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Not my intention by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Harry's pulled into a vision of Voldemort but doesn't want to experience it anymore and suddenly finds himself in the bedroom of his mortal enemy; Tom Riddle, who shows him things he never knew existed.

Categories : Fanfictions Harry Potter

Character : Harry Potter, Tom Riddle / Voldemort

Pairings : Harry/Tom

Genre : Slash

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 1

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Word count : 10.347

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Published: November 20, 2010

Updated: November 20, 2010

Not my intention Chapter 01

One of the stories I wrote during NaNoWriMo 2010.

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Harry twisted and turned in his bed at the Dursley's home on number four Privet Drive Surrey. It wasn't the first day of summer that he wasn't able to fall asleep and when he did fell asleep he would be haunted by visions Voldemort sent him, whether it was conscious or not Harry didn't know, he just wanted them to stop. When he wasn't haunted by visions he was plagued by the death of his parents or Sirius. Even the death of Cedric Diggory plagued him. They were always telling him that it was his fault they were dead. That he had been the one to kill them not Voldemort. Sometimes he preferred the visions over the nightmares. The nightmare that plagued him the most was the death of Sirius.

It had been but a month since he had lost Sirius and felt like everything was falling apart. He had lost the only person he'd ever loved in a war he didn't even want to be a part of. No one had ever asked him what he wanted. No one had even cared enough to see behind his masks. No one had ever thought Harry didn't want to be the Boy-Who-Lived or the hero of the wizarding world.

Everyone just thought that he wanted it, that because Voldemort killed his parents he wanted to kill Voldemort.

He didn't! He didn't want to kill anyone! Not Voldemort, not anyone! No one seemed to care what he wanted. No one had ever showed him what love was.

Sure he fancied himself in love with Cho the previous year but that was a fluke. He hadn't even liked kissing her. The only thing he could describe it as was ‘wet' and he was certain that wasn't what a kiss was suppose to be.

Heck he didn't even know how it felt to hug someone! Yes, you could say he lacked in most experiences except for death. Death seemed to follow him around wherever he went. Maybe he was just meant to be alone. Kill Voldemort and die as well. Or maybe he could just die? He could just offer himself to Voldemort; he was certain dear old Voldemort would kill him on sight.

But no, he couldn't let his friends down. He knew that Hermione and Ron cared about him and not the Boy-Who-Just-Bloody-Well-Wouldn't-Die. There were at least two people that seemed cared about him and he couldn't let them down.

It wasn't something new that his relatives didn't care about him; they had made it very clear for as long as he can remember. Always making sure he felt like freak among them. They had never wanted him and he sometimes wondered what he was doing here.

Then he'd remember that headmaster Dumbledore had sent him back summer after summer. Even when he begged the professor not to send him back. Obviously the headmaster didn't care about him either.

He also wondered how it was that the dear old Headmaster had so much control over where he was staying. It wasn't as if he was his guardian that role was already occupied by his relatives. So, why did the headmaster always said he had to go back to the Dursleys and why did everyone just seem to expect that?

Harry heaved a sigh before turning to his other side again. What did it matter anyway? He was stuck in his hellhole for another month or so if his relatives didn't kill him first. He may be safe from Voldemort and his Death Eaters at his relatives house but he wasn't save from his relatives.

He sighed again and squeezed his eyes shot hoping to fall asleep soon. He just needed to sleep, he had barely slept 2 hours last night and his entire body was tired. So, please let me sleep...

It took him another ten minutes before falling into a restless sleep. For a moment he was grateful when a vision took hold for he was dreaming about him killing Sirius that was much worser than seeing Voldemort kill some muggles. But then the dark wizard turned to torturing children and that was something he wasn't able to watch. Closing his eyes never seemed to work for he always watched through Voldemort's eyes and he always wanted to watch the muggles die. It gave him some sort of feeling of power to watch the light in their eyes go down but Harry couldn't watch this.

"Please, don't let me see this. Get me out, please, please," he pleaded; normally he would see everything from Voldemort's eyes and this time he did too but he also felt like Voldemort, think like Voldemort but this time he was able to think for himself as well.

Suddenly everything around him changed and he was standing in a green and silver room. There wasn't much in it a dresser and a bed. Must be someone's bedroom,he thought before he turned around and came face-to-face with Voldemort...or how he used to look. Tom Riddle. Older than he looked like in the memory of the diary but younger than he should be now. The only difference was his eyes; Harry knew them to be a green colour much like his own but they were red. Red, like Voldemort's.

But all in all this version of Tom Riddle was simply put handsome.

Tom noticed someone had entered his bedroom and turned to the source. To say that he was shocked was putting it mildly. The boy that had plagued his dreams for many years was standing in his bedroom. The boy had grown into a beautiful young man. "Harry Potter," he said when he realised he had been staring and because I didn't know what else to say.

Unconsciously Harry took a step away from the man. Great so now he wasn't dreaming about Voldemort but about Tom Riddle. "Where am I?" But he could say that he was grateful not to be stuck in that vision. If he had to chose between this and that, he'd definitely choose this.

"You are in my bedroom," Tom replied with a faint smile. The young man was too cute for words. An air of innocent hang around him and Tom was afraid that if he should reach out he would taint him.

Harry rolled his eyes. "I mean, how did I get here?"

"That is an excellent question, young mister Potter," Tom said curiously. If the young man didn't know that how could he know? "Are you currently asleep young mister Potter?"

"I think so," Harry replied. "I mean I was asleep," the younger wizard shivered as he remembered his nightmare. "Then I had this vision about you and now I'm here."

"A vision about me?" Tom asked curiously and raised an eyebrow. "Was it any good?"

"If you think torturing Muggle children is good," Harry replied sarcastic. "Oh wait, you do!"

Tom was astounded at the tone the younger wizard used. "I don't like torturing children, Harry, not even Muggle children."

