes, definitely your style," He commented before shaking his head as he noticed the lighted candles all over the room.

"Well, I figured I had to be the romantic one since you're not," Gabriel grinned up at the hunter.

Dean just shook his head before taking the other's lips in another searing kiss. Before Dean could comprehend what was happening, the archangel had snapped his fingers and reversed their positions. "Not fair," Dean whined after breaking the kiss.

"Life's not fair," Gabriel replied. "Get used to it." He grinned down at the hunter before leaving a trail of kissing on the hunter's neck.

"Whenever we were together I always enjoyed making your squirm beneath me," the archangel whispered before sucking gently on the skin where neck and shoulder met before licking it better. "I'm going to make you squirm, Dean," he promised the hunter before leaning in.

With another snap of his fingers both their clothing were gone. The two of them moaned at the new skin to skin contact. Dean could feel the angel's hardness against his tight and felt a rush of arousal shot through him.

Dean let his hands run up and down the angel's back, loving the feel of his body against his own before it settled in Gabriel's hair. The hunter loved the feeling of running his hands through those silky locks. He started mapping the other's body and realizing how similar it was, as if he knew it already.

"You changed your face but not your body…" He stated, knowing it was the truth.

"I wanted you to remember me," Gabriel answered between kisses and licks. "The times we were together. On some level I always wanted you to know it was me but I never dared tell. Too afraid you'd find out who I was and kill me…or worse…"

"Maybe on some level I also knew they were all one person but didn't want to believe it," the hunter admitted.

"You rather have casual flings then knowing someone actually cared enough about you," the angel observed.

Dean didn't reply but nodded his head. How could he believe someone cared enough for him to help him during the times he needed someone the most?

Gabriel didn't respond with words either. Just lowered his head again to kiss the hunter. Breaking the kiss he moved downwards to his chest. He gentle took one nipple between his teeth before biting it lightly making the hunter jump of the bed. Then the angel lessened the sting with his tongue lightly licking the nub before repeating the same action again.

He repeated the same action a few times before given the other nub the same treatment. All the while Dean was playing with the angel's hair and running his hands up and down his back.

"Gabe," he moaned as the angel bit him again. "please." He wasn't going to last long and hoped the angel would hurry up already.

Gabriel stopped what he was going and looked up at the hunter. Seeing the clear need shining from the green orbs and knew he had to move on, even though he wanted to play a little more with his hunter.

Snapping his fingers, he conjured a bottle of lube. He coated his fingers before lowering them and started preparing the hunter. "shit, Dean you're so tight," the angel moaned as he imagines the tightness around his cock.

"Gabe," Dean moaned as he urged the angel on.

The angel could feel the need as if it was his own and quickly removed his fingers and slide inside the hunter. "Oh fuck," Dean moaned, urging the angel to move which Gabriel did. It hurt a little but the pain was overridden by the pleasure that Gabriel gave to his body.

It reminded him of the time he had shared with Richard, thus proving he had been right. Even though Gabriel had already confirmed his suspicions it was nice to know that he had been right.

Gabriel made sure he was comfortable, touched him on all the right spots to increase his pleasure, making him feel loved. As if he was worth being loved by an angel, let alone an archangel.

"You are loved," Gabriel said above him after reading the hunter's thoughts. "And you are most definitely worth being with me."

"Shit, Gabe, you reading my thoughts now?"

"Always," Gabriel replied with a smirk. His eyes were soft as the locked with the hunter and Dean couldn't get mad at him, not now. He always hated it whenever Castiel read his mind and he wasn't all that comfortable with Gabriel doing it either but, yet, he couldn't get mad about it.

"Stop doing that," Dean tried to be harsh but it all came out as a whisper when Gabriel changed the pace and waves of pleasure shot through him.

"Why should I?" Gabriel asked with a smirk. He was completely tuned into Dean's thoughts and moved his hands up to wrap around the hunter's hard leaking cock, reading from his mind that he wanted that. Then he leaned down to take a nub between his teeth before gently sucking it.

His hand faltered on Dean's cock but Gabriel knew this was what Dean wanted. He had read it all from his mind, hopefully proving a point.

"Shit," Dean moaned and let his head fall back as his eyes closed. "You're cheating."

"Of course I am," Gabriel replied. "But we both know you're loving it."

