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P.S. I love you (Book) by Alvina

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P.S. I love you (Book) review

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Published: September 2, 2009

Updated: September 2, 2009

P.S. I love you (Book) Chapter 01

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Although I had seen the film I wanted to read the book as well. Finally I was able to read the book. Here is my review about it. It contains spoilers, so if you do not want to know what happens in this story do not read my review.

Summary:Holly is a young Irish woman who had just lost her husband. She struggles to go on with her life. When her mother lets her know she has a package that she needs to pick up she finds that Gerry (her husband) had left her 10 letters. Each one with a month written on it, which she's only allowed to open in that month. The letters contain instructions that she needs to follow and this helps her move on. All the while she realizes that even though he is gone he is still with her in spirit and she must go on with her life. Over time Holly finds a job she loves, goes out with her friends and go on a vacation with them. She even struggled with starting a new romance. All in all she realises that life goes on, even with Gerry gone.

Story:The story is very beautiful and well written. Although I find that the many character's used in this book to be confusing at times. There are times when you'll laugh and you'll cry. I love the flashbacks to Gerry's moments in life and devoured ever word that was read in Gerry's time.

Characters:Like I said the many characters used in this book was very confusing to me. But I loved reading how much Gerry knew his wife. Ever letter showed just how much Gerry knew his wife and he knew she would follow his instructions. It shows how much he loved her, he loved her enough to set her free when he died. Holly's character is the one that develops the most. She goes from a pathetic woman, who had just lost her husband to a strong woman who now knows what she wants and what she's allowed. I love reading how she kept developing with each new letter.

Conclusion:This is a beautiful love story, if not a little confusing at times. Nonetheless I love reading this book and would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a beautiful love story.