"Really? Then why do it?" Harry asked with a hint of curiosity he didn't know where it came from.

"I haven't tortured anyone in the past twenty-five years," Tom replied with a hint of sadness. The younger man's words cut through him like a knife and he was ashamed of himself that Harry thought that of him.

Harry was confused. If he hadn't tortured anyone than who was the person he saw in his visions? Willing to satisfy his curiosity he asked Tom that exact question.

"That is a very good question," geeze is that all he can tell me? Harry thought as he rolled his eyes. "I don't believe I know who's sending you these visions but I can assure you they aren't coming from me."

Tom sounded so honest that Harry was certain he was telling the truth. Which reminded him. "Why haven't you killed me yet?"

"I have no desire to take your life, Harry," Tom replied, a sigh escaping his lips. "I never have." He was a little angry at how many lies the younger man had been told about him. In his youth he may have been angry towards Muggles, going even as far as to kill them, but he hadn't for a while. He sometimes still hated them but he never acted out on the feeling like he used to.

"Then who killed my parents and tried to kill me on various occasions?" Harry was getting frustrated, this person, this man was confusing the hell out of him. Why would everyone say that Voldemort was the one to kill his parents and tried to kill him and Tom Riddle, the person who Dumbledore claimed to be Voldemort, was telling him different. Not to mention the memory of Tom Riddle had told him the same thing that he was Voldemort. Had even wrote it down for him.

"I..." Tom stopped not certain if he should continue. "I have no intentions what so ever to kill you, Harry. Nor have I ever tried to take your life."

Harry sighed and sat down on the bed. "Then why does everyone say that you did?"

"Didn't they say that Voldemort killed your parents?"

"You are Voldemort," Harry replied, getting more frustrated by the second.

"Says who?" He may have been Voldemort in his younger years but had given that up the moment he learned the truth.

"Dumbledore," Harry immediately replied. "As well as your memory in the diary."

At this Tom look bewildered. "You've read my diary?" A smile started forming on his lips when Harry nodded. So, it is true...he thought happily.

"Well, technically it showed me things," Harry told him, slightly uncomfortable when Tom smiled as if he was up to something. What was going on? Everything felt so surreal...here he was making conversation with the man that everyone claimed had killed his parents not to mention that said man was denying that claim. Weird thing was that Harry was starting to believe him...

"What did it show you?" Tom asked as he sat down next to Harry, very interested at his answer. There were many things stored in that diary and he had hoped Harry had picked some of them up.

"How you got Hagrid expelled," Harry replied immediately. "You know, Hagrid never hurt anyone, you shouldn't have had him expelled just because you didn't want people to find out you were the one who released the Basilisk." Harry shook his head in the negative. He never understood how Tom...Voldemort would be able to do that. Then again he never understood how he could go and kill anyone he liked.

"I may have been arrogant in my youth," Tom said, not liking that he was showing this weakness in front of the boy. "But I can assure you that I wouldn't do that again. I liked Hagrid," a smile showed on Tom's face. "It was hard on me to do that, but I didn't want anyone finding out that Sala had killed Myrtle nor did I want Headmaster Dippett to close down Hogwarts. It had been an accident." Tom's eyes pleaded with Harry to understand that that was what had happened. He had opened the chamber of secrets and had released Sala the Basilisk but he hadn't wanted to hurt anyone. All he had wanted was to get the knowledge that was stored deep within the chamber.

"Having Sala, was it?, almost kill me was an accident as well?" Harry bit at him. Who does he think he is? Fooling me with this crap? I won't buy it!

"What!?" Tom shot up and leaned over Harry.

Harry taken back by Tom's violent reaction dashed back on the bed. Slight fear was shining through his eyes.

"Forgive me," Tom immediately cooled down when he saw the younger wizard's reaction to his outburst. "Why did Sala try to kill you?" He asked in a much calmer voice. What had Sala done?

"Because you ordered her to?" Harry whispered somehow this gentle Tom scared him more than Voldemort ever could. "Or your memory did..."

"Tell me everything," Tom couldn't believe what he was hearing? Why in the world would he try to kill his soulmate? Even at sixteen he had known who his soulmate was going to be...didn't he?

"Ginny wrote in that book for almost a year and then your memory came alive and Ginny was almost dying when I came upon you. Then you ordered the basilisk to kill me so you could live but Ginny had to die. I couldn't let that happen. So, I stabbed the memory with a basilisk fang," Harry rushed into the explanation wanted, silently willing, Tom to step away from him. He didn't like having him in his personal space.

Tom took a moment to go over what Harry was telling him. Some girl wrote in hisdiary and then his memory came alive while the girl lay dying. "When someone else besides the diary owner's soulmate write in the diary the memory in it can become possessed. Taking in the thoughts of that person..." Tom frowned.

"Ginny wouldn't try to kill me!" Harry interrupted Tom coming to this conclusion. How dare he suggest such a thing?

"I take it Ginny was in love with you?" Tom asked gently.

"I don't know...I don't think so," Harry replied confused, what did that have to do with anything?

"If someone else was in love with the diary owner's soulmate the memory could become jealous or even a little insane..." Tom stopped it was one of the side effects of the spell he used. He hadn't like using this spell if that was the case but then again he never thought that anyone besides himself or his soulmate would write in it. He was suppose to give it to Harry when he met him the first time but things hadn't gone as planned.

"But...I don't understand..." Harry said confusing clearly showing on his face. "What does this all have to do with me? It still doesn't explain why you're trying to kill me."

"I could never kill someone so beautiful, Harry," Tom replied as he reached out to tuck a stray of hair behind the younger wizard's ear.

Harry flushed and lowered his head. The gesture and those words had made him uncomfortable. "I'm not beautiful," he whispered.

"What makes you say that?" Tom asked with interest. The boy was the most beautiful young man he'd ever seen. Why couldn't he see that for himself? I really need to do something about his self esteem.

