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It's not such a terrible life by Alvina

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After Zachariah brought him back, Dean has been distant. Had he left someone behind during the time he worked at Sandover?

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Character : Castiel, Dean Winchester, Gabriel

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Published: November 27, 2015

Updated: February 4, 2016

It's not such a terrible life Chapter 01

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Ever since meeting the angel Zachariah, Dean Winchester had been quiet. He only spoke when spoken too and answered questions with a short answer. It wasn't unusual for the older Winchester to be quiet but Sam would at least get an answer out of him at the mention of pie. This also hasn't happened since meeting the angel two weeks ago.

Dean would go on a hunt with Sam but rarely spoke more than was required of him. He'd even let Sam do the interviews when normally he always put his own two cents in. The younger Winchester has also noticed how his brother's eyes would lose it's bright shine as if he was deep in thought. Sam had also caught his older brother staring at a random couple longingly as if that was missing in his life.

Now Sam knew that the girl wasn't his brother's type so he could want the girl but maybe he wanted what the two of them had together. Maybe his brother wanted someone for himself. Maybe he started to realize that he did want that apple pie life. The one where they had families of their own.

It was then that the younger hunter realized that Dean might have left someone behind in Zachariah's scenario. That he might have already had that, that he was shown something that he hadn't realized he wanted until they yanked it away from him.

The angel had told them that it was a real case only that Sam and Dean didn't remember their old life. By placing them in that scenario Zachariah had thought that the two hunters would get back in the game and they had. Only Dean's heart wasn't in it anymore. It was as if his brother had left his heart behind.

Hunting wasn't a way of life anymore but a chore, an unwanted chore, and Sam couldn't understand how that happened. Dean loved hunting. Sure the year he was going to hell had put him off of it but that's was probably because he was going to hell. Since he's been back he's been back into the game one hundred percent. Hunting had become his life again, his purpose. Then Zachariah had come to screw it up.

Often Sam had wanted to ask his brother what was going on but never did. Knowing fully well that Dean wouldn't talk to him about it until he was ready or when it would become necessary. So far, Dean did his job. Sam only wanted his brother back. The one who would actually talk to him. Even watch porn on his laptop. This Dean, this shell of his brother, wasn't actually fun living with.

Yet Sam didn't do anything. He watched his brother and he waited. Waited for the right moment to bring it up or for Dean to bring it up, Sam didn't know. He just knew that he was waiting and hoping his brother would be all right. All the while he would quietly watch his brother.

Dean had realized that his brother was concerned about him. He had caught Sam staring a few times but he just wasn't ready to confide in him. Shit, he didn't even know whether it had been real or not so how could he explain this to his brother?

Dean sighed as he parked the impala. He loved driving his baby, it always calmed him down but lately he couldn't find the joy in it. During the time he worked for Zachariah he had found something, something he had never thought he wanted but when he had it, it was hard to let go. Yet he had to because technically it wasn't real.

But Dean did because he had too. He had to keep going, had to finish the job. They had an apocalypse to prevent. So Dean grit his teeth and pretended everything was all right, even though both, he and Sam, knew he wasn't and he continued with his job. As if nothing was wrong.

The older hunter turned off the engine before climbing out of the car to get his duffel bag. His brother would do the same and sign them into the motel. Usually Dean would do this but he just couldn't seem to care. He waited a moment to learn what room they would be sharing and made his way to the motel room where he threw the bag on one of the beds before walking to the bathroom.

Dean knew that his brother was worried about him but he just couldn't tell him what was wrong. Heck he wasn't even sure what was wrong. Sure he was missing part of the life he had built up in Zachariah's world but he should be used to it. Used to not having things he wanted in his life. Yet, he couldn't help but want what he couldn't have.

It wasn't real. It couldn't have been real. It was just another fucked up trick the angels used to mess with him. Only this time, it was working.

He was thrown out of his musings when he heard a thud from the other room. "Sam?" He called out, hoping his brother was all right. His gun was already drawn when he entered the bedroom. The first thing he searched for was his brother, seeing he was all right he searched for whatever had made the sound.

It was then that he noticed Castiel lying on his bed, probably aided by his brother. "Cas?" He called out, already holstering his gun and walking towards the bed.

"What's wrong with him?" Sam asked concerned.

"How the hell should I know?" Dean shot at his brother before checking the angel's temperature. "Cas?" He asked, releasing the angel was warm to the touch.

"Dean?" The angel asked before his eye went wide. "No, not Dean, wrong Dean." he mumbled before closing his eyes and bucking off the bed as if he was in pain.

"Cas?" Dean asked again, confused. What the hell had the angel meant with 'wrong Dean'?

"Dean, what does he mean?" Sam asked his brother, as if Dean knew exactly what was going on.

"I don't know, Sam," Dean replied before turning back to the angel. "Cas, what happened?"

"Not Dean, never Dean." Castiel mumbled, shaking his head.

"He's running some sort of fever, I think," Dean told his brother. "He's warm to the touch, sweating."

"But angels don't get sick," Sam remarked.

"Yeah, well then it's something else." Dean replied.

"Should we see if Zachariah can help?" Sam asked a little hopeful.

"No," Dean answered forcefully. "I don't want him anywhere near Cas."

If Sam wondered why his brother didn't want to call the angel, he didn't say anything. Just nodded his head and walked over to his laptop. "Maybe I can find something on the net."

"Maybe." Dean wasn't sure if angel sickness would be found on the internet but he knew his brother needed to do something. He, once again, ran his hand over the angel's forehead. "Shit, Cas, what the hell has happened to you?"

"Gabe," Castiel mumbled as started looking around the room before his eyes settled on Dean. "Dean." A simple word was whispered in a voice so amazed that it felt like a prayer. "No," Castiel replied shaking his head again. "Wrong.all wrong."

Dean was confused but still he started wondering. What if it had been real? It took him only a second to decide before he was up and pacing. "Shit, can't believe I'm going to do this." he mumbled before stopping and turned his head up to the sky.

"Gabriel?" He almost yelled to the Heavens.

"Dean? What the hell are you doing?" Sam asked from his place at the small table.

Dean ignored his brother and kept yelling for Gabriel. "Please, just listen to me!" He started yelling now. "Fuck, be real, okay?" He silently prayed. He had never prayed to the angel Gabriel before but he knew that this would be his only shot.

It also meant that he would be able to figure things out and that's just one price for two but that was going to be for a later date. Now his focus was on helping Castiel.

"Gabe! Please," he yelled as no one had showed up again. He was starting to loose faith. Maybe it hadn't been real.

"Damn, Dean-o, I was having a great time!" The voice was so familiar to the hunter that it send shivers down his spine.

