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While You Were Sleeping by Alvina

Rated: PG13

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Sydney's thoughts when she wakes up next to Vaughn.

Categories : Fanfictions Alias

Character : Michael Vaughn, Sydney Bristow

Pairings : None

Genre : AU, Drama, Romance

Warnings : None

Chapters : 1

Completed : Yes

Word count : 576

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Published: February 13, 2005

Updated: February 13, 2005

While You Were Sleeping Chapter 01

Inspired by the song "Ik kijk hoe jij slaapt" (I watch how you sleep) from Joe the Musical.

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Sydney woke up and quickly glances around the room. Still night she thought as her eyes landed on the person sleeping next to her. She smiled and softly lifted herself up from her comfortable spot to take a closer look at Vaughn’s sleeping figure.

She watched as Vaughn stirred in his sleep but did not woke and reached out for her. She quickly guided her arms around him and hold him tight. She took in every detail of his relaxed face, how he slightly smiled in his dreams.

She let her hand trail towards his face and gently caressed it. She smiled as he move into her touch.

It’s in these moments that I know you love me she thought. He did not tell her how much he loved her but in moments like these she just knew he loved her, that he cared for her.

Never before had she know what real love was, not even Danny made her feel the way Vaughn did. He made her feel like she could touch the sky if she just reached out to it, like she could do anything, like she was something. But most of all he made her feel she was loved, cared for. Although he never said it she knew he loved her

She shifted so her head was resting on his chest. Silently she listened to his breathing and sighed. His breathing and his heart beat always calmed her down, it relaxed her.

She lifted her head and softly kissed his lips. Her left head reached for his hair as she let her lips trail over his face, gently as not to wake him.

Then she took another moment to take his his appearance. "I love you, Michael" she whispered. Michael? she thought, shoked. Indeed never did she call Michael by his first name, it was always Vaughn never before had she called him Michael.

She shook her head, it did not bother her. She loved him, and calling him by his first name meant she loved him even more and to her realisation it was indeed just that. She loved him more and more every day. Each day they saw each other she would smile and hope to spend every minute with him. Didn’t matter what they would so as long as she could see him. That was all that mattered, just seeing Vaughn. Michael she corrected herself

How did he make her so happy? She did not know. But she know that she was indeed happy. Though she loved to watch him she loved it even more when he would touch her. Whether it be an intimate touch or a hug, she loved them both equally.

She wondered if he was dreaming about her when he snuggled even closer to her. Where they together in his dreams? Oh, how she wished she could take a look into his soul at this very moment…

She shook her head and gently laid her head back on his chest and smiled to herself. "Syd?" a sleeping voice said above her.

"Shh…" she whispered "go back to sleep, sleep some more" even though she could not see his face she knew he smiled and his arms went around her and she snuggled even closer to him. "Dream on, I shall be here and in your dreams" she whispered.

Sydney closed her eyes as she felt Vaughn’s breathing slowing down and became even. "Wish it could be night forever, this night" she whispered to the darkness…

The End
07 April 2005