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How can this be by Alvina

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Harry had been in love with Tom Riddle for a while now but never confided in his friends. When the need to talk to someone about it he finds out things aren't as they seem.

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Character : Harry Potter, Tom Riddle / Voldemort

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Genre : Slash

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Published: January 21, 2011

Updated: January 21, 2011

How can this be Chapter 01

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Harry lay on the bed in his dormitory in the Gryffindor at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. The image of a certain young man was, as always, in the front of his mind. Ever since his second year he couldn't stop thinking about him. Mad, wasn't it? Especially since Tom Marvolo Riddle killed his parents; or rather Lord Voldemort did but what did it matter Tom and Voldemort were the same person. The memory of Tom Riddle had told him so - Voldemort was his past, present and future.

So, why then, did Harry's thoughts always seem to turn back to Tom Riddle? He'd think about how dark green his eyes were, his full mop of jet black hair and a muscular tall body. Everything about Tom Riddle pulled Harry in, well, except maybe for the murdering muggles left and right.

It didn't matter how awful the Muggles have been to him, he would never resort to killing them. A memory of his muggle relatives came to him - they had been always been awful to him but this one was much worse than all the others. He had just come back from school and they had immediately locked him up in his old cupboard. He hadn't understand why he was back here - they had given him Dudley's second bedroom since he began Hogwarts and now he was back at the cupboard? He didn't even have time to think about it when his uncle opened the door, pulled him out and started beating the living hell out of him. It was one of the roughest beatings he'd ever gotten from his uncle and he hadn't even known what he did to deserve it. He had only just gotten back from school so he couldn't have been a trouble but then again he never knew why he deserved any of the beatings; his uncle just sometimes liked to see him bloodied and broken.

He probably got a kick out of it, Harry thought with a snort.

It was times like this he understood why Voldemort wanted to kill Muggles but the difference between the two of them was that Harry never killed anyone nor was he ever going to. Sure the entire wizarding world seemed to think he would be the only one to kill Voldemort and sometimes he thought so as well but in the end he knew he wouldn't be able to kill anyone. Not even the murderer of his parents and especially not out of revenge.

Why couldn't people understand that he didn't want to become like Voldemort; he'd already have too much in common with the dark wizard, he didn't want to become a murderer as well.

But no one seemed to remember that Harry had wants and needs as well and wasn't some mindless puppet who'd follow everyone around. He was his own person and wanted to develop himself just like everyone else did. Why did no one seemed to understand that?

Tom would understand, Tom had understand, a voice in the back of his mind told him. Harry sighed knowing it was true. Back in his second year he had talked to Tom through his diary and it seemed to understand him better than anyone. Then later when they talked in the Chamber of Secrets Tom had understood him as well.

None the less, Tom was still killing Ginny Weasley and he couldn't just stand by and do nothing about it. It had broken his heart to kill Tom but the thought that drove him was simply the fact that it had only been a memory of Tom and not the real person. Besides Tom would have killed him in a heartbeat; had tried to kill him by setting Salazar Slytherin's Basilisk on him. Harry had only done what was necessary to survive; why then did it feel like it was the worst mistake he'd ever made?

Harry sighed and turned around. It had never felt right to stab the diary with the basilisk fang but he knew that it had to be done. He remembered that moments before the fang pierced the diary he had whispered that he was sorry and had hoped that Tom had heard him, had understand why he had to do it.

But what did it matter anyway? Tom Marvolo Riddle was and always will be Lord Voldemort. The most powerful Dark Wizard of all time. The murderer of his parents and many wizards, witches and muggles before and after them. It wasn't as if the Tom he talked to would suddenly reappear.

Tom was dead because he became Lord Voldemort and nothing was going to chance that fact. It didn't matter how much Harry wanted that sixteen year old boy back, the boy that had understood him, it was just never going to happen...

The worst thing about all of this was; he couldn't talk to anyone about this. Not with Hermione, not with Ron. The both of them would think he'd gone mad. Especially if he would tell them that he was lusting after Tom. "Are you mad? He killed your parents!" He could hear Ron's voice in his head.

"Harry, be reasonable. You cannot be in love with a memory that no longer exists," Hermione's voice would add.

And they would be right. He was mad for falling in love with Tom Riddle. Yes, he said it. He was in love with Tom Riddle...or maybe who he thought Tom could be. The boy that had spoken to him through his diary was the boy he'd fallen for. Maybe not at the time they had spoken but later, as the years past, he'd become to realise he was falling in love with the memory.

Harry shook his head; it was stupid. He was stupid. How could he be in love with a memory? A memory that no longer existed. But it didn't change the fact that he was indeed in love with the memory of Tom Riddle and Harry didn't care that it may all have been a lie. Because that could still be true. That it had all been an act for Tom. That he had only acted like that to gain Harry's trust or something. But Harry never thought about it like that, he didn't dare. Now he could pretend that Tom did care about him and that someday they would find each other...even if it was never going to happen.

Harry sighed, once more, and searched for his glasses on the nightstand. Silently he cast a lumos spell and noted that it was just an hour after curfew. He needed to talk to someone about this if not he would go mad. But to who could he go to. His friends were out of the question, maybe McGonagall? No, she wouldn't understand. Besides how did you tell your head of house that you were gay? Or thought to be gay?

That was another thing he couldn't tell his friends. It wasn't as if they wouldn't understand it was more like they would look at him with pity for it was another reason why he would be different. Both his friend knew how he hated being different from the rest of them.

Why else could he go to? Professor Dumbledore maybe? Harry shook his head, no he wouldn't wanted to disappoint the headmaster especially not when he told him what he was feeling for his old student.

To who could he go to that won't be disappointed in him when he told them he was in love with the most dark wizard of al times? It was then that it hit him. Snape?! Snape wouldn't think any lower of him, nor would he be disappointed, for that would entail him having at least a little bit of respect for him which Snape didn't have. Snape already hated him so there was no fear of losing his trust and or friendship. Yes, it was the perfect choice...but now the question remained how to get to his teacher without being seen.

Harry jumped out of bed and made his way to his trunk where he knew he had hidden his father's old cloak. Once he found it he put it around him and took the Marauder's map out of it's hiding.

"I solemnly swear, I'm up to no good," he whispered and watched how a map of Hogwarts was drawn by an invisible quill. He searched for the professor he was looking for and once he found him he let out a sigh of relieve.

Snape was on his way to the potions classroom, he was probably going back after patrolling the halls. That definitely seemed like one of Snape's favourite past times; catching students out after curfew. The potions professor was going to have a field day when Harry would knock on his door but at this point Harry didn't care. He needed someone to talk to and Snape seemed to be the only choice.

Harry pulled the cloak around him tighter and quickly but silently made his way out of the dormitory and Gryffindor tower and practically ran all the way to the potions classroom. Once he arrived he took a deep breath to calm himself before he knocked on the door. Not waiting for an answer he walked inside and closed the door behind him.

"Potter, what are you doing here after curfew?" Snape snarled at him as he advance on the boy.

"Professor, you are welcome to take all the points you want out of Gryffindor but I really need to talk to you," Harry said confidently.

"And what, in Merlin's name, could possible be so important that you have to talk to me about?" Snape shot at the irritating boy. It was bad enough he had to deal with Potter in potions class but did he really have to deal with the annoying arrogant boy on his free evenings.

"I can't go to my friends to this nor to Dumbledore. You're already don't think much of me I couldn't possible disappoint you anymore...please, sir," Harry all but begged. The younger wizard hadn't realised how much this was weighing on him, how emotional it really was for him but his magic did and started lashing out. Acting out on the emotions that were flying through the Gryffindor.

Snape took a moment to study the boy; there wasn't a moment in time that he had seen the normally arrogant boy so defeated, so helpless. He was already nodding his head before he could comprehend it.

"We shall retired to my private rooms, we will be able to talk freely there," Snape said before turning around, his black robes sweeping behind him as he stormed out.

Harry hurriedly followed behind his professor, curious where the potion master was taking him. They were going through the private storeroom of the potions classroom to some hidden door. There Snape placed his hands against the wall and it opened up.

"Follow me," Snape said and Harry did as he was told and followed his professor through the hidden door.

"These are my private rooms, don'ttouch anything," Snape snarled at the boy before storming towards the kitchen where he took out a brandy. He felt like he needed a drink before he could face whatever childish thing it was Potter wanted to talk to him. Then why did you agree, Severus?A voice said in the back of his head. Truth was, he saw something in the boy then that cried out for help and he just couldn't turn the boy away. Afraid that if he did the boy would be worse of than before and since the boy was the ‘saviour of the wizarding word' he figure he shouldn't be the one that would be the cause of his untimely death.