"I'm small for my age, I'm scrawny. I have this unruly mop of hair and I wear glasses which are way too big..." He stopped, embarrassed. He knew he wasn't beautiful. His relatives had told him many times before and he had believed them and he believed them because he knew it to be true.

"You may be small for your age but I find that rather cute. Yes, you are too thin but that's easily remedied if you ate a little bit more and have regular meals each day. It's true that you have an unruly mop of hair and I wouldn't change one thing about it. You could easily buy new glasses or even get contacts," Tom stopped a moment to think. "I personal advice contacts for they'd bring out your eyes more making you even more beautiful than you are now."

Harry figured his cheeks were now the same colour as the Weasley's hair and ducked his head even further, hoping the ground would swallow him whole. No one had ever complimented him before and it made him embarrassed to be in the spotlight now.

Tom noticed that the younger wizard was embarrassed and lifted his head with two fingers under his chin but the younger man was still not looking at him so Tom leaned in and kissed his forehead before kissing his cheek and then, finally, his lips. It was a small peck of lips pressing against lips before Tom pulled away and looked at the man in front of him.

Harry shivered at the first touch of lips against his skin. No one had ever kissed him before. Another shiver when through him when the lips came back for a second kiss against his cheeks. Then the last kiss was placed against his lips and he, again, couldn't stop the third shiver. It was just a press of lips together but it was the most he'd ever had. It was something he'd remember for the rest of his live.

He opened his eyes, which he hadn't realised he'd closed when the older wizard had kissed him, to stare at Tom in awe. When he noticed Tom was staring right back at him he felt himself grow warm and blush profoundly. Embarrassment flowed through him again but he didn't lower his eyes this time. He figured he was a Gryffindor for nothing.

"You are rather cute when you blush," Tom whispered before leaning in again for another kiss. This time he traced Harry's lips with his tongue, silently asking for entrance. Once granted he immediately dived in and trace the teeth he found there. But that wasn't what he was looking for, he let his tongue search for it's price and once he did he coaxed the other tongue into a duel. A moan was heard in the silence of the room but Tom wasn't sure who it was he just knew that he wanted more; he needed to taste more from his Harry.

Harry heard the moan and, also, wasn't sure who it was that moaned all he knew was that he wanted whatever Tom was giving him. Expectedly he reached out and entwined his hands in Tom's hair and felt himself blush when he realised the older man was moaning against his mouth. For a brief moment he wandered what in Merlin's name he was doing but that thought quickly left him as he surrendered himself to the sweetest and only kiss he'd ever had.

Tom broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against's Harry as he traced the now swollen lips with his thumb. "You'll be the death of me," he whispered before stealing another kiss.

"Why?" Harry asked confused. He wasn't going to kill Tom, was he? He certainly didn't have any intention to kill Tom at this moment, why would he be the death of Tom then?

Tom sat back and cocked his head as he gazed deep within Harry's eyes. "Surely you know about passion?" He asked, slightly amused but was quickly gone when he realised that Harry didn't. "You don't do you?"

Harry's blushed spread from his cheeks to the rest of body and he ducked his head again. "No," he mumbled not daring to look up and see Tom laughing at him. Who in the hell would have explained these things to him? Surely not his relatives and he didn't want to look like an idiot in front of his friends. He also didn't have the time to explore these things with someone trying to kill him every year.

Tom sucked in his breath, this boy, this young man was untouched? Was he really going to go through with this? One look at the younger man gave his answer. "Then let me teach you," he said before lifting the other's head and went in for another kiss. This time with more passion than before and his hands started roaming Harry's back. The thought that Harry was an innocent kept running through his mind and he knew he needed to go slow with the younger wizard.

Harry moaned at the new contact and briefly wondered again what he was doing. Why was he kissing his supposed enemy? Why was his enemy making him feel like this? Never before had he felt this good, this safe... Was it normal to feel save with the person that killed your parents and tried to kill you? But Tom said he never did?What did that mean? But no, he couldn't think about it now. Feelings he didn't know existed coursed through his body and he give into the feelings that Tom was making him feel. Nothing else mattered but what the older wizard was making him feel.

Tom felt the younger wizard relax against him and couldn't help but smile as he broke the kiss. "That's it, just feel..." he whispered before kissing the Harry again. He knew the younger man was still conflicted and hoped he would just go with his instincts. They were, after all, soul mates; made for each other. He had known for a long time and now, finally, they were together. His hands started roaming again and lifted the shirt that was hindering his excursion. He needed to be close to his soulmate, needing to know that this moment was real.

A shiver went through Harry when Tom's hand touched the naked skin of his stomach. His own hand went up to tangle into Tom's hair again, hoping to get another moan out of the older man and he wasn't disappointed.

Tom enjoyed this bold side of his younger lover and encouraged him to lower his hands but the younger man didn't seem to be doing so, just yet. The older man let his hands move up and pinched one of the nipples he found there and delighted in the groan that came from the pink swollen lips. His eyes rose up and he couldn't help but accept the invitation the swollen lips were giving him. The kiss was full of passion and every moan was greedily swallowed.

Harry groaned in pain when Tom pinched his nipple but it quickly turned into pleasure. He hadn't even know a man's nipple could make you feel like this. Pleasure shot through his entire body and he let out a moan which was swallowed by Tom as he claimed his lips with his own again.

"How does that feel?" Tom asked the younger man huskily as he repeats the gesture after breaking the kiss.

Harry again groaned at the contact. "Good," he replied, amazed that he could still form words with everything that Tom was making him feel. He felt as if his brain had turned to jelly and his bones were removed from his body by one of Lockhart's spells. Oh God, the things Tom was making him feel.

Tom repeats the gesture on the other nipple, again delight in the sounds that came from Harry's lips, before he helped the younger man sit up and remove the shirt entirely and tossing it away not caring where it landed.