Dean couldn't argue with that. He was loving it. The pleasure Gabriel gave him was amazing and he didn't want it to end.

"Neither do I," Gabriel whispered before taking Dean's mouth in a gentle kiss. After pulling away from the kiss he started increasing his pace. His eyes locked with Dean's as their pleasure built up.

The archangel felt his grace warming up. It felt as if it was trying to find a way out of him. When he realized what was happening he tried to stop it but it was too late. His grace poured out of him, reaching for Dean before it settled back inside him.

It was long after that that Gabriel spilled deep inside the hunter and Dean came all over their stomachs. Gabriel slipped out before he let himself fall back on top of Dean and kissed him deeply in apology.

"I'm sorry, Dean," Gabriel said before touching the hunter's forehead with two fingers and watched how the hunter fell asleep in a seconds time. "Oh shit, that wasn't suppose to happen," he said before he fell back next to Dean and rubbed his eyes.

He had made sure Dean was asleep so he could think about what had happened. Not yet ready for the hunter's freak out. Shit, this wasn't suppose to happen! Sure, he loved Dean and would have done anything to make him happy. He wasn't that cowardly to admit it. Ever since first meeting the young child he had been draw to him.

Sure he had always taken a liking to the two Winchesters because they were his brothers' vessels but it was so much more with Dean. It was quite instantly that he liked the young boy. Much had been put onto those young shoulders and he tried making his time at the school a little better. Give the young boy something to look back to and be happy for he didn't have many happy memories. Gabriel had just wanted to give him a little more and helping him in the process.

He hadn't realized it had become to much more. He wasn't suppose to bond with his brother's vessel. It was wrong on so many levels yet his grace had reached out to the hunter. Wanting to connect to his soul and Gabriel had been unable to stop it.

Oh, he had tried to hold back. Had tried to prevent his grace from reaching out but it was no use. Once an angel found his mate he (or she) would do anything to bond with him (or her). That's what had happened to them only moments before.

Gabriel was sure that Dean didn't want to know about that. Dean didn't believe he was worthy of being deserved of anything let alone the love of an angel, which, despite everything he still held in high grace.

Sure his brothers were dicks but they were also celestial beings who were a sign from God.

Gabriel was sure how he was going to give Dean this news. How do you tell someone they were bonded to an angel? How could he tell Dean that he had become his center of the universe. That he would do anything, anything, to make him happy. Even if that meant never seeing the hunter again?

How was he going to tell him that?

Gabriel sighed and looked down at the man sleeping besides him. His mate. Nothing was going to harm him anymore, not as long as Gabriel was alive. Even if it meant killing his own brother. He would do it because he wouldn't be able to live without Dean.

He curled up against Dean and decided to let sleep claim him. As an archangel he didn't need sleep but over the time he had spend on earth he had rather enjoyed it. It also helped his vessel heal faster, not that he needed that now but still it felt nice. He let himself fall into a deep sleep and waited for the morning to come.


Dean woke up with a smile on his face. Which in his life had been rare. His eyes fell on the peaceful face beside him which only made his smile brighter. Gabriel was still asleep next to him.

"No, I'm not," Gabriel said as he opened one eye to look at the hunter before closing it again and scooping closer to Dean's warmth.

It was then that Dean remember what had happened. "Shit, I feel asleep?" He asked not believing he had actually done so.

Gabriel looked up at the hunter before nodding his head. "Yeah, you did." Was all he said but it was enough for Dean who was now groaning.

"Fuck," he said again before his eyes fell on the angel again who was now looking at him. "What?" He asked, not quite knowing how to interpreted the look Gabriel was shooting him.

"Nothing," Gabriel replied a little uncertain. "Just wondering if you're going to bolt again." When the words were out of his mouth, he wanted to take them back for he could see they hurt the hunter and that wasn't what he had intended. "Sorry, I didn't mean it like that."

"No, I get it," Dean said before sitting up. He had always left the angel so why would now be any different. "If you want me to leave I will."

"That's not what I meant, Dean, I don't want you to leave." The angel stared at the hunter. "I don't want you to ever leave."

Dean looked down at the angel before given the angel a nod. "Where do we go from here?"

Gabriel sighed before sitting up as well. "I don't know," he admitted. "If you want to I'll stay with you."

Dean licked his dry lips as he looked into the honey colored eyes. "Shit," he said before admitting what he truly felt. "I want you to stay."

