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I need you tonight by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Dean and Castiel are together since the day at the cabin but now have to return to the real world. So when Castiel gets taken, Dean does everything to get him back.

Categories : Fanfictions Supernatural

Character : Castiel, Dean Winchester

Pairings : Dean/Castiel

Genre : Slash

Warnings : Established relationship, Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

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Word count : 12.016

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Published: September 1, 2013

Updated: September 1, 2013

I need you tonight Chapter 01

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It had been a few weeks since the brothers had hunted that witch who’d cursed Dean. Since that day the brothers were no longer a duo but a trio. The angel Castiel had joined them on their hunts. He would often be with them, only sometimes he was called away from the Winchesters’ side by the other angels but would always be back as soon as he could.

Dean didn’t mind as long as the angel came back and so far he always did. Sometimes it was longer than other times. He knew Castiel had other business to take care of and couldn't stick around all the time but every time he was gone, the hunter would miss him. Relief always shot through the older Winchester when his eyes would fall upon his angel whenever he'd been gone for a few days, grateful that Castiel was unharmed.

Sam was grateful to Castiel for he was making his brother happier than he’d ever seen. On the third day Castiel and Dean were together, Sam had sat the angel down for the 'brother talk'.

Castiel had been called away by the other angels and when he returned Dean wasn’t at the motel; only Sam had been there. He’d told the angel to sit down when he was ready to leave in search of the older Winchester.

“Castiel, I know we haven’t exactly spoken much to each other but I want you to know that if you ever hurt my brother I will hunt you down and kill you myself,” he’d said.

The angel had only cocked his head trying to figure out why Sam was telling him this. “It’s never in my intent to hurt your brother, Sam. Why would you think I’d ever hurt him?” He was a little put out that the younger Winchester thought he would ever hurt his older brother.

Sam realized that Castiel didn’t know why he’d said that but before he could explain it, Dean came in and with a smile kissed the angel on the lips. The younger Winchester shook his head with a smile before leaving the two lovebirds alone, knowing full well he wasn't wanted.

The next morning Dean had smacked him on the head and told him that he’d worried the angel. Castiel had been afraid that Sam didn’t approve and knowing how much the younger Winchester meant to Dean didn’t want to break them up. The older hunter had to explain to the angel that Sam had given him the ‘brother talk’, ‘you hurt him, I hurt you’. It had taken him a while to calm the angel down. Dean promised to Castiel that Sam would talk to him to explain what he had meant.

So, Sam had gone to the angel to explain why he’d said that and that he was happy for him and Dean. Sam shook his head at the memory. In many ways Castiel was much older than them but in other ways he was still an innocent. Unknown to the ways of humankind.

The three of them were now at the local diner, having lunch, and Dean was flirting with the waitress like there was no tomorrow. Normally this wasn’t a weird sight for Sam, but since his brother had been together with the angel he hadn’t seen him flirt. Well, at least not when Castiel was with them. The angel was sitting in front of the older hunter and watched while Dean flirted with their waitress. Sam, who sat next to his brother, wasn’t sure what to do about it. Was he supposed to stop this or not?

“I’d like some pie,” Dean said to the waitress with a flirtatious smile.

“What kind of pie?” the waitress asked, her voice a little husky.

“What kinds do you have?” Dean replied.

“Apple, apple crisp, banana cream, cherry and cream.” The waitress twirled her hair as if that made her more attractive.

“I’m in the mood for some apple crisp,” the hunter replied with a smile before turning to the other two at the table. “You guys want anything?”

“No,” Sam said, a little annoyed at his brother’s behavior while Castiel just shook his head. The younger Winchester took a look at the angel and noted that he kept staring at Dean but hadn’t said anything yet.

When the waitress walked away, Sam was about to ask his brother what his problem was when Dean interrupted him. “Do we know where this bitch is buried?” Dean asked. They had been on a hunt for a ghost. She was killing anyone who lived in her house and really hurt Dean’s arm when she flung him through the room and he wanted her...well...gone.

“No, I’m going to the library after this to figure that out,” Sam replied a little annoyed. “Dean,” he began but was interrupted by the waitress returning.

“Thank you, sugar,” Dean said with a smile to the waitress before taking a bite of the pie and moaning out loud as his taste buds exploded.

Sam noted the waitress blush and quickly made her exit, he looked down at his brother’s pie and noted a number scribbled on top of one of the napkins.

“Damn, this is good pie,” Dean moaned again as he took another bite. “Here, Cas, taste it,” he said and held his fork with a piece of pie out for the angel to take.

Castiel cocked his head, as if he was trying to determine if it was a good idea, before opening his mouth and letting Dean slide the piece of pie inside. He chewed it a few times before swallowing. “It is good,” he stated before taking another piece.

“Damn right it is.” Dean beamed before taking another bite. Damn, that was a good piece of pie,he thought but was broken out of his reverie when he saw the angel steal another piece of his pie. He was about to protest when he noted the angel’s tongue going out to wet his lips, leaving a few crumbs at the corner of his mouth.

The older hunter wet his own lips before taking out his wallet, leaving a few bills on the table and standing up. He took hold of the angel’s tie before dragging him away from the table. “We’re leaving, Sammy,” Dean shot over his shoulders with a smile and wink before leaving the diner.

It was in that moment that Sam realized that Dean wasn’t going to change his way. He was probably going to flirt with every woman on the planet but he wasn’t going to sleep with them anymore. That part was only reserved for one person, well, angel, and that was Castiel.

Sam noted the waitress who’d served them looking put out. She’d obviously thought his brother had been interested in her and seeing him leave, with another man, must have hurt her feelings. The younger Winchester shot her a sympathetic look before leaving the restaurant as well and heading for the library; he had research to do.

When the two men reached their destination, Dean slammed the angel against the closed door and kissed him passionately. “Damn, Cas, you taste good,” he said before kissing him again.

“I didn’t taste good before?” Castiel asked as he broke the kiss.

“No, you did," Dean replied before placing a kiss on his lips again. “But now I’ve got Cas-pie, and it’s delicious.” A grin appeared on his face before he kissed the other again, this time with more passion.

Castiel smiled when he saw Dean’s grin and eagerly returned the kiss. “Must you indulge those women?” the angel asked after breaking the kiss.

Dean smirked. “I love it when you’re jealous,” he replied before attacking the angel’s neck with licks and kisses.

Castiel moaned and gripped Dean’s hips, pushing them against his own. “I don’t like it when you make them believe they have a chance with you.”

“You know you’re the only one for me,” he whispered against his skin before looking into his eyes.

“I guess I need to hear it from time to time,” Castiel admitted and lowered his head.

“Cas,” Dean said making the angel look at him. “You know I’m not good with words. Heck, I make it my job to avoid chick flick moments. But, shit, Cas, you must know I love you, right?”

Castiel felt love bloom within him. The hunter had never said those words to him and now he realized how much he wanted to hear them. When they made love he could feel Dean’s soul merge with his own and feel how much they loved each other but it was amazing to hear Dean say it for once.

“I know, Dean, as I love you,” Castiel replied before pulling the hunter in for another kiss.