When Harry noticed that his chest was now bare he quickly tried to cover as much as possible of himself with his hands and arms but Tom would have none of that. He quickly took hold of Harry's hands, "Let me look at you," he whispers as he took in every little details from his new lover. A blush forming over the younger wizard's body; he knew what Tom would see. Scars that decorated his body and bones almost sticking out of his skin.

Harry hadn't been lying when he said he was scrawny but Tom knew that would be easily remedied when the younger man started eating more regularly. There was a fair amount of scars that were spread over various places of his chest but nothing could make him turn from the younger wizard in disgust.

"Beautiful," he whispered remembering how low the younger wizard's self-esteem was before helping Harry lay down on the bed again and going in for another kiss in which he put more force into than before; willing him to understand that Harry could never be ugly to him. Tom would take him as he was and not change a thing about him if he didn't want to change. The only changes Harry would go through were the ones he wanted to make himself but for Tom he didn't have to change.

He let his hands start roaming the other's body, making sure to stay above the waist for the time being. Sounds of pleasure filled the room and it sounded like music to Tom's ears for most sounds came from this beautiful and adorable creature under him.

"Can I...can I touch you?" Harry asked breathlessly when Tom broke the kiss and licked his way down his neck.

A smile started playing on the older wizard's lips before he nodded and stepped away from Harry before removing his own shirt and laying back down on top of the younger wizard, knowing Harry had wanted to touch him without his shirt. Both moaned when their bare skin met for the first time. They were now chest to chest with Tom blanketing Harry with his own body and raised himself on his elbows so he would be able to look at the younger man.

"You can touch me where ever you like," Tom whispered into Harry's ear before claiming his lips with his own again.

Experimentally, Harry raised his hands and placed them on Tom's back before they started roaming down Tom's back; moving down before moving up again to tangle in his hair. Harry had learned that Tom really liked that because every time he did that Tom would moan and press his lower region against Harry. That action made his own react and he felt his member twitch.

"What?" He asked confused, what was happening with his penis? It had never done that before...did that mean something was wrong with him?

"What's wrong?" Tom asked as he leaned on his elbows so he could look at his younger lover.

"I don't know," Harry answered, a blush was forming again. He never had this happening before so how could he know what was wrong? "I..." he stopped not sure how to tell Tom what was happening with his body and lowered his eyes.

"You can tell me," Tom prompted, hoping the younger man would confide in him. The older wizard was afraid he had hurt the younger wizard and if he had he rather have Harry tell him so he knew not to do so again.

"I don't know," Harry repeated and closed his eyes gathering the courage to do what he had to do. He took hold of Tom's hand and laid it on his privates his member was already half hard by now so Tom could feel the obvious arousal.

Tom's eyes widened when Harry placed his hand on that place he wanted to touch so much. Afraid to move his hand away he wanted for Harry to tell him why he wanted him to touch him there.

"I don't know why it's doing that," Harry whispered embarrassed, his eyes still closed not wanting to see the older man laugh at him.

Tom swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. He knew that Harry was innocent but he hadn't realised howinnocent. He licked his dry lips before continuing. "Harry," he waited a moment before Harry looked at him. "In order to explain what's happening I need to ask you a question and I want you to answer me honestly, even if you're embarrassed."

Harry nodded and waited for Tom to continue. If Tom could tell him what was wrong with him, maybe they could fix it?

"Have you ever touched your penis before?" Tom asked carefully.

"Yes, when I have to wash it and have to go to the bathroom," Harry was confused what did that matter? It hadn't ever done that before.

Tom nodded his head. That explained it...Harry hadn't even discovered the pleasures of the flesh yet. That thought made his mouth go dry and for a brief moment he felt guilty that the boy hadn't even found that out yet but it quickly disappeared. Why should he feel guilty? It hadn't been his fault or Harry's for that matter but it did give him the opportunity to teach Harry all about the pleasures of the flesh.

"Your body is reaction to what we are doing," Tom explained carefully. "If I do this," he began and squeezed that member through the pyjama bottom, "does it hurt?"

Harry buckled his hips when Tom squeezed him and closed his eyes. "No," he replied. "It feels a little weird," he admitted.

"What feels weird?" Tom gently asked; he didn't want to scare the young man away from him.

"I don't know..." Harry began and stopped when he felt Tom messaging his member through his pyjama bottoms. "Just, I guess, that you shouldn't be touching me in that manor."

Tom became a little bolder as he cupped the member through the pants and started moving his hand up and down when he felt Harry harden then suddenly stopped. "Do you want me to stop?"

Harry whined at the lose of contact. Tom's hand on his privates was making him feel so good...better than good. No, he didn't want Tom to stop. He wanted that hand back! He buckled up trying to find that hand again.

Tom couldn't help but smile at the younger man's tactics. Harry may not have the experience but he definitely know what he wants. He thought and lay back down on top of Harry before claiming his mouth again. "All in good time," he promised and went back to kissing that sinful mouth.

Harry was slightly disappointed but it quickly faded as Tom started to move from his lips down to his chest and taking a nipple in his mouth. The younger wizard almost screamed out loud; he hadn't know that nipples could make you feel this way. He felt like his entire body was on fire and the only way to cool it down was with Tom's tongue.

Harry frowned at his own thoughts...that was slightly disturbing but he couldn't help but think it was true. Never before had he felt like this and somehow he knew that only Tom could make him feel like this.

"Tom," Harry moaned breathlessly when one of his nipple was bitten before licked and the other was pinched. His hands moved up again to tangle into Tom's hair. He loved running his hand thew the short hair but he couldn't explain why. It just felt good to do so besides it makes the older wizard moan pettily.

Tom looked up at the beautiful face of his lover when he moaned his name. No one had ever said his name so breathless before, so full of lust and love; he found that he liked it. He liked it a lot and wanted nothing more than to hear it again and again.