"Then I'll stay," Gabriel replied. Silently happy that the hunter had decided to let him stay. "Dean…" Gabriel begin but was interrupted by the hunter's phone, once more. "I hate that thing," he grumbled as he watched Dean grab his phone.

"Shit," Dean exclaimed. "Sammy," he said into the phone with an apology look at the angel.

"Where the hell are you, Dean?" Sam's voice was heard from the other line.

Dean spoke with his brother for a few minutes before hanging up and sighing again. The hand on his shoulder was comforting and he leaned into it. "Sammy's found a case," he begin.

"Time to return to the real world, then?" Gabriel asked and only received a nod in return.

"Can you zap me back to my baby?" Dean asked before searching for his clothes.

"I can do you one better," Gabriel said and snapped his fingers. The next moment the both of them were clothed and standing in front of the motel Dean shared with Sam and the Impala was parked behind them.

"Quite handy having an archangel around," Dean smirked before making sure his baby was okay. Then he turned back to face the archangel. "You coming in or…?"

"If you want," Gabriel answered simply. He would have done anything Dean asked of him because at this point he couldn't refuse. Not with their bond so new.

"Yeah," was all Dean said before he walked to the door and walked inside the room.

"Dean…" Sam began but cut himself off when he noted the archangel following his brother. "What the hell is he doing here?"

Dean turned to face the angel before turning back to his brother. "He's here to help."


"We had a little chat, he wants to help," Dean said simple and walked inside to his bed and sat down.

Gabriel wasn't sure what to do but just plopped down next to Dean and raised an eyebrow at the younger Winchester as if daring him to say something.

"Congratulations, brother," Castiel said from the other side of the room.

Gabriel hadn't noticed his brother in the room with him but when he did he glared at the younger angel, silently ordering him to be quiet about it. He didn't want Dean to find out yet.

"What's he talking about?" Dean asked, even Castiel wouldn't congratulate someone for joining their little group.

"He's just grateful I've decided to help," Gabriel replied still looking at the younger angel. daring him to say otherwise.

Yes, I was," Castiel replied eventually before looking at Dean as if he was letting him know that they were telling the truth.

Dean didn't believe them but wasn't going to ask what the hell was going on especially not with his brother in the room so he just nodded his head as if he was content with their answer before making a quick decision when he noted the angry look in his brother's eyes.

"Give us a minute?" He asked Gabriel.

The archangel nodded his head before he signaled for his brother to follow him. When both angels left Dean turned back to face his brother.

"What the hell, Dean?" Sam exclaimed when the angels left.

"Geeze, Sam, lighten up. He's here to help! You wanted to talk to him and get him on our side now that he is you're bitching about it?"

"That was before he turned out to be a fucking archangel," Sam replied angrily.

"Instead of a trickster we have a powerful archangel on our side, yeah I can see why he won't be able to be of use to us," Dean replied sarcastically. "We need all the help we can get, Sam, and if Gabriel wants to help then he's in."

Sam knew that there was something more to this than his brother was saying. "Why the hell do you trust him so much, Dean?"

Dean closed his eyes before answering. "Because we don't have many options left, Sammy."

"No, this is just like me and Ruby, Dean," Sam shook his head in denial. He wasn't about to let his brother make the same mistakes he did.

"How is this the same, Sam?" Dean replied angrily. "Ruby was a demon, Gabriel's an angel. An archangel at that."

"And since when have we been best buddies with angels?"

"For once you just got to trust me, Sammy," Dean shook his head but didn't say anything more. He was done with this discussion. "He's staying and that's final." For once, Sam actually listened to his older brother even though he didn't like it.


It was a few days later that Sam had enough of the annoying smirks the archangel was given him. He was certain there was something going on with his brother and Gabriel but he wasn't sure what. Sam decided that he better go and take a walk then take it out on the archangel and left without a word to either Dean or Gabriel.

Gabriel took advantage of the situation and snapped his fingers. One moment Dean was reading a book, the next he was sitting on the bed. Surprisingly enough, still clothed. "Gabe?" Dean asked looking around to find the archangel. Who was crawling up behind him.

"Yes, Dean?" Gabriel replied before he reached the hunter and started kissing his neck.

"What are you doing?" Dean asked and leaned into the angel's touch.

"What does it feel like?" Gabriel asked with a smirk before continuing his kisses.

