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I Only Want To Be With You by Alvina

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This is the story of Elisabeth and the Death. They fell in love but how can they be together?

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Published: March 20, 2005

Updated: March 20, 2005

I Only Want To Be With You Chapter 01

Author’s note: This story is based on the musical "Elisabeth" but in this story Elisabeth is not going to marry Franz Jozeph.
Begun at: 20 March 2005
Ended at: 20 March 2005

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Elisabeth practised for her Circus act. She swayed on the swing and then let herself fall of it. She heard people yell for her but she didn't care. She hit the ground but did not feel any pain. She remember waking up, slightly, in the arms of a man and she had never felt this way. So free, so safe, so… herself.

Next she opened her eyes and saw him leaving. "No, don't leave black prince whom I long for," she pleaded and he stopped and turned around. "Yes, I know you are Death but I am not afraid of you." He wanted to walk over to her but her family had arrived and were fussing over her instead he turned around and left her. Tonight, he decided, he would go back to her.

Elisabeth woke up once more and looked around her room. Her family had left her to rest and so she was alone. Her room was dark which meant it was late but she did not care. She got out of bed but quickly fell back. I hate being dizzy, she thought as she rubbed her head.

"You should have been more careful with your circus act," a sweet voice said behind her. She turned around and found Death standing behind her. She smiled and he walked closer to her bed.

"If I was more careful I wouldn't have met you," she replied and turned so she was facing him.

He laughed "You would have met me, only not at this point."

"And therefore I am glad I wasn't careful," she replied with a smile and slowly stood, she swayed on her feet again but he caught her and steadied her.

"Be careful, or you will fall."

"But I have you to catch me."

"Indeed you have," he replied and swayed her of her feet and carried her back to her bed and gently laid her down on it then sat next to her.

"Will you be with me, always?" she asked as he sweetly caressed her face.

"I shall always be with you," he replied and placed a soft kiss on her lips. He then lay down next to her.

"Sleep, know I watch over you." She nodded and snuggled closer to him and once she was lying comfortable she closed her eyes. Not long after she was fast asleep.


Elisabeth woke up and found she was alone in her bed. The only thing she found was a red rose. She smiled and picked it up. How does he know this is my favourite flower? She thought, smiling. Suddenly she knew where she would find him. She got up out of bed and placed the rose in a glass of water that was placed on a cupboard. Then walked to her closet and picked out her red riding dress. She then quickly dressed herself not even caring to wash up or to comb her hair. She desperately needed to see him again.

Once she was completely dressed she ran downstairs and towards the stable. It was still early she noticed as her parents were not even awake yet, but that did not stop her. She arrived at the stable and quickly saddled up her horse and led him out of the stable then she mouthed him and led him to the river which was but 2 kilometres away. At the river you will find a bush of roses and he would be there. How she knew? It was her favourite place in the whole wide world.

She arrived at the river and quickly found the bush. Sat in front of the bush was Death. She smiled as he stood up. "You got my message," he said and hold out his hand for her to take it. She tight her horse to a branch and then took his hand.

"You left…" she said sadly.

He nodded, "yes, your mother came into the room so I left and left the rose for you to find me." They sat down in the grass. "I thought it best that nobody knows of this. They cannot see me so they would think you have gone mad."

Elisabeth smiled "maybe I have gone mad. By the Gods I am talking to Death," both of them laughed "but I am glad you are here with me. Come," she said and stood up "lets go."

He smiled and stood up as well. Elisabeth mouthed her horse, so he untied the horse and mouthed the horse behind her and took the reigns. Then they took of and galloped to the forest, faster and faster they went and Elisabeth has never in her 16 years felt as free as she felt today…

They stopped and dismounted the horse and then tight the reigns to a branch and after Elisabeth brought some water to the horse they, once again, sat down in the grass. "Oh I wish this day never ends," Elisabeth said and laid her head on his shoulder. His arm sneaked around her back as he held her. She turned her head so she could kiss him and she did. The kiss was slow, filled with love. "I love you," she said as the kiss ended. Even from the smile period of time they had know each other she knew she loved him.

"And I love you," he replied from the depth of his heart. Both of them smiled and she once again rested her head on his shoulder. "Yes, I love you too."

"I have to die, don't I?" she suddenly asked "When I truly want to be with you." He nodded.

"Yes, but I won't let you die yet."

"Why not? I want to be with you…"

She was cut of by him. "Your will to live is stronger than your will to die. You wish to learn so many things which you shall never learn when you are dead. I cannot take that away from you. You need to live when you still can."

"But I want to be with you, for always"

"I am always with you, call to me when you want me near. And remember one day we shall be truly together." He lifted her head with his hand so she was looking at him "I have to go now. Call me when you need me."

She nodded and kissed him again. Both of them stood up and when she walked to her horse he walked to the other side and he was gone. She untied her horse, mouthed and left to her house.


Elisabeth, her mother and her sister Helena made them ready to leave for a meeting with their aunt Sophie.

Elisabeth couldn't forget the day she had spent with Death. She could not believe he was the person that made her feel like this, so free. The only thing she wanted; freedom.

