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What are best friends for? by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Sydney goes to Vaughn for comfort.

Categories : Fanfictions Alias

Character : Michael Vaughn, Sydney Bristow

Pairings : None

Genre : Drama, Romance

Warnings : Explicit sexual content

Chapters : 1

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Word count : 1.778

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Published: February 13, 2005

Updated: February 13, 2005

What are best friends for? Chapter 01

Sidney is not a CIA agent nor does she know Sloan. Sydney doesn't have a relationship with Danny. She is friends with Will and Francy and Vaughn is her best friend. Vaughn also no CIA agent.

Begun at: February 2005
Ended at: 13 February 2005
BETA reader: Feah

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She ran and ran and ran. Not caring that her hair was falling in front of her eyes, not caring that she couldn’t see where she was going because of the tears that were falling from her eyes. All she wanted was to get away from her place as soon as possible. She ran towards the only building where she knew she was safe. The only person that could make this pain away. She ran harder and harder, faster and faster till she finally arrived at the building. She walked up the few steps and opened the glass door. Then she ran up the 4 stairways to go to the second floor of the building. She ran to the door with the number 17 on it and pounced on it

"Hold on a sec," she heard through the door.

"Please, please, please," she sobbed over and over until at long last the door opened.

"Syd?" The person said and she fell into his arms.

"Just hold me Vaughn, just hold me please," and that is what he did. He took Sydney inside, still holding her and kicked the door closed with his foot. Then he led her to his couch and sat down letting Sydney cry her heart out in his arms.

He did not know exactly why she had come here but he had a pretty good idea, it could either be her father or that new boyfriend she was seeing. He swallowed a few time trying not to get angry. Sydney needed him, his best friend needed him and he was there for her.

When Sydney finally stopped crying her offered her a small smile which she weakly returned. Then he stood op knowing she needed some time to composed herself and went into the kitchen to make some coffee. When the coffee was done he filled two cups with it and went back into the living room.

"Here you go" He said and placed the cups onto the table and sat down next to Sydney.

"Thank you," Sydney said and smiled a little bit.

He waited till she spoke again, knowing Sydney wanted to talk to him about this but in her own time. He took hold of one cup and slowly sipped the coffee.

"It was Steven," she began knowing he wanted to know who had made her this upset. She took the other cup of coffee and also sipped it. "We went out on a date today. Everything was perfect. He had bought me roses and we had dinner in that fancy new restaurant. Everything was going well until we were home. He kissed me goodnight and I wanted to go inside but he didn’t let me. He took hold of my hand and then kissed me again, I slapped him which made him angry. He hit me…" She trailed off, tears were spilling in her eyes again.

All Michael wanted to do was to hold her and comfort her but he knew if he did that Sydney would not finish her story and that is what she wanted. She needed to tell him what happened and he knew this.

"I was shocked when he did that, I mean he had never hit me before," she let out a laugh. "Guess you learn a whole new side of someone you just met two weeks ago. Anyway as I said he was angry and shoved me against the wall. I tried to push him away but he was too strong I couldn’t get him off me. He kissed me, all over. My mouth, my neck, my face. I just screamed no, all over again but he just wouldn’t stop. He then took hold of my keys and unlocked my door somehow and let me in. We fell to the ground and he tried to undress me…" She stopped, it was painful to remember all this but she needed
to tell someone. She needed to tell Michael what happened. "He pulled up my dress and when he tried to reach for my underwear I hit him with the keys. He had dropped them at some point and I found them while we were on the floor and hit him with it. But at least he was off me so I tried to run for the door but he had taken hold of my ankle and I fell. He took the keys away from me and this time he undressed me and he-he" she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

She let the tears fall from her eyes and when she looked at Vaugh she saw that he was looking intently at her. "I cannot take away the pain he has cause you" he said as he took her in his arms again knowing she needed the embrace. "But I can try to help you in whatever way I can."

She knew he was being honest cause that was all Vaughn was, honest.

"Just hold me" she whispered in the embrace "don’t leave me." She only felt safe when she was in his arms and that is what she wanted to feel safe.

"I won’t leave you, Syd. I’ll never leave you" and to prove his point he held her even tighter.

Michael couldn’t believe his best friend had just been raped by the only other person she had ever trusted. Sure he had his reason’s not to like Steven but he respected him because Sydney trusted him. But now after what Steven has done to Sydney he only felt angry thinking about Steven. Nobody hurts his Sydney!

