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How did I fall in love with you? by Alvina

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Orlando falls in love with his best friend

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Character : Orlando Bloom

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Published: March 1, 2004

Updated: March 1, 2004

How did I fall in love with you? Chapter 01

Author's note: Inspired by the song 'How did I fall in love with you?' by Backstreet Boys. Also I'm not sure how much age difference is between Orlando and Elijah but let’s just say it's five years alright?
Begun at: 2004
Ended at: 2004

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Orlando sighed, he couldn't take it anymore. The way she flirted with Elijah. Elijah! His best friend! She should flirt with Elijah! No she must flirt with me. He thought and looked shocked. He suddenly realized something. I'm in love with her? With Chloe? No, that cannot be true. But one look at Chloe told him that he was.

He got up, he couldn't see this… He needed to get out of here. The scene he was seeing hurt him to much. That scene implied Elijah and Chloe flirting but he knew it was more than just flirting they have been going out for ages. He knew that, Chloe had told him so!

He walked out of his apartment, where they had gather to watch a film but obviously nobody watched it. He made his way through the streets slowly coming to an end in the park where he sat down on a bench.

How did I fall in love with her? When did I fall in love with her? He did not know how or when it happened. It just did! He thought about the first time they met, Chloe was just 5 years old. He was already 10. Chloe and her parents had moved next to them and ever since that day they had been friends, best friends to be precisely. Nothing could tear them apart, in fact they were never seen without the other. When they were dating a lad or a girl
they would first meet the other before they were official a couple.

Orlando smiled remembering Chloe coming to him for his approval of her first boyfriend. She had been 17 years old, a bit old he thought for your first boyfriend. But it was her first. She had brought the lad, Kevin, with her to the carnival. Orlando and Chloe shared a ride and Orlando said he had liked the lad. Yes he had liked him, Kevin was funny, kind, nice and good for her. So Chloe totally happy that Orlando approved of her choice dated Kevin. Not long after they split, Kevin said Chloe cheated on him with Orlando, which wasn't true. Chloe had come to him and he led her his shoulder.

Orlando hid his head in his hand as his arms leant on his legs. Tears were making its way down his face. Why did I even introduced her to Elijah? He shock his head. Because you thought he wasn't her type. A voice said inside his head. He, once again, shook his head. No that isn't true. Everyone at the age of 20 goes for Elijah. He once had liked this girl but obviously she liked Elijah more. It's the same with Chloe. Why should she ever go out with me if she has Elijah? He sighed. This was not good for him. He needed to get away, not from this place but away from it all. He angrily wiped his tears away. This has to stop! I cannot live with this pain, I cannot live without her. Suddenly realization hit him. He knew what he had to do!

He got up and walked back to his apartment finding Elijah and Chloe gone. Probably were glad I left so they could leave themselves and go to his place.He looked around the room then went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine then he walked upstairs as he drank from the bottle. He arrived at his bedroom and walked in. He took some deep gulps from his bottle. Then he grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and started writing down what he felt. A letter to Chloe, and no one else.

When he finish he went into the bathroom. He starred at his mirror image. Is that me? Now it was obvious to him why Chloe couldn't love him. He looked like shit. He emptied the bottle then threw it angrily into the mirror. Glass splinters were flying everywhere even hitting him, his face his arms, his chest. But he couldn't feel them.

He looked at the floor and found a big piece of glass lying on the floor in front of his feet. He bent down and picked it up. He stared at his image again. Then he lowered his head and eyes to his wrist as he lift them. The piece of broken glass in his right and and his left wrist turned upright he sank the piece of glass deep into his wrist. He couldn't feel the pain, only the pain in his heart. The pain of leaving Chloe! Chloe, I love you. He thought as he did the same with his right wrist. He saw the blood peer out of his wrists but still he did not feel the pain. He stared at his mirror image again on the few pieces that were left and let go of the piece of glass. It fall in front of his feet but he did not notice. All he could think of was Chloe.

