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Newly Found Friends by Alvina

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Erik and Christine start to get to know each other.

Categories : Fanfictions Phantom of the Opera

Character : Christine, Erik

Pairings : Christine/Erik, Erik/Christine

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Published: May 6, 2007

Updated: May 6, 2007

Newly Found Friends Chapter 01

Disclaimer: I do not own Erik or Christine, neither do I own POTO. This is merely for my own enjoyments.
Author's note: This is the sequel of "The Window".
Words: 2307
Begun at: 6 May 2007
Ended at: 6 May 2007

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It was the second day since Christine and little Gustave moved in with Erik. Erik had just woken up, taken a shower and made breakfast when Christine walked into the kitchen with Gustave in her arms. "Good morning, Christine," Erik greeted her. "And good morning to you too, little man," Erik greeted Gustave seeing that he was a little upset he did not receive Erik's attention right away.

"Come, I've made breakfast," Erik told Christine and signed for her to give Gustave to him.

Christine gave her son to Erik and then sat down to have some breakfast.

Erik looked down at the little bundle in his arms. "How are you this morning?" he asked him. Gustave smiled up at the big man. Although he did not understand him he know this man was nice and there for smiled.

There was a knock on the door and Erik stood op. "Shall we see who that is?" Erik smiled at the little boy in his arms and opened the door. "Good morning, Madame Giry, Meg," he greeted the two woman he had invited over.

"Hello Erik, who's this little guy?" Madame Giry asked gesturing to Gustave.

"This is Gustave," he told her. "Madame Giry, Meg, I'd like you to meet Madame Christine de Changy. She is going to stay with me for some time with her son."

"Nice to meet you, my child," Madame Giry said.

"Christine, I hope you don't mind but I asked Meghan to come over and take you shopping," he explained. "I do not think you'd want to walk around in the same clothes every day?" he told her after seeing her shocked expression.

"I do not have…" Christine started.

"I'll pay for the clothes," Erik stated determent.

"I don't want to be any trouble…" Christine started but Erik cut her off.

"You are no trouble Christine. It's an honour to do this for you."

Although Christine didn't feel comfortable with Erik giving her charity she knew she needed clothes. She had only pack two different dresses and they were already dirty. "Thank you," she whispered bowing her head.

"Hey, I'm Meg," Meg stepped forward to introduce herself to Christine.


"Well, if your ready then we're going," Meg stated not giving Christine a way to back out. She grabbed Christine's hand and pulled her up.

Christine walked over to Erik and looked down at her son. "I'll take good care of him," Erik stated seeing the lost look in her eyes.

Christine nodded. "I'll see you later, honey," she whispered and gave Gustave a kiss on his forehead. "Be nice to Mr. Erik," she looked at Erik. "Thank you," she said and with one more kiss on Gustave's forehead she left to go shopping with Meg.

When the door closed Madame Giry turned to Erik. "What are you getting yourself into, Erik?" she asked, raising a critic eyebrow at the slightly younger man.

Erik looked from Madame Giry's eye to Gustave and sighed. "I honestly don't know, Antoinette," he said. "I just couldn't stand her being beaten by him again…" He had told everything he saw to Antoinette Giry and she had advised him not to mangle. Yet, he had done exactly that.

"Where do they sleep?" she asked, shaking her head.

"They sleep in the guest room," Erik replied.

"Both of them?" Madame Giry exclaimed and shook her head when she saw Erik nodding. "Gustave needs a crib, toys, clothes, diapers." she hold up her fingers indicated each items as she thought aloud what they'd need.

"I'll get them," Erik stated. "I brought you over here to watch Gustave for a while…" When Madame Giry agreed Erik left and went on the hunt for all the basic needs for Gustave and Christine.


Christine never thought it was this… tiresome to do some shopping. Meg had dragged her to all kinds of different shops just to try hundreds of clothing on and either buying one or two or nothing at all. Meg had persuade her to buy clothing she'd never buy when she was still with Raoul; but Meg had said it suited her.

When she entered Erik's apartment she hoped he wouldn't be mad at her for buying so much clothing. She really didn't mean to but Meg told her Erik wouldn't mind. How she hoped Meg was true about that.

"Good evening, Christine," Erik said when he saw Christine entering. He smiled at the large amount of bags she was carrying. He knew to leave it up to Meg to do shopping, for some reason that woman loved shopping and never returned empty handed. "I hope you find something that fits your needs…"

"Yes, thank you. I hope you don't mind the amount I've spend, Meg said it would be fine and I really didn't want to buy so much…" Christine was rambling, she knew, but for some reason she couldn't stop. When Erik broke out into a smile and raised his hand to silence her she stopped. Oh, no, here it comes, she thought and instinctively shrug into herself.

"It's al right, Christine, I send you out with Meghan for a reason." He stood up and took the bags from her. "That woman knows how to shop," a smile formed into the corner of his mouth as he winked at Christine. "I just hope that you enjoyed your day."

Christine simply nodded, not knowing how to respond. "Uhm, Erik?" she said after a short silence. "Where's Gustave?"

"He's in the guest room, asleep," he simple said, playing casual.

"You left him alone in the bed?" Christine was almost furious. How could he leave an infant alone in a huge bed? She didn't want to think about the fact that Gustave could roll of the bed and hurt himself. With a disapproving look to Erik she rushed into the guest room only to stop in her tracks after opening the door.

This wasn't the room she had left this morning. The bed she had occupied stood against the wall with a bedside table next to it. A closet stood next to the door. What was new was the changing table on the other side of the room with next to it a crib, where Gustave slept peacefully.
A rush of relieve shot through her when her gaze fell upon her son. She walked over to him as tears made her way down her face.