He went back into the living room after snatching a glass of water for the boy and noted that Potter hadn't moved a muscle but was looking around with interest. "Sit," he ordered the boy and sat down on one of his most comfortable chairs.

Harry was pulled out of his musings when Snape ordered him to sit down, shuffling around he found a seat and gratefully sat down only just realising that his legs were about to give away. He took the glass of water from Snape with a grateful thanks before taking a careful sip from the cold water.

"What, Mister Potter, did you deem so important that you wanted to talk to me about?" Snape snarked at the younger wizard when it didn't seem that he was going to talk.

Harry's eyes shot up, not realising he had been staring at the glass of water in his hands before he place the glass on the table in front of him. He took a moment to think about his teacher's question. "Have you ever been in love, Professor Snape?"

Snape couldn't believe his ears! This is what he thought was so important? The boy was in love? How dare he waste my time? "This is what you deemed important?" Snape asked with venom in his voice clearly making the boy uncomfortable.

"Maybe I made a mistake coming to you," Harry gulped when he saw his teacher's venom look. "I just thought that I could talk to you about this because there's clearly nothing I could do that would make you disappointed of me for in order to disappoint someone you'd at least have to have but even the littlest respect and I know that you don't have any for me. I just have so much going on and I need someone to talk to..." Harry stopped when he realised he was babbling. Sure, sound like an annoying first year, Harry, that will make him listen to you.

The potions master took a moment to study the young wizard's features. The boy looked fatigued, tired even. His usually shining emerald eyes were dimmed. Obviously, he wasn't sleeping. He also looked too old for his age and that was because of the threat of Voldemort hanging over his head. Snape wanted to snort, threat indeed.

Snape shook his head and sighed. The boy had obviously come to him for a reason. Now he only needed to find out what that reason was. Besides he only did this because he asked him to. If he hadn't, the potions master wouldn't even be here. "Tell me what is troubling you," he heard himself say and was flabbergasted he could actually sound sincere.

Harry's head shot up and the gently tone his professor used. Was he really interesting in what I have to say?He cocked his head and didn't sense any deceit in him. "Do you remember my second year, professor? With the Chamber of Secrets?"

Snape raised an eyebrow, clearly confused. "Of course," he bit at the Gryffindor. Who didn't? The tales were still spread through the rumour mill; tales of Harry Potter, the Gryffindor wonder boy, the Boy-Who-Lived went down into the chamber slew a Basilisk and saved Ginevra Weasley in the meantime.

"Before I entered the Chamber I had this diary, which belonged to Tom Marvolo Riddle," Harry continued and noticed his professor's interest was piqued. Obviously, he had recognised the name. "He showed me how he framed Hagrid and after that I started talking to him. I was cross at him for having Hagrid expelled but if Hagrid had really opened the Chamber of Secrets then..." Harry stopped and shook his head. "I don't know," he said before continuing. "Anyway, I started writing to Tom and he wrote back. We had so much in common; he's an orphan, so am I. People picked on him, same with me. We were both raised by muggles who didn't like us." Harry bit his lip, he hadn't wanted his teacher to know that but when Snape didn't do more than raise an eyebrow continued nonetheless.

"Whenever I talked to him I felt like he understood me. That he was the only person on this world who understood what I was going through. He was my friend," Harry felt like he had to add that last part before he continued with his tale. "When I found out that Ginny had been taken I knew that I had to do something. So, like the fool I was I persuaded Ron to go to Lockhart and tell him what we found. He was attempting to run away like the coward he was so we forced him with us to the Chamber. In the Chamber I met Tom for the first time, well technically I had met him before in the memory but we weren't able to talk to each other." Harry shrugged as if wasn't important. "I met him and we talked some more. I felt like no one could ever understand me as Tom could and for a split second I wanted him, his memory, to live. But then I realised that Ginny was dying and I couldn't just stand there and watch her die! I just couldn't." Harry's eyes were pleading with his teacher to understand.

"So, I slew the Basilisk and killed Tom. I killed him," tears started forming in his eyes but Harry was determined not to let them fall.

Snape nodded his head, he knew how it felt like to kill someone you considered a friend. He may not have killed Lily Potter but he may as well have for he did nothing to save her.

"I remember exactly how he looked, how his hair played in the soft breeze that came from deep within the Chamber. How much I wanted to hold him..." Harry smiled at the memory. "At the time I saw him as a friend, maybe even an older brother but as time passed I..." Harry stopped unwilling to go on.

"You developed feelings for him?" Snape guessed and knew he was right by the defeated look in the younger wizard's eyes.

"How can I?" Harry shot up and started pacing. "He is a murderer, he killed my parents!"

"It wasn't Tom Riddle who killed them, Harry, but the Dark Lord," neither man noticed the slip of tongue from Snape.

"They are the same," Harry said as he slugged down into the chair. "It's exactly what Tom said; Voldemort is his past, present and future. The Tom I met in second year may not have killed my parents but his future self did. How will I ever be able to face my parents after this?"

"Maybe your parents want you to make your own choices? Maybe they'll support you in every way possible?" Snape hinted.

"How can you say that?" Harry almost yelled. "How could they possible understand that I've fallen in love with Voldemort who happens to have killed them?"

"Are you in love with Tom Riddle or with Voldemort?" Snape asked, gently.

"What does it matter? They are the same..." Harry stopped when he noticed the annoyed look his teacher was shooting him. Obviously, he wanted him to answer. "Tom, I'm in love with Tom," he answered afraid that if he didn't his teacher would send him away and didn't want that. He finally found someone to talk to him about this and he was going to take the chance to get this of his chest now that he'd have it.

"There you have your answer," Snape said and gently took a sip from his brandy.

"Huh? What?" Harry was confused.

"You said it yourself Voldemort killed your parents but you are in love with Tom," Snape stated as if it was the most logical thing in the world.

"But Tom and Voldemort are they same person..." Harry was confused what was his teacher trying to say?

"What if I told you that they aren't?"

"I don't understand," Harry answered, deep within him hope started to blossom but he buried it away quickly. It wouldn't do to get his hopes up for nothing.

"It is true that when Tom Riddle was younger he wanted to become Lord Voldemort but he never did," Snape explained.

"But if he isn't Voldemort then who is?" Harry couldn't remember a time before that he felt this confused.

"Shall I tell you what I know?" Snape asked and waited for Harry's nod. "When I was about your age I decided to follow Tom Riddle. His ideals were something I believed in not to mention that it would get me away from my father." Snape shook his head. "I heard rumours that in the beginning Tom wanted to kill all muggles and muggle-borns but when I joined him he wanted to make sure that they got a proper education before entering Hogwarts. This way the purebloods wouldn't be hold back because they would be in the same classes as the muggle-borns who still needed to learn everything."

Harry nodded, he could see that this would be a good solution. He had wanted a proper education ever since he entered Hogwarts. Even now he sometimes felt like an idiot because he didn't know every wizarding custom.

"It is said that Tom changed his views when he left Hogwarts; it is also said that during the time he was at Hogwarts he'd been under so many compulsion spells that he didn't remember who he was but the longer he spend away from Hogwarts the more he came to know himself. He believed that one of the teachers put him under those spells to have a prophecy come true. One that was made over decade ago at that time."

"Did Tom ever find out who it was that cursed him?" Harry asked, already feeling compassion for the older boy.

"If he did then I was never told," Snape sighed. "Tom was at the height of his reign, had even made some amazing changes to the wizarding world one of them was an orphanage for the muggle-borns that were either already an orphan or rejected by their muggle families."

"He did that?" Harry asked amazed. With the image he had of Tom in the chamber of secrets he could see him do that but as Lord Voldemort. No, that was something he couldn't see.

"He did indeed," Snape answered. "But then another wizard stepped up, taking Tom's name; Lord Voldemort and proclaimed that he was the true heir to Slytherin and as his heir all muggles and muggle-born should be killed. He had the support of a lot of pure-bloods and so Tom was driven away and his followers were marked so the new Voldemort could keep an eye on them."

"So, Tom Riddle and Voldemort used to be the same person but they aren't anymore?" Harry asked maybe a little hopeful. He aways believed Tom to be his parents' killer and finding out that he wasn't, even a chance that he wasn't, gave him hope.

"That it exactly what I'm saying," Snape replied.

"So, who killed my parents?" Harry asked, he didn't want to think, not now at least, that the man he loved had killed his parents.

"Voldemort did," Snape said in a tone that said ‘weren't you listening?'. "Tom tried to stop him."

Harry's head shot up, he hadn't even realised he'd lowered it. "What?"

"I learned that Voldemort was going to hunt the Potters down to kill their child, I told Tom about it and he tried to stop him..." Snape didn't say that he had loved Lily and never wanted to see her hurt or even dead but didn't want Potter to start asking him questions about her; it still hurt to think about her let alone talk about her.