The older wizard reached up to kiss those luscious lips again before licking, biting and kissing his way down to the other nipple before repeating his previous gesture.

Harry moaned when Tom bit his other nipple and let his hands roam down the older wizard's back before pressing him against himself. His crotch came into contact with Tom's chest and he moaned out loud at the new pleasure waves coursing through him.

Tom bit his lips to keep from moaning himself. Harry was getting bolder by the minute and he found that he really, and he meant really, liked it. He moved up again and aligned their hips together before pressing down; this time he released a moan.

The older man reached down and pried the younger wizard's legs apart and easily slid down between them. He now had a better angle and pressed down once again.

Harry moaned Tom's name again at the new fraction and buckled up, trying to find more contact but Tom was having none of that and moved away to sit on his knees making the younger wizard whimper at the lose. "Tom," he breathed again. Why was he always moving away from him when he needed him more than ever?

"Shh..." Tom said and Harry's mentally question was answered when Tom reached for the waist band and pulled down Harry's pyjama bottoms as well as his short with it down his legs and eventually threw it away on the floor.

Harry felt as if he was high on drugs, or at least how he thought people would feel when they were high on drugs and hadn't even realised what Tom was doing until he felt a new touch at his private. His eyes shot open and he looked down to see Tom wrapping his long and slender fingers around his member which was standing at attention. For a moment he looked at it with interest for it had never done that before but then his eyes closed again as the hand started moving up and down, sending vibes of pleasure through his entire body.

Tom delighted in the sounds that were coming from the swollen lips and leaned up to kiss the mouth, swallowing the sounds. His hand moved in a gentle pace not wanting to scare Harry away; he was already feeling so much if the look on his face was anything to go by.

The older wizard broke the kiss again and made his way to the exposed chest before placing a kiss on Harry's ribcage before going even lower and enter his belly button making Harry squirm and let out a giggle under his ministration. Then he moved even lower. He looked up to see the younger wizard's eyes closed in pleasure before giving a small lick to the head of Harry's member.

Harry's eyes bulged out of his sockets as he opened his eyes and looked down just in time to see Tom take the head of his member in his mouth. The younger wizard moaned out loud and couldn't help but close his eyes. What was Tom doing to him? He couldn't explain what he was feeling, only that he wanted more. Oh god, oh god, oh god, he kept repeating in his mind as Tom started sucking and licking before taking the entire length into his mouth again.

Tom sucked and licked the delicious flesh before him before he relaxed his throat took the entire length into his mouth. Another pleasure groan was emitted from his lover earning another grin from Tom before he started bobbing his head making sure to built the pleasure up as much as he could for the younger man. He wanted this experience to last for his young lover.

Harry had taken a hold of the sheets under him when Tom took him into his mouth but moved his hands up to his older lover's back before the ended up in Tom's hair earning a moan from the older man which was stifled for his mouth was other wise occupied.

Harry had to smirk, payback,he thought before he buckled his hips. Something was happening to him, it started from his toes and went up through his entire body and seemed to burst out of his member. A feeling like he was about to burst, his member started to hurt but it wasn't painful. Before he knew it, it felt like an explosion was happening inside his body and did he just pee into Tom's mouth? A flush spread over his body as he tried to compose his breathing and understand what had happened to him.

Tom felt the younger man was close to his climax and started sucking the sweet tasting member inside his mouth. It felt like heaven but he wanted more, he wanted to taste that sweet nectar that was already leaking out of the tip. It took him another few more bobs before Harry erupted into his mouth and he was finally able to taste that nectar that was purely Harry.

He swallowed every last drop before he let Harry slip out of his mouth with a soft ‘plop' and licked his lips. Tasting the last remains of cum. He covered Harry's body with his own and waited till Harry caught his breath.

"What...what was that?" Harry asked breathless when he felt Tom's lay on top of him.

"That, my love, was, what I believe, your first orgasm," Tom explained as he kissed the sweat covered forehead.

"I don't know what's happening," Harry confessed, a slight flush gracing his face. When did he turn into a blushing maiden? Guess Tom just has that effect on me...

"I know, just let it happen," Tom whispered before he kissed Harry again hoping it would ease the fear that was beginning to built in his lover. "And let me make love to you."

Harry opened his eyes which had closed when Tom had kissed him and looked into the other's eyes. Although the red eyes were slightly unnerving they held no secrets from him. The older man wanted nothing more than to love him and Harry found that he couldn't disagree. "Yes," he breathed before he reached up to initiate another kiss.

The older man moaned when Harry took control of the kiss, yes it was definitely something he liked; Harry taking control. Maybe one day he'd take full control once he knew what he had to do...that is if there will be another day. He shook himself out of these depressing thoughts and moved away from his lover long enough to remove his own pants and boxers standing naked in front of his younger lover.

Harry's breath caught as he looked at the now naked Tom Riddle. Never before had he seen another man naked; sure he lived in a dorm with many other boys but he had always made sure that he was alone when he changed not wanting the other boys to see him like this, not wanting them to see his scars. He wasn't even sure that Tom like his scars. How could he? He knew they were ugly, yet Tom had called them beautiful. Did he really think that? Was he really beautiful? All he knew was that the man in front of him was the most handsome man he'd ever seen. Then again, he was probably biased as Tom was the only man he'd seen in his birthday suit.

"What are you thinking?" Tom asked as he crawled on top of Harry but made sure to touch as little as possible just yet.

"Just how perfect you are," Harry replied and blushed when he realised what he had said. Sometimes he really cursed his ability to speak before thinking.

"Don't be embarrassed, my love," Tom said when he saw the blush. "It pleases me that you find me handsome." He reached out for Harry's hand and pulled him up onto his knees then leaned in to kiss him. "So you like what you see?"