He took a moment to look at his best friend. She was wearing a black dress which went not lower than her knees the sleeves where tore apart and noted that this was the dress she had been raped in. She was wearing boots – Steven probably didn’t bother pulling those off. He thought. He also studied her face. Her eyes were closed. He make-up was flaking cause of the tears that were still coming from her eyes.

Sydney stopped crying but Michael wouldn’t let her go and Sydney didn’t want to go anywhere so they just stayed in the embrace.

Michael listened as Sydney’s breath became even till she fell asleep. He did gently picked her up and took her into his bedroom and after pulling of her boots he put her into his bed. After tugging her in he went back into the living room and walked over to the closet closest to the door. There he pulled out a blanket and went back into the bedroom.

"Vaughn?" Sydney mumbled in her sleep. Michael knew Sydney needed him close that’s why he went back into bed with her but not after pulling the blanket around himself so he would not scare her would she wake up. Sydney snuggled closer to Michael until he was holding her once more. After long time of staring at Sydney Michael fell asleep.


The sun stood high above the clouds and it shone into Sydney’s face waking her up. She moaned as the light hurt her eyes. She turned around and when she opened her eyes she came face to chest? Michael’s chest. She remembered and smiled remembering how he had taken care of her last night. As always…

She let her eyes rest on his chest for a few moment until she dared to look up at his face. Michael was handsome. She knew that. But never did she knew just how handsome he was until she looked at him right now. His face was relaxed in sleep and a small smile was playing on his lips. He looked so sweet with his hair slightly tousled. She smiled as she let
her fingertips caress his face.

When Michael woke up she let her hand linger on his cheek."Morning" he said and smiled.

"Morning" she replied.

"How are you feeling?" He asked worriedly.

"Better" she replied with a smile.

He smiled as well. "Come, we better get moving." He started to get up but she stopped him.

"I like it better like this" she answered his unspoken question.

"Then we’ll stay like this" he replied with a small smile. Sydney snuggled even closer to Vaughn and he sighed in bliss.

"It’s funny, you know?" She started after a short silence.

"What is?" He asked back

"Whenever something happens to me, I always end up with you" She looked Vaughn in the eyes "and I like that."

Vaughn laughed, then looked away. "You know I am always here for you," Vaughn said not knowing what else to say.

"I know" she replied and when he looked into her eyes she smiled. Then their heads inched closer and closer until their lips touched each other. The kiss was slowly, unhurried and perfect. When they pulled apart Sydney rested her forehead against Vaughn’s, her eyes still closed. When she opened them she saw Vaughn looking at her and she smiled. Then she kissed him again. This time the kiss was more passionately, more wanted. Their hands started to roam over the other’s body, wanting more, needing more. They pulled apart and both of them were breathing heavily.

He reached for her shirt and after an approving nod of Sydney he pulled it of over her head.
He took a few seconds to look at her and then bend down to kiss her again. Now her hands went to his shirt and pulled it over his head when they pulled apart. He bent to kiss her neck and made a trail to her breast and then back up again to her face and placed kisses all over her face. He grabbed her shoulders and gently pushed her upwards and undid her bra and throw it away. They looked in each other eyes before they started kissing each other again.

They slowly undid each other’s pants and pulled them off. Soon after their underwear followed. Now they lay naked against each other, kissing. Vaughn looked up in to Sydney’s eyes for approval and after a small nod from her he entered her, ever so slowly. They both moaned at this most pleasurably feeling that went through them both. After making sure Sydney wasn’t in any pain he started to move.

Both of them cried out in passion as they reached their orgasm together. Vaughn slowly pulled out of Sydney and lay down next to her. He kissed her again. When they pulled apart Sydney laid her head on his shoulder.

"Come," he said and pulled her up and led her into the bathroom. There they kissed again this time undressing each other in the progress. Then they stepped into the shower and let the water caress their bodies when they were kissing.

"I love you Syd" He said as they pulled apart.

"And I love you, Michael" she replied and kissed him again.

The End
13 February 2005


  • Minna 5 years ago

    Hey! I have been writing too since I was about 4 :S I couldn't write but I made it up and then someone wrote it for me I still have all my 'books' they're actually pretty good I like this story, it's all realistic if you look to the characters. Though, I have seen Sydney fight the strongest men on earth and I seriously don't think this guy could be able to hold her to the ground Keep up the good work Alvina!