"He came to save us?" New amazement show in Harry's eyes as he comprehended this. "But why?"

"I'm afraid you'll have to ask him that yourself," Snape replied.

In the way he said that had Harry immediately interested. "You know where he is?" He asked, light shining from his eyes.

"Yes, I do," Snape answered but didn't say anything else, just sipping his brandy.

"Can you take me to him?" Harry asked.

"And why would I do that?" Snape retorted. "He had lived in hiding for the past years because people think he is Voldemort and is killing all those muggles. Why should I bring Dumbledore's Golden Boy to him and show him his hiding place?"

"Please, professor, you have to take me," Harry pleaded, he had cringed when Snape said Dumbledore's Golden Boy but didn't say anything to deny it. Why should he? It wasn't as if Snape would believe him when he'd say he wasn't dear old Dumble's Golden Boy.

"I don't have to take you to him, but I will," the potion master sighed. "He once asked me to look after you and I did. The moment you'd ask for him I was ordered to explain and should you wish to see him I was allowed to take you to him..." Snape ran his head through his hair. "I won't however take you to him at this godly hour." He took a moment to think before he continued. "This weekend it's a Hogsmead weekend. I'll take you to him then. Meet me at the hidden cave on the west side at 9am and I shall take you to him bring that atrocious cloak with you."

Harry nodded his thanks before he left the potion master's personal rooms behind and made his way to Gryffindor Tower, hidden under his cloak. This weekend he would be able to meet the man he loved. Wait, what if Tom didn't want him?He shook his head, he was going to deal with that later. Now he just needed to fall asleep and dream of the one he loved...


Harry shifted from one foot to the other. Snape said to meet here, right?He looked around; a hidden cave on the west sidethat's what he had said, wasn't it? Taking out his wand he performed a time telling spell and noted he still had fifteen minutes. The wizard sighed and put his wand away again, it was his own fault he had arrived way too early.

Footsteps made him look up and relief passed through him when he saw that Snape was making his way towards him. "So you are able to read time," Snape threw at him sarcastically.

"Yes, sir," Harry only replied and waited for his teacher to tell him what to do.

"We're going to apparate to Slytherin Manor," Snape told the younger wizard. "I assume you've never did side along apparate before?" Harry shook his head and did what he was told when Snape told him to take hold of his arm.

Harry felt as if he was pulled through a very tight rubber tube and felt his stomach protest but luckily he didn't vomit. He didn't feel like embarrassing himself in front of Snape.

"This is the visitor's lounge as Slytherin Manor, we shall wait here until our host arrives," Snape told Harry and sat down on one of the couches. Harry decided against sitting down and looked around the room; it was large with high ceilings. Three couches, a small coffee table and a rug beneath the furniture. Next to the door was a bookcase filled with old tattered books. The younger wizard figured it had often been used by visitors of Slytherin Castle while they waited on their host...just like they were but Harry wouldn't be able to read. He was too nervous to focus on the words.

His nerves were shining through, unconsciously his magic was lashing out - cracking in the air as he started pacing. Why was he so nervous? It wasn't as if he hadn't met Tom before. But that was only a memory,this Tom wouldn't probably even know who he is.But would that be true? The entire wizarding world seemed to know who he was just by looking at his scar but that was not who he is. He wasn't the Boy-Who-Lived nor was he a hero. He was just Harry but would Tom see him like that? Would Tom even like him?

"Potter, if you don't sit down or stand still I will immobilise you!" Snape's voice sounded through his musings and he jumped before shaking his head to clear his thoughts. Walking over to the opposite couch Snape vacated, he sat down but quickly stood up again when a house elf popped in.

"Master will see you now," it said before guiding them through the many corridors of Slytherin manor.

Harry pulled himself together and followed the house elf and his teacher to a study which was occupied. The Gryffindor noticed the dark jet black coloured hair, the dark green eyes and the muscular body that was hidden behind the black robes. This is Tom,he realised as he took in the appearance of the older man for he was older; older than the memory. Obviously, Harry,Harry scolded himself. What did he think? That Tom wouldn't age? But then again, Tom didn't look older than thirty-something. Definitely not older than thirty-five. But how can that be? Shouldn't he be at least 70?

Tom looked up when the door opened and smiled as he saw his best friend walk in. "Severus, it's good to see you." He stepped away from his desk to give his old friend a hug. "It's been too long," he said with a smile.

"Aye, it has," Snape answered. "I brought you someone," he said before stepping away and Harry came into view.

"Harry Potter," Tom said when he noticed who his friend had brought. "It's good to finally meet you."

The youngest wizard was flabbergast at how easy going the actions were between Tom and his teacher. Harry pulled himself out of his musings when he noticed that Tom was talking to him. "It's good to meet you to, sir," he replied, politely not knowing what else to say.

Tom nodded, noticing the shyness that clung to this boy which was strange for he had never seemed shy to him. "It's time then?" He asked Snape but was still looking at the younger wizard.

"He came to me with questions, which I answered to my full knowledge. He wanted to know more, so I brought him to you," Snape explained, noticing the forceful look his friend was giving his student. "I shall leave you alone then."

At those words Harry seemed to panic. "You are leaving?" He asked his teacher. He isn't going to leave me alone with Tom, is he? Why is he leaving?

"You two have much to discuss, when you are ready to leave, I shall be in the library," Snape explained gently which surprised Harry because he had never heard that tone from his potions professor before. "Make it no later than nine, Tom. We have to be back before nine-thirty."

Tom nodded and waited till his friend left him alone with the younger boy before he turned to him. "I understand that you have many question," he began, "and I hope to answer them all. Maybe you would like to join me in the formal lounge, we can have some tea."

Harry only nodded and followed the older wizard out of the room. It was so strange standing face to face with Tom again. He still hadn't completely come to terms with the fact that Tom Marvolo Riddle hadn't killed his parents but yet here he was. At Tom's house, invited to tea. He just didn't know what to make of it.

Tom felt the younger wizard's nerve and felt his magic crackle in the air. Obviously the boy was nervous but why? Hadn't Severus explained everything to him?Once they arrived at the lounge he told the boy,Harryhe reminded himself, to sit down.

The younger wizard quickly sat down and started fidgeting with his hands. All of this seemed so surreal, what was happening?He thought as he looked at Tom and noticed his heart started beating faster. Quickly he looked away afraid that the older man would be able to hear his heart beating faster and faster in his chest while he looked at him.

Tom ordered one of his house elves to bring him and his guest some tea and make sure to listen for Severus Snape's command should he want something. The house elf bowed before popping away and a minute later returning with freshly made tea and biscuits. Tom poured first Harry and then himself a cup before sitting back into his chair and studied the younger wizard.

"What has Severus told you about?" Tom's voice shook Harry out of his musings. Stop day dreaming, Harry,the younger wizard berated himself when he looked up into Tom's eyes.

"Just that you aren't Voldemort, didn't kill my parents and that you were under compulsion spells when you were at Hogwarts," Harry replied.

"Not much then," Tom muttered under his breath. Leave it to Severus to explain only a minor detail of a complex story. "Do you want me to explain things into full detail?"

Harry took a sip before nodding his head. "Yes, please," he said, eager to find out more about this Tom and not the one everyone had created in his mind.

"When I was young I was foolish, I believe all muggles were evil because the only ones I met were never nice to me. I was shunned, beating and yelled at all because I was different to the other children. I was able to make things happen just by thinking about it. I could talk to snakes. It scare everyone at the orphanage and so they lashed out at me. At that time I thought muggles were all the same especially when I went to Hogwarts and the people there started treating me different. I was respected for once and people weren't afraid of me. For once in my life I had friends. Friends I could count on and friends that could count on me.'

"My friends were mostly pure-bloods and I made them believe I was as well, luckily they bought it otherwise I'm sure my life would have been different at Hogwarts. As I grew older and stayed at Hogwarts longer things started to change for me. I saw things differently; my hate for muggles grow and I was no longer satisfied to receive good grades. I needed more, I wanted to learn all there was about magic so it could help me get rid of all the muggles.'

"To this day I don't know why I felt like that but this hate for muggles and muggle-born grew. I came to learn that I was Salazar Slytherin's heir and believed the stories that were created about him wanting to get rid of all the muggle-born at school. I knew that he had found a way and I needed to see what it was...'

"And so I found the Chamber of Secrets and found Slytherin's Basilisk. I knew basilisks could kill when looking into someone's eyes and knew that I found the perfect weapon against the muggle borns at Hogwarts. I released him, I released the Basilisk and then he killed Myrtle.'

"I wasn't all that distraught about her death because she was a little annoying but then Dumbledore told me that the school would close down if they didn't find the one who did it. I knew I couldn't let that happen and was quick to lay all blame on Hagrid; he was after all just a brainless oaf who wouldn't aspire to anything."