"Dean? What the hell is the trickster doing here?" Sam demanded from his place at the desk already reaching for his gun even though it wouldn't kill him.

"Later, Sammy," Dean said as he turned to face the new comer. "Gabriel?" Dean asked, a little uncertain whether he was talking to a trickster or an angel.

"No one has called me that in a loooong time," the angel replied before cocking his head. "I'm curious to find out why you are calling me that since you haven't before."

"Cas is sick, can you help him?" Dean asked, quickly gesturing to the bed. The words hit him though, Gabriel may have been an angel but that didn't mean his time spend together with him and Castiel had been real.

Gabriel looked shocked for a moment before he turned to the angel on the bed. "What the hell did you two screw ups do to my brother?"

"We didn't do anything!" Dean shot at him. "He came to us like this."

"Cassie?" It was the first time Sam saw the concerned look on the trickster's face but knew it was genuine.

The angel kneeled down next to the bed before laying his hand over his forehead, chanting silently. "Ahh, crap, how the hell did this happen?"

"What is wrong with him?" Dean asked, concerned as he took another step closer to the two angels.

"He's been hit with a spell," Gabriel replied before standing back up. "Unfortunately I don't know exactly what spell it was since these effects has two spells."

"Can't you just give him the antidote to one of them?" Dean asked hastily.

"Yes, if I wanted to kill him," the angel replied sarcastically as he rolled his eyes. "I need to find out what spell was used and then I will cure him."

Dean nodded his head before turning back to the sick angel on the bed and looking at him with concern in his eyes. "He'll be all right then?"

Gabriel took a moment before he answered the hunter's question. "Yes, he'll be all right," he answered at last, noting the concern in the hunter's eyes. Was Sam imagining things or was that pity in the trickster's voice?

"Please, cure him," Dean said with authority in his voice. Even though he knew the angel wouldn't listen to him, he also knew that he won't let Castiel die.

"Give me a day," the angel replied before taking his leave and vanishing the same way he arrived.

"Dean, what the hell is going on? Since when do we trust the trickster?" Sam asked as he made his way to his brother.

"I don't know, Sammy," Dean answered truthfully. He still wasn't sure whether his time with Gabriel and Castiel had been real but now he started to hope. Maybe, just maybe it had been real. If it was then he had a change to fix things between them.but first they needed to heal Castiel.

"Explain to me than why we trust him?"

"We met during Zach's plaything," Dean admitted. "Shit, Sammy, I don't know how to explain it."

Sam sighed as he took in his brother's tortured gaze. "Then tell me what happened," he urged wanting to know what was going on and this was the opening he had been waiting for.

Dean made sure the angel was comfortable before he sat down on the end of the bed. He felt that he needed to be close to Castiel and wasn't about to leave him alone. "It's gonna take a while," he admitted.

"Well, you heard the trickster, we have a day to kill." Sam replied with a grin, hoping it would ease his brother's nerves.

The older hunter nodded his head before taking a deep sigh. "Shit, I don't know where to begin," he took a moment to think before continuing. "During the time we worked at Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc I got a chance to meet this two amazing people, which I have been missing like crazy. It was weird though.Never thought I would find someone, neither in that life but I did."




Most days were the same for Dean Smith. He would wake up, make his special drink, take a shower and then dress to go to work but not before stopping at the small coffee shop to pick up his favorite cup of coffee. He had to admit it was a small addiction but he couldn't stop himself. He had to have at least two cups of this delicious coffee every single day. He'd take one before work and one after work and that was all the coffee he would drink. Especially when he was on a diet.

There was something in the coffee shop that unnerved him though. Since the past two or three days a guy in a trench coat with the bluest eyes he's ever seen would keep staring at him. He didn't exactly enjoy it but there was nothing he could do against it. The guy would stand in the back of the small cafe and the entire time Dean was there he would stare at him. Following Dean with his eyes. It was unnerving.

But still, it wouldn't keep him from going in to get his coffee. He usually had a few more minutes before he had to go inside and start work since he always arrived early. So he would take a table and read a newspaper or just go through his messages or emails on his phone. Like always, the trench coat guy was watching him and Dean was feeling unnerving yet curious.though he couldn't exactly explain it.

"I'm sorry," a guy said as he sat down at the seat opposite Dean.

"Yeah? About what?" Dean asked as he looked up from his phone.

"My brother," the guy said and nodded to trench coat guy.

"Your brother?" Dean asked after following the other man's gaze. "He a stalker or something?"

The guy let out a laugh before answering. "No, he's not." He laughed again before straitening up. "He's a little asocial. Doesn't know how to talk to people."

"So, he stares at them?"

"Yep, pretty much," the guy replied nodding his head before taking a big bite out of a muffin.

"It's creepy," Dean acknowledge.

"Pretty much, yeah," the guy agreed. "He can't help it." He continued. "He doesn't realize he shouldn't be doing it."

Dean shrugged his shoulders at this not knowing what to say. "I'm Dean," he said before holding out his hand for the stranger to shake it.

"Gabriel," the guy answered as he shook Dean's head.

"Nice to meet you, Gabriel," Dean said with a smile.

That was the start of a new friendship. Gabriel would join Dean at a table every day and they talked about everything. Sometimes Gabriel's brother, who was introduced as Castiel, would join them as well but he would never say anything, only stare at him.

Dean was quite happy with the friendship with Gabriel. It felt as if he had known him for years and it didn't take long for Dean to invite his new friend back to his apartment one evening to hang out.

"So what do you want to watch?" Dean asked as he browsed his DVD collection. He wasn't big on watching movies but sometimes he enjoyed a quiet evening. Which was why he had a few DVDs.

"Anything is fine," Gabriel replied as he planted himself on the couch comfortably.

Dean decided to pick the first DVD, not even caring what it was, and popped it in. He walked over to the kitchen to get the both of them something to drink before making his way back to the living room. "This okay?" He asked as he handed Gabriel a bottle of water. "I'm kinda on a diet," he admitted with a flush.

Gabriel let his eyes roam the other's body before replying. "You don't need to be."

Dean blushed deeper before sitting down next to the other man and taking a swig from his own bottle, hopefully hiding his uncomfortableness. It wasn't that he wasn't into guys, because he really was, but he wasn't used to other men flirting with him. After setting his bottle on the coffee table he started the movie which turned out to be some love story but both of them were rather into it.

That was until Dean started noticing small things about Gabriel. His eyes would light up whenever he found something he enjoyed. The ends of his mouth would curl up whenever he found something funny but not funny enough to laugh at. Most of all he noticed how close the other was to him. Sometimes they would even inch closer to each other but they weren't close enough to touch yet.