“Good, chick flick moment over?” Dean asked and the angel couldn’t help but smile. Reaching up he starting undoing the angel’s shirt but Castiel was quicker and used his angel powers to remove their clothing. “Damnit, Cas, removing clothes is half the fun.”

“You can do that another time,” Castiel responded as he pushed him back against the bed and both of them fell down onto it.

“Impatient, aren’t we?” Dean asked with a smirk before his lips were claimed by the angel.

“Only for you,” Castiel replied and reached for the lube they always kept lying around these days. Need was pulsing through him and Dean. They couldn’t wait. The angel poured a fair amount onto his fingers before sliding them into the hunter who gasped at the cold of the lube.

Castiel used his fingers to stretch his lover, being careful not to hurt him before he entered with another finger. “Cas,” Dean moaned, making Castiel know that he was ready for him.

With ease, Castiel entered him; both of them moaned when the angel was fully inside Dean. The angel was trying to hold back until Dean got used to the feeling but he couldn’t wait any longer and started to thrust out and then back in to his lover.

“Yes,” Dean moaned as his prostate was stroked with every thrust. “Harder, Cas,” Dean really loved it when Castiel took control. It had taken him a while before Castiel would take control, too afraid he would hurt him but Dean had found that if he made the angel jealous he was willing to take control and show the hunter who he belonged to.

The angel complied, knowing he would be able to feel it if he was hurting Dean. Faster he went, thrusting in and out of the hunter. Dean’s hands went up to pull the angel down and crash their lips together. Together they reached completion, and the angel fell on top of the hunter.

“I love it when you take control,” Dean mumbled against Castiel’s neck before licking the naked skin he felt there.

“I hate it when you make me jealous,” Castiel replied as turned to look at the hunter.

“No, you don’t,” the hunter replied. “You love taking control as well.”

“I don’t like feeling jealous,” the angel admitted.

“No one does, Cas,” the hunter told him.

“Then why do you make me jealous?” Castiel sounded hurt to Dean.

Dean sighed. “It’s the only way you take control, Cas,” he admitted.

“You want me to take control?” Castiel asked, amazed. He always thought Dean wanted to have control over their love making.

“Yes,” he admitted. “My whole life I had to be in control. Take care of Sammy, take care of Dad when he came back home from a hunt. The only time when I don’t feel I have to be in control is when I’m with you.”

The angel knew how hard that had been for Dean to admit to him. Instead of answering he just kissed him showing Dean that he would be what he needed whenever he needed it.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t want to.” Dean smirked as he turned them so he could lay on top of the angel. “But sometimes it will be nice if you take control...” he admitted before kissing the angel again.

Castiel realized that Dean didn’t know how to ask if he’d take control. The hunter probably couldn’t even bring himself to ask that. Whenever he wanted something for himself, he’d never ask for it. The hunter always put himself in last place.

The angel returned the kiss with a vengence. “Whenever you want me to take control, you can make me jealous.” He broke the kiss long enough to tell him that.

Dean let out a chuckle, whether from relief or something else, Castiel didn’t know. He didn’t care. As long as Dean kissed him, nothing else in the world seemed to matter.

Their kisses became more heated, and Castiel let his hands wander up the hunter’s back until he was able to thread his hands through his hair. Loving the moans Dean made when he did that. The angel had long learned that that was a weak spot and often used it, not only to hear Dean make those sounds, but also because he loved doing it. He loved the feel of soft hair running through his fingers.

Castiel could feel Dean’s hardening member against his thigh and shifted beneath the hunter so their crotches aligned. The both of them moaned at the new contact; their kiss never broke. Slowly, Dean moved from the angel's mouth down to his neck, placing kisses and licks all the way down. Until he reached a pink nipple and took it between his teeth before gently biting down on it. The angel moaned in pleasure, his hands tightening in Dean's hair, when the hunter licked the nub before sucking it into his mouth, letting it roll around his tongue and then gently biting down again.

Dean repeated this gesture a few times before moving to the other nipple, which he gave the same treatment. The angel was moaning and bucking beneath him, loving the feeling. He always loved it when his lover took his time getting to (re)know his body. Every lick, every nibble, every kiss and every suck sent shivers down his body, turning him on more and more. Nothing could describe what Dean was doing to him.

When Dean was done playing with his nipples he moved lower, leaving a trail of saliva as he moved towards his prize. Castiel's member twitched in anticipation. He knew what Dean was going to do and that made his heart sped up. Dean was really skilled in oral pleasure.

Dean grinned up at his antics. He knew how much his lover loved this, he took a good look at his prize before letting his tongue slip through his fingers and licked down, earning him a moan from the angel. Then he took the tip between his lips and gently sucked making the angel buck off the bed. "Dean." A throaty moan left the angel's lips, making the hunter smile around the tip.

Slowly he took more of the hardening length into his mouth before releasing it again. Castiel moaned in need, wanting to know why the sucking had stopped. The hunter shifted so he could take the entire member into his mouth. His eyes locked with the angel's before he took the member into his mouth again inch by inch.

Slowly, he started to bob his head, making sure to hold the angel’s hips firmly against the bed so he wouldn't start bucking up. "Dean, oh," the throaty moan the angel let out told the hunter he was close. Not wanting the angel to come like this he let the member slid out of his mouth with a soft 'pop' before licking his lips, which were coated with pre-come and covered the angel's body with his own before kissing him.

Eagerly, the angel returned the kiss. Although he was a little disappointed that Dean didn't finish him off, he knew that usually meant more sex and he was definitely up for that.

“Want me to prepare you?” Dean knew that Castiel didn’t feel any pain but he’d always insisted on preparing him but today, something was different. He couldn’t exactly explain it but he felt the need to ask.

“No,” Castiel replied, shaking his head from left to right knowing both of them needed this. “Please, Dean, please.”

Dean nodded; he could see the want in his lover’s eyes and knew it was the same for him. He sat back and took hold of himself and guided himself inside the tight tunnel of his lover.

Both of them moaned as Dean slowly entered. “You feel so good, Cas,” Dean whispered when he was fully inside his angel. He took a moment to let the angel adjust, not wanting to cause any uncomfortableness.

“Dean,” Castiel moaned urging the hunter to move, needing more.

“You areimpatient.” Dean grinned, remembering his previous statement, before he started to move in and out of his angel at a slow but steady pace. Castiel moved up, while Dean moved down.

Dean leaned down to claim the angel’s lips, sucking his lower lip into his mouth before releasing it and repeating the gesture. Their eyes met and he was able to see his angel’s true form again, something that was quite common in their love making. It was something Dean always wanted to see when they were making love just because it was a part of the angel and he wanted to see and know everything about his angel.

His eyes traveled over the other’s form to his wings which were spread beneath the angel, partly going through the bed. It still amazed him that the wings were see-through and moved through canvasses. “Can...can I touch them?” The question was out before Dean realised what he had said.

