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Home At Last by Alvina

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Ardeth Bay decides its time to go home.

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Character : Ardeth Bay

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Genre : Romance

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Word count : 530

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Published: June 21, 2008

Updated: June 21, 2008

Home At Last Chapter 01

Disclaimer: I do not these characters neither do I know the actors portraying them.
Author’s note: Just a small “The Mummy” drabble. Tepey means chief in Egyptian. Not one of my best, but cute nonetheless.
Begun at: 21 June 2008
Ended at: 21 June 2008

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Ardeth Bay had said his farewells to the O’Connell family and left Cairo to find his men, who were waiting at the small Oasis near Cairo. He looked around the camp and noted the same look his men had in their eyes as he had. They wanted to go home. One thing he really wanted as well.

Ever since he and the O’Connel’s had gone to Cairo he felt like he was needed home. Everytime he looked at Evelyn and Rick he knew something was missing and so, he decided it was time he went home.

Abdul walked up to him seeing his chief had arrived. "Tepey, what is our heading?" he asked respectfully. Ardeth Bay was one of the few chieftains that had his men full respect.

Ardeth looked at down at the slightly smaller man. "We are heading home," a cheer was heard among the men. Even Ardeth himself couldn’t help but give a small smile. Yes, he was doing right by going home.

The road to their home was long and hard but it did not bother any of them. The ancient medjai had found a way to hide their home for unwanted visitors. Only those who know where it is could find it and that was just how they wanted it.

At last they arrived at the wall where their city was hidden behind. They would make camp just behind the wall, they would be save there. Ardeth noticed a sentry and nodded at him. He would inform the city they would arrive tomorrow.

They would rest now, for it was night already and the road to the city would take them half a day. In the morning they would leave for the city.

Ardeth dismounted and found the small tent which was set up in the corner for all the chieftains that would arrive and needed rest. He couldn’t wait to sleep in his own bed again. He shared a meal with his men before he turned in and waited for the morning. He couldn’t find sleep this night for some reason.

The next morning the men were up and ready just when the sun was rising. "Medjai," Ardeth said. "Let’s go home!" A cheer was heard among the men and then the rode of towards the city.

Every men, woman and child that already resident in the city was welcoming them home. At the end of the line a woman stood, waiting. When he was close enough he dismounted and gave the reigns to a young boy who walked up to him to take the reigns.

Ardeth took a few paces towards the woman and bowed respectfully. "My queen," he said.

The queen bowed to him as well. "My king," she answered. "Welcome home."

Ardeth smiled and closed the small distance between them to press his lips against his wife’s. "It’s good to be home," he said once he broke the kiss.

A cheer was once more heard but the couple didn’t hear them as they walked inside their home. Yes, everything is as it should be, Ardeth thought just as the door closed behind him. He didn’t feel like something was missing anymore now that he was back home with his wife…

The End
21 June 2008