"That's not true!" Harry was quick to defend his first ever friend.

"Yes, I know that now but at the time it seemed like I was right," Tom shook his head. "A lot of things made sense back then when they don't now. Dumbledore was watching me closely so I couldn't open the chamber again, afraid that if I did Dumbledore would find out and take all the books away from there." Tom noticed Harry's confused looks. "You didn't think that the great Salazar Slytherin build a room only for his Basilisk, did you? He also build a potion's lab which Severus would die for having and a library. An amazing library full of wonderful books with a lot of information you won't be able to find anywhere."

Harry had to smirk as he realised Tom was just a bookworm as his friend Hermione was but quickly fought it down.

"But as long as I was at school I wouldn't be able to open the chamber again and left all the books and its knowledge behind to by guarded by Slytherin's Basilisk but not before creating a diary. A diary which would hold my memory and when the time come would once more release the basilisk and get all the information I want from Slytherin's library.'

"I admit it was a foolish solution especially since it didn't exactly became an entire memory of me..." Tom stopped for a moment.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked. Not entirely a memory of Tom?"

"The memory was filled with a lot of those compulsion spells as well, even more so than I was. Some of them were even transferred to the memory."

"Those compulsion spell, what were they? Who placed them on you?" Harry asked intrigued.

"They made sure that my hatred for muggles and muggle-borns were always at the forefront of my mind. That I needed to learn all the dark magic that there was and not care about what it would do to me...'

"But as I left Hogwarts the hold they had on me started to fade and I became who I wanted to be. I helped build an orphanage for the muggle-borns but it was soon destroyed by Voldemort'

"Ironic, isn't it? That this person has taken my name?" Tom laughed before falling quiet.

"Who put these spells on you?" Harry asked again, wanting to know who would go so far as to hex a student.

Tom stood up and walked to the window. "I doubt you want to know, Harry," he sighed as he stared out of the window.

Harry shivered when Tom said his name. His name had never sounded so wonderful...Ehh? Oh man, I've fallen hard for him, haven't I?"Please, tell me," he wanted to know who had hurt his Tom so bad.Wait what? His Tom?

Tom's resistance crumbled under that plea and he turned back to Harry who was looking at him with big emerald eyes. Eyes that had held him captive the first time he had met him many years ago...

"It were headmaster Dippet and professor Dumbledore," he said it so softly that he wasn't sure if Harry heard him.

But Harry had heard him and started shaking his head. It couldn't be true, could it? Professor Dumbledore wouldn't do something like this, would he? Of course he would. Just look at what he send Harry to, year after year... The Gryffindor felt as if his entire world was crashing down on him, everything he believed in was a lie.

"I shouldn't have said anything," Tom said as he lowered himself on his knees in front of Harry.

"No," Harry quickly said, wanting to reassure the older wizard. "I wanted to know. You hold no blame."

"You are a brave young man," Tom whispered as he wiped stray of hair from Harry's brow. "But you shouldn't hold the weight of the world on your shoulders. You couldn't have known."

It sounded so sincere that Harry believed him and nodded his head. "I'm sorry," he said, a slight blush forming on his face.

"There's no need to feel sorry, Harry," Tom replied as he stood back up, giving Harry some space. "It's quit alright to feel your world has crashed down, especially because you believed the headmaster and not only that you learned that I didn't kill your parents."

Harry took a moment to consider Tom's words and knew he was right. "If you aren't Voldemort, then who is? Who was the man that killed my parents?"

Tom nodded his head, knowing he had to continue his tale. "As I've told you when I left Hogwarts the compulsion spells weakened and I was able to break them. I had a few followers but Dumbledore didn't seemed to like that. He wanted me to become a Dark Wizard of sort...or at least have a Dark Wizard around but since I wasn't following his plans anymore he needed his back up plan.'

"I don't know who it is but he's now controlling another wizard, the one that is posing as Lord Voldemort," Tom shook his head. "I don't know why he's doing this or how, but I know that he's behind it."

"But, I don't understand. Dumbledore told me that I can speak Parseltongue because Voldemort unconsciously transferred it to me when he killed my parents but how can he speak Parseltongue when you are the heir of Slytherin."

"That is an excellent question," Tom smirked at the younger man. "The simple answer is that this unnamed wizard doesn't speak Parseltongue. He cannot talk to snakes as you and I do, he's just hissing and sissing. No real words are formed when he opens his mouth. Another trick I would love to learn how it's done," the last part Tom added softly as if to himself.

"If this Voldemort didn't transfer part of his powers to me than how come I can speak Parseltongue. I'm not Slytherin's heir..." If he was anyone's heir he most likely would be Gryffindor's heir, wouldn't he be?

Tom had known to except a similar question but still wasn't prepared when it came and looked away. "Your teacher, professor Snape, overheard Dumbledore talking to ‘Voldemort'. That they had to take out the Potters because they were beginning to uncover the truth," Tom conveniently left out the other reason. "He came straight to me and I went to the Potters to protect them."

"But how did you find them? Weren't they under the Fidelius Charm?" Harry asked.

"They never were," Tom explained. "It was al a hoax created by Dumbledore." Tom sighed as he noticed Harry's defeated look. "I came too late to save your parents but I was able to save you. I battled with this Voldemort but Dumbledore was there as well. He put me under the immobilise charm and made me watch as ‘Voldemort' cast the killing curse on you." Tom turned his head so Harry wouldn't be able to see his tears.

"But I didn't die," Harry said.

"No, thank Merlin and Salazar, that you didn't," Tom whispered, so soft that Harry was barely able to hear it but he had. Did I miss something?Harry thought as he watched Tom's reaction. "You survived because I was there. The curse reflected of you and hit ‘Voldemort' but because it wasn't a full blown killing curse he didn't die, merely lost his body."

"Why would it matter that you were there? What aren't you telling me?" Harry was getting a little annoyed now. Tom was holding something back and he wanted to know what it was.

"Do you believe in soul mates, Harry?" Tom suddenly asked.

"What?" Harry asked as he gaped at the older man. What was he getting at?

"Because that is what we are," Tom sighed, he hadn't wanted to tell Harry like this but now he had no choice. "Dumbledore went to the Potter's to kill you because he had found out that you and I were soul mates and together we would be indestructible."

"What...what does that mean?" Harry's head was spinning. Tom and he were soul mates? Was that the reason why he had felt a connection with the older boy when he had been talking to him through his diary?

"Dumbledore doesn't like anyone who's more powerful than he is and wanted to get us out of the way. He wanted me to become the next Dark Lord and you the hero of the wizarding world. We cannot die by anyone else's hand but our own." Tom stopped letting Harry come to his own conclusion.

"He wanted me to kill you and by killing you I would die as well, or live a half-life," Harry concluded. He had read about this in History of Magics. One of the only things he'd taken the time to read through for that subject.

"I'm afraid so," Tom only replied and watched his soul mate as he struggled through this new information. He desperately wanted to help his young mate but knew that he had to get through this on his own.

"I don't..." Harry stopped, stood up and started pacing not realising his magic was crackling in the air.

Tom, however, did and looked at awe at how much raw power his young mate possessed already at this age. Theirs would be a union blessed by Merlin himself, he realised as he watched the younger wizard pace.

"He wanted my to hate you, so that when the time came I could become his weapon and defeat you," Harry concluded and stopped pacing as he realised how much he had trusted Dumbledore; how much he had told the elder wizard. Everything the headmaster ever told him was a lie. He didn't care about Harry, why should he? Harry was nothing but a weapon to him.

Tom shut up when he realised Harry's thoughts were turning dark. "Harry," he said but not knowing what else to say he stopped.

Harry looked up at the voice whispering his name and noticed how close Tom had gotten. One thing that still bugged him was, well, besides the fact that he could speak Parseltongue, how Tom still looked like he was thirty-something years old when he knew he was much older than that so he asked Tom.

Tom smiled at the question. "A wizard and witch ages until they find out who their soul mate is; should their soulmate be younger than the wizard or witch stops ageing until his or her mate are they same age."

"You have known I would be your mate since your were 35?" Harry asked.

"Yes," Tom answered and knew he should continue. "Your mother was but a few months old, I believe her age was 5 months when I first met her. When I looked into her eyes, I knew that she would bare my mate."

Harry licked his suddenly dry lips. "How...how did you know?"

"When wizards or witches are as powerful as we are, they can sense their mates and sometimes even connections to their mates. I know that your mother would become your mother when she was 5 months old."

"So, I have to be able to sense you are my mate then?" Harry asked confused, he hadn't felt anything...had he?

"To be truthful, I don't know if it works at this young an age," Tom said thoughtfully but notice the crestfallen look he quickly added. "But you can always try."

"How do I...?" Harry didn't finished the question.