Castiel’s eyes widened in surprise. Did he really want Dean to touch his wings? He’d never asked him before. It wasn’t usual for someone to touch his wings. The only time one of his siblings had touched his wings was when he was a mere youngling. Although he didn’t remember much of that, he knew one of his brothers had showed him how to groom his wings and that was the first and only time someone else had touched them. “Yes,” he replied breathlessly and closed his eyes.

For a moment he wanted to take back the question when his lover froze but let out a relieved sigh when his consent was given. Gently, Dean reached out to touch one of the wings, carefully, so as not to hurt him. Electricity shot through both of them at the first touch. “Shit, Cas,” Dean moaned as he softly ran his hand through the feathers of Castiel’s wings, loving the silky touch of the feathers beneath his hands.

Castiel started shivering when his lover ran a hand through his feathers. No one else had ever touched them before. It was the most amazing feeling he’d ever experienced. Nothing could compare to this. Electricity shot through his body and combined with pleasure. It was too much; he came all over their stomachs not long after Dean came as well.

“You really liked that, didn’t you?” Dean asked, breathlessly, with a smirk as he slowly pulled out and lay down next to the angel.

“No one has ever touched my wings like that before,” Castiel admitted with a slight blush, also gasping for breath even though he didn’t need it. It was more of a reflex of his vessel’s body.

“Not even one of your angel buddies?” Dean asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No,” Castiel shook his head. “We don’t go around touching each other’s wings, Dean. The only time they were touched by another angel was when I first came into being and they needed to show me how to groom them.”

Dean shrugged. “It’s not as if I know what you guys do all day up there.”

“Are you jealous, Dean?” A sign of a smile started playing on Castiel’s lips, relieved to learn he wasn’t the only one getting jealous.

“No,” Dean denied. He wasn’t jealous, not jealous at all... “I just don’t know a lot about you, Cas.”

“What do you want to know then, Dean?” Castiel raised an eyebrow. The hunter had never wanted to know a lot about him.

“Well, for starters how old are you, really? Because I know you’re old but how old exactly?”

“I cannot answer that question, Dean,” Castiel admitted with a soft sigh.

“Why not? Not allowed to?”

“No, because I don’t exactly know.” Castiel felt a blush come on as he admitted that. “I’m over three thousand years old...I could also be over four thousand years old. I don’t know. I can only remember coming into existence but not the exact day.”

“How can you not know?” The hunter asked.

“We don’t care for birthdays like you humans do, Dean. We exist, that’s it.” Castiel wasn’t certain how to explain it.

“That must suck,” Dean observed as he propped himself onto on elbow.

“It’s the way it is. Angels are different from humans, Dean, you must have realized that.”

“Of course I know that, stupid. It’s just...you don’t even know your birthday?” Dean asked. “Or the day you were created would be better, I think?”

Castiel shook his head. “No, I do not remember.”

Dean took a moment to study the angel. He and Sam didn’t celebrate their birthdays like any other people would do. If they remembered the day, they would just have a beer together, and that was it. Sometimes they would give each other a present bought at a gas station. But for some reason he wanted the angel to have a birthday.

“We should throw you a birthday party,” he said after a few moments.

“Why?” Castiel replied, not understanding the concept much.

“Because everyone should have had at least one birthday,” Dean told him.

“If it means so much to you, we can celebrate my birthday,” Castiel told the hunter after studied the human in front of him.

“Good, now we only need to find the time,” he said before sitting up as his phone rang. “Hey, Sammy,” he said into the phone."You know us, Sammy, we're never done," Dean said with a smirk as he winked at the angel who was watching the hunter with a serious look.

There was some sound on the other line, but Castiel wasn't able to hear it. He figured Sam was telling Dean that he'd found the ghost's grave.

"Okay, we'll meet you there," Dean said into the phone before ending the call. "Sammy found out where the bitch is buried. Gotta go and salt and burn her," he said as he looked for his underwear which Castiel had mojo-ed over to the chair. "Are you coming with us?" Dean asked when the angel stood up.

"Yes," the angel replied before using his power to dress himself.

"So not fair," Dean complained as he stepped into his jeans and walked over to the angel. "I was hoping to watch you get dressed."

"We have no time, Dean," the angel told the hunter with a serious look in his eyes. "This is faster for me."

"It's faster for everyone; doesn't mean I can't complain," Dean answered before kissing the angel again. "Gotta get my shirt," he said after he broke the kiss. Within five minutes Dean was dressed and ready to roll. "Let's go," he said and was about to walk out the door but stopped when the angel cocked his head.

"I have to go," he said after a few moments.

"The dick-head calling you again?" Dean asked.

"I wish you wouldn't call him that," Castiel told the hunter.

"I can call him whatever I want; besides, it's true."

"Still, he is my superior." The look Castiel shot the hunter made him lose his resolve.

"Fine," he bit out not happy about the fact. "I'll try not to call Zach a dick-head in your presence again."

"Thank you," the angel admitted before giving the hunter a kiss.

"I hate it when you do that," the hunter said to thin air when the angel disappeared mid-kiss. "Can't even finish a good kiss...has to fly away." Dean muttered before leaving the room in search of a way to get to the graveyard as he noted that his brother had taken the Impala with him. "Dammit," he cursed and shook his head. This was going to be a long night.


The only trouble Sam and Dean had when they had to salt and burn the body was the digging up because one of the shovels broke down of old age, and the younger Winchester had to get on his knees to dig further. Dean had found it all very entertaining and had fallen down laughing clutching his stomach. Which Sam had found very entertaining and laughed out loud as well. It had been a rather entertaining night.

The boys had just been in time to finish up their hunt because a bunch of children went into the haunted house; Dean was still amazed to learn that people still went in haunted houses even though they are said to be haunted. The ghosts had attacked the children and almost killed them. Luckily, the brothers had just been just in time to finish her off.

They were now on their way to their next hunt. Dean hadn’t heard from the angel since their last encounter which had been a week ago. There were times when they hadn’t heard from Castiel for many days before but Dean had this feeling that something was wrong but he didn’t know what. He'd been trying to call Castiel for the past two days, but so far he hadn’t gotten an answer. Dean shrugged it off the angel had been gone for four days before surely he was fine.

Yet the feeling that something was wrong didn’t go away. Sam started noticing his brother was acting strange. He noticed that his brother kept glancing at his watch or how he was getting really nervous. Something was wrong with Dean and Sam wanted to know what, he hadn’t seen his brother this nervous before and frankly it was scaring him a little.

"Dude, what's wrong?" he asked as the Impala drove through the country side. It was a very peaceful sight but Sam was too worried about his brother to notice.

"What are you talking about?" Dean asked with a sidelong glance at his brother.

"Something's wrong, Dean, you keep fidgeting and glancing at your watch. What's going on?" Sam asked his brother.

"It's nothing," Dean sighed and shook his head.

"Dean," Sam began.

"It's Cas," Dean admitted after a silence. "I'm worried something's happened."

"Why? Because we haven't heard from him?" the younger Winchester asked. "It's not like we haven't gone days not hearing anything from him."

"I know, but shit, I don't know. It's different this time," Dean told his brother. "I don't know how to explain it, Sammy, but I feel like he's in trouble..."

