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Begging Please by Alvina

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A girl begs for her life.

Categories : Fanfictions Charmed

Character : Chris Halliwell, Wyatt Halliwell

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Genre : General

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Word count : 309

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Published: January 26, 2007

Updated: January 26, 2007

Begging Please Chapter 01

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The whole hall was silent. They waited for Lord Wyatt to speak to the young witch in front of him.

Marion sat on her knees, with her eyes cast down, her hands on the floor in front of her and her hand rested on her arms.

"They say you are a witch!" Lord Wyatt's voice rang through the hall. "Don't you know you have to have a license for that?"

She shook her head, silently begging to herself, wondering if there was somebody out there to make this right. Although she was a witch she never did more then a few magic spells and her powers were only used when she was either very afraid or very upset. "Your power's connected to your emotion," her whitelighter's words ran through her head. She hadn't her whitelighter in a few years…

"Then why do you not have a license?" he demanded from her.

The young woman shook her head again, not daring to speak.

Suddenly everyone, except for Marion, fell to the ground. "Wyatt, don't torment this young woman so, you know she isn't a practised witch, leave her alone," Christopher told his older brother, as he walked over to the young woman. He helped her up on her feet and then orbed away with the young woman, knowing his brother would come after him.

He orbed to different cities and countries, by doing so he made sure Wyatt's demons couldn't trace his trail.

Once he safely orbed into one of the resistance hideout he brought her to a room, slowly placing her in the bed, she had passed out from all the orbing. "You are save now," he told her. "We'll take care of you." Once he made sure she was resting comfortably he left, knowing that when she would wake up they'll start her training and maybe she'll be able to help them with the resistance…

The End