"Just focus on your magic and let it reach out to me, you'll first feel a short electrical shock and then a sense of serenity pass over you," Tom demonstrated but knew that Harry couldn't see it.

Harry tried to focus on his magic, he knew how to do that; they had been taught that particular trick the previous month. Then he reached out to Tom and indeed he felt a shock of electricity and then a serenity pass over him before it turned to lust and love. Quickly Harry broke the connection, blushed and turned away from Tom. "I...I see."

"It takes a little to get used to it," Tom told him believing he had failed.

"You know, you still haven't answered my question," Tom raised an eyebrow confused, not knowing which question he hadn't answered. "Why can I speak Parseltongue?"

"Because I can," Tom answered before continuing. "As soul mates we are able to use each other's gifts. I can speak Parseltongue so you can speak it."

Harry nodded, not knowing what else to say and went to sit back down on the couch.

"I gather this is a lot to take in," Tom said as he watched Harry sit down. "Why don't I leave you alone for a moment and be back here in an hour?" Tom performed a Lumos spell before he continued. "I'll be just in time for lunch."

Harry, once more, nodded not knowing what else to say to the older wizard. He was grateful for the chance Tom was giving him to reorganise his thoughts. His brain was on full information overload and he needed a moment to sort through the newly found information.

"I shall see you at lunch then," it took Tom a little trouble to leave Harry in his current state but he also knew that Harry was used to dealing with things on his own and would take time to ask for help. So for now he would give him his space.

"Thank you," Harry called out before Tom could leave the room. "For telling me the truth."

Tom nodded before he left the room leaving the younger wizard alone.

Harry watched as Tom left the room, grateful for the time he get to spend alone to get his emotion under control yet also sad to see that Tom left him. It was a strange feeling, one he didn't like but he also know that he had to do this.

Everything professor Snape had told him and everything that Tom had told him bulged from his mind. Headmaster Dumbledore was the one that was responsible for everything behind Voldemort? Indirectly he had been the one that killed his parents? It was mind blowing to learn the truth but he was grateful that someone had at least told him the truth; it showed him how much Tom trusted him even though, technically they didn't even know each other.

Tom...Dumbledore had hurt Tom as well with all his manipulations. Harry wouldn't be surprised if Dumbledore had made sure that Tom was mistreated at the orphanage so that he would start hating muggles. If that was true then did that mean that Dumbledore knew about Harry's own life? Had he known that Harry's uncle had been abusing him since he started living with them?

If that was true then Harry would hate him even more than he did now. First he took away Tom's life. Tom hadn't said anything but it was clearly that he was hidden away from everyone here at Slythering Manor; no body probably knew he was alive except for a selected few; Snape being one of them.

Everything Tom had done wrong in his youth was because of Dumbledore...well, and headmaster Dippet. But Dumbledore probably had most to blame because Dippet was dead and Dumbledore wasn't.

Dumbledore hadn't only manipulated Tom and Harry but also the entire wizarding world. They all seemed to adore him, thought of him to be a hero when in reality he wasn't. Was the headmaster the real Dark Lord?

And who was that wizard pretending to be Voldemort? It was obvious that it wasn't Dumbledore because even the greatest wizard of all time wouldn't be able to be in two places at the same time...well except if he used a time-turner. Was that his trick? Did he use a time-turner?

Harry didn't think it would be that simple. No, it probably was something more complicated than that. But what?

And then there was Tom. Beautiful, handsome Tom who happens to be his soulmate...was that the reason he had felt draw to Tom's memory in the diary? Was that the reason he felt that the sixteen year old Riddle was able to understand him when no other possible could?

Tom had said that some of the compulsion spell had been drawn into the diary, into the memory. Was that the reason the memory had tried to kill him? And how did Tom felt about the fact that he, Harry, had killed him or at least his memory?

Harry couldn't think about the fact that Tom might turn away from him. Not after the fact that he learned that Harry had killed his diary, killed him. His heart contracted in pain at the thought of being separated from Tom. No, he wouldn't be able to survive that.

He may not know this seventy-something Tom Riddle, but he knew, or at least he thought he did, the sixteen year old Tom Riddle. Had even fallen in love with him and certainly wasn't able to see him leave again; his heart wouldn't survive it.

As he thought about this another thought struck him. Wait, if Tom was there the night my parents got killed and he knew I was his soul mate then why didn't he raise me? Why did he let Dumbledore sent me off to live with my relative?

He would never be able to get those answers if he didn't ask Tom about that. But Tom wouldn't return in another half hour. Maybe he could search for him? But no, Harry had seen the many corridors it took to get from the visitor's lounge to the study and then from the study to this room, he'd never be able to find his way back. Maybe he could summon an house elf, but how did he do that?

Suddenly a short pop was heard and when Harry looked over he saw a house elf standing there. "Master called?" it said before bowing down.

"Uhm, yes," Harry said bewildered. He hadn't called him yet, had he? "Could you get Tom for me, please?"

"Of course master," it said again before disappearing with a plop. A second later he came back.

"Master Tom is on his way," it said, again bowing down.

"Thank you," Harry replied. "What's your name?"

"Bisky, master," the house elf, Bisky, answered the question with awe. No wizard, other besides his own master, had ever asked him that before.

"Well, thank you, Bisky," Harry said with a kind smile. "My name's Harry and I would prefer it if you would call me by that name."

Bisky raised his small head in amazement. "Master Harry is very kind to Bisky, sir. Most wizards aren't as nice."

Harry nodded his head sadly. "Yes, I'm aware of that," he only replied.

"Master Tom's here, I shall leave you now," Bisky said before bowing down and popping away.

"Harry, what's wrong? You called for me?" Tom had been working in his study when Bisky popped in telling him Harry wanted to see him. The older wizard had immediately jumped out of his chair and was already running towards the lounge thinking something had happened.

"Nothing's wrong," Harry was quick to reassure the older wizard and noted his shoulders sank in relief. "I merely had some more questions, if you don't mind me asking."

"Of course not," Tom sat down making himself more comfortable. "What else did you want to know?"

"You said you were there the night my parents were murdered," he waited for Tom's confirmation before continuing. "I wanted to know why you didn't raise me after my parents were killed...why did you let Dumbledore send me to the Dursleys."

"I didn't let Dumbledore do anything," Tom hissed at his young mate. Not because he was upset by the question merely about what had happened that night. "I wouldn't be able to raise you," Tom gently explained. "If I had you'd see me as a parental figure and not as a lover...you can call me selfish but after waiting for about 20 years I didn't want that to happen. I had come grew accustomed to the fact that I had a mate out there and didn't want to settle with anything less." Harry nodded for Tom to continue. "I wanted you to be raised by Severus but Dumbledore had me under the immobilise spell and I wasn't able to do anything but watch as Hagrid took you away from me and hid you somewhere where I couldn't be able to find you. Dumbledore had made sure that the wards that covered your relatives house would mask your magical signature to me. I spent years looking for you, even had Severus spy on the headmaster but he wouldn't say anything. It wasn't until you came to Hogwarts at your first year that I knew you were alive.'

"But Severus told me you had a good life and was spoiled rotten by your relatives and I figured that was better than the childhood I had..." Tom stopped at the look Harry was given him. "What's wrong?"

"I wasn't spoiled rotten, as you put it," Harry whispered almost as if he was ashamed of his past but knew he had to share it with Tom for he already knew Tom's. "I don't know why Snape thinks I am, but I'm not."

"Tell me about your home life," Tom urged him on knowing he had to talk about it.

"They hate me," Harry whispered so low that Tom wasn't sure he had heard correctly. "Thought I was a freak and would be able to beat the magic out of me."

Tom's resolve broke at seeing the devastated look and gathered the younger man into his arms. "They beat me, made me do all the chores, locked me in a cupboard, starved me, neglected me..." Harry stopped as a sob broke form his throat. Never before had he talked about this, not even with the memory of Tom. Yet Harry felt like he knew this person, that he could trust him with everything he had and that made things easier to talk to.

"I never know what I'd done wrong when uncle Vernon beat me up," Harry sobbed into the embrace. "I always tried to be good but nothing was good enough for uncle."

"Oh, my love," Tom whispered into his mate's hair. "You never did anything wrong. It was your uncle who was wrong..." He whispered more comforting words into his hair, calming him down as he stroked his back and waited till the sobs subsided.

"I'm sorry," Harry said after a moment. "I ruined your robe."

"Robes can be washed," Tom waved it away. He never minded holding his mate so close to him even in his grief. "Was there more you wanted to know?"

Harry was grateful for the change of subject and nodded. "Yes, did professor Snape tell you about my visit to the Chamber of Secrets?" He asked a little uncertain.

"He told me you slew the Basilisk before it could kill you and that's it," Tom answered.