It was when Gabriel turned to face him, he couldn't stop himself anymore and closed the distance between them and kissed the older man. At first Gabriel didn't respond probably surprised by the kiss. When Dean wanted to pull away to blurt out an apology the other man started to respond.

Their kiss was soft, searching at first but grew more passionate. They turned around facing each other and arms started encircling each other. Gripping the other tight as they pulled closer to each other.

Dean moaned into the kiss as he dueled with the other man for dominance even though he didn't actually want it. He just enjoyed the fight. He knew that within a few minutes he would surrender to Gabriel but that didn't mean he could have some fun in the process.

He wrapped his arms around the shorter man and pulled him on top of him. Moaning at their closeness. "Shit, Gabe," Dean moaned as Gabriel broke the kiss only to suck on the skin where collarbone met shoulder.

His entire body felt as if it was on fire. Waves of pleasure shot through him. Moans escaped him when Gabriel gently bit him only to lick it better. He turned his head, trying to capture those tasty lips again in a searing kiss which he was granted.

This time their kiss was heated, teeth scrapping against each other. Tongues going out to play with each other until Gabriel broke the kiss again.

When Dean opened his eyes, which he hadn't realized had been closed, he noticed Gabriel staring at him as if he was asking him permission. The younger man didn't know why but he would give it to him anytime. There has never been anything else in the world he wanted more then to be with Gabriel in this moment.

It seemed that this was all Gabriel needed because he kissed him again. "Wanna move somewhere a little more comfortable?" He asked after breaking the kiss.

Dean licked his lips before nodding his head. "Yeah," he answered before he was helped off the couch. When both men were standing their hands found their way around each other again and they stumbled off towards the bedroom. In the mean time their clothes were discarded and thrown around the house but Dean couldn't care at this moment. In this moment all he wanted was Gabriel naked and in his bed. The thought alone made him groan into their kiss.

By the time they arrived at Dean's queen sized bed they were down to their boxers shorts. Which they discarded as well before Dean was pushed back on the bed. "Damn Dean, you are gorgeous," Gabriel breathed before crawling on top of the younger man.

Dean's blush was concealed by the shorter's man body as he was kissed deeply. Immediately his arms encircled the other and pulled him closer. The both of them moaned at the first skin to skin contact. A groan escaped Dean when their hardnesses met and he pulled the other man closer to him as he opened his legs, making Gabriel slide between them.

Gabriel broke the kiss and started kissing his way down Dean's chest before settling down on a nipple which he sucked into his mouth. He rolled the nub around on his tongue before gently biting down on it making Dean buckle up from the bed.

"Gabe," the groan escaped the younger man before he knew it. He enjoyed the pleasure Gabriel was given him and he wanted more.

"Dean," Gabriel replied with a smirk as he looked up at the younger man, who's face was converted into pleasure. His lips were parted and swollen. His breathing came heavy and Gabriel enjoyed the fact that he was making Dean feel like this.

Dean opened his eyes to look up at the older man when he moaned his name and couldn't help the shiver that rushed through him. Gabriel looked damn sexy with his eyes darkened in pleasure. His lips closed around Dean's nipple and his hair looked like bed hair. "Oh fuck," he moaned as Gabriel started running his tongue over one nipple and ran his fingers over the other.

"I plan on doing that later," Gabriel smirked again at the younger man before focussing on the task at hand. He played with the nipples a few more moments before licking and kissing his way down wards.

"First, I want to enjoy your body," he whispered against the skin he found before placing kisses on it.

Dean was already leaking pre come and couldn't wait for Gabriel to touch him. Even though he enjoyed the pleasure the other man was given him he wanted more and urged him on.

"Impatient, are we?" Gabriel asked as he looked up.

"Only for you," Dean shot back before moaning as Gabriel took him in hand.

"Is this what you want?" Gabriel dropped his voice an octave making it deeper than it actually was. "Want me to touch you? Make you scream my name?"

"Yes, oh, God yes," Dean moaned as he moved his head from left to right. The pleasure was amazing but not yet enough. He started bucking his hips, hoping for more friction.

"You'll have to wait," Gabriel whispered before letting go of Dean which made the younger man groan in frustration. "I want to enjoy your body first," he gave Dean as explanation before lowering again and started making a trail of kisses and licks on the insides of Dean's tight but making sure not to touch his cock.

"Gabe," Dean whined when the other man kept ignoring his weeping need. "Please," he wasn't beyond pleading if he wanted something and he hoped Gabriel would give him what he needed.

Gabriel stopped his exploration and took a moment to look at the man beneath him on the bed before deciding that he had tortured him enough and lowered himself so he could take Dean in his mouth.

At the first touch, Dean bucked off the bed and moaned deeply as his hard rod was engulfed in a wet hot mouth. "Shit, Gabe," Dean moaned and bucked up into wet warmth.

Gabriel started bopping his head up and down, wanting to give the younger man the most pleasure he could give him.

It didn't take long for Dean to climax hard and long into Gabriel's mouth. It was so sudden for him that he hadn't had time to warn the older man but he greedily swallowed everything Dean had to offer.

"Oh fuck," Dean said as he sank back into the bed.

Gabriel licked the last traces of Dean's come from his lips and sat back with a smile as he watched Dean.

Dean who still had his eyes closed reach out blindly and when he found the other man pulled him back onto of him and kissed him deeply. Tasting himself on the other's lips brought another moan from his lips. "Damn, you are amazing," Dean breathed into his mouth before given him another passionate kiss.

"I know," Gabriel smirked when he broke the kiss and looked back down at Dean. "You got some lube?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, suggestively.

Dean licked his lips in anticipation before nodding. He leaned over to the nightstand but couldn't move all the way with Gabriel still on top of him.

"Nightstand then," Gabriel noted before reaching over and opening the night stand drawer and taking out the tube of lube and sat back down. "Ready for more?"

"God yes," Dean replied, his hands were running up and down the other's legs, touching as much skin as he could. Gabriel's cock was hard between their bodies, neglected. Dean wanted to touch it but he wanted Gabriel more.

Gabriel smirked, again, before opening the tube of lube and coating a few fingers with the gel. "It's gonna be cold," he warned before reaching down and running his finger over Dean's hole.

"I don't care," Dean answered.

Gabriel licked his lips before entering the younger man with one finger. He wiggled it around stretching Dean as much as he could before entering with a second finger.

"Fuck, Gabe," Dean moaned and bucked off the bed as Gabriel touched his prostrate. "More."