Sam took a moment to study his brother. He knew that if Dean said something was wrong then there was something wrong. He'd long ago learned to trust his brothers instincts just like his own. "Okay, then why don't we go find him."

Because I have no idea how..." Dean admitted. He sounded defeated to the younger Winchester's ears. Something he never wanted to hear from his brother.

Sam took a moment to think things through. "What about the ritual you and Bobby used to summon Castiel before?"

"I already tried that, but he didn't come..." the older brother answered. Which was another reason why he thought Castiel was in trouble.

"Maybe you did it wrong?" Sam said with a shrug. It wasn't uncommon for Dean to pronounce the Latin words incorrectly.

"No," Dean answered. "I did the ritual twice, Sammy; both times he didn't come and yes the ritual was pronounced correctly." Dean rolled his eyes knowing what his brother was thinking.

"Okay," Sam sighed as he thought about it. "Maybe he isn't able to come. Maybe the angels are preventing him from coming down."

"It could be," Dean admitted. "But..."

"Your gut is saying he’s in trouble," Sam concluded. "All right, how do we find him?"

"No idea," Dean admitted. "I don't want to call the angels because well, they're dicks."

"But if they can help us locate him..." Sam trailed off.

"Do you honestly think the angels will help us? Cas is the only one who would care.”

Sam nodded; yes Dean was right. It was unlikely that the angels would help them. He took a moment to think what their next step was going to be. "Maybe we can use a location spell."

"No," Dean shook his head. He didn't want to use a spell from witches. He knew that they would need Ruby to work this spell.

"Dean, it's our only option." The younger hunter tried to reason with his brother.

"I'm not going to summon the demon just so we can locate Cas." Dean still didn't trust the demon, and for good reasons. He still didn't understand why his brother trusts her so completely. She may have saved his life once but that didn't automatically prove her trust worthy.

"We don't need Ruby, Dean," Sam sighed. He was so sick and tired of the discussion about Ruby, the demon that couldn't be trusted. The statement made his brother stare at him. "I know how to do this; I can do it."

"Did Ruby teach you that?" Dean asked annoyed. He really hated that bitch. Why couldn't his brother see how much of a fake she was? She was a demon, for Pete's sakes.

"Yes, Dean, she did," Sam answered annoyed. He was sick and tired of his brother's problem with Ruby. His brother didn't need to trust her as long as he trusted his brother but that didn't seem the case either. "Do you want to find Cas or not, Dean?" He asked.

Dean pondered the question. Yes, he wanted to find his angel, but at what costs? He didn't want the demon along, so if Sammy was able to do this and it was their only choice... "You can do the spell?" he asked after a moment.

"Yes, Dean, I can," Sam answered.

The older hunter nodded his head. "Okay, you do it."

Sam nodded his head. "I'll need a few things."

The Winchesters got the things they needed, and Sam performed the spell. They found out that the angel was located in a small town not two days away. Immediately, Dean sped the car towards the town, driving an entire day before switching the wheel over to his brother. Who drove the rest of the way while Dean slept. It took them a day and a half to arrive at the town.

It appeared to be a normal town with a sheriff, a diner, and even a small bed-and-breakfast. Nothing out of the ordinary. The people weren't even demons. The brothers asked people around if they had seen anything unusual or if they heard anything unusual. The towns people told them that they hadn't seen or heard anything.

It appeared to be a dead end, but Dean knew the angel was here somewhere, for the bond told him so. Though he still didn't understand the bond and was still getting used to it, sometimes it did come in handy.

"Where could he be?" Sam asked; he believed the people when they had said that there was nothing unusual happening here. No one had lied to them, so where could the angel be?

The brothers drove around with Dean, surprisingly, in the passenger's seat, lost in thought as he concentrated on the bond he shared with the angel. Castiel was out there somewhere but where could he be? They drove past a bunker, and Dean felt the bond pull him towards it. The angel had once explained to him that he would always know if Castiel was in trouble or not, and that is why Dean had known that something was wrong.

"Stop," Dean said suddenly,

Immediately, Sam pushed down on the brake stopping the car.

"He's in there," the older hunter told his brother. "I can feel him," he answered Sam's unspoken question.

"Okay, let's go." Sam nodded at his brother and got out of the car and walked to the back to open the trunk. It took the older hunter a few minutes before he was able to get out of the car. He'd didn't know how but he had let Castiel know that he was on his way and knew the angel had heard him when he felt relief flow through the bond.

His brother gave him Ruby's knife as well as a shotgun, not knowing what they were up against they brought a bag with the necessities: holy water, salt, extra guns. "Let's go," Dean said and walked over to the bunker. Silently he signed for his brother to check if the door was unlocked or not.

Sam tried the door and found that the door opened; silently he pushed the door open completely and Dean walked in, gun ready. The Winchester brothers entered the room, there were five people in the room excluding the angel. Castiel was at the end of the room; his head ducked, his arms bound above him and blood kept falling from his neck, which was cut open. The blood seemed to be coated with some blueish light, his grace, Dean realized in shock. They weren't only draining his blood but his grace as well.

"Cas," he whispered, so soft that only he was able to hear himself. Before he was able to save his angel he needed to get to him, and five demons were blocking the way. Immediately, the hunter charged knowing his brother would do the same. He charged the first demon in front of him and shot. Even though he knew it wasn't going to harm the demon, it would distract him long enough for Dean to get Ruby's knife.

The second demon charged and Dean easily deflected him. He glanced over at his brother and noted he was using his demon mojo on the three remaining demons. "Shit," he thought but knew he wasn't able to do anything about that right now.

He turned his attention back to the two demons in front of him. The first one was attacking him again but he easily blocked the blow and noted an opening, stabbing the demon right into its host's heart, killing the demon and unfortunately the host as well. He regretted the loss of the human host, but he also realized that there was loses in times of war, and these were times of war.

The second demon attacked then, and he lost his grip on the knife, which was still buried in the other demon's heart. "Dean Winchester," it said. "I should have known that it was only a matter of time before you came to save your pet angel."

"What the fuck are you doing to him?" Dean asked, always keeping one eye on the angel to see if he was still alive or not.

"Hmm?" The demon pretended he didn't know who it was Dean was talking about. "Oh, you mean your angel? I'm just bleeding him dry..."

"Why?" The question was out before Dean could stop it.

"To become one step closer to releasing my father of course," the demon told him.

"Shit." This is a seal, Dean realized.

Before Dean knew it, the demon attacked, punching him to the ground, hitting and kicking Dean until it suddenly stopped. Through his swollen eyes he was able to make out the form of his brother and realized he was attacking the demon with his mojo. "Good," he thought. That gave him time to help Cas.

Struggling to get onto his feet, he was finally able to stand and walk over to his angel. "Cas," he said before spitting out some blood. Shit, the demon must have kicked out a tooth.

Castiel responded by lifting his head slightly but immediately dropped his head again, too weak to lift his head. "D...d..." he tried to speak, but even that was too difficult.