"Oh," Harry said not knowing what else to say. If Tom didn't know...No, he should't think like that. He should always tell the truth to his mate."I did slew the basilisk but that wasn't the only thing I killed there..." he waited a moment before he continued. "I have talked to you before, in your diary, but you were killing my best friend's sister and I couldn't let that happen. I just couldn't..." Tears started forming in his eyes and Tom realised where this was going. "I took the fang, the basilisk had left in my arm, and stabbed the diary...I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."

"Shh..." Tom tried to comfort the younger man but hysterical sobs were taking hold of him and he waited till the younger man had calmed down. "It wasn't your fault," he said in a gentle but honest voice. "You did what you had to do."

"But I killed you!" Harry sobbed, lost in the memory of stabbing Tom Riddle's diary. "I killed my only friend."

"No," Tom made Harry look at him. "You didn't kill me, it was only a memory of me that you killed. Look I'm still here." He hoped his words were enough.

Harry looked Tom in the eyes before he raised his hand to caress the older wizard's face. "I never had a chance to touch you before...you were always just words on paper and later a memory I couldn't touch but now you're here..." Harry trailed of as he let his fingers trace the soft welcoming lips. "I used to talk to you all the time...I felt like you were the only one who understood what I was going through, the only one who could understand me. It was strange to think a book knew me better than any of my friends ever did but I didn't mind because for the first time I thought I had found a friend...'

"When I met you in the Chamber of Secrets I was ecstatic. I could finally talk to you face to face instead of writing things down and we did and I felt amazing. Just talking to you was enough for me...but then I noticed Ginny lay dying. You told me she had to die so you could grow stronger. I couldn't let that happen. I didn't want anyone to die.'

"You mentioned the book and I remember that you were a memory and so I made the choice to kill you before you could kill Ginny..." Harry stopped as he took a deep breath. "I thought I'd kill you but now you're here."

Tom swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat, not daring to move a muscle; afraid that if he did Harry would move away from him.

Harry raised his other hand so it could join the exploration his other hand was doing. "You're really here," he whispered as he lowered his head to place his lips over Tom's.

The lips were warm and soft against his own. Then they started to move against his own and Harry sucked in his breath when once of Tom's hand threaded through his hair. The younger wizard wasn't exactly sure what he was supposed to be doing; he'd only kissed one other person before, Cho Chang, and he hadn't exactly liked it that much so he let Tom take control of the kiss.

He could feel the older wizard's hot breath against his skin which was quickly followed by the sensation of his lower lip being taken between a set of teeth and gently nibbled and sucked on. Harry had to through his arms around the older man to remain seated as new sensations took hold of his body when Tom slowly invaded his mouth with his tongue. It felt good, no more than good, having Tom's tongue move against his own.

The kiss was slow and unhurried. Tom was taking his time, letting Harry get more comfortable with the kiss and Harry let him. When his lungs started screaming with the lack of oxygen Harry pulled away but still rested his forehead against Tom's. Breathing heavily as he tried to catch his breath, Harry opened his eyes and saw that Tom was looking at him. He sat back so he would be able to look at Tom with a questioning look.

"Are you sure that this is what you want, Harry?" Tom asked, a slight flush graced his features; the kiss had done more to him then he wanted the younger man to know.

"Since my second year I've been falling in love with you, now that I have you here I'm not letting you go," Harry breathed before he kissed Tom again and this time he took control of the kiss. Mimicking the actions that Tom had done to him; he knew he had done something right when Tom moaned against his lips.

"Harry, you must stop..." Tom tore himself away from those addictive lips. "Or I won't be able to..."

"Then don't," Harry whispered and went in for another kiss. All of Tom's reserves broke and he pulled the younger boy tighter against him. Dragging him up so their lips aligned and quickly taking control of the kiss as his hands started roaming the younger wizard's back. When the need for air tore them apart Tom immediately started kissing Harry's cheek, then moved to his neck; biting, licking and nibbling any exposed skin he found.

His hands found the hem of Harry's shirt and raised it a little as one hand moved to his lower back. A slight tingle went through his fingers when they came into contact with the exposed skin.

"Tom," Harry moaned when he felt Tom's hand on his naked back and buckled forward against the older man. Fire seemed to course though him where ever Tom touched him and he couldn't seem to get enough. He wanted, no he needed, more. "Tom," he moaned again, hoping Tom would take the hint.

Tom smiled against the younger wizard's neck. The sounds he was making went straight to his member, sending chills of pleasure coursing through him. Tom moved from the neck back to Harry's lips; first licking them, asking for entrance. Once granted he took the lower lip between in own and gentle nibbled on it before releasing it again and entering Harry's mouth with his tongue which went searching for Harry's Once found, they entered a passionate duel.

It was Harry who broke the kiss when Tom's other hand joined the other under his shirt and a moan escaped his lips. "What are you doing to me?" Harry breathed against an ear as his hands went of to entangle in Tom's hair again.

"I hope the same thing you're doing to me," the older wizard replied with a smirk before claiming the swollen lips with his own again.

Harry loved feeling Tom's hand ran over his back but it wasn't enough. He needed more and he needed it now. Breaking the kiss, he sat back and looked at Tom invitingly and raised an eye brow in a challenge.

Tom groaned in protest when Harry sat back and opened his eyes to look at the younger man questioningly. Had he done something wrong? No, cause then Harry would have stopped him sooner...wouldn't he? It was then that he noticed the challenge in the younger wizard's eyes.

Taking the challenge, Tom took hold of the hem of Harry's shirt before pulling it over his head and throwing it away. Not looking to see where it had ended, he quickly leaned back in to claim Harry's lips with his own and pulling him closer against his body. Holding him tight, so he wasn't able to leave him this time.

"Tom," Harry moaned into the mouth that covered his own. "Please," he wasn't sure what he was pleading for.

Tom pulled back and cocked his head. Studying the boy he noted how dark his eyes had become; they weren't their usual shining emerald green but held a darker coloured green. They were still beautiful to look at. Tom thought and let his eyes travel down. A slight flush had formed over Harry's exposed skin making him look slightly exotic. His mouth was parted as he obviously breathed heavily.

It was clear to Tom that Harry was aroused and it wasn't only the bulge in the younger wizard's oversized jeans that told him this. It was everything how Harry held himself.

Tom couldn't help but kiss Harry passionately before sitting back and removing his own shirt. It wasn't normally that he wore muggle clothing, for he preferred Wizarding robes but decided that today he needed to make an impression on his visitor.

Tom smirked as he gentle lay Harry down on the couch and looked down at him. He had indeed make an impression on the younger wizard. Not only one,he thought as he saw the red skin where neck met shoulder.

The older wizard lowered himself so they were now chest to chest, skin to skin, it was enough to have Harry moan out loud and unconsciously spread his legs. Making Tom slide in between them and their crotches to rub against each other. Both men moaned at the first contact.

"Harry," Tom groaned when Harry started buckling his hips up for more contact. He pressed his hand against Harry's hips, stopping him. "Not yet," he whispered and placed a gentle kiss on top of Harry's lips before moving down to the younger man's neck and even lower to his chest. Where he placed a gentle kiss on top of Harry's heart before licking his way to his nipple. As he licked, bit and nibble the nipple in front of him making the man beneath him moan in pleasure.

His other hand went up to play with the neglected nipple. Gently sending waves of pleasure through his young lover's body. Enjoying giving him so much pleasure.

Harry was in heaven, that's the only way he could describe what he was feeling. Tom was sending waves of pleasure to him and he find himself more aroused than he's ever been. Yet, Tom wasn't touching him where Harry wanted him to. "Tom...more," he moaned.

Tom stopped his sucking and looked Harry in the eyes, obviously looking for something and when he found it he nodded. Kissing the younger man beneath him one more time before he made his way lower. Kissing and licking as he went until he reached the waistband of his lover's jeans.

Slowly he undid the button and next was the zipper.

"Please," Harry moaned buckling his hips.

Tom grazed over the obvious bulge in Harry's pants and smirked. His lover was way to inpatient. "Ever heard of the phrase patience is a virtue?" Tom asked, grinning up at his lover.

"Ever heard of the phrase if you don't continue I'll kill you?" Harry replied.

Tom laughed when he saw the deadly look in his lover's eyes. "If you kill me now I'll never continue."

"Please, Tom," Harry pleaded and pouted up at his lover.

"Shh...I'll get you there," Tom told him and leaned up to give him a kiss before he lowered the oversized jeans. Then he lowered the oversized shorts and freed his lover's straining erection.

Harry sighed when his member was freed from its confinements. His sigh turned into a groan when Tom took hold of him.

Carefully, Tom took hold of the throbbing member and experimentally started moving his hand up and down making his lover turn into pudding. "Is this what you want?" Tom almost hissed at his lover.

