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Bound Together by Alvina

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She always knew he was there but she didn't know he was actually alive.

Categories : Fanfictions Dracula 2000

Character : Dracula

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Genre : Romance

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Published: May 31, 2007

Updated: May 31, 2007

Bound Together Chapter 01

Author’s note: This is from the movie Dracula 2000 (Gerry is my Dracula).
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters nor do I know the actor portraying them. I do not make any profit with this fic, nor do I want to.
Begun at: 31 March 2007
Ended at: 31 March 2007

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She knew he was always there. He was there inside her mind. In her dreams he would come. Sometimes they were nightmares other times they would just sit and talk. Although he was not real, for she had only met him in her dreams, she knew it was only he that she loves. No other could compete to him.

He was her best friends, the one who'd she could talk to when she sad or hurt. He was always the one who could help her, even if it was only in her dreams.

Yet tonight, their meeting was different. She was working, as a waitress, and was just taking an order from a costumer when she suddenly saw him! Right in front of her! This has never happened before! Not when she was awake. And yet, there he was in front of her. She shook her head and he was gone. She gratefully smiled, feeling she wasn't going crazy.

Yet, everything was different now. She could see him with her waking eyes. Always, he was hunting her. Yet somehow he did not seem to notice she was there as well. He was talking to another girl. Neither noticed she was there as well.

One day she recognized Mardi Gras and decided to go to New Orleans. She slowly walked the streets of New Orleans and felt that he was not far from her. She desperately searched around and found the building she was looking for. He was there! She just knew it. She walked inside and took the elevator to the top floor, after that she climbed the final stairs and arrived on the roof, just in time to see him get throw off the building by the same girl she remembered from her dreams.

A man yelled "Mary," and made his way to her, but before he could see her she hid behind the door. Once he left she ran over to the edge of the building and saw him hanging by his throat on a crucifix. "No," she whispered. She tried loosening the cable but it didn't bulge. What now? she thought. Lift, a tiny voice said in her head.

Confusing show in her eyes as she looked down at the hanging figure, he had looked up and was staring straight into her eyes. She understood what she had to do. She took hold of the cable and pulled, lifting the figure higher and higher until it finally fell back onto the roof. He stared into her eyes and she knew she had to take it out of the sun, which was rising.

"I can't break the cable," she told him.

He gathered all the strength he could and broke the cable.

She quickly gathered him in her arms and carried him inside. Once she knew that the sunlight could no longer touch him she studied him. She gently caressed his face, as he closed his eyes. "You're real?" she half asked, half stated.

"As are you," he whispered. His voice harsh from the cable around his neck.

"Why did they do this to you?" she asked, gently.

"I killed her father," he simply replied.

How easily the words sounded from his lips. "That is a good point," she replied. "Come, let me take care of you…" She took him into safety, knowing he needed to recover… and she'd be there every step of the way.

The End
31 March 2007