"Shh, don't talk," the hunter said and glanced over at his brother to see if he was able to help him. Sam was still fighting the demon; obviously he was much stronger than the others, so he wasn't able to help him.

He took a look at the wounds. It was deep; he wouldn't be able to close it up. "Shit," he said out loud. Suddenly a thought struck him. Didn't Castiel say that they would be able to heal each other? Placing his hand over the wound, he concentrated on healing the wound, demanding it to close, hoping that was enough.

At first, nothing happened, but then the wound started to close slowly. Dean breathed a sigh of relief before looking down at the blood. He cocked his head, the way that Castiel always does. Not knowing what compelled him to do so but he reached out and touched the blood with his free hand.

Once his hand touched the blood it seemed to observe it as well as the grace, seeping into his body, and, as Dean glanced at closing wound, leaving it again as it entered Castiel's body.

Once all the blood was cleaned away from the ground, the angel was able to look up at Dean. Wonder shone in his eyes, and that was the last thing Dean saw before he collapsed and knew no more...


Castiel had been completely healed, for that Sam had been grateful, but if Dean was able to heal the angel, why wasn't he able to wake him up? His brother had been asleep for the past two days, although Castiel told him that his brother wasn't asleep. He didn't really understand what was wrong with Dean, all he knew was that his brother had been unconscious for the past two days, and nothing had woken him up.

"He has to find his own way back," Castiel had said.

It was unnerving for the younger Winchester, not being able to help his brother again. Which is why he had called Bobby, who was now with them, but he as well wasn't able to help Dean. Sam had to admit, it gave him some comfort that Bobby was there, and it seemed that Castiel cared a lot about his brother, for he hadn't left his side. He was always lying right next to Dean, stroking his hair, gently kissing the top of his head, as if he was letting Dean know that he was with him.

Sam closed his eyes for a moment. He had been researching something, anything, to help his brother but had no luck so far. It wasn't as if there was any information about an angel-human bond on the internet. He had to admit that he was grateful that both Bobby and Castiel were here with him; he would have lost it had he been alone.

Looking over at the bed, he saw how Castiel was gently running his fingers through Dean's hair. It was weird for him to see his brother with another man, but he didn't care. As long as Dean was happy it was all right with him and the angel seemed to make him happy.

Sam smiled when he thought back of Bobby's reaction to seeing the angel in bed with him. "What the...?" he had said, looking from Dean to Castiel back to Dean and then to Sam for explanation.

"Yes, they are together," Sam had replied before getting hit on the head by Bobby.

Sam smiled at the memory before shaking his head trying to clear it.

Castiel was lying next to Dean, softly running his heads through the other's hair. It had been two days since his lover had healed him and restored his grace. Restored his grace? It was still foreign to him how the hunter had been able to do so.

He had always believed that once you lose part of your grace from this spell, you will never be able to get it back. Yet Dean had been able to restore his grace as if it was nothing. Once again he stared at his beloved in amazement. "You really are an amazing creature, Dean Winchester," he whispered and placed a kiss on top of his head.

When the demons had captured him, he had been afraid that they would kill him. If they had succeeded then Dean would have died as well... Luckily, Dean had been trying to contact him, feeling that he was in trouble, and when Castiel didn't return to him, he knew something was wrong. Relieve had flow through him when Dean contacted him through their bond and told him he was there. Although he couldn't see the hunter he had known that he was close.

One of the perks of their bond. They always knew when the other was in trouble and they would be able to find each other as well. Castiel knew that Dean didn't know everything about the bond, but that was because the angel was learning as well. Not much was known about the bond they shared; in fact, no information was known, for not many angels were bonded to humans. In fact, these days, the only angel bonded to a human was Castiel himself. They just had to learn everything about the bond together.

That was what Castiel intended to do. He wanted to stop the apocalypse and then live the rest of Dean's life with him on planet earth and then leave for heaven when the hunter passed away.

Dean Winchester had stolen his heart and soul and Castiel never wanted it back, for he held Dean's and that's all that mattered to him. He knew that the hunter would wake up soon, he just didn't know when.

So he waited by Dean's side and prayed to his Father that his beloved would wake up soon. He wouldn't admit it out loud but he was missing the sarcastic phrases that came out of Dean’s mouth.

To many, Dean didn't seem perfect, only broken, but to Castiel he was the most beautiful and most perfect creature in the entire unniverse. Everything about the hunter drew him in, but it was his soul that was the most beautiful. It was so bright and shone out so clearly that nothing could compare to it.

Castiel was so lost in thought that he hadn't noticed Dean's twitching. It was when Dean moved his head that he realized the hunter had moved at all. "Dean?" Castiel said and turned his head to face him.

"Cas?" Dean's voice was raspy. His eyes opened and fell on the angel. "You...okay?" He wasn't able to form full words, his throat was too dry.

"Yes, Dean," the angel reassured the hunter. "You were able to heal me completely."

"Good," Dean rasped out before his brother handed him a glass of water. "Thanks, Sammy," the older hunter said to his brother.

"Damn, Dean, it's good to see you awake," Sam said. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine." It had been an automatic response. He'd always say he was fine, but his brother knew him better than that and didn't believe him. "Tired," he admitted.

"Tired? You've been asleep for two days, boy," Bobby said, making himself known to the bedridden hunter.

"I told you, he hasn't been asleep," Castiel told the three hunters, a little annoyed that they didn't believe him. As if, after all this time, he still hadn't proved himself to them. "He's been unconscious but not asleep." The angel huffed in annoyance. "I don't know how to explain." Unconsciously, he turned pleading eyes on the hunter in bed with him who wasn't able to resist the look.

"It's okay, Cas," he said and took hold of his hand and pressed his lips against them. That's when he realized that Bobby was in the room as well. "Uh, hey Bobby," was the only thing that came to mind.

"Hello, Idjit, when were you going to tell me that you were screwing an angel?" Bobby could be blunt, really blunt, and it made the hunter wince.

"I didn't think it was something to mention over the phone, Bobby," Dean said and sat up assisted by Castiel. "Thanks, Cas," he said to the angel with a gentle smile before turning back to Bobby.

"I wasn't exactly going to call you up and say 'do you have any information about this hunt, and oh yeah, Cas and I are fucking." That statement earned him a slap against the back of his head.

"Don't be crude, idjit," Bobby said after slapping the younger hunter.

"Sorry, Bobby," Dean said with a hint of a blush. "I just didn't want to tell you over the phone."

Bobby just nodded at that before turning to the youngest Winchester. "Let's get some food."

"Sure," Sam nodded, realizing the older hunter was going to give the two love birds some privacy. "You want something, Dean?"

"Pie," both Winchesters said at the same time, earning a smile on both their face.

Bobby and Sam left the room leaving Castiel and Dean alone.

"You sure you're all right?" Dean asked the angel once they were alone.

"Yes, Dean, I'm completely healed," Castiel replied with a smile as the hunter ran his hands over his neck where the cut had been.

"There's not even a scar," Dean remarked with awe. He had done this. He had healed his angel, and there wasn't even a trace left. When he had seen Castiel strapped up, bleeding to death, he thought he was going to lose the angel, so he was glad that he was still alive. "You were bleeding grace, weren't you?" he asked when he realized what else had been bleeding out of the angel's body.