"Feels nice," Dean admitted as his eyes fell closed. "But Sammy…"

"Has left and won't return for an hour or so," Gabriel replied and made Dean look at him. "I don't know why you won't just tell your brother, Dean, but I'm sick and tired of hiding…"

"I know," Dean admitted, again, as he lowered his head. "An hour or so, you said?" He looked back at the archangel, his eyes already clouding with lust and smirked suggestively at the angel.

"Yep," Gabriel popped the ‘p' before he dived in and took Dean's lips in a passionate kiss. The kiss lasted for a few minutes before the archangel broke it and turned his head up to the sky.

"What is it?" Dean asked confused.

"I don't know," Gabriel admitted as he sat back and focussed on what he was hearing. "Something is wrong with the angels…I don't know what…"

"Is Cas okay?" Dean asked, already worried for his friend.

"Yeah, I think so," Gabriel looked confused at the hunter before he stood up. "I'm not sure what's going on, let me go check."

"Sure, leave me alone with this," Dean looked down at his semi-hard bulge in his pants.

Gabriel smirked back at the hunter. "Does it comfort you that I'm leaving in a similar state?"

"It might," Dean shot back.

The archangel let out a laugh before leaning in to kiss the hunter. "I'll be back soon," he promised before he disappeared with a fluttering of wings.

Dean let himself fall back down on the bed and closed his eyes before rubbing them with his hand. He let out a sigh before his hand fall back on the bed. He knew he should tell his brother about Gabriel but he just couldn't handle the disappointment in his brother's eyes. It was sure to come should he tell Sam that he was gay or at least bi.

Yet, he wasn't willing to give up Gabriel. He was just starting to get used to him. Maybe when Sam got back he should tell him about him and the archangel.

As Dean's thoughts ran wild he fell asleep. It was three hours later when he woke up. The first thing he noticed was that Sam hadn't return and the second was that Gabriel hadn't returned. "Sam?" He called out, hoping he was in the bathroom. When he received no answer he got up to phone his brother.

"Hey this is Sam, leave a message," his brother's voice said on the other side of the line.

"Shit," Dean cursed and slammed his phone down. Where could he be? "Gabriel? I don't know if you can hear me but please come," the hunter prayed to the archangel, hoping at least one of them would answer.

When he still received no answer he prayed to Castiel who appeared immediately. "Cas!" Dean almost yelled in relief. For a moment he thought he was completely alone.

"Tell me you know where Gabriel or Sam is?"

"No, Dean, I don't know," Castiel answered. "Why?"

"They both left about three hours ago and I can't seem to reach them," Dean answered. "I think something had happened to them."

"They left together?" Castiel asked.

"No," Dean shook his head. "Sam left earlier, don't know where he went. Gabriel left after hearing some distress call from angels or something. He was going to find out what was happening."

"Distress call?" Castiel cocked his head in confusion. "I have not heard anything."


"All angels hear everything on ‘angel radio' as you put it. I have not heard of any distress calls," Castiel told the hunter.

"Could it be because he's an archangel?" Dean hoped that that was it. Castiel was falling, cut off from heaven. He may not have enough juice to pick it up.

"It might," Castiel admitted. "But it's highly unlikely."

"What else could it have been?"

"It sounds like a trap," Castiel answered. "I've not heard of it before though so I cannot be certain. Maybe only angels in the neighborhood could hear this distress call…"

"Shit," Dean swore before walking over to his bag and took out his gun and the demon knife. "Can you find him?"

Castiel nodded his head before focusing on his older brother. Trying to sense where the archangel was. When he found him he frowned in confusion.

"What is it?" Dean asked when he noted the angel's look.

"Demons," Castiel whispered when they noticed two guards patrolling the outside.

Dean took out the demon knife before taking a step towards the demons but was held back by Castiel. "What?"

"There is something you must know, Dean," Castiel began but stopped as he figured out what to say to the hunter.

"What, Cas,?" Dean asked impatiently.

"It is not my place to tell but I fear it may help save Gabriel," Castiel admitted but didn't continue.

"For the love of God, Cas, just tell me what it is!"

"Gabriel and you are bonded," Castiel admitted.

"Bonded?" Dean asked confused making the angel just nod his head. "What the hell does that mean?"

"It means that Gabriel will do every thing to make you happy."

"Come again?"

