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Till We Meet Again by Alvina

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Erestor remembers his lost love.

Categories : Fanfictions Lord of the Rings

Character : Erestor

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Genre : Drama

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Published: January 14, 2006

Updated: January 14, 2006

Till We Meet Again Chapter 01

Author's note: The Orlando Bloom story "My Immortal Love" looks a lot like this one, but this is the original concept I had for this plot so I decided to post this one as well.
Begun at: 14 January 2006
Ended at: 14 January 2006

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Erestor silently made his way past the corridors of the Last Homely House. Since the millennia he has lived in the Last Homely House, or by most known as Imladris he had gotten pretty good at sneaking out of the residence. He silently passed the Hall of Fire, where the only light came from the fire that was slowly dying in the fireplace. As he neared the stairs he gave his surroundings one last glance before he went down the stairs and into the fresh air. Even though it was chilly outside he didn't feel it. He was never cold.

As he reached the end of the stairs he looked up at the building in front of him. Yes, this is, and always will be, my home, he thought, with one last glance at the windows of the building he stepped into the dark chilly night and left for the Bruinen; the place he needed to go tonight.

He reached the small forest which lay at the border of Imladris and at the side of the Bruinen and knew he had to be careful. Guards will be patrolling here and he didn't want to be seen by them. He didn't need more people finding out why he needed to get to the Bruinen on this particular day.

He passed the small forest and reached the Bruinen, thankfully the guards had not seen him or at least they didn't show any sign that they had. Once more, he glanced over his shoulder to be sure he wasn't followed. When his keen eyesight saw nobody in range he turned his attention back to the Bruinen.

He silently took two more steps towards the water and stared at it. Tonight, the Bruinen was quite and bathed peacefully in the Ithil. No matter how long it has been, I always come here to remember… he thought silently as he went to sit down on the ground. He placed his long legs so he could hug them and rested his head on his knees.

Only now did he let the memories come to him. Only on this day would he remember… Remember how she played with his hair. Remember how they danced under Ithil. Remember the time shared with each other…

"Do you remember," he said to know one in particular "when we sneaked out of your father's castle, when we were younger just so we could see the forest play in Ithil's lights?" Erestor smiled at the memory. "I remember exactly how you looked that day. A beautiful white dress, decorated with light blue and light purple ribbons. You looked so beautiful in that dress. You had your hair loose, which you never did, and it made you look even more beautiful in the silver moonlight. That was when I knew I loved you." Erestor smiled again. "I love you so much…" he choked out.

It took a few moments to control his sobs but finally he controlled them. "Your father was mad at me that I took you out that day for sometime could have happened… You did not care. You said you liked spending time with me and that evening was worth the risks. I could not believe you defied your father that moment and all I could do was smile at you when you smiled at me." Erestor sighed and stretched his long legs.

"Did you know you loved me as well that day? I know I'd loved you for a while but that moment made me realise I'd love you for the rest of my life. And I do. I still love you, even though you are not here with me." Erestor suddenly stood up straight as he felt a gentle breeze and smiled. "But you are not really gone, are you?" He looked up at the sky and saw Ithil shine brightly. "You're always with me" he said and spread his arms and closed his eyes as he felt the gentle breeze again. He smiled as the breeze played with his long raven hair. He then began to turn, slowly and then harder and laughed.

When he stopped spinning, he sat down, still laughing. "What I wouldn't give to dance one more time with you, melethen." Sadly he shook his head. "I guess we are not supposed to dance any more, are we?

"I remember clearly what happened that fateful day. The day you left. At the time I did not understand it. I cried myself to sleep many a night, thinking that if you'd only just hold my hand it'll be fine… But you never did. I screamed at night, telling you if you want to leave then just leave. Because your presence still lingers with me and I wish it'll leave me alone. The pain of you leaving was so real at that time…

"I no longer wish you'd leave me alone. Every second you are with me makes me carry on with my life. I am no longer fading. Elrond sought to that. He'd said you didn't want me to fade, I didn't listen to him at that time and just wanted to die, so I could be with you. But, alas, Elrond did not let me. I retreated into myself for a hundred and twenty years. Yes, it was that long until I found my sanity back, or what's left of it. Elrond was married at that time and he and his wife, Celebrián nursed me back to health. Many a thing had changed at that time. We were at peace then. Imladris had been one of the Last Homely Houses and I felt very welcomed there.

"You remember little Elrond, don't you? Your father took him in after he was found in the cave and he quickly became your younger brother. The three of us would go out and play, or stay inside and read to each other… sometimes I still long for those days, those days where we were young and carefree from everything.

"Glorfindel of Gondolin has been reborn, did you know that? The great Balrog slayer has been giving rebirth. He is now Captain of Imladris and my most trusted friend. He does not know about you, though. I couldn't bear talking about you to anyone. I do not even talk to you with Elrond. I think he's also glad to restrain from the subject. We both miss you so much." Erestor stopped for a moment to take of his boots, his leggings and dangled his feet into the cold water of the Bruinen.

He suddenly felt the sobs coming back and this time he did not fight them. In fact he rather enjoyed his tears at this moment. "You do not know how much pain you've caused me by leaving," he sobbed. "Why did you leave? I thought we were happy together. I was happy, so happy just to be in your company."

Erestor sat back so his feet weren't dangled in the water anymore. "Sometimes I am so tired of being here, on Arda. Yet, still I remain here when all I want is to be with you. I long to be with you… I know one of these days I am going to join you. Nobody will stop me then, nobody to take me away from you ever again." He put his legging and his boots back on and stood. "For now, I shall stay here to look after Elrond and his family. They are growing fast." He smiled at the memory of Elrond being chased by his twin sons. "I shall say bye to you, for now, till we meet again…" He glance at the water, then at the moon, nodded and left towards the Last Homely House…

"Till we meet again, my love…" a voice whispered through the wind and Erestor smiled knowing his love had heard him and had responded.

The End
14 January 2006