"Soon, Dean-o," Gabriel promised him before reaching up to give him a sweet kiss on the lips before entering him with three fingers which he wiggled around some, stretching him as much as he could. When he was certain the younger man was stretched enough he pulled out.

Dean sighed at the loss but knew he would receive something better in return. His eyes followed the older man's movements as he coated his own cock with lube before repositioning Dean and slowly entering him.

"Damn, Dean, you're so incredible tight," Gabriel moaned as he slid inside.

"Gabe," Dean moaned and tried to pull him closer but Gabriel wouldn't let him. Gabriel wanted to move slowly, enjoying the moment of slowly entering Dean.

"I'm going to enjoy you, Dean," Gabriel promised him as he slid down to the hilt. He waited a few moment for Dean to get used to having Gabriel inside him before he started a slow pace.

Dean moaned every time the older man hit his prostrate. "Gabe," he groaned making Gabriel look at him. "I need you."

Those three words broke Gabriel's resolves and he started pounding into the younger man beneath him with a new found passion. He hit Dean's prostrate with every trust and knew the both of them were rather close. He started moving his hand which had found its way to Dean's cock and moved it in pace with his trusts.

A few more trusts had Dean clenching down on Gabriel who came with a shout deep within the younger man. Gabriel thrusted a few more times before collapsing down next to the younger man as he pulled out.

The turned to face each other and wrapped their arms around each other before starting a slow and sloppy kiss. "You're amazing," Gabriel whispered, a little amazed as if he wasn't expecting Dean to be this way.

"As are you," Dean whispered and wondered what the guilty look was, Gabriel shot him. But he was quick scold his features and plant a cocky smirk on his lips.

"I know, right," he said before given the other man a kiss again.

"You're staying, right?" Dean asked a little uncertain.

"You think I'm going to leave now?" Gabriel asked and settled down into Dean's embrace. "I'm beat, I need my beauty sleep."

Dean chuckled at that before relaxing into the bed as well. It wasn't long before the two men fell asleep.

It was the knocking on the door that woke Dean up. He made sure that Gabriel was still asleep before slipping out of bed and pulling the first pair of boxers on he found. Then made his way to the front door.

"Cas?" He asked when he noted Gabriel's brother standing before him. "Are you okay?" He asked when he noted the bruises on the other's face.

"Forgive me for intruding," Castiel began. "I believe Gabriel is here?"

"Yeah, yeah, please come in," Dean said and stepped back from the door and let the other man in before closing the door behind them. "Make yourself comfortable, I'll get Gabe," Dean said as he walked towards the bedroom.

"Gabe," Dean said as he entered the room. He noted the other man was already up and dressed and made his way towards Dean. "You're brother's here."

"I heard, I'll see what's wrong," Gabriel replied before given Dean a kiss and walked out of the bedroom.

Dean nodded his head before looking around the room and pulled on some more clothes before walking back into the room just in time to hear Gabriel getting angry.

"Zachariah did this?" The question was almost spat at the other man.

When the two men in the living room noticed Dean had entered they turned to face him making him uncomfortable. "Uhm, you want something to drink?" He asked after a moment.

"Yeah, Dean, that'll be great," Gabriel replied for the both of them. "I'll fix Castiel up."

Dean nodded his head. "I have an first aid kid in the bathroom," Dean pointed to the door of the bath room before turning around and going to the kitchen.

He hadn't know what was wrong with Castiel but he figured something or someone had beat him up. Someone both Gabriel and Castiel know.

He took out three bottles of water before going back to the living room where Gabriel was cleaning Castiel's wounds.

"Is everything okay?" Dean asked as he walked in and placed the bottles of water on the table.

"Yeah," Gabriel replied before given Dean a smile. "Zachariah just wanted to teach Castiel a lesson."

"Who's Zachariah," It was the first time Dean had heard the name and didn't know who he was.

"He's our brother," Castiel answered.

"You're brother beat you up?" Dean asked bewildered. "Why would he do that?"

"Why wouldn't he?" Gabriel shrugged his shoulders. "Zachariah is just an asshole who thinks the younger children should dance to his pipes."

"You have more brothers?" Dean asked with interest. So far he only knew Castiel was his brother but then again they didn't often speak about their families.

"Yeah, but Cassie's the only one I still see regularly," Gabriel replied and hope that was the end of that discussion. Not wanting to explain to Dean the dynamics of his siblings.

Dean just nodded his head and sat down on the opposite chair. "It there anything I can do?" He asked after a moment of watching Gabriel clean Castiel's wounds.

"Would it be okay if Castiel crashed here for a while?" Gabriel asked after studying Dean for a moment. Genuinely believing he wanting to help out. "It's just that Zach knows where we live and I'm afraid of what he'll do when he finds Cassie again."

"Of course," Dean was quick to answer. He had to admit that the guy had grown on him. Sure Castiel still stared and it sometimes unnerved him but he had grown used to it. Sometimes it even made him feel all tingly inside and it made him happy.

"I don't have a quest room but the couch is comfortable," he told the two man on the couch.

"Yes, I've noticed," Gabriel replied with a smirk and raised an eyebrow suggestively.

Dean blushed as he felt a smile come up and looked away not wanting Castiel or Gabriel to see him blush. "Well, I'm going to leave the two of you for a moment. I'm gonna take a shower."

The last part was directed at Gabriel. Silently suggesting to join him should he finish up quickly. Gabriel's nod was enough for him to know he had understood the invitation. Dean got up before making his way to the bathroom but not before stopping at his bedroom to get some clean clothes.

When he entered the bathroom he took a deep sigh before started the shower to it's right temperature. He took a moment before undressing himself and then stepped under the warm spray. Once more a sigh escaped him as he let the water relax him and took a moment to reflect on what had happened to him these past few weeks.

He had started working at Sandover Bridge & Iron Inc. Since that moment he had found the little cafe across the street and would visit it every day for the best cup of coffee in the world, or so Dean thought so. It was two weeks later that he met Gabriel.

The man he hadn't known longer than a week and he'd already taken to bed. It was so unlike him. Dean would never move this fast but with Gabriel it just seemed natural. The way they talked to each other was as if they've known each other for years instead of just one week.

Though Dean had to admit that he hadn't planned on sleeping with Gabriel but it sort of happened and he couldn't find it in himself to feel bad about it. Dean had to admit that the sex was amazing but it wasn't what he liked so much about the older man. He liked how Gabriel always knew what to do or say to make Dean feel special.

Also, Dean admired how much Gabriel seemed to care for his younger brother Castiel. The older brother would probably do anything for his brother. It was something Dean could admire. He was the same. If Jo would call him and say something was wrong then Dean would be on the next plane over to help her out. Nothing would be able to stop him.