"Yessss," Harry hissed in Parseltongue, not even realising he was doing so.

Tom was slightly surprised to hear someone else speak Parseltongue but it quickly turned into lust as Harry hissed ‘more' in Parseltongue. "Yes, I'll give you more, my sweet," Tom replied in Parseltongue.

Harry groaned when Tom spoke Parseltongue to him. It sounded absolutely sinful the way he spoke it. "Tom," Harry hissed again knowing it send as much shivers through Tom as it did to him.

Tom shivered before lowering his head and licked the head of the engorged member making his lover let out a scream. Then he took it into his mouth and gentle bopped his head up and down.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy,Harry thought as the pleasure increased. Never before had he ever felt this kind of pleasure before. Tom was turning him into pudding just with his mouth and he never wanted anything else. He wanted to stay here for ever but he also wanted, no needed, for Tom to continued.

Tom speeded up his pace. Bopping faster and faster up and down on the straining member. Pre-cum was already coming out of the tip and Tom swallowed it eagerly before bopping his head up and down again, taking his lover closer and closer to the edge.

Harry could feel his orgasm building up. Starting from deep within his belly until he reached his peak and came with a screamed ‘Tom'.

Tom swallowed all his young lover had to offer before letting him go with a pop. He watched as Harry lay there, breathing heavily waiting to catch his breath. The older wizard smiled before he leaned up to kiss Harry lazily. Waiting so his young lover could catch his breath. His arms still around the young wizard and where gentle caressing his back.

"What are you doing to me?" Harry asked when Tom lay down beside him turning to their sides they faced each other. Their hands caressing each other sides. He could feel Tom's need throbbing against his stomach and desperately wanted to help him out but didn't have enough energy to move just yet. But the feel of his lover's need against him was enough to make his own member twitch.

"I'm loving you," Tom whispered and stole a passionate kiss from his lover. Before moving his hand from Harry's thigh to his own and even lower. He took himself in hand into his pants and started stroking as he watched Harry. Imagining it was him that had him in hand but he knew the boy was too exhausted.

Harry looked down in confusion when he noticed Tom's hand moving up and down. His eyes widened about to pop out of their sockets when he realised what his older lover was doing. He licked his dry lips unable to move his eyes away from the scene of his lover pleasuring himself. A moan put him to action and he gentle reached out and caressed the exposed chest drawing another moan from the older wizard.

"Harry," Tom moaned as the younger man slowly took caressed his chest. He was getting closer and closer to climax; it wouldn't took much longer but then Harry stopped him from moving.

"No touching yourself, Tom," Harry said as he grabbed Tom's hand and pulled it out of his pants.

"Harry," Tom groaned in displeasure. He had been so close.

"No, no," Harry said, a grin spreading over his face. "That's mine."

The younger wizard said it with so much passion that Tom moaned in pleasure. He wanted whatever the young man was going to give him and he wanted it now.

Harry gentle pushed Tom back and straddled his lap before claiming the older man's lips with his own. When he felt the older man's hand strangle into his hair he released the lips and with a smirk started kissing his chest and moved to a nipple. He remembered what Tom had done to his own and started mimicking him. He took one in his mouth and sucked hard. A his was Tom's answer and Harry couldn't help but smirk.

He gentle took the nipple between his teeth and bit down before licking it. "Harry," Tom moaned above him. I guess he liked that, Harry thought a grin started spreading on his face before he repeated the action and was rewarded with another moan.

"Harry, now you're killing me," Tom groaned as pleasure shot through him with every bit and lick Harry bestowed on his sensitive nipple.

"Do you remember you own words ‘patience is a virtue'?" Harry asked with a smirk as he sat back. "Besides I couldn't kill you."

"Not even le petit mort?" Tom asked with a smirk of his own.

"A what?" Harry asked confused.

"A little death?" Tom asked. "That's what the French call an orgasm."

"Really?" Harry asked, his eyebrow raising. "Maybe just a little." He smirked again before lowering himself to the neglected nipple and started treating it the same way he did with the other.

Tom's hands started moving up towards Harry's hips as he buckled up against the younger man. "Harry," he moaned as his crotch came into contact with Harry's naked hardening member.

Harry sat back again, anticipating Tom's need. He carefully undid the other's button and zipper before lowering pants and boxers with it. Tom raised his hips so Harry was able to throw the pants away.

Once Tom was completely naked Harry took a moment to study the handsome man in front of him. His dark green eyes shown with lust, his lips slightly parted. His muscular chest was rising up and down. His long legs were built like that of a runner. All in all Tom was very handsome and Harry couldn't seem to take his hands off of him. Not that he didn't like it.

He straddled Tom again and moved his hands over his older man's chest before moving lower. He took hold of Tom's pulsing member and started stroking it in earnest knowing Tom was already close.

Tom moaned as his younger lover took hold of his member and started stroking it up and down. "Harry, please," he moaned as he buckled up into that hot hand. "More."

Harry cocked his head before he understood what Tom was asking for him, he sat back and lowered himself before taking the pink head between his lips and started sucking. He was awarded with another moan by the older man. He took the member further into his relaxing his throat. He gaged and let it slip from his mouth.

"You don't," Tom moaned before he continued. "You don't have to do that."

"No, I want to," Harry replied and tried again. Relaxing his throat before taking first the tip and then more of the throbbing member into his mouth. This time he did it without gagging and started a slow pace. Once he got used to the feeling he started to move faster.

Tom's hand started to move from where they had tangled into the sheets to Harry's hair and moved his fingers through it. His hips buckled as Harry licked his slit before taking him into his mouth again.Merlin, where did he learn that?He licked his dry lips as his eyes closed it pleasure. He moaned his lover's name again. Oh, he was so close. Please, please, please, please, please, please...he repeated over and over again in his head. Just a little while longer.

Harry bobbed his head up and down, wanting to give his lover as much pleasure as he could he reached out to fondle the other's balls. Smirking around the member, he was amazed at how much pleasure he could give his lover and wanting to give even more. All too soon Tom released himself into Harry's mouth and the younger wizard swallowed as much as he could.

Tom felt his release building and before he knew it he reached his peak, spilling himself into his lover's mouth who gratefully swallowed all the had to offer.

Harry sat back up and smirked down at Tom before he kissed the other. He had grown hard while listening to Tom's moans and started moving against the older man.

"You missed some," Tom said as he licked the side of Harry's lips seeing a trail of his own seed and moaned as Harry started moving against him. "I'm afraid I can't get it up yet, I'm not as young as you, my sweet," the older wizard smirked at the younger one.

"Have I worn you out, old man?" Harry asked with a smirk of his own and started moving in earnest. Feeling Tom's member against his own sent pleasures throughout his entire body. He knew that if Tom had been hard, like he was, it would be even more pleasurable.

Tom's breath stopped in his throat as Harry kept moving against him. Finally he would get his wish and see Harry's face in the heat of the moment. He hadn't been able to see that and he desperately wanted to see it. "Move faster, my sweet," Tom murmured into his ear and helped Harry move against him when he moved his hands to his hips.

Harry moaned and did as he was told and started moving faster and faster against Tom. This felt way better than using his own hand and this was merely frottage.

"Look at me," Tom demanded when Harry closed his eyes. Immediately his younger lover's eyes shot up to look at him. His hands moved up to knead Harry's bottoms, spreading them apart. Letting one of his fingers trace the crack before he went back to kneading the soft bottoms again.

Harry groaned and closed his eyes before opening them again realising Tom had ordered him to look at him. "Good boy," Tom whispered when he noticed Harry's struggling with keeping his eyes open.

"Tom," Harry moaned and moved even faster. He wasn't sure where his energy was coming from but that didn't change the fact that this felt way too good. "Tom."

"Come for me, Harry, come for me," Tom whispered looking deep into Harry's eyes as he pressed Harry against him faster and faster.

Harry did as he was ordered and came with Tom's name on his lips spurting all over his stomach and Tom's . All the while he was looking at his older lover.

Tom unconsciously licked his lips and watched as pleasure took hold of his younger lover. His eyes were a deep emerald colour, slightly darker than they normally were. In one word Harry was beautiful. He let his hands travel up and pulled Harry down to kiss him. Placing a passionate kiss on top of those still swollen lips.

Harry broke the kiss and lay down next to Tom on his side, careful not to slid to the edge so he wouldn't fall to the ground. He smiled when he felt the older man's arms move around him holding him tight. His lips were once again taken into a lazy, unhurried kiss.

"I want to stay like this for ever," Harry murmured against his lover's lips and placed his head onto his lover's chest listening to his heartbeat.

"We could," Tom replied before adding. "Well, maybe not forever, but for now we can."

Harry felt himself smile. "I'll take what I get," he replied before he let out a yawn. "I'm sorry," he said sleepily.