"Yes," the angel replied. "They used a special knife. An angel's blood and grace is another seal..."

"We're another step closer to the apocalypse," Dean concluded out of the angel's story.

"If I had died and they took all of my grace, yes," Castiel admitted. "But you saved me just in time."

"Thank God," Dean released the breath he hadn't realized he was holding. He wasn't grateful that they had saved another seal. Don't get him wrong he was happy about that but he was more happy about the fact that Castiel hadn't died. That he and Sam had arrived just in time to save him.

Castiel read what the hunter had been thinking. It was plain to see on his face, and he leaned in to kiss the hunter's soft lips. "Yes, thank my Father," he said before delving in to better kiss his hunter, moving on top of him and moaning into the kiss when Dean let his hands roam over his back.

"For a moment I thought I would loose you," the hunter admitted into the kiss and pulled the angel closer to his body.

"You won't lose me, Dean," the angel told him as their eyes locked. "If I die, I'll return to heaven because that's where you're going." It wasn't much of a comfort for the hunter, Castiel knew this, but it was the simple truth.

"That kinda sucks, Cas, cause I don't want to die...not yet, at least," Dean replied, a little uncertain.

"And I'll make sure you won't die, Dean, you must know that," the angel told the hunter.

Shit,Dean thought. He sounded as if I punched him in the stomach.

"Cas," the hunter began. "I know you'll always have my back."

The angel stared at the hunter for, what seemed like forever to Dean but was only a few minutes. He seemed to be searching for something. Maybe the truth in the hunter's words. Dean figured the angel had found it when he nodded his head and started kissing him again.

"Cas," the hunter began. It was weird, but normally the hunter wasn't all that talkative during the deed, but somehow, with Castiel it seemed normal and not at all chick flicky. "How did I restore your grace?"

"I'm not sure," the angel replied. "There's not a lot known about the bond we share."

Dean nodded at that. "Let's find out together," he said before bringing the angel down so he was able to kiss him.

"Yes," the angel moaned as the hunter's hand moved lower to knead his buttocks before moving back up to undo the angel's buttons of his shirt.

"Dean," the angel moaned as the hunter's hands started running over his exposed chest.

"No, you don't," Dean replied, knowing Castiel wanted to use his angelic mojo to remove their clothes again. "This time, we're doing it like this... I want to enjoy you..." He grinned evilly at the angel before lowering himself so he was able to kiss his swollen lips.

Castiel studied his lover's touch and realized Dean wanted to feel that he was indeed alive. Seeing his angel hanging lifelessly at the altar had snapped something deep inside Dean, and he had to feel that the angel was alive. His mind already knew it but his body didn't. Nodding his head, he let his lover know that he was given this to him.

The angel sucked in some unneeded breath as Dean took one of his nipples into his mouth, sucking it gently. He loved it when Dean did this to him; his hands - unconsciously - went into the hunter's hair, running his fingers through it, emitting a moan from his lover.

The hunter took his time as he explored the angel's body. Though he had long memorized everything about Castiel, he felt he needed to remember. His tongue started sliding from the left nipple to the right, and he knew he'd find a tiny scar between the two nubs. It was old, maybe ten years or so, and Dean had always wondered where it was from but never asked the angel.

He also knew that Castiel's nipples were rather sensitive, which was why he spent so much time playing with them. His eyes opened and looked at his angel's face, which was distorted in pleasure. The usually blue eyes were closed, his mouth parted...it definitely was the sexiest thing Dean had ever seen.

"Dean." The moan broke out of the angel as he opened his eyes to see his lover watching him. "Dean."

The angel was pleading, but Dean wasn't sure for what. He just smiled around the nub before helping the other sit up so he could completely remove the jacket, shirt and tie.

Castiel was quick to remove the hunter's own shirt as well, which earned a smirk from Dean.

"You're always so impatient," Dean remarked as he laid the angel back down.

Castiel only let out a grunt before raising his hands so he could pull the hunter down and kiss him passionately. "You're just too slow," he whispered against his lips before licking them.

Dean immediately opened his mouth to suck the teasing tongue into it. They started dueling, lazily, neither wanting to win nor lose until the hunter broke the kiss and moved lower so he was able to undo the angel's buttons.

Dean told his lover to lift his hips, and when the action was performed, he was able to remove the pants but not before removing the angel's shoes and socks. He sat back and took a good look at the vision beneath him, letting his eyes wonder from top to bottom - taking in every detail.

"Dean," the angel called out softly. He felt a little nervous under the hunter's gaze and uncomfortably shifted on the bed.

"You're amazing, Cas," Dean said before placing a gentle kiss on top of the angel's swollen lips and gazing into the angel's eyes lovingly. "What did I do to deserve you?"

"You loved me," Castiel answered. "You are incredible, Dean Winchester. You never needed to do anything to be loved."

Dean didn't respond, just kissed his angel again before going back to his explorations of his lover's body. "What have we got here, huh?" the hunter said as his hands encountered the angel's hardening member. He gave the flesh in his hand a few experimental strokes, resulting in his lover bucking off the bed, moaning his lover’s name.

The hunter moved back down so he was able to sit on his knees between the other’s legs and took the tip of Castiel’s engorged member between his lips, letting his tongue run around the tip before slowly letting it slip between his lips. Taking in as much as he could before bobbing his head a few times.

A moan escaped Dean when the angel starting running his hands through his hair. The hunter didn't know why but it had always been a weak spot of his. He loved it when his lover ran his hands through his hair. It made him feel safe, and strangely enough, loved, although he couldn't explain why.

Castiel was thrashing his head from left to right as his lover started sucking his swollen member. Dean was really good at this, always knew exactly what place to touch at the right time. It never took him long before the angel was coming into his mouth, and the hunter swallowed all the angel had to offer.

Dean milked his angel's member till the last drop before he slowly moved back up and kissed the angel, lovingly running his hands over the angel's body, waiting for him to come down from his high.

It didn't take long for the kiss to become more heated again, and the angel turned them around so he would be lying on top of the hunter. Not once did their kiss break; it only became more passionate. So passionate that the angel drew blood, horrified at his own action Castiel broke the kiss.

"Shit, Cas," the hunter gasped as one of his hands came up to his split lip, wiping away the trace of blood.

"Forgive me, Dean," the angel replied guiltily.

"It's okay, Cas," Dean replied and it was. He loved it when the angel lost control; he always held himself back, so the few times that he did, Dean absolutely loved it. "You know I don't mind."

"But I do," the angel replied. "I don't want to hurt you." There was one thing Castiel hated about his relationship with Dean; he could easily hurt Dean. That was something he never wanted to do.

Castiel looked so tortured that Dean had no idea what to say. "Cas, look at me." The angel had looked away after admitting that, but now the hunter was making him look at him. "I'm fine, and I don't mind it when you get a little rough. I want it."

Although the angel didn't look convinced he did nod his head. Not wanting the mood to break even further, Dean pulled Castiel back towards him and kissed him lustfully.