He admired that that was a quality that Gabriel also seemed to have. It made him love him more. Wait what?! When did he fall in love with the older man?

"You're going to get a headache thinking so loud," a voice whispered behind him making him jump. He hadn't noticed Gabriel coming in.

He turned to face the shorter man and smiled down at him. "Who says I was thinking?" He replied, a wittier comeback didn't come to him.

Gabriel only raised an eyebrow before given the younger man a kiss.

"Everything okay with Cas?" Dean asked when they broke the kiss.

"Yeah, everything is fine," Gabriel replied. "I told him to get some rest."

Dean just nodded his head and ran his hands up and down the shorter man's back before drawing him in for another kiss.

"Let me wash your back," Gabriel said after pulling away from the kiss.

Dean nodded his head before turning around. The shorter man's arms encircled him and Dean pressed back, feeling Gabriel hardening against him.

The taller man could feel Gabriel's finger prodding his entrance and moaned in anticipation. Already wanting the shorter man to fill him up again.

"Think you're ready for me again?" Gabriel whispered against his shoulders.

"Please," Dean moaned and pressed back onto the fingers. He turned his head, hoping Gabriel would get the hint.

Gabriel understood the hint and stood on his toes to give the younger man a kiss as he prepared him again. He had to break the kiss in order to slide inside the taller man and when he did both sighed in contentment.

"Can you move already?" Dean asked urgency. Wanting more.

"Are you always this impatient?" Gabriel asked against his shoulders but didn't start moving yet. He wanted to enjoy this sensation of filling Dean as much as he could.

"Maybe," Dean admitted, shyly before letting his arms run up and down the other man's hips, silently urging him on.

"I love being inside you," Gabriel admitted in a small voice. He hadn't wanted to say it out loud but the words left him before he knew it.

Dean didn't know what to say to that, so he remained silent and gave Gabriel a few minutes to compose himself before urging him on as he moved back, imitating a moan from the shorter man.

"Ah shit," Gabriel moaned as he started a slow pace. Moving out before slamming back in. Making sure to hit Dean's prostrate with every trust.

Dean could feel his orgasm building and reached between his legs to take himself in hand. Matching Gabriel's thrusts.

Gabriel saw this and moaned against the taller man's shoulder before softly biting it, stilling his moans.

Dean was biting his lips to stifle his moans. Not wanting Castiel to hear him.

"Fuck, Dean, that's hot," Gabriel groaned into his ear before softly biting his earlobe and then rolling it around his tongue to soften the sting of the bite.

"Gabe," Dean moaned and let his head fall back against the shorter man's shoulder.

"Come for me, Dean," Gabriel whispered already feeling his own orgasm building.

It took a few more thrusts before Dean spilled his seed all over his hand and the wall. Clenching down he brought Gabriel to his peak as well. "Fuck ,Gabe," Dean moaned as he tried to get his breath back.

"You're so amazing, Dean-o," Gabriel whispered against Dean's ear. "I'm so lucky to have you."

"As are you," Dean replied, before turning around, in the process letting Gabriel slide out, and kiss the shorter man. The kiss was broken when Dean let out a yawn.

"Come on, big boy, time to get you into bed," Gabriel smirked before leading the younger man out of the shower and shutting it down. He found a towel and first dried Dean and then himself before leading the younger man out of the bath room and into the bedroom. As they passed the living room Dean noted that Castiel was asleep on the couch, luckily their activities in the shower hadn't woken him.

"Come on, get your sweet ass in to the bed, big boy," Gabriel had dropped his voice an octave knowing it was something the younger man enjoyed. He helped the younger man laying down before crawling on top of the other man and sighed as he settled down.

"Night, Gabe," Dean whispered as he wrapped his arms around the shorter man.

"Night," Gabriel whispered as he let himself fall down into dream land and Dean wasn't far off.

The next morning Dean was woken by the smell of pancakes. He hadn't even opened his eyes yet when his stomach growled in hunger. He slowly sat up, making sure not to wake Gabriel and got out of bed. He dressed himself before leaving the bedroom and followed the delicious smells.

"Good morning," he said when he noticed Castiel baking another pancake.

"Morning," Castiel replied. "I'm sorry, I hope you like pancakes."

The other man looked so unsure that Dean couldn't deny him anything. "Yeah, I do," Dean said and sat down at the table. "Usually I don't eat anything with carbs but I think I can make an exception."

Castiel didn't know how to respond to that so he just stayed quiet and placed another pancake on the plates of pancakes. "You want one?" Castiel asked when he noted Dean hadn't grabbed a pancake yet.

"Uh, yeah, thanks," Dean replied, nodding his head.

Castiel pulled out a plate and placed a pancake on it before he gave Dean a plate. "You want syrup on it?"

"I have syrup?" Dean asked after a moment.

"No, you didn't," Castiel admitted. "I went to get some this morning."

"I thought Gabriel asked you to stay inside?" Dean asked confused.

"He did, so please don't tell him," Castiel replied.

"I won't," Dean promised and took a bite from his pancake and practically moaned in apprehension. "Shit, this is good." Dean whispered. "I haven't had pancakes in a while. I've forgotten how good they were."

"Im glad you like them," Castiel replied before making himself busy with baking another pancake.

"I thought I smelled pancakes," Gabriel said as he walked into the kitchen. "You made this Cassie?" He asked surprised. Not knowing his brother could cook, or bake in this case.

"Yes, Gabriel, I did," Castiel sighed as he answered his brother's question.

"Morning," Gabriel said to Dean as he gave him a kiss before sitting down at the chair next to the younger man.

"Morning," Dean replied with a blush. He wasn't accustomed sharing personal display of affection in public even to his boyfriend's brother. Boyfriend, Dean thought as he glanced over at Gabriel. Yeah, I guess that's what Gabriel was now, wasn't he? That thought brought a smile to Dean's face as he turned back to his pancakes.

"Damn, Cassie, you're a damn good cook," Gabriel said as he finished his pancake.

Castiel just nodded his head before sitting down as well but didn't touch the pancakes which Dean found odd but didn't comment.

"I'm gonna go and find out what Zachy is up to," Gabriel said after a few moment. "You stay inside, Cas, I mean it."

Castiel just nodded his head, not looking at his brother. Already shame shot through him that he had gone out this morning for the syrup he had bought.

"You will keep him company?" Gabriel asked Dean.

"Sure," Dean replied before shoving his plate away. Already feeling full of all the pancakes he's eaten. "We can watch a movie or something." The last was said to Castiel who only nodded his head but still didn't look at the couple.