"Gabriel's sole purpose on this earth is to make you happy. If you wish him to leave, he'll leave. If you want him close, he'll stay close. He would do anything to protect you. Even walk through holy fire should it mean he could save you."

"What? How? When?" Dean wasn't sure what to say.

"That is not my place to tell you," Castiel said. "I thought you should know this. I can feel his presence inside and he is restless. Probably because you have been praying to him and he can't come to you."

Dean nodded his head, he wasn't quite sure yet what to do with this information but he filed it away before he nodded his head again. "Let's go."

Castiel nodded as well and together the hunter and angel charged. Castiel easily took out the left guard while Dean took on the right.

"That was easy," Dean said as he removed the demon knife from the, now dead, demon's heart.

"Too easy," a voice said behind him before he knew no more…


Gabriel was restless. He had started pacing the moment Dean prayed to him and he wasn't able to go to him. Unfortunately, his brother's demons had captured him in a circle of holy fire and he was unable to leave.

Too late he had realized that the distress call he was hearing was, in fact, a trap. He would have been able to kill all of them with a simple thought but it was then that he noticed Sam had been captured as well and didn't look to be in such a good shape. Dean would most likely kill him if something happened to his younger bother and Gabriel hadn't done anything to stop it. Maybe he wouldn't kill him but he would most likely hate him and that was something Gabriel just couldn't cope with.

In a seconds moment he had been pushed into the holy fire before they set it alight and he was captured. It was then that he noticed that Sam, even though he had been beaten, was mostly all right but hopefully the two of them would be able to get out of here.

For three hours, they had been unsuccessful and Gabriel started getting nervous. It wasn't because he was afraid to die or anything. It was because his bond-mate was calling for him and he was unable to answer.

After since they bonded Gabriel was able to hear Dean's prayer loud and clear. He didn't even need to make any effort to hear them, they were just there at the front of his mind.

Gabriel, however, started getting more worried when he received Dean's message that they were coming to get him. He knew Dean was talking about Castiel for who else did they have? The prayers were getting louder, which meant Dean was closer to him and then everything went black.

Gabriel let out a scream of agony when he couldn't feel his bond mate anymore.

"Gabriel, what the hell is going on?" Sam asked from the other side. He was trapped in a cage unable to come closer.

But Gabriel didn't hear him. Too focus, he was, on the older hunter. His pacing continued as he tried to find a way out of here. He reach out with one hand and touched the flame, immediately he retrieved it as the skin started to burn.

"Gabriel, what the hell?" Sam yelled. "You can't pass through the fire."

Again, Gabriel wasn't listening. He needed to go out. Needed to find his bond mate. He couldn't feel him, that either meant that he was unconscious or worse, dead. No, he had to get out of here.

Just as he thought that the doors were swung open and two demon's dragged Dean's unconscious body inside. Gabriel's eyes immediately fell on the hunter and looked for any sign of breathing. When he found it he sighed in relief.

"Dean!?" Sam yelled and tried to open the cage, which he failed.

Dean groaned as he was thrown to the floor and regained consciousness. "Sammy?" He asked, confused before raising his head to look around the room. His eyes fell on his brother who looked relieved to find that his older brother was alive. Dean nodded his head at his brother, letting him know he was all right and Sam did the same.

Then Dean focussed on the fire he felt on the other side of his brother. "Gabe?" He asked as he noticed the slight panicked look in the archangel's eyes as he still tried to find a way out of the circle.

It was then that Dean registered what Castiel had told him. He wants me to be happy. He would do anything to safe my life… "Gabe," he began. "It would make me happy if you didn't try to pass through the holy fire."

"You're hurt," Gabriel replied. Dean noted that Gabriel's usually honey colored look which was often filled with concern in these situations was now replaced with a more animal look.

"I'm fine," Dean replied before he tried to stand up. It took him a moment but when he did he looked back at the archangel fastening his eyes on Gabriel's. "I want you alive, you hear me?"

Gabriel nodded his head but still wasn't able ease his nerves. His thoughts were focused on Dean. Every fibre in his being screamed at him to protect his bonded but he knew there was nothing he could do about it. Not as long as he was in the circle of holy fire.