"Very," Harry replied before he cautiously reached up to link his hand into Tom's hair and raised himself high enough so he was able to kiss him. The younger man broke the kiss when he realised something was poking him, when he looked down he noticed it was Tom's member. Cautiously he reached out. "Does it hurt?" Harry asked when Tom hissed.

"No, not at all," Tom replied as his eyes closed in pleasure. "Quit the opposite. It feels really good. You don't know what you are doing to me, my love..."

But Harry did, for Tom brought the same out of him. Harry took in every detail of Tom; the closed eyes, the faint line of sweat that was forming on his body, the parted lips; the older wizard's hands come up and rested on Harry's shoulders to steady himself. His hips were buckling in time with Harry's movement on his member.

Ahh, so close,Tom thought as he moved in time with Harry's hand. It felt wonderful having his lover's hands on him but this wasn't what he wanted. He wanted to come deep inside his lover because of that he reached out with one of his hands to stop the movement.

"Did I...Am I doing something wrong?" Harry asked concerned and immediately pulled away; afraid that he'd hurt Tom. You can't do anything right can you Potter.

"No, my love, no," Tom was quick to reassure him. "You were doing everything just right." The older wizard took a deep breath to compose himself. "I fear that if you would continue I would have an orgasm of my own and I don't want to yet. I don't have the same recover ability that teenagers, such as yourself, do," he added the last part when he noted that Harry was already half hard again.

Harry was confused but didn't say anything and just waited. He wanted to know what Tom wanted to do but didn't dare to ask. So far Tom hadn't hurt him and he was willing to trust him at least for now.

Tom helped Harry lay back down on the bed and opened his legs before he summoned some lube to him. "This is going to feel a little strange so if you want me to stop you must tell me," Tom said as he looked deep into his lover's eyes. Although he deeply wanted to bury himself deep within his lover he wasn't going to hurt him or do anything against his will.

Harry nodded a little uncertain and waited.

"Just relax," Tom made sure his finger was thoroughly covered with lube before he let his hand travel to his lover's puckered opening.

Harry hissed when the cold finger touched his most private part of his body but ordered himself to relax. He may not understand completely what was happening but he trusted Tom. Strange,he thought. Only moment before I thought he'd kill me on sight and look at us now...

Harry was shocked out of his musings when a finger entered him. He hissed out in pain and tried to move away from the finger.

"I'm sorry, Harry," Tom begin hoping using his lover's name would ease his nerves. "I know that it can hurt a little and I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about it except make it a little better and that's why I'm doing this."

Somehow Tom knew that Harry needed this reassurance and waited for Harry's nod before he continued. Making sure his finger was entirely inside his lover he crooked it and start twisting it around looking for that special place inside his lover.

Harry cringed in pain; he couldn't understand how everything else had felt so amazing and this was so uncomfortable and a little painful. But then Tom hit something deep inside him that made him see stars. "TOM," he yelled out loud.

Tom smirked when he realised he had found what he was looking for. He hoped that this would make his lover relax a little; just enough to ease the entry.

"What was that?" Harry asked as he opened his eyes in wonderment when Tom gave him a moment to compose himself.

"That, my love, is your prostate. Amazing isn't it?" Tom asked before running a finger over it again and made sure to enter a second finger when Harry was still lost in the pleasure of having his prostrate stroked.

All Harry could do was nod his head as new feelings were overwhelming him. The things that Tom was making him feel were amazing and he was actually afraid to wake up. Afraid that if he did he wouldn't remember how all this felt like.

Tom carefully stretched his lover, making sure he was thoroughly stretched before he removed his fingers and smirked when Harry moaned at the loss. "Shh," Tom whispered as he leaned down to kiss his lover. "I'm going to enter you know. This may hurt a little but I will go slow. Tell me if you want me to stop."

Harry nodded, he didn't care what Tom was saying he just wanted to have those fingers back inside him. That was until he felt something much bigger than a finger or two enter him and clammed down on it.

"You have to relax to let me enter, my love," Tom whispered in a reassuring voice. When Harry didn't relax Tom started moving his hand up and down his lover's shaft in a steady rhythm. Soon Harry was moaning and groaning as pleasure overtook him once more. In one swift motion Tom buried himself deep inside his lover; he knew that this would be painful but wasn't expecting the scream.

"I'm sorry my love," he was quick to kiss the tears away from his lovers face. "It's only for a moment that you feel this way. Do you trust me?"

Harry took a moment to consider the words before nodding. Yes, as odd as it seemed, he trusted Tom.

"I'm going to make you feel good, do you allow me to continue or do you want to stop?" Tom wasn't sure if he could stop but he knew that he would find the willpower to do so if his lover asked him to.

"It will feel better?" Harry didn't like how small his voice sounded but than again he'd never felt this type of pain before and he really wanted it to be gone.

"Yes," Tom reassure him. "It will be even better than my finger. You liked that, remember?"

Harry nodded his head; yes he had definitely liked that. "Okay," Harry said with determination.

"Yeah?" Tom asked just to be sure and when Harry smiled at him and nodded his head he started a slow pace. He made sure his hand was moving in time with his thrusts and soon Harry was moaning in pleasure.

Grateful that he wasn't hurting his lover anymore, Tom sped up. Moving his hand in time with his thrusts, he settled on a steady pace.

"Oh, Harry, you feel so good around me," he breathed as he let the pleasure take a hold of him. Merlin! He had never felt anything like this before. In the past he had lovers but none felt this amazing, this tight. He felt he could stay like this forever just moving in and out of his lover's tight channel. The only sound was their heavy breathing and sounds of pleasure; moans and groans escaped their lips. He wasn't sure if he could give this up. He realised that once they woke up, he would do anything to get to Harry and keep him with him. He would use any means necessary to find his young lover in the real world for he couldn't live without him, not anymore. He shook himself out of his depressing musings for now he could concentrate on both of their pleasure and not about what will happen once they leave their little dream world.