Both Dean and Gabriel shared a look at this but didn't comment. "Well, I better get going. I'll be back later," he promised before given Dean a kiss and left the apartment.

Dean watched the shorter man leave the apartment before he turned to face Castiel again. "So, you wanna watch a movie?" He asked after a few minutes.

"Yes," Castiel replied full confidence so the both of them got up and walked to the living room.

"What you wanna watch?" Dean asked already heading to his DVD collection.

"I don't know," Castiel answered as he sat down on the couch. "Anything is fine."

"Wow, you really are brothers, aren't you?" Dean asked the other man before picking a different movie than one he had watched with Gabriel. "This okay?" He asked as he held out the DVD for Castiel to read the title.

"I don't know it," he replied. "But it is fine."

Dean nodded his head before popping the disc in and made himself comfortable on the couch. "I haven't seen this one yet but my sister said it was good."

"You have a sister?" Castiel asked, genuinely interested.

"Yeah, younger sister. She's a pain in the ass but I love her anyway," Dean replied with a small smile. "I haven't seen her and my folks for 3 months. I miss them," he admitted before shaking his head. "I don't know why I'm telling you this."

"I understand the missing of siblings and parents," Castiel admitted carefully. As if he was trying to decide whether he should be telling Dean this.

"Yeah, I gather you have a few more siblings than Gabe and this Zachariah fellow," Dean had turned to face the other man as he said this. Watching his expressions.

"Yes," Castiel replied. "I have a few more brothers and sisters." was all he admitted but didn't say anything else as he focused on the screen before him. Only relaxing into the couch when Dean turned his attention to the screen as well.

The rest of the movie they remained silent. Laughing whenever the main character either did or said something funny. Neither man talked to the other during the movie. Silently enjoying their closeness but not being uncomfortable.

Dean wasn't sure what to think of Castiel. He liked his company but Castiel could also be rather weird. Especially when he was staring at someone. It was as if he was looking at your soul or trying to read your mind or something. Most of the time Dean didn't seem to mind, it was just at certain points that he would rather Castiel not staring at him.

For some weird reason whenever he thought that Castiel would look away. As if he read Dean's mind but that was impossible, right?

So Dean wasn't sure what to think of the other man except for the fact that he enjoyed his company and hoped the feeling was mutual. He didn't know what Castiel thought of him but he figured it couldn't be anything bad.

Dean glanced over at Castiel and felt a rush of desire shot through. Which was rather unexpected. He shot off the couch and went straight to the bathroom, mumbling something about hitting the can and quickly closed and locked the door behind him.

Shit, what the hell just happened? He asked himself as he looked at himself in the mirror. Was he having the hots for Gabriel's brother? That just wouldn't do. Sure he hadn't know Gabriel long but he could actual see a life together with him. Besides he loved him already.

It was never a good idea to have the hots for your boyfriend's brother so Dean had to bury this deep down. He wasn't even sure why it had happened. Sure enough, Castiel was good looking but was he really Dean's type?

The hardening member in his pants told him, Castiel was. Shit, I'm screwed. he thought as he closed his eyes before letting the water run and caught it with the bowl of his hand. Before splashing it on his face. Just go away. He thought.

Castiel was handsome in his own way. His blue eyes weren't the only thing that made him attractive but it was definitely what made people stop and stare at him. Dean had to admit that he had also wondered what the man was hiding beneath his ugly brown trench coat but hadn't dared think about it.

Of course Castiel hadn't been the only man on his mind these past few days. Gabriel had been a constant companion as well. To have slept with Gabriel was almost a dream come true. He had always wanted someone to love and now he did. He just had to go and screw it up by thinking about Castiel as well.

But thinking was the only thing he did. He knew he would hate himself should he ever acted on this but he also believed he would never do something like that to another being. He knew how much it hurt to have your ex cheat on you (or in his case an ex girlfriend).

He sighed before splashing his face with some water again. All his depressing thoughts had his hard member go soft and he sighed in relief. He dried his face before making his way back to the living room, and Castiel, again.

"Every thing okay?" Castiel asked concerned.

Dean nodded his head before sitting down. "Yeah, just needed to relief myself."

Castiel just nodded at his before he turned back to the screen. The movie was still playing but Castiel had to admit that he didn't actual enjoy it. There was a lot of humor in it that he didn't understand but he didn't comment on it. He just kept watching knowing Dean was enjoying this movie and he enjoyed hearing Dean laugh.

Although Dean was enjoying the movie he couldn't concentrate on it. His thoughts kept drifting to the man beside him. Shit was this going to be his come on? He'd watch a movie with another man and then end up having sex? That was so what he didn't want.

He turned back to the screen in front of him and really tried getting into the movie. Although he had seen this movie four times, he still enjoyed it and would know what had happened during the time he hadn't paid attention so he didn't have any trouble following it.

After the movie was done, Dean opted for another one. Which they watched in silence as well. By the time the second movie was done, it was time for lunch and Dean actually shot out of the couch and practically ran to the kitchen. "I'll make some sandwiches," he said as he walked away.

"I'll help," Castiel replied and Dean wanted to yell 'no' but knew he couldn't explain why. So he just nodded.

Dean silently made his way to the kitchen and grabbed two plates before he grabbed the ingredients he needed to make one of his famous sandwiches. He went to work, not talking to Castiel which especially made Castiel nervous.

"Have I don't something wrong?" Castiel asked after a few more moments of silence and watching Dean work.

"No, of course not," Dean quickly replied but wasn't looking at the other man. "Why would you ask that?"

"You've been quiet," Castiel observed. "And you won't look at me."

Dean sighed before glancing over at the other man. "I'm looking at you," He said before looking away again.

"Dean," Castiel said as he walked over to the other man. He raised Dean's head, making him look at him. "What's wrong?" He asked but unbeknownst to Dean could read the answer in his expression.

Dean could feel panic rising up form deep within him. I'm not that type of man, he silently repeated to himself but couldn't help glancing at the chopped lips that were now so close to his own. He began to pant as he forced himself not to move.

When Castiel cocked his head in an adorable manner, Dean couldn't hold back any longer and captured the chopped lips with his own, his arms automatically encircling around the other man's body and pulling him close. He delved into the kiss with a passion he only showed to Gabriel but couldn't stop himself.

The thought of Gabriel brought him back to his senses and he pushed Castiel away from him. "Shit!" He cursed, panic ran through him as he realized what he had done. "Fuck, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have," he said before running away to his bedroom. Silently praying that Castiel wouldn't follow him.

When Dean entered his bedroom he fell down at the foot of his bed and started shaking. What the hell had he done? He'd kissed another man. Another man that wasn't his boyfriend. Another man that was his boyfriend's brother? Shit, why had he done it? Why had he brought himself down into this mess.