When Dean was certain the archangel would stay put he checked the room. Just as a plan was forming in his mind Castiel barged in behind him. Immediately a fight broke loose. The demons charged and Dean found himself face to face with two demons. Gabriel quickly eliminate the demon and used its body to place it over the holy fire. When he was able to step out of the holy fire he was next to Dean within seconds. Noticing the hunter was hurt he snapped his fingers and everything around them disappeared.

Dean had just blocked a blow from the advancing demon when Gabriel appeared next to him. He took a swing at the demon but missed as the archangel snapped his fingers and they disappeared from the room. Had Gabriel not caught him, he would have fallen to the floor. When Dean steadied himself he looked around the room and noted that they were back at Bobby's. Sam and Castiel where there as well all looking equally surprised, not knowing what had happened.

It was then that Dean noted the slight upset stomach and realized Gabriel had snapped them all back. Anger started to well inside him but before he could go off on the angel, Gabriel told him why he had done so.

"You were hurt," the archangel told him. "You needed to be safe."

Dean took a good look at the angel beside him and felt his anger disappear. The desperate look Gabriel was given him made him nod his head.

"You would have made me go back if I didn't bring them as well," Gabriel told him as he read his next thought.

Dean just nodded his head gain. He was still trying to figure out what had happened with Gabriel and was Castiel had told him. "We need to talk," he simple said to the angel.

Gabriel nodded his head as well before snapping his fingers and the two of them appeared in a what looked like a hotel room. "Figured you want to do this privately," the archangel shrugged his shoulders at Dean's questioning look which turned into annoyance at the angel for reading his thoughts, again. "Sorry, I'm still strongly tuned into you…takes me a little while to shut it off again."

Dean wasn't sure what that meant but decided to let it go when he noted the bruise on the angel's face. "What happened?" He asked as he gently ran his fingers over the abused check.

"The call I heard? It was a trap," Gabriel admitted. "Though the trap wasn't for me but for Castiel."

"Why do the demon's want Cas?"

"Not the demons, Lucifer," Gabriel answered. At Dean's still questioning look he continued. "Castiel is almost a fallen angel, that interests dear old Lucy."


Gabriel shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe he wants to start a ‘war of heaven' or maybe he just wants Castiel as an alley and thinks he can corrupt him or something. Point is, that Castiel now is a point of interest for Lucifer and wanted to capture him. Since Castiel was not in the neighborhood, I answered the call...and let me tell you, Dear Old Lucy was so surprised when he knew it was me!"

"Lucifer was there?" Dean asked shocked and wondered why he hadn't seen the devil.

"No," Gabriel admitted. "But he was on his way and I could feel his surprise."

Again Gabriel shrugged his shoulders as he read Dean's unasked thought. "I can feel all my brothers and sister but Lucy it's stronger." The angel didn't elaborate so Dean didn't ask.

"Tell me about the bond," Dean all but demanded. "Cas told me you would do anything to make me happy because of it but he didn't explain anything about it."

For once in his life Gabriel looked nervous maybe even embarrassed. "It just happened. I couldn't stop it…I think it happened while I was Richard. I think I already planted the seeds there… I didn't realized until now."

Dean noted that Gabriel was actually shaking. "Then you found out about me and accepted what I did to you…I couldn't stop it." The pleading eyes the archangel shot him went straight through his heart and Dean knew that he was speaking the truth and hadn't wanted this to happen, at least not so sudden.

"We are bonded, I get that. What does it mean?" Dean probed.

Gabriel sighed and ran his hand through his hair which Dean noted was a nervous tick he had. "It just means that I'll do anything to make you happy. Fuck, I'd kill my own brother if that would make you happy."

"But that won't make you happy," Dean replied knowing it was the truth. He was certain that killing one of his own brothers he would tear him apart.

"That doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are…"

Dean shook his head. "No, I don't want that," he said after a moment. He saw Gabriel dejected look which was quickly replace by something else. "I don't want you to make me happy when it clearly makes you unhappy."

"What?" Gabriel's eyes flared with hope but, again, the archangel quickly replace it with curiosity.

"Shit, I can believe I'm actually having a chickflick moment but, I'm in, Gabe, as long as you're happy as well."

The grin that decorated the archangel's face was the biggest Dean had ever seen but it soon disappeared as Gabriel got closer and kissed him senseless.

"If that makes you happy," Gabriel smirked before kissing the hunter again.

Neither were sure what tomorrow would bring but they were in it together as a now bonded couple. Nothing would be able to tear them apart and that's all that mattered.

The end