Eventually the angel got back into the game and started returning the kiss all the while running his hands over Dean’s back.

The kiss was broken when the angel moved to the hunter's neck, gently sucking the skin he found there before releasing it and licking it. "Shit, that's gonna leave a hickey," Dean remarked with a pleasant smile as Castiel did it again.

The angel smirked against the skin of the hunter's neck but didn't respond before moving his exploration lower. The body beneath him was no stranger. When he'd raised his soul out of hell, he had to recreate this body. He had taken his time, making sure everything was put back as it was - without the scars. Castiel felt that this was a second start for the hunter and decided not to return his scars. The only thing he hadn't counted on was the handprint on Dean’s left shoulder.

The angel had gripped the hunter there so he was able to pull him out of hell but hadn't anticipated that it would burn right through his body. It was supposed to be a mark of the soul not the body.

Now, the angel didn't care. He actually liked it. The handprint was his mark on Dean, claiming him as his own. It was only a shame Dean wasn't able to do the same to him.

Gently laying his hand on Dean’s left shoulder had both of them gasping for breath as it sent pleasure through out their entire bodies. They would always be connected, even without their bond, because of this scar, and no one was able to take that away from them.

Although Castiel had never wanted anything in his life exact to serve his father, he now felt he wanted a lot. Most of the things he wanted were with Dean but it was still foreign to him. Wanting something, needing someone.

Luckily he had Dean to help him through this. He didn't know where he'd be if he didn't have him by his side.

"No morose thoughts, dude." The hunter's voice brought him back to his task at hand.

"Forgive me," the angel replied before, once again, continuing his exploration of Dean's body. Slowly he moved down, taking his time to re-familiarize himself with his lover's body.

Dean wasn't the only one who needed to know they were still alive, Castiel realized. He needed it as much as the hunter and took his time to remember it.

"Cas," Dean growled at his lover, pleading with his eyes to hurry up. His need was pressing against his jeans and it was becoming rather uncomfortable.

The angel grinned up at him before he undid the buttons of the hunter's jeans. Once the buttons were undone, and some of the pressure released, Dean let out a sigh of relief that turned into a moan as the angel slid his hands inside his jeans stroking, him through his boxers.

"Cas," he growled again, knowing full well that his lover was playing with him, teasing him.

"What is it, Dean?" Castiel asked innocently.

"You know damn, oh, jesus, well, shit," Dean moaned when the angel started stroking faster. "Please, Cas," he settled with.

"Very well." The angel couldn't resist his lover when he pleaded. With one swift motion, Dean’s jeans and boxers were removed. Castiel wasted no time and took the rock hard member into his mouth, licking away the pre-come before sucking and bobbing his head.

"Shit, Cas," Dean moaned as he bucked up against the angel. "Oh, Jesus."

It didn't take him long to come into the angel's mouth with a throaty, 'Cas'.

Castiel released the softening member with a 'pop' before licking his lips. He lay back next to Dean, waiting for the hunter to catch his breath. They turned to their sides, taking in each other's breaths. Dean opened his eyes and stared at the angel with a lazy smile on his face and let his hands roam the other's body, moving him closer so that there wasn't any space between them.

Gentle moments like these were rare for the two lovers. They were either interrupted by Sam or by the apocalypse or both, so this time they took advantage of it.

The hunter let one of his hands travel up the angel's body, resting against his cheek, gently caressing it. Both of them were still gazing into each other's eyes; love was shining from them. A tiny lazy smile played on their lips.

Their staring contest was broken when the hunter's tongue came out to wet his lips and Castiel followed it with his eyes. The smile on Dean's lips grew bigger when he noticed that and did it again but this time also bringing their bodies closer to each other.

It resulted in the wanted action as Castiel brought their mouths back together into a heated kiss. Their soft members started hardening as their hips started bucking against each other.

Castiel broke the kiss long enough to turn the hunter on his back before attacking his lips again. Without a second thought, the angel had called the tube of lube to him and was already starting to coat his fingers with it.

Dean watched hungrily as Castiel moved between his legs to prepare him. He bucked his hips when the cold hit him at first contact but soon grew accustomed to it as the angel started to move his finger around inside him.

Castiel was always careful when he prepared the hunter. He made sure to thoroughly prepare him before he moved on to the next finger and the next until he was certain he wouldn't hurt the hunter when he entered him. He knew that it was practically impossible for him to make Dean not feel any discomfort when they made love but he was determined to make it as enjoyable as he could.

"Cas, please," Dean moaned when he entered with a third finger, silently asking his lover to hurry up already.

"You are not properly prepared, Dean," the angel told him.

"I'm stretched enough, Cas," Dean replied, his gaze hungrily locking with that of his lover.

Castiel cocked his head as he studied his lover before nodding, realizing Dean needed this. He poured a fair amount of lube onto his hand before coating his member with it. Slowly, he entered his lover, making sure to look for any signs of discomfort, or even worse, hurt.

Dean let out a moan when his angel entered him and though it wasn't hurting him, he did need a moment to get used to being filled by his lover and was grateful when the angel gave him that.

After a determined nod from Dean, the angel started to move, first out of the tight heat before slamming back in. Dean let out a throaty moan when Castiel hit his prostate again and again before trying to sit up, changing the angle.

"Dean?" Castiel asked when Dean moved, afraid he'd hurt him and stopped moving.

"I'm fine, Cas, just want to try a different position," he explained and made the angel sit back with his legs stretched out before him. He straddled the angel's lap before lowering himself onto the pulsing need of his lover.

Once the angel was fully inside him, he opened his eyes to look at the angel. "Hey," he said and grinned. They were now facing each other with Dean in the angel's lap.

Castiel cocked his head, as if he was trying to determine how he was going to move now.

"Try lifting me," the hunter suggested with a raised eyebrow. They had never made love in this position before, but it was something Dean had wanted to try. Knowing Castiel won't get tired or feel any discomfort, he figured now was as good a time as any.

Experimentally, Castiel lifted Dean before lowering him again. Understanding shone in the angel's eyes and he started lifting the hunter before lowering him and found a steady pace.

"Shit," Dean said and crashed their lips together. This position definitely was worth doing again.

"Indeed," Castiel replied, reading his thoughts. It definitely was one of the hunter's brighter ideas.

"Reading my thoughts again?" Dean asked with a smirk.

"I can't help it that you're projecting," Castiel defended himself before changing the angle, making Dean howl in pleasure.

"You're getting way too good at this," the hunter said before moaning as the angel hit his prostate with every thrust.

"Are you complaining?"

"Hell no!" Dean let out a shaky laugh that turned into a moan. "Cas," he moaned again before the angel crashed their lips together.

Both angel and hunter were close. A few more thrusts later had Dean coming between their stomachs and the angel deep inside his lover. They stayed like that for a while.

Softly placing kisses on each other’s lips or necks which ever stop they could find, just keeping each other close. Their hands kept roaming the other's body, needing to feel the closeness that only they could give each other.