Through the door he could hear Gabriel coming in and talking to his brother but Dean couldn't make out the words. It was muffled by the closed door.

When Gabriel came back to Dean's apartment, he wasn't certain what he would find. He had, however, expected Dean to open the door and when he did Gabriel would kiss him senseless. When Castiel opened the door, Gabriel was a little suspicious though he didn't know why.

So when his brother told him Dean and he had kissed, Gabriel just explained a few things to his brother before going into the bedroom where Dean was hiding. He hadn't expected the taller man on the floor, shaking like a leaf as if he was cold.

"Dean," Gabriel whispered and carefully sat down in front of the younger man. Gabriel wasn't sure what he would have expected to see but Dean's tear streaked face wasn't it. "Cas told me what happened."

"Oh God, I'm so sorry," Dean wailed. "I didn't mean too." The younger man started crying and shaking even more.

"Shh.it's okay," Gabriel whispered and ran his hands over Dean's back in a comforting manner and waited for the younger man to calm down a little.

"Sorry, sorry," Dean kept repeating. He wasn't even sure why he was this upset but he knew that he had screwed up.

"Shh." Gabriel repeated. "It's okay."

"No, I screwed up," Dean replied, already calming down.

"Dean, it's okay," Gabriel wasn't sure how else to formulate it but he had to admit that he didn't mind Dean making out with Castiel.

"No, no, no," Dean started shaking his head from left to right.

Gabriel didn't know what else to do so he cupped Dean's head between his hands and lifted him to make him look at him. He knew words wouldn't get through to him so he kissed him forcefully.

It took Dean a few moment before he responded but eventually he kissed Gabriel back with as much force as he received. After a few moment he pulled away from the kiss and looked at Gabriel with amazement in his eyes.

"It's okay," Gabriel repeated before delving in for another kiss. He was quick to get Dean out of his shirt. "Come up, let's get more comfortable," he whispered before pulling Dean up and laid him down on the bed.

"Gabe?" Dean was confused but he had to admit that he didn't mind this. He actually enjoyed the attention Gabriel gave him even if he screwed up.

"You enjoyed kissing my brother, Dean-o?" Gabriel asked as he crawled on top the younger man and started kissing his neck. "You enjoyed feeling his body close?"

Dean wasn't sure what the older man was doing but he was most definitely turned on by the other's words. "Fuck, Gabe," he moaned as Gabriel's hand ran up and down his chest.

"Do you want him, Dean?" Gabriel whispered into his ear before licking the shell and lightly blowing against it.

"Gabe?" Dean opened his eyes, which he hadn't realized he'd closed, and looked at Gabriel in amazement.

"Do you want him Dean?" He asked again, this time looking at the younger man.

Dean didn't dare answer that question but he was sure the answer showed in his eyes.

"Because I want him," the older man admitted and pressed his hips against the other man. "I want him almost as much as I want you." To demonstrate his point, he pressed his hips further against Dean's, making him feel how hard he was.

"Fuck, Gabe," Dean moaned and let his hand run up and down the other's back before removing the shirt completely.

Gabriel licked his lips before lowering his head and took a nipple in his mouth, gently sucking on it. He played with the nub for a few moments before raising his head again and look at Dean.

"Do you want him to do this to you, Dean?" Gabriel asked huskily. "Do you want him to crawl on top of you, making him feel how hard you make him." To illustrate his point he pressed down again on Dean, who moaned in wanton need. "Or do you want me to do this to you?"

Dean moaned as Gabriel's words filled him with images he rather not think but damn it was difficult too. "You, Gabe," Dean moaned as he answered the question. "Only you." He hadn't realized where it was coming from but he knew the answer was the truth. He wanted Gabriel on top of him but that still didn't mean he didn't want Castiel as well.

"Oh, I get it," Gabriel smirked at the man beneath him. "You want to do this to Cassie? Am I right, Dean-o?"

"Fuck," Dean moaned as Gabriel took one of his nipple between his teeth and gentle biting down on it only to suck it into his mouth.

"Do you want to make Cassie feel good?" Gabriel asked as he moved lower to open Dean's jeans. "Tell me what you want to do to Cassie, Dean," Gabriel commanded. "Tell me!"

"I want him," it was the first time he admitted it out loud and felt himself blush and looked away from Gabriel. "I want you," he was quick to add because he still wanted Gabriel as much as before. Well, maybe even more.

"I know you want me," Gabriel reassured him because he could easily see it on his face. "But you want Cassie as well."

"Yes," Dean admitted and sighed when his jeans were loosened and his erection sprang free of its confidence.

Gabriel took a moment to release Dean from his jeans before standing up and removing his own jeans and boxers. Then he laid back on top of him and pressed their needs together. Both man groaned at the contact and Dean opened his legs so Gabriel could slide between them.

"Want you," Dean admitted and pulled Gabriel closer to him. "Want you so much." He whispered and kissed his shoulder before Gabriel turned his head and he could kiss him properly.

The moved together as one, rutting against each other. Although both men knew it was not enough to finish them off, it was enough for now. They wanted to feel each other as much as they could. Skin to skin contact, that's what it was about.

His hands started running through Gabriel's hair, messing it up. He enjoyed playing with the older man's hair. It felt so soft as he ran his hand through it, like silk.

What Dean also liked about Gabriel was, he was stronger than he looked. Within seconds Gabriel had them turned around, with Dean on top. "Is this what you want, Dean-o?" He asked hotly, before grabbing Dean's ass and pulling him down, making their hardnesses rub together in a steady pace.

"Poor Castiel on his back, while you drive him wild?" Gabriel had to close his eyes as waves of pleasure shot through him. Fuck, how he wanted Castiel to join them but he knew he had to make sure Dean was all right with every thing.

"Gabe," Dean moaned as he lowered his head to rest on Gabriel's shoulder. He moved his hips fasters but knew this wasn't how he wanted it to end.

"What do you want, Dean?" Gabriel whispered. "Tell me."

"You," Dean whispered back against a shoulder. "Cas." he moaned again and already felt guilty for admitting it but he knew Gabriel wanted to hear that.

Right as the name left his mouth, Gabriel turned them over again. "Want me to get him, Dean-o?"

Dean opened his eyes as his body stilled. The question repeated in his head over and over again but he didn't have an answer. Guilt still gnawed at him, even though he started to realize that Gabriel didn't mind he felt something for his brother.

Gabriel sighed before sitting back up. "Look, Dean, I don't know where this will lead us but I'm pretty confidant that the three of us can make it work. So if you want to then Cas can join us because I have to admit that I wouldn't mind it. My little brother is quite the handsome devil." Gabriel smirked but Dean knew how serious he was.

