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Ryan Star ' Dark Horse (A Live Collection) by Alvina

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Ryan Star – Dark Horse (A Live Collection) review

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Published: March 4, 2009

Updated: March 4, 2009

Ryan Star ' Dark Horse (A Live Collection) Chapter 01

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Title: Dark Horse (A Live Collection)
Artist: Ryan Star
Type: Album
Release Year: 2006

01 – Back of your car
When you first hear this song you start head banging with the melody. I really love this melody. You just want to stand up and dance around to it. Once you start listening to the lyrics you realise it's just about the world ending and trying to get someone in bed… or at least on the back of a car. But that doesn't matter it's a great song which you'll sing a long with from the beginning to the end! Great song!

02 – Clocks
Cover of Coldplay. What can I say about this song. There's more melody than lyrics but Ryan does an amazing job of singing this song.

03 – In the air tonight
Cover of Phil Collins. I find it that when someone covers a song it's very difficult to put the quality back into it. Phil Collins sings this song and it's amazing but Ryan does an amazing job as well. He makes this song his own and does it fabulously.

04 – Sink or Swim
I find this an interesting song. I love the melody and the lyrics. The lyrics are deep and intense. There's no other way I can describe them. Very good song! Though I must say that I love the ballad version more.

05 – We might fall
This is one of the ballad that can just make me cry and now I'm only talking about the melody. I love the piano and it's very beautiful. The lyrics are interesting and a bit confusing to me but that doesn't matter because it's still a very beautiful song.

06 – O
This is a funny song, to me. It's about someone never trusting the other person again. It starts with “I forgot your name by now, so don't remind me”. I love that!

07 – Iris
Cover of Goo Goo Doll. Although the Goo Goo Dolls version is better, and that's maybe because I am used to that one, I do enjoy listening to his version. He, again, makes this song his own and shows what an amazing voice he has. I love this song and now it's double in my playlist (Goo Goo Dolls' version and Ryan's version).

08 – Losing my Religion
Cover of R.E.M. Amazing song. Ryan does an amazing job, once more. I'm just sad that's it's such a short version.

09 – I Alone
Cover of Live. I'm not very fond of the melody.

10 – Perfect
I think this is an amazing song. I love the line “You're perfect now just smile,”. Makes me think of a boyfriend who says that his girlfriend is perfect to him no matter what and all he wants is for her to smile. Though I think this is not where this song's about. But we all have our own impartation of a song, don't we? Great song! Though these lyrics are different than the one of his album.

11 – Enjoy the Silence
Cover of Depeche Mode. Great song, would love to hear the original version of this one.

12 – Head like a hole
Cover of Nine Inch Nails. Weird song, but what do you expect from Nine Inch Nails? Though I love the line “Id rather die than give you control”.

All in all, I love listening to Ryan's voice. He has an amazing voice and could do so much more than covers. His own songs are amazing and I must say that I like those better than the covers. If all his songs are this amazing he should release another album because just one album is not enough!