Tom hadn't been lying, Harry thought as he moaned when Tom hit that special spot inside him. Prostate,Tom had called it. It definitely felt better than the older wizard's finger. Not to mention he felt so full, amazingly full with his older lover inside him. Nothing could beat this; his only problem was that this was merely a dream. When he woke up Tom wouldn't be there anymore but Voldemort who was out to kill him but at least for now he had this and he would treasure this memory, dream?, for as long as he lived. Besides it wouldn't be long till Voldemort killed him, maybe it was better like this. He'd have one moment of happiness, of true happiness, one he'd treasure for al time, and then face reality again. Face a world that really didn't want him.

Harry was shocked out of his musings when his pleasure started building. He knew that he was getting closer and closer to his second orgasm. It had felt just like the first one, it started from his toes and went up through his entire body and eventually came out of his member. Fire started growing in his belly before he felt the explosion again and erupted all over Tom's hand and his own stomach. "Tom," he yelled as the last wave from his orgasm left his body.

Tom had noticed the dark mood Harry was drifting in and quickly fasten his pace. He didn't want his lover to be lost in dark thoughts especially not when they were like this. Ah yes,Tom thought as he continued trusting with a quick pace into his lover. He was close...so close. A few more thrust had Harry erupting all over his stomach and his hands before Tom buried his load deep within his lover screaming out his lover's name.

Breathlessly, Tom gentle pulled out of his lover and quickly felt the loss. He gathered his younger lover up in his arms as he realised that Harry would be feeling the same.

Harry immediately felt empty when Tom left his body. He had never felt this empty before; it was as if a big part had been taken from him and he would never get it back. When Tom gathered him into his arms he felt a little better but nothing would seem to fill up the empty space that was now present in his life. Maybe it had always been present in his life but he had never noticed.

Harry turned and buried his face inside Tom's neck and took a deep breath taking in Tom's scent and committing it to memory. He never wanted to forget this moment and wanted to prolong it for as long as he could. Should all this be a dream, like he suspected it was, he wanted to remember as much as he could.

Tom held Harry tighter against his body, afraid that if he didn't he would lose him. "Are you okay?" Tom asked the smaller man in his arms and smiled when he felt, rather then saw, Harry nod his head.

"Yes," Harry mumbled against the other's neck still breathing in the sweet scent that was purely Tom. "That was amazing," he felt himself blush but that didn't stop him from raising his head to look the older man in the eyes.

"It was," Tom agreed before leaning down and claiming the still swollen lips with his own in a gentle, lazy kiss.

"You didn't think I was...bad?" Harry wasn't quite sure what word he was looking for he just went with the one that first popped into his head.

"No," Tom pulled Harry on top of him and made him look at him. "You, my love, were amazing and I'm sorry that I hurt you."

"It wasn't too bad," Harry mumbled as he felt his cheeks warm up again. He was really annoyed that he was turning into a blushing maiden over night.

"Yes, and I still apologise and hope that you'll ever find it in your heart to forgive me," Tom told Harry honestly, with a smile.

"Of course I forgive you," Harry grinned up at the older man before he placed his lips against Tom's. He frowned when Tom didn't entered his mouth and opened his eyes and saw Tom looking back at him expectantly.

It took Harry a moment before he realised what Tom was waiting for and grinned. He opened his mouth slightly and let his tongue trace the parted lips, silently asking for permission to enter. Once granted he shyly entered the hot cavern that was his lover's mouth. First he found teeth, which parted to give him more room to explore which he did. When he found his lover's tongue he engaged it into a duel just like Tom had done with him moments before, inviting it into his own mouth before forcing it back out again.

The kiss went on for several minutes before Harry pulled away, the need to breath was too strong to ignore. He smiled as he licked his lips; Tom was slightly flushed and Harry felt proud that he had been the one to make the older wizard look like that. With a happy smile pasted on his face he rested his ear against Tom's heart and silently listened to the steady heart beat.

Tom smiled down at his lover before reaching down for a blanket he knew was somewhere and draped it over their bodies once he found it before pulling Harry into an embrace close against his body. He kissed the top of his lover's head before he closed his eyes and listened to their still ragged breathing.

At this moment only the two of them existed. No one else but the two of them mattered. There was only Harry and there was only Tom and the were together. All their problems and worries were forgotten as they laid in each other's arms. Tomorrow they would face the rest of the world but tonight they had each other and this moment. This moment that both would treasure for the rest of their lives. Their only thought was that this moment could last forever.


With a shock Harry woke up, reached out for the nightstand to find his glasses and put them on. His heart was beating wildly in his chest as he looked around the room. He was still at Dudley's second bedroom that posed as his own on Number Four Privet Drive in Surrey. It had all been a dream?

The one moment of happiness, even if it had been with his parents' killer, was only a dream? No! That couldn't be true, could it? It had to be real! But as he looked around he noticed that it had indeed been a dream.

But what an amazing dream it had been. Tom had made him feel things he didn't know existed. Showed him things he never ever dreamed off...well that was until tonight. Tom had made him feel like he was loved and no one could take that away from him. It may have only been a dream but he would treasure it for as long as he lived.

As he closed his eyes he could still feel Tom's hand roam his body. How he had pinched his nipple and making Harry hiss out in pain because of it. One of his hands reached up to execute the action. Pinching it before rubbing it. A moan escaped his lips as he remembered Tom doing this to him.

Only Tom had done this to him without the shirt, he reached up to remove his glasses before removing his shirt and at an after thought removed his pyjama bottoms and overgrown briefs. Laying back down naked on the bed he closed his eyes as he remembered his dream.

Tom had taken his time to explore his body, not only pinching but also biting his nipples into hardness. Another moan escaped him as he pinched his other nipple before rubbing it again.

Harry felt himself twitch just as he had done in his dream and he looked down. He remembered placing Tom's hand on his then clothed member. That had felt good. Slowly he reached down and took hold of himself; a groan escaped him at first contact. This felt even better, skin to skin contact, but it still didn't compare to Tom's hand on his member.

