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One Night Stand by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Alexandria has a one night stand with a hot Scot.

Categories : Fanfictions Gerard Butler

Character : Gerard Butler

Pairings : None

Genre : Romance

Warnings : Explicit sexual content

Chapters : 1

Completed : Yes

Word count : 591

Read count: 2

Published: February 2, 2007

Updated: February 2, 2007

One Night Stand Chapter 01

Author’s note: This was written with Gerard Butler in mind.
Begun at: 02 February 2007
Ended at: 02 February 2007

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She walked over to her friend, knowing they would hand out at the bar. The club was busy tonight and she had a lot of trouble just trying to get through but eventually she reached her destination. "Hey guys," she says as she greeted her friends. Brandon, Nicole and Erik were already waiting for her and greeted her back.

She called over a waiter and ordered a Strawberry Margarita and joined in the conversation with her friends. Not soon after Brandon and Nicole left, leaving Erik and Alexandria alone.

"He's hot," Erik stated, seeing his friend watching a man across the room who was watching her back.

Alexandria leaned back so she could answer Erik but never took her eyes of the hot stranger. "He is," she simply replied.

Erik couldn't help but grin. Normally Lexie, as he and all her friends called her, was not one to have a one night stand but he could see she was very interested in this stranger. "Let's make him jealous," he grinned and led her towards the dancefloor.

Although he was gay, he definitely knew how to make a straight guy jealous just by dancing with the girl, in this case Lexie. Making sure they were in the eyesight of the stranger they started dancing, slowly moving their bodies against each other but keeping to the beat.

Eventually the stranger couldn't take it anymore for he got up and advance towards them. Alexandria smiled seductively and pretended to be bewildered when the stranger asked her to dance.

Erik excused himself, smiling and left the two alone.

Of course Alexandria accepted the dance proposal and together they started dancing. Slowly she moved her hips to his making sure to grind their groins together. Alexandria couldn't take it anymore and started to kiss him, slowly first but it grew more passionate by each passing moment.
Her moan was swallowed when he gently sucked on her tongue. She felt him grew hard against her groin and smiled into the kiss. Her hands, which had been busy caressing his back when to the front, and slowly undid the button on his jeans and let the zipper slide down. She reached into his pants to take hold of his growing member, softly caressing his.

The stranger couldn't take it any longer and gently pushed her away from the dancefloor, into the mensroom. He opened one of the stalls and pushed her inside looking the door behind them.

Alexandria couldn't help but smile as he pushed her inside the stall, she waited for him too close and lock the door before she turned them around. She quickly lowered his jeans and boxers and let him sit on the toilet. She then lowered her panties and lifted her skirt and stranded his lap, making sure he'd enter her when she sat down.

A moan escaped both their lips as he slid all the way in. She brought her arms around his neck as she kissed him deeply. She didn't know why but she wanted to be connected to him in every way possible.

His hands had found their way around her waist and were helping her to move, slowly. Once neither could take this slow pace anymore they speeded things up. They found their climax together and swallowed each others moans as they kissed.

After a few minutes Alexandria stood up and lifted her panties again. She waited for him to get dressed as well and with one last kiss left. A smile still on her face as she tiredly walked towards Erik apartment and fell onto the couch…

The End
02 February 2007