It was a good twenty minutes later before Castiel slid out of Dean and they sat back against the bed, lying in each other's arms just enjoying each other's company.

"Cas?" Dean asked after a moment of silence.

"Hmm?" was the angel's only response.

"How did you get captured by those demons?" It was only then that Dean realided he wanted to know how the angel had been captured. It was unusual for him to get captured.

"I was sent to capture the demon Kuhiny," the angel began but was interrupted by the hunter.

"There's an demon called Kuhiny?"

"Yes, he was the demon who captured me. He's known for his knowledge of all demons, which was why I was sent to capture him," the angel explained before his eyes darkened "It was a trap."

"Did he know you were coming?"

"Yes, he was waiting for me."

Dean took a moment to think about what that meant before it clicked. "The angels set you up?" He gasped and knew it was true when he saw the sad look his lover shot him.

"Yes," he confirmed.

"They want you dead?"

"I believe so." Sadness radiated from Castiel and all Dean could do was wrap his arms around him.

"Shit," he replied, hugging the angel closer to his chest. It must be terrible for him to learn that his own brothers and sisters want him dead. He couldn't imagine how he'd feel if Sam sent him on a suicide mission. "Do you think they were aware of the seal?" he asked after a moment.

"Of course," Castiel replied. “This was one of the most known seals but one that would unlikely be broken since the demons would need an angel..."

"And no demon can outsmart an angel," Dean added.


"It was a trap, the angels sent you..." Dean said, thinking out loud.

Castiel noticed his hunter was on to something. "What are you thinking?"

"What, can't read my mind?" the hunter joked, which earned him an annoyed look from the angel. "The angels set you up right?" After the angel's nod the hunter continued. "They most have known about the seal and knew the demons were going to break it."

It took Castiel but a moment before he reached the same conclusion as Dean had. "The angels want the apocalypse to start..."

Both stared at each other, horrified at the idea. "But why?" Dean rasped out.

Not knowing why the angels would want the apocalypse, the angel shook his head. "I don't..." He stopped as an idea struck him. It couldn't be, could it? They were willing to sacrifice humans for that?

"What?" The hunter asked, realizing the other had figured out why the other angels were doing this.

"Paradise," Castiel breathed. "They want paradise."

"Okay, what does that mean?"

"There's only one way to stop Lucifer once he's free to roam the earth, Dean, and that's Michael."

"Michael? As in the archangel Michael?" Castiel's nod confirmed it. "So what, they are going to fight and kill who ever gets in the way?" There was another nod. "And once Lucifer is back in the cage, there'll be paradise?"

"Yes, only Michael is able to defeat Lucifer, and neither will care who will be killed in the process," Castiel said, sadly. He never wanted this for human kind. He knew they had their problems, everyone did, but he didn't wish to see it destroyed. Not even for the promised paradise. It was his Father’s creations after all.

"Well, I guess we know what to do," Dean said after he let the words sink in. At the angel's raised eyebrow and confused look he continued. "Stop the apocalypse from happening. As long as dear old Lucy stays in the cage, there won't be an apocalypse."

"You make it sound so simple, Dean." The angel give the hunter a tiny smile.

"It's a gift." The hunter smiled and shrugged. Both of them knew their problems had just gotten bigger but neither were willing to let this dampen their spirits. "You know what we need to do, right?" Dean began. "We need to find out what the last seal is going to be and stop the demons from breaking it."

"How do we do that?" The angel asked. The other angels hadn't given him much information about these things. They never did. So how were they able to find out what the last seal was?

"I don't know," Dean replied. "That's why we have Sam and Bobby. Where are they, by the way?"

"They went to get some food," Castiel reminded him.

"Right, pie!" Dean smiled at the mention of pie. "We better get dressed for when they get back. I don't want Sam or Bobby to see me naked..." He looked over at the angel. "Or you for that matter."

"Possessive much?" the angel teased the hunter, throwing back Dean’s own words.

"Damn right!" the hunter replied before claiming the angel's lips. "They are taking their time, aren't they?" he said after a moment.

"They wanted to give us a moment," Castiel told him. He had read their intent when they went for breakfast. "They will return shortly."

Dean nodded before he stood up on shaky legs, which was still an after effect of being horizontal for the past few days, and pulled on a fresh pair of boxers and jeans. When he was properly dressed again he pulled the angel back onto the bed with him, resting against him.

It took Bobby and Sam another twenty minutes before they returned. "You idjits decent?" Bobby asked through the closed door.

"Yes," Dean yelled back before attacking the angel's neck again. Which he had been doing before he was so rudely interrupted by his surrogate father.

"Shit, Dean, you said you were decent," Sam complained as he covered his eyes with his hand. "I really didn't need to see that."

"I am decent," Dean replied.

Bobby just shook his head as he took in the scene. He was glad that his surrogate son was happy. Clearly the angel made him happy, for the older hunter hadn't seen him smile as much before today.

"We brought you food," he said to his oldest surrogate son and threw him a brown paper bag.

"Pie!" Dean yelled like a little school girl when he saw what was in the bag. Immediately he opened the box and started munching on a piece. "Oh, we need a plan," Dean said with a mouthful of pie.

"Do you really have to do that, Dean?" Sam complained with, as Dean had dubbed it, bitch-face number 18. "What kind of plan?"

"The kind we need to figure out," Dean replied before swallowing the pie. "Cas was set up by the angels which is why he was captured by, what's his name, Kihicky?"

"Kuhiny," Castiel corrected.

"Right, Kuhiny. We need a plan to figure out what the last seal is going to be so we can stop the demons from breaking it and in the mean time be able to fight off the angels because they are sneaky sons of bitches."

Sam and Bobby stared at each other. "Do you have any idea what he's talking about?"

"No clue, you sure you didn't hit your head?" Bobby asked the hunter in bed.

"Shit, guys, we need to figure out what the last seal is. Is that so difficult to understand?" Dean asked, annoyed, before shoving another piece of pie into his mouth.

"It is when you're licking crumbs of pie off an angel's neck," Bobby replied, and only then did Dean realize he was doing it.

"Oops," was all he said while the angel blushed and looked everywhere but at the three hunters in the room.

"So, the angels want the apocalypse to start?" Sam asked which earned him a nod from Dean.

"They wanted to sacrifice Cas." Unconsciously Dean tightened his hold on Castiel which made both Sam and Bobby fight off a smile.

"So, we need a plan," Sam concluded with a nod of his head. "Any idea where to start?" he asked the older hunter.

"My best guess is revelations," Bobby replied. "I better get back home; I have more books there."

"Yes, we'll come as well." Sam nodded. "This is going to be a bitch of a fight though. Now we don't only have to worry about demons but angels as well..."

"When are our lives ever simple, Sammy?" Dean asked from the bed. "We just need to stay one step ahead of the angels and demons."

"And how are we going to do that?"

"No clue," Dean admitted. "But we'll figure something out."

If there was one thing that Dean was certain about it was this. They will be able to stop the apocalypse and no demon nor angel would be able to stop them. As long as the four of them worked together, nothing could stop them...

The End.

1 sept 2013