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One Special Moment by Alvina

Rated: G

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A moment with Leo and Piper after they vanquished the Triad and everyone was send home.

Categories : Fanfictions Charmed

Character : Piper Halliwell, Leo Wyatt

Pairings : None

Genre : Drama

Warnings : None

Chapters : 1

Completed : Yes

Word count : 284

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Published: June 21, 2008

Updated: June 21, 2008

One Special Moment Chapter 01

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Once their mother and grandmother had been brought back to the past by Coop and future Wyatt and Chris were back in their time, the Halliwells had gone their own way. Phoebe had gone back to her apartment with Coop. Paige had gone to Henry and Billie had gone to her dorm.

Leo and Piper had taken the children to bed and after that they decided it was time for some alone time for just the two of them. Piper, carrying two mugs of tea, walked into the living room where Leo was waiting. Once she set the two mugs on the table she sat into her husbands waiting arms.

She lifted her head and Leo took the hint. He leaned down and kissed her sweet lips. "What a day," Leo said when they broke the kiss.

"You could say that again," Piper replied smiling. "One thing I never want to see again is my parents in bed together." She cringed as she remembered what she had seen when she and Leo accidently went into the past.

Leo laughed and gently pressed a kiss to her scalp. "At least we saw our future."

"Yeah," Piper agreed. It had been a wonderful thing to see the future she had with Leo. The future she's always wanted and fought for. She was going to be a grandmother and would grow old together with the man she loved.

"I told you we would make it," Leo smiled.


"All those years ago, I once told you that we'd make it. Our love would not separate us."

"I guess you are right," she replied and turned to him. "I love you."

"I love you too," Leo replied, leaned down and kissed her once more.

The End
21 June 2008