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A.J. McLean Concert Amsterdam by Alvina

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Published: May 31, 2008

Updated: May 31, 2008

A.J. McLean Concert Amsterdam Chapter 01

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On Monday, 26th of May I went to see A.J. McLean in concert! Although I wasn't feeling all to well I did went though a little late at 4pm. I arrived at the concert hall at 6pm. The line was already long and I was thinking "shit, why didn't I come sooner?". But since there was nothing to be done about it I accepted the fact that I won't be close to the stage.

Once the doors opened we ran upstairs to the balcony and I had a very good view of the stage. Once A.J. started his show I was gone. He started with "Drive By Love" which he had sang at the Backstreet Boys concert as well so I was going crazy; singing along, trying to move (I was sitting down).

He sang some very beautiful songs like "I Hate It When", "Sincerely Yours", "London" and "Life Is Just…". He sang some good songs with a good beat like "Drive By Love," "I Quit" and "You Can Let Go" (Okay, from the later one he sang like 13 seconds but it was still fun to hear him sing a Backstreet Boys song.

That leads to our surprise. A.J. sang "Incomplete" from Backstreet Boys and i was awesome I tell you. After the song was over he added a little beat to it and it sounded great.

Furthermore, I have the whole concert on my camera! My sister was kind enough to film it using her camera so I can watch it constantly!

I have to say that Alex did an amazing job with his solo tour! I've had a great time, will definitely buy his album and hope to see him live again soon!