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The Window by Alvina

Rated: PG

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Erik notices a young woman across the street and wants to help her.

Categories : Fanfictions Phantom of the Opera

Character : Christine, Erik

Pairings : Christine/Erik, Erik/Christine

Genre : AU, Drama, General

Warnings : None

Chapters : 1

Completed : Yes

Word count : 1.184

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Published: April 8, 2007

Updated: April 8, 2007

The Window Chapter 01

Disclaimer: I do not own Erik or Christine, neither do I own POTO. This is merely for my own enjoyments.
Begun at: 8 April 2007
Ended at: 8 April 2007

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Ever night it was the same. She would rock her baby to sleep, singing a soft lullaby and once the lullaby was finished she'd place the small infant into his crib and place a kiss on his forehead. With one last glance she'd leave to room so the baby boy could sleep peacefully.
Yet tonight was different instead of singing one lullaby she sang two and Erik took it all in. He loved the way she sang, the way she rocked her baby boy and how gently she placed the baby back into his crib.

Her voice was extraordinary yet untrained. But that did not matter to him. To him she was perfect… there was only one little flaw she had… her husband.

Her husband was an abusive man and Erik had seen many a time when her husband showed her every corner of the room. Yet, she always stayed with him. There were times where she couldn't even walk or when her face was so swollen she dared not go outside. It amazed Erik that she still stayed with him. He simply didn't understand how anyone could stay with a person who hurt you ever single day…

Erik sat back in his comfortable chair as he gazed out of the window to the young woman still cradling her baby. Her singing softly died out as she placed her child into his crib. She placed a single kiss on top of his head and with one last glance, she left.

Erik turned around, needing some distraction. He found his piano and decided it would be best if he composed some more, his new opera needs to be finished my the end of the month and he wanted it done by next week.

Erik was broken from the spell, his music always surrounded him in, by yelling and screaming. He looked out of his window and saw that the boy had come home and was shouting at his wife. Once more the boy started pounding hard on his wife and Erik couldn't take it any more. He stood up, grabbed his jacket and keys and stormed out of his building to the opposite one. The door was open as he went inside. The woman was on her side holding her stomach as the man kicked her. Erik pushed the man aside and he fell to the floor, unconscious. Must be drunk, Erik thought as he smelled alcohol on the man's breath.

Erik looked down at the woman, not wanting to surprise or hurt her. "Please," he heard her whisper. Although she was scared, he could easily tell, she looked up at him. "Help me…" Erik understood that she wanted to leave and he was the only one who could help her.

Erik held out his hand which she took and helped her stand up. "Go pack a few of your things," he softly commanded her. "I'll get your boy and some of his stuff. What's his name?"

"Gustave," the woman whispered.

"My name's Erik," he held out his hand for her to shake it.

"Christine," she replied and shook his hand.

"Pleasure to meet you Christine. Come, pack your things. He'll be out for a while but it's better to hurry." Still in a daze Christine nodded and disappeared into her bedroom where she packed a few of her things.

Erik walked toward the child's bedroom, exactly knowing where it was. He noted that the child was awake, crying. He took the child into his arms and comforted him. "It's alright, Gustave," he told the infant.

By hearing his name from the strange man the baby stopped crying. Questioningly looking at the masked man that was holding him.
Erik found a bag where he placed as many things as he could in while still holding baby Gustave. Once he was certain he packed all that he could he left the room in search of Christine. He found her still in her bedroom, tears streaking down her face and a photo in her hand of her family.

"Come," Erik said. "We should get going." Christine nodded and took Gustave from Erik. Erik took the bags and led her out of her house toward his apartment building where he led her inside.

"You can have this room," Erik said once they were inside and showed Christine his guest room. He placed the bags next to the bed.

"I'll leave you two to settle in. If you need anything do not hesitate to ask," and he left. Leaving mother and child alone.

Although it was already late, Erik couldn't sleep. Hell! He couldn't even find peace. The first time he has a woman in his apartment its under not normal circumstances! The woman, Christine, he thought, might already be asleep. Especially after the day she has had. In the morning he had seen her getting beat up by her husband and now this evening as well! Not to mention leaving him. He had not thought Christine possessed that kind of courage.

But what did he know of woman? Only that they are repulsed by his face! Indeed, he knew nothing of woman. Had not even thought of learning anything about the opposite sex, knowing it would only bring him pain. He had even stayed far away from them yet Christine had found a way into his life… with her voice.

It was true, he had fallen hard for her voice. The voice of an angel! Although her voice was untrained she excelled at singing. She's even better than some of the prima donnas, Erik often thought when she sang.

Erik shook his head and snatched his cup of tea from the table as he sank further into the couch. Yes, sleep would not come tonight. He looked up when he heard the guest room door open and Christine walked in.

"Can't sleep?" Erik gently smiled at her, hoping not to scare her.

Christine nodded. "I'm to afraid to go to bed," she admitted.

"I'll make you some tea," Erik said and got up. "Please make yourself at home."

Christine sat down on the couch and for the first time this evening she took in her surroundings. Music instruments decorated the living room, a piano stood in at the window side while a violin rested nicely on its surface. She saw a base guitar, an acoustic guitar even an electric guitar. He must love music, she thought and turned when she heard Erik walking back in.

"Thank you, Erik," she said when Erik handed her a cup of tea. Erik simply nodded before he sat down.

Silence fell over the room, neither spoke just sipping their tea. "Thank you, Erik, for taking me and Gustave out of their," Christine eventually began when her eyes met Erik's. "I know we must be a burden to you."

"Oh no, Christine. I find that I like your company and that of Gustave. Please you are very welcome here…" Erik replied with honesty.
"But we are complete strangers!"

"Yes, but I have the perfect remedy for that," Erik's eyes glinted when he said that. "Tell me about yourself," he smiled and Christine smiled with him.

Although they just met, their life together began right this moment into infinity…

The End
8 April 2007

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