Erik who had walked in after her smiled. He put the bags on her bed and waited for her to turn to him.

"I don't know what to say," Christine finally said when she turned to Erik. "You've giving us so much already and yet you keep giving. I do not know how to repay you…"

Erik walked over to her and hugged her. "You do not need to repay me, Christine. Just having your friendship is enough for me." Erik had been craving the touch of a woman for so long and now that he knew how it felt he'd never want to let her go.

"You have my friendship, Erik," she told him as she hugged him even closer. She was so great full for her saviour, her Angel. For indeed Erik was her angel, her guardian angel.

"I'll let you settle in," Erik's voice sounded harsh when he spoke, but he needed to control his emotions and he couldn't do that in her arms. He broke the hug and turned away, quickly walking to his music room and sat down behind his piano.

A hunting melody filled the apartment as Erik pounded on the keys of his beloved piano. Emotions he did not know he possessed filled his senses. Although Christine had long left his arms he still felt her, resting against his chest. Her soft curly hair teasing his nose, her smell… It was slowly driving him insane and the only way he knew how to escape it was playing his music. That's what he did, melody after melody filled the apartment. At the moment he did not care about the sleeping baby in the next room nor the female companion that now lived in his apartment.

Christine listened to the music that now filled the apartment. She closed her eyes as she felt her soul soar. She had always loved music and had wanted to be a singer but her husband had forbidden her to be one… She still regretted that decision.

That man could play. Christine felt every emotion slide through he entire being. Every fibre of her being was on fire by Erik's music. She longed to sing but she did not know the words. It felt like Erik was calling her with his music and she slowly got up from the bed she was sitting on and walked to the door following the sounds. She entered Erik's music room and saw him sitting behind his piano, completely lost in the music.
She noted the music sheet that was in front of him but he did not look at it. Once she got a closer look she noted that this was the music he was playing. She found the words and sang along with the melody.

Erik opened his eyes when he heard that beautiful voice he had only heard while it sang lullabies but now it was singing his music and it felt like heaven. A puzzled look fell over his face as he gazed at Christine who was intently reading and singing the words to his music.
Her voice alone send shivers down his spine and his skin aflame. He did not know these strange feelings that was coursing through his veins. Suddenly he couldn't control his desires any more and he abruptly stood up and advance on Christine.

Christine looked confused at Erik and backed away when he advanced on her. Unfortunately there was a closet poking in her back and she couldn't escape. Just as suddenly as he had stood up he was kissing her, sending bits of pleasure through her body.

Erik savored her taste. He had never knew it felt this good to be able to kiss someone. He didn't know what he was doing yet it felt so good. He was exploring her mouth with his tongue and he couldn't get enough of it.

When he heard her moan he was brought back to his senses. He quickly broke the kiss and took a step back, away from Christine. He looked her over and noted that her face was flushed, she was breathing heavy and her lips were swollen.

Searching eyes hold Erik's own as Christine tried to make sense of what happened. Erik had kissed her with a fire she definitely wanted to feel again. She took in his appearance and noted he was breathing just as heavy as she was.

"I'm sorry, Christine, I shouldn't have done that," Erik apologized, desperately trying to control his breathing. She had awoken a desire in him he did not know he possessed.

"It's alright, Erik…" Christine began but was cut off by Erik.

"No, Christine, it's not all right. I shouldn't have kissed you."

"Erik, it's fine…" Christine walked over to him and caressed his exposed cheek.

For a moment Erik leaned into her touch but quickly jerked away. "No, Christine, we can't." He ran his hand through his hear. "You are still married…" he trailed off, not knowing how to continue after seeing the hurt look in her eyes.

Eventually Christine nodded her head. "It's alright Erik," she walked closer to him and, once more, caressed his cheek. "I really didn't mind," she told him. "But you are right, I am still married…" Sadness fell over her face as she thought of Raoul.

Erik took her hand in his own and kissed the palm of her hand. "Christine…" whatever Erik was going to say was interrupted by Gustave's screaming.
Christine quickly took her hand back and ran to the guest room to take care of her son.

Erik went into the living room and sank down on the couch. What have I gotten myself into? he silently thought as he closed his eyes. Feelings he thought he buried long ago where provoked by this woman. Although he was on unfamiliar terrain he liked it and wanted to explore more.
Christine walked into the living room after she calmed Gustave down. Erik followed her with his eyes, never taking his eyes of her own. When he saw a blush spread over her face he smirked.

"Gustave has fallen asleep again," Christine informed Erik, feeling slightly uncomfortable and looked away.

"Christine," Erik softly whispered making her look back at him. "I'd like to explore these feelings with you," he started not knowing how else to form it. "But you are still married and although you have left your husband we must honor your vows. There for I propose that we start with friendship first. Let us get to know each other better and once your divorce gets through we can see where it takes us." Although they had never spoken about Christine divorcing her husband they both knew it was for the best. Not only for Christine but for Gustave as well.

Christine could only smile at Erik. Although she had not known Erik for long she could see he was a gently person and would never take advantage of her. "I'd like that," she replied, making Erik nod in conferment.

"Well, I'll let you catch up on some sleep and I'll see you tomorrow," Erik told her as he got up. He walked over to her and placed a soft kiss on her cheek before he went to his bedroom.

"Yes," Christine only whispered as she turned back to her own room.

Tomorrow they would start their new lives as newly found friends…

The End
6 May 2007

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