He started a slow but steady rhythm as he remember Tom doing. First moving up and then down. Oh how good Tom's hand had felt against his skin. It wasn't like his own hand now that he could compare. If he could choose he would definitely choose Tom's hand over his own but for now he just had to do with his own.

Another groan escaped him and he remembered Tom taking him into his mouth. Oh wow, that had been the most amazing experience ever! He couldn't explain how that had felt and was sad to realise that it would never happen again.

He sped up his movement not wanting to loose this amazing feelings. What else had Tom done to this body? His prostate. Yes, Tom had been inside him. Harry cocked his head as he tried to remember what Tom had done. He has just some short of paste, right? But he hadn't any here and wasn't about to leave his bed. Maybe he could do without it?

Taken the chance, Harry reached behind him with his free hand and found his hole. Gentle he entered one finger and moaned at loud. It was a little uncomfortable but it didn't hurt. He pressed on, knowing that the special place inside him was hidden.

The moment he started seeing stars he knew he had found that special place inside him. His hand sped up as it moved in the same rhythm he stroked his prostate. Oh God, Tom, I wish you were doing this to me,Harry thought as he felt his orgasm approaching. He was so close. He imaged Tom was with him, touching him, inside him. Everything he was feeling was because Tom was doing this to him.

It took him three more thrusts and strokes before he erupted all over his hand and screamed for Tom and quickly turned his head to stifle his scream into the pillow not wanting his relatives to wake up afraid what would happen should they find him like this.

Sated, Harry lay back on the bed. It may have all been a dream but it didn't matter to him. He now had one memory that was worth living for, even though it hadn't been real. Now he knew that he wasn't going to give up. If Voldemort wanted to kill him, so be it but he wasn't going to give up without a fight.

Somehow that dream had given him everything to live for and he wasn't about to let it get taken from him. That dream had made him felt loved and call him selfish but he wasn't going to give that up.

Within ten minutes Harry Potter was sound asleep in his bed a slight smile on his face. Nothing could harm him anymore for he was protected by the only spell no one could break; he was in love.


Many miles away from Number Four Privet Drive Surrey a man woke up with a start. His eyes immediately strayed to the person next to him but found that he was alone in his bed. "Harry?" he called out but there was no answer.

Confused he sat up. Had it all been a dream? He looked down and noticed the mess he and his lover had left behind and smiled. No, it definitely hadn't been a dream but if it hadn't been a dream then were was his lover? Had he disappeared the same why he'd come?

It still bugged him that he didn't know how Harry Potter had found his secret location. No one had ever found it, that's why he'd chosen it. Yet, Harry had somehow appeared in his bedroom. Not that it had been unwanted but he had wanted to explain everything to his soulmate before they met.

But what's done is done, and he couldn't change the past; not even if he wanted to.

It had taken him over 60 years to find his soulmate and when he found him they'd been torn apart by lies and deceit but now he had found him and he never wanted to let him go. Unfortunately, Harry was no longer with him... But he still remembered the promise he had made to himself when he and Harry made love; he would find Harry and take him away from wherever he was. Maybe one day he'd find out how that happened but for now the memories of just moments before filled his head.

He had been about to go to bed when someone arrived at his bedroom. He was speechless to find out it was his soulmate but deep inside his heart jumped. How he longed to take the young man into his arms and never let him go but he knew he couldn't. Harry still believed all the lies about him.

They had fallen into an easy conversation and was surprised to find out that Harry had no sexual experience what so ever. His heart jumped a beat when he heard that; his Harry had ever been touched by anyone. Completely innocent in every way possible.

But then his conscious took in and for a moment he thought he shouldn't try and seduce the younger wizard. Yet something inside him told him he should so he did.

He had taken his time to explore the beautiful treasure beneath him. He remembered how he had kissed and licked his way down Harry's body as he took himself in hand already growing hard at the memory.

The sounds that had left his lover's lips were simple put erotic and sounded like music to his ears. That he was the one to please his mate so was an overwhelming feeling.

Had hand moved in a steady pace as his other went up to his mouth. He made sure his fingers were thoroughly coaxed in saliva before they went to play with one of his nipples. Next time he would show Harry how he could please him but for now he only had the memory of pleasing his mate.

Every sound Harry had made he had stored deep inside his memory for later use. He remembered how Harry had gasped when he licked his belly button and shivered when he blew into it.

Or how he had hissed when he had licked that delicious pink head. Tom moaned as he remembered taking his soulmate's member into his mouth. The sweet nectar that was purely Harry was already leaking out of the tip and he gradually tasted everything he could.

But nothing, nothing could compare to being inside his lovely mate's tight bottom. His hand spend up as he remembered how Harry had reacted to having him fill him up. The sounds he made when he his the pleasure spot deep inside him. Nothing could compare to that. Nothing!

Tom remembered every detail, how Harry's mouth parted in moans and how his eyes were squeezed shut as he orgasm took hold of him.

That memory alone was enough to send Tom over the edge and he erupted all over his hand.

Tonight he would sleep peacefully because tomorrow he will start planning how he was able to get Harry away from those Muggles and that manipulate bastard of a headmaster. Dumbledore had always been a torn in his side but this time he wasn't getting away with it. Harry would be his ever if it would be the last thing he did. No one as going to take his mate from him ever again!

"I will find you, my Harry, my love..." Tom promised as he closed his eyes and let sleep take hold of him.

Tomorrow things would change for both Harry and Tom but tonight they had their happy memory of their times spend together and no one, not even Dumbledore, could take that away from them. It was this memory that kept both of them going until they would find each other again but until that time they only had a memory. A memory so strong that it couldn't be obliviated or seen through Legilimens. Only Harry and Tom would be able to access that memory and that was the only way both of them wanted it.

The End!

20 November 2010