All the years they spend together. All the time spend together. Her first boyfriend. His acting career. Her and Elijah… He got angry at that thought and slammed his head against the broken mirror. He could feel himself slip. Fall onto the floor he hit something hard and after that all went black.


Chloe got worried when Orlando left so suddenly. They had been watching a film and then he left. After 20 minutes of waiting she couldn't take it anymore. She was very worried about Orlando, he has been acting strange lately. She told Elijah to get his jacket and both of them left trying to find Orlando.

After half an hour looking she decided to get back to Orlando's place. He hadn't been on the normal places he went to when he wanted to think. She the only thing she could think of was back home. That they missed each other.

She entered Orlando's place with the spare key she had. "Orlando?" She yelled, hoping he was there. When she didn't get an answer she walked upstairs. "Orlando are you here?" She says as she walked into the bedroom. But, no, he wasn't there. But there was something there, a note. "For the one I love most in this world." It said she just put it in her pocket and went out to the bathroom in search of Orlando. As she opened the door she looked inside. What she saw made her heart skip several beats. "Orlando?" She whispered barely hearable. "Orlando!" She suddenly yelled getting over her shock, Orlando needed her. "What have you done?" She whispered as she sat down next to him and getting her mobile to call 999.

After she hang up the phone she placed his head on her lap. "You cannot leave me now, dearest Orlando." She whispered while stroking his hair. "Not now I figure out I love you so…" She stopped talking as she heard the bell. She slowly placed Orlando's head of her lap and ran downstairs to open the door. Doctors walked into the room and she quickly showed them where Orlando was. As the doctors attended to Orlando she went to call Elijah to tell him she had found Orlando and that he needed to go to the hospital. "I will tell you everything I know when you arrive there." She says and hang up the phone.


Chloe sat there with Orlando laying helpless in the hospital bed. Ironic, isn't it? She thought. The last time we were here was when you broke your back. A sad smile made its way to her face. Suddenly she remembered the note Orlando had left. She grabbed it out of her pocket and opened it. She read it but couldn't believe what she read so she read it out loud.

Dearest Chloe,

If you read this than it means I've done something terrible stupid. Or so it would seem to you. I cannot live any longer without you with me… But wait I'm going ahead of things.

Like I said I've probably done something stupid and I do not want you to take the blame, you know it wasn't your fault it was my own. I did it myself, though I am not quite sure what I did, can you fill me in on that?

Chloe smiled, he's trying to kill himself and he still finds time to joke. She couldn't believe him!

I did this because I couldn't find a way out, out of this pain I feel every time I see you with Elijah. Do not tell me you aren't together because you are, I know it. You've told me so. So alright you were drunk but that's besides the point. The point is that I cannot live without you. You are everything to me, my live, my breath my heart. Without you I am nothing. I love you Chloe, I love you more then live itself. That's why I have to do this, leave this world, leave you. So you can be happy with Elijah…

Orlando slowly opened his eyes. "No, Orlando you cannot leave me, I love you as well… I'm not with Elijah. We broke up months ago. I just thought you wouldn't be interested in me…" She cried never did her eyes leave the note. She read on.

Sometimes I wonder how did I fall in love with you? I mean we've been best friends since forever and now things changed… I don't know when, I don't know how. I know it did. But do not worry I do not want our friendship to end over something stupid as I fallen in love with you so I did this. I am sorry but I must go, I will always love you.

"I will always love you too, Orly." She whispers and she looked at Orlando's open eyes. Open eyes? "Orlando you're awake? I thought I lost you. I thought you left. Never leave me again Orlando never."

"You… love… me?" He asked, it hurt to talk though he did not know why. He
didn't even know why he was here? Did he got a second change?

"Yes, silly. I love you I've been in love with you for ages." She said and went to kiss him. "I love you so much." She whispered in his ear and smiled.

"I… love you… too." He whispered as he fell back asleep…

The End


  • Serena 5 years ago

    Awwww! Fabulously sweet story! Can I beta read it for you? English emergency: 999. Sweet! Leave it how it is ' tis perfect!