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Ryan Star ' Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant by Alvina

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Ryan Star – Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant review

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Published: June 4, 2009

Updated: June 4, 2009

Ryan Star ' Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant Chapter 01

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Title: Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant
Artist: Ryan Star
Type: Album
Release Year: September 19, 2006

01 – We Might Fall
This is a beautiful but confusing song to me. This song says to me that two people who are in love can do anything as long as they are together but fate can step in and end it all. I don't know if this song is about this but that's what it says to me. I do think it's a very beautiful song.

02 – So Ordinary
Beautiful song but again a little confusing to me. I do like how the guy wants to be how to girl sees him though I also believe that if you love someone you wouldn't want that person to change. But it still a good sweet song.

03 – Famous Love
I love the lines “And you caught me in my lies, when my mind was lost on wine”. I love those line! I think it also tells us that you shouldn't drink too much wine, since most of the time (if you're drunk) you don't know what your saying. That can mess things up in a relationship. I'm guessing this song is also about loving someone famous and no matter what happens you'd love that person for all time. When he sings “Who's thought it's such a crime to love” it reminds me of the press.

04 – Losing Your Memory
I have to say that Ryan's songs are so confusing to me. But never mind that his melody is good and I do like the songs. He has some good lyrics. Losing Your Memory is no exception. It tells me of someone who's dying and he's waking up alone yet he remembers the days.

05 – Psycho Suicidal Girls
This song tells me of a girl who is suicidal and the boyfriend knows this relationship is no good for him, but he still loves her and can't leave. Beautiful song, interesting lyrics and great melody.

06 – “O”
I love the lines “I forgot your name by now, So don't remind me”. I think its hilarious! This song tells me of someone who has been betrayed by his or her boyfriend and this song is some sort of goodbye. This song is about everything he/she wanted to say to that person since they've been together. Again a beautiful song and beautiful melody. Ryan's voice is perfect for this song, fits it completely.

07 – Back Of Your Car
A song about sex on the back of someone's car when the world is ending… Who could not think this is funny? Like the live version your head start banging to the melody the second it starts. Wonderful melody and interesting lyrics.

08 – Saw You In Heaven
Confusing lyrics. I have no idea what this song's about. Good melody though!

09 – The Same When I'm Alone
Beautiful song of someone who's been dumped and remembers what's been said. Beautiful song with even more beautiful lyrics. Ryan uses his voice in a very good manner, one that I cannot explain. Let's just say they song's beautiful and Ryan add that little extra.

10 – Dance With You
The melody is so dramatic I love it! It's awesome! The lyrics tell me it's about s*x. He's been loving her the way he shouldn't and now are faced with the consequences.

11 – Sink Or Swim
I find this an interesting song. I love the melody and the lyrics. The lyrics are deep and intense. There's no other way I can describe them. Very good song!

12 – Perfect
I think this is an amazing song. I love the line “You're perfect now just smile,”. Makes me think of a boyfriend who says that his girlfriend is perfect to him no matter what and all he wants is for her to smile. Though I think this is not where this song's about. But we all have our own impartation of a song, don't we? Great song!

13 – Famous Yet
Funny lyrics and funny melody. That's all I can say about this song.

14 – The First Time
I'm guessing this is about “A First Time”. Interesting lyrics with a beautiful melody. I love the piano. (I think that's the only instrument used).

15 – Waiting For Love
Another very confusing song.

16 – Here Son
Another very confusing song.

17 – Take A Ride With Me
Very interesting one guitar song. Though I must say that I don't like the high notes that are in this song.

18 – The Fairy Tale
Something happened in this relationship but what, that's the question. Another beautiful ballad.

19 – The One You Know
Great melody. I find myself clapping to the drums. Very interesting indeed.

20 – Lullaby Suicide
Beautiful Lyrics, that's really all I have to say about this song…

I keep saying this but Ryan's songs are very confusing to me. My review is how I interpreted them of course I can interpreted them wrong. I love this album though. Even though it tells me it's something that he just came up with and put it on an album. I love it! It's unique and can be interpreted in many ways. I love that! I would definitely recommend Ryan's album Songs From The Eye Of An Elephant! But all in all it's a very beautiful album which you just gotta own!