They arrived at the meeting place and Elisabeth quickly ran off. She so did not like formality. Her mother and sister went to greet their aunt Sophie. Not long after Franz Joseph arrived. Elisabeth made her way over to her mother and bowed to Franz Joseph.

"Well, what do you think of Helena?" Sophie asked Franz Joseph.

"She's like a rose that blooms," he answered and after his mother told him to offer his hand he walked over to Elisabeth and offered her his arm. Elisabeth looked shocked but took his hand.

This is a test, she thought. A test for my love. "No, I cannot," she told him and took a step back.

"Franz, this is Helena," his mother said and gestured to Helena.

"But of course, I was just checking if you knew mother," he said and offered his hand to Helena, which she took.

They left to spend some time together, so did Sophie and Ludivika, Elisabeth's mother. So, that left Elisabeth alone. Well, perhaps not alone. "You test me," she said.

"Aye, I am." Death said behind her.

She turned around so she was facing him. "Why?" she asked.

"I've never loved a person," he answered "I… it's all new, different to me," he answered and looked into her eyes. She smiled and kissed him.

"I love only you," she said after breaking the kiss. "I want to be with you, only you."

He smiled and kissed her again. "I have to go now," he said and after a kiss on the cheek he left her.

Elisabeth sighed. Never in her dreams would she thought that Death was uncertain about love yet now she thinks about it his only experience is Death.

It was time for them to leave and Elisabeth went to sit in carriage and waited till her mother and her sister were also sat in the carriage. She sighed and stared out of the windows with a sad look on her face so her mother asked what was wrong. "Nothing, mother." she had replied and continued her staring out of the window.

The journey to Wenen continued in silence. Elisabeth didn't feel like talking as she was thinking about Death. She loved him very much, and she knew that even in the sort time they've met. But the only way to be together is if she died. Death was right, she still wanted to live. She wanted to learn all kinds of things, see all kind of things. She did not want to die, just yet.

The carriage stopped to let the horses get some rest so Elisabeth jumped off and run away from the carriage so she was alone. When she was out of sight she called for Death. Not long after he came to her

"What's the matter?" He asked as he walked over to her.

"Nothing, just wanted to see you," she replied and kissed him. The kiss ended and they sat down on the grass. "I've done some thinking. You are right, I want to live." She turned around to face him and saw him nodding. "Will you wait for me?"

"I shall always wait for you," he replied honestly. "You must do what you want to do, I will wait for you," and he kissed her. "Call me when you need me," he said before he left.

"Sissi, come it's time to leave," her mother said as she walked over to Elisabeth.

"I'm coming mother," she stood up and after a glance around she spotted Death hidden behind a bush and smiled. "I love you," she mouthed and left with her mother towards the carriage.


And so time passed by. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. 4 years passed since the first meeting with Death. And Elisabeth did all she wanted to do. She learned a lot of new things, she saw a lot of new things and she was happy. When she wasn't happy she would call for Death and each time he came and they would spend some time together.

But as she time passed Elisabeth wasn't happy any more only when Death was with her was she happy. One night she called for him and silently waited in her rooms, she still lived with her parents.

"You look sad," he said as he entered her room and he quickly made his way over to her and hugged her. "What is wrong?"

"I think it's time," she said and their eyes locked to each other.

He said opposite her on the chair and took her hand. "Are you sure?" He asked and she nodded.

"I am not happy any more; I do not wish to learn anything any more. I only wish to be with you." She stood up "My will to live has died." He stood up as well and took her in his arms.

"I cannot kill you, Elisabeth. I only take the souls when they are dying."

"Then I take my own live," she replied and turned around in his arms so she was facing him. "I cannot live any longer without you" she said looking in his eyes.

"You do not have the courage to do so, my love," he said, sadly. The guilty look that came upon her face told him he was right. "Come, I know a way."

Both of them left the room and made their way outside ignoring Elisabeth's mother's call. "Where are we going?" Elisabeth asked as they run further and further in the forest.

"You shall see, my love," he replied and gave her a secretive smile which she returned with a smile of her own.

They arrived at a small town which was on the other side of the forest. "Are you sure you wish to do this? There is no way back," he asked her, he did not want her to be unhappy.

"Yes, I want to be with you. I long to be with you," she replied. And so they went on towards the town. "What are we going to do here?" she asked.

"You are going to meet your faith" he replied. "Now, don't talk – nobody but you sees me," he smiled at her

Elisabeth looked around and noticed that she was being starred at. She felt uncomfortable because of that and wanted to grab Death's hand but she could not find him any more. She began to get scared, especially when two men walked over to her. "And what does a lovely lady as you alone in a town like this."

"Who says I am alone?" Elisabeth answered and quickly made her way away from them. She looked up and saw Death standing in front of her then she felt a pain in her back and fell forward in his arms.
"You shall be free now," he whispered in her ear. "Let go and we shall be together," and that is indeed what she did. He lifted her up and kissed her. "I love you," he whispered when the kiss ended.

"I love you, too," she replied and rested her head on his shoulder. He turned around and carried her towards her new home, which was all they could see now. They entered his house and in that place Elisabeth already felt her freedom and sighed out of happiness. She lifted her head and looked at Death she smiled and when he returned is she knew she was going to be very happy here even if it meant that she had to die…

The End
20 March 2005