"Don't worry about it, my sweet," Tom replied with a smile. "Why don't you take a nap?" He move so Harry could lay down on top of him, making him more comfortable.

"Okay," Harry replied happily and placed his head on top of Tom's head listening to his heart beat. The steady beating lulled Harry into a peaceful sleep.

When he woke up, it was an hour later. Tom was running his hands through his hair in a comforting manor. It brought a smile to Harry's face as he lifted his head to look at the man he loved. Yes, he loved this man beneath him nothing could change that fact.

"Morning sleepyhead," Tom said when he noticed Harry had woken up. He hadn't been able to sleep at all but had never felt more comfortable. Holding Harry against him was really the most amazing feeling in the world.

"It's not morning, is it?" Harry asked confused. It wasn't that late already.

"No, but I felt like that was the right thing to say," Tom smirked at his younger lover before claiming his lips with his own. "Did you sleep well?"

"I've never slept better," Harry replied honestly. "All thanks to you."

"All thanks to me? Maybe I just wore you out," Tom suggested with a raised eyebrow in a seductive way.

"You did," Harry replied before kissing his lover passionately. His lower body started moving against his will, grinding into his captive.

"You're insatiable."

"You know I am," Harry replied before leaned in so he could whisper into the other's ear. "Make love to me."

Tom turned his head, bewildered. "Are...are you sure?" Tom asked after he swallowed the lump which had formed into his throat.

"Yes, please Tom," Harry pleaded and kissed Tom again.

Tom pulled back and made both of them sit up. "Harry, I want you to be sure," he begin, "do you know what it entails two men making love?"

Harry was momentarily confused when Tom pulled back. Then nodded answering the older wizard's question. "I know how to man make love, Tom, I may not be experienced but I'm not naïve."

"I just want you to be sure, Harry," Tom sighed as he looked deep into his lover's eyes. "This is a big step and I don't want you to regret it."

Harry was touched at Tom's words and couldn't help but smile. "How could I ever regret it? My first time is with you..." Nothing else needed to be said and Harry leaned in for another kiss. Hoping that Tom would take the hint and stop talking. He was rewarded with the older man's answering kiss.

"Wouldn't you prefer a bed?" Tom asked between kisses.

"Not moving," Harry said. "Except against you," he added before buckling his hips against his lover's.

"Now I know you'll be the death of me."

"No, just a little one," Harry grinned remembering what Tom had told him.

"Impertinent brat," Tom smiled fondly and gentle shook his head before he let out a his when Harry took hold of his hardening member.

Harry desperately wanted to be taken by Tom but didn't want to move to far. Even standing up to transfer the couch into a bed would be too long for him. So, how to do this? Suddenly he had an idea and hoped Tom would like it as well. He stood up and made Tom sit straight, with his back against the seat before Harry straddled his lap.

Both moaning at the contact. "Know any good spells?" Harry asked seductively and licked the shell of Tom's ear.

"Plenty," Tom replied and groaned. "But only one that would be helpful in this situation." He lowered one of his hands which had been roaming the other's back. He let his finger trace the puckered hole before gently pressing the tip inside. "Lubricus," he whispered feeling the cream around his finger.

Harry tried to relax, to calm down. He had felt Tom's finger enter him and then later with a whispered spell something cold and wet enter him. He realised it was lubricant, magical lubricant and that was when it hit him. He was about to make love with Tom. That thought alone was enough to make him moan out loud. "Tom," He moaned again as the older man carefully stretched him.

Tom was careful to stretch his lover; he didn't want to hurt him. Not now, not ever. When he was certain his lover was stretched enough he pulled his finger out. "Are you certain, Harry?" he asked one last time. He wasn't certain if he was able to stop now but if Harry wanted it then he'd find the willpower to stop, somehow.

"Please, Tom, please," Harry wasn't beyond pleading. He wanted to feel Tom inside him...no he needed to feel Tom inside him."Please," the last plea was said when Harry looked deep into Tom's eyes so the older man could see how sincere the younger one really was.

Tom nodded, slightly in relief, and lifted Harry up and then positioned him onto his member. Slowly he let Harry decent.

Harry groaned in discomfort when Tom entered him. He felt like he was being split in two but it didn't seem to hurt; it just wan't comfortable.

When Tom was fully inside of Harry both of them stopped all movement so they could take a moment to catch their breath. Tom kept looking at Harry to see if he was showing any pain, but so far the younger man was smiling. There was slight discomfort, Tom could tell, but not enough to cause pain. That thought was a relief to Tom because he didn't want to hurt Harry.

"Are you ready?" Tom asked a moment later. He wanted to be sure that Harry wanted it as much as he did.

"Yes," Harry franticly bobbed his head. "Make love to me, Tom," he whispered when he lowered himself so he could whisper into Tom's ear making both of them moan at the movement.

Tom couldn't hold back and longer and started to buckle his hips but it wasn't enough. Taking hold of Harry's hips he helped him raise himself up before lowering him again. Together they found a steady rhythm moving as if they were one.

Harry moved up and down, faster and faster. Driving Tom deeper and deeper, with every stroke he hit that wonderful spot deep inside him.

"Touch yourself for me, Harry," Tom moaned as he got closer and closer to the edge. "Touch yourself."

Harry did as he was told and lowered one of his hands to touch his acing erection. He moved in time with their lovemaking. Faster and faster until he could see stars and erupted all over his hand and Tom's stomach.

Tom buckled up into that tight channel. Needing the release he so desperately craved and then it happened. He could feel his orgasm building up, making him see stars as he spurted his release deep within his lover. Harry's name on his lips.

"I love you," Harry whispered when he opened his eyes and looked into dark green ones.

"And I, my little soulmate, love you," Tom replied and sealed their declaration with a kiss. "I've waited a long time for this and now that I have you, I'm never letting you go."

"I don't want you to let me go, ever," Harry replied.

"I should pull out," Tom said with regret.

"No, not yet," Harry replied a little earnest. "I just want to feel you like this a little longer."

"As you wish," Tom replied as he leaned back against the couch with Harry's head on his heart again. He smiled, he liked having Harry so close to him. Close enough so he could hear his heart beating. Knowing that he was still alive.

In all those years he's been in hiding his one thought was for Harry. How he had wanted to know if his younger soulmate was a live and how he was doing but no news had ever reached him about Harry. It was only when he started Hogwarts that he finally received word that he was indeed still alive.

Severus had always kept him up to date about how Harry was fairing but it was obvious the potion master wasn't aware of everything in Harry's life. He couldn't really blame him, for he knew how much he hated Harry's father. Then again, he shouldn't carry the crotch over to his son.

"What are you thinking about," Harry asked interrupting his musings.

"You," Tom replied. "And that we should move."

"I don't want too, I'm too comfortable," Harry pouted. He actually pouted.

"You'll be undeniable sore tomorrow," Tom told him.

"I don't care," the pout was full force now.

"If you let me pull out, I'll make love to you in the morning," Tom bargained hoping to convince his lover. He didn't want to see his lover too sore to walk.

"Promise?" Harry's eye lit up at the image.

"Promise," Tom replied already half regretting it. Afraid he had turned Harry into some love machine.

"Okay," Harry replied, with a smile and gently let Tom slid out of his body before a frown appeared on his face.

"What's wrong?" Tom asked seeing the frown.

"I don't know...it's silly I guess," he said a slight blush covering his face.

"You can tell me," it was the older wizard's honest expression that made Harry give in.

"I just feel kind of empty...I was whole...and now I'm not," Harry shook his head. "I told you it was silly."

"No, it isn't. For I feel the same thing."


"Yes, it's because we are soul mates, Harry. We're never fully whole until we are bonded to each other," Tom explained.

"Bonded? You mean like married?" Harry asked confused.

"Yes, my sweet. Like married as you put it," Tom replied with a smile. He sometimes forgot how innocent his younger lover really was.

"Cool," Harry replied and laid his head back down on his lover's chest. Content for the moment to listen to the steady heart beat.

"We should get more comfortable," Tom said after a moment or two. Before Harry could protest he had apparated both of them to his personal rooms and into the bed.

"You could have done this the entire time?" Harry asked when the feeling of being apparated left him.

"Of course," Tom replied. "Maybe not as prises as now."

Harry shook his head in amazement but didn't question his lover any further. All he did was snuggle closer and sighed in contentment. Yes, this was how life was suppose to be.

Tom smiled at his younger lover's actions before wrapping both of them into one of the blankets. He took a deep breath and breathed in his lover's scent before he settled down in contentment. Yes, this was how life was suppose to be.

It was just the two of them, together in each other arms and nothing could ever take them away from each other ever again. For they are soul mates. Born for each other; made for each other and nothing in the world could ever change that. They had each other for as long as both of them shall live.

The End.