Dean didn't know what to say so he sat up as well and brought their lips together into a passionate kiss before urging him on to get Castiel before he would regret it.

Gabriel smiled before walking out the bed room. Dean closed his eyes as he laid back down, waiting for the two men to return. He wasn't certain why he was agreeing to it but he had to admit he wanted to so much.

The door opened and his lips parted in anticipation. He didn't dare to open his eyes, afraid that Castiel was there or worse that he wasn't there. Dean felt a familiar hand on his arms and turned to face him.

"You okay?" Gabriel asked in a worried voice.

"Yeah," Dean replied as he nodded his head.

Gabriel smiled before leaning down to kiss Dean. When he sat back up, he noted that Castiel hadn't moved an inch and was watching the two of them kiss. "Let's get Cassie out of his clothes, shall we?" He asked Dean as he nudge over to Castiel.

Dean turned away from Gabriel to face Castie before nodding his head. "Yeah, let's," he said and as if a trance he crawled over to the clothed man. Gabriel was quick to follow and together they undressed Castiel.

Dean licked his lips as he saw more and more of Castiel's skin and shared a look with Gabriel. Who nodded his consent. Once more Dean licked his lips before he carefully took Castiel's lips in a soft kiss.

It was clear to Dean that Castiel was inexperienced in the kissing manner and felt the need to show him how to make it pleasurable. Luckily for him, Castiel was a fast learning and had him weak in the knees within moments.

Their arms encircled each other as they pulled closer. Dean reached next to him to find Gabriel and when he found him he pulled him closer as well. Breaking the kiss with Castiel to kiss Gabriel. When the need for air came up, Dean broke the kiss, panting and watched Gabriel kiss Castiel.

The three of them stood there for a while, just enjoying their kisses. Arms roaming their bodies. Just trying to get to know or re- getting to know each other.

"Shall we move this to the bed?" Gabriel asked from his spot next to the two other men, making them break the kiss their were sharing.

"Yeah," Dean whispered as he let Gabriel guide the two of them to the bed. He laid them down before settling next to Dean who had Castiel on the other side.

For some reason Dean couldn't take his eyes off of Castiel and his body. He could feel Gabriel's hard behind him and pressed back. He heard a drawer open and knew Gabriel had already grabbed the tube of lube.

"Don't take we are gonna last long, are we, Dean-o?" Gabriel whispered into Dean's ear.

"No," Dean admitted and pressed back again. Already wanting Gabriel inside him.

"You best prepare him first," Gabriel noted, knowing this was Castiel's first time and needed a little more preparing.

Dean nodded his head, before coating his fingers with the lube. "It's gonna feel uncomfortable, Cas, but you just need to relax," he told the other man.

"I trust you, Dean," Castiel replied.

The words meant so much more to Dean then he could say and had to swallow the lump that was beginning forming in his throat.

Dean began preparing the other man. First entering with one finger, which he changed to two. He scissored them as he opened Castiel up.

Gabriel had reached over for the lube himself and began preparing Dean as well. "Shit, Dean, you're so tight again," he whispered into Dean's ear before licking the shell before taking an ear lobe between his teeth and bit down.

Dean moaned in obvious pleasure and pressed back against the fingers inside him, silently asking for more. All the time the younger man prepared Castiel and ran his free hand up and down his side.

Gabriel felt Dean was stretched enough but waited till Dean could enter Castiel. When Dean felt Castiel was stretched enough he coaxed his own member before sliding carefully inside with Gabriel helping him.

Castiel moaned at the next sensations filling his body and he urged the other man on. Wanting to experience whatever is was that made him feel this good.

Dean filled Castiel up to the hilt and groaned as Gabriel helped him hook a leg around Castiel's body pushing him even deeper inside. "Fuck," he moaned as he held on to Castiel for dear life and forced himself to stay still. He wanted Gabriel inside him before he continued.

Gabriel seemed to understand his need and was quick to slide inside, also hooking a leg over Dean and sliding deep within the younger man.

The three of them were now joined together and moaning in obvious need. They found a pace together and the silent room filled with moans and groans from the trio. They moved as one. No one knew anymore where one begin and the other ended. It felt as if they were one person and they found a steady pace. Bringing each other closer and closer to their peak.

Gabriel was placing kisses down Dean's spin as his hand found Dean's. Then he brought them together to Castiel's erection and started moving them up and down. Given Castiel more pleasure then he's ever experienced.

Castiel was moaning Dean and Gabriel's names out loud. His senses were in overdrive and knew he wouldn't last long. it took him a few more thrusts before he spilled himself all over Dean and Gabriel's joined hands and his stomach.

Dean was close to follow. The pleasure of having Gabriel inside him, rubbing his prostrate with every thrust and being inside Castiel was enough to send him over the edge and he came hard inside Castiel.

Gabriel felt his lovers orgasm and knew his own was close by. He thrusted twice more before he filled his seed deep inside Dean with a shout.

The three man lay panting, hands running up and down each other's bodies and the rode out their orgasms. It took both Dean and Gabriel a few moments before they were able to pull out of their lovers and when they did the three of them felt a lose.

Castiel was the first to recover and turned around after Dean had left his body. His eyes shown with amazement and Dean couldn't help but capture those lips in a sloppy kiss. He lay there a moment, just running his hands up and down Castiel's side, loving the feeling of Gabriel's hands on his chest and Castiel's on his side before he turned to face Gabriel, whom he also kissed.

"Sleep," Gabriel said when he noticed Dean yawning into the kiss. "We'll talk tomorrow."

Dean nodded his head before turning back to kiss Castiel and then back to Gabriel again to kiss him. Then he settled down with his head on Gabriel's chest and let exhaustion take over and fell asleep.

From that moment on it was the three of them. They were always together and nothing would tear them apart. That was until Mr. Adler turned out to be an angel called Zachariah. For a moment Dean had thought that his relationship with Castiel and Gabriel had been real but when Castiel acted as he'd always had, like a unemotional sack of dicks, the hunter started to realized that it may all have been a joke. A sick cruel joke but a joke none the less.

So Dean didn't talk about it and he'd hoped to bury it deep down with all the rest of his shit yet somehow his time with Castiel and Gabriel would always come back. He would always remembered them and know what it was to have a relationship. It may not have been the relationship he had always thought he wanted but it was his and he had been so very damn happy.

Dean Winchester had never thought himself to be gay but when Zachariah had brought him out of his little playing field Dean had wanted the relationship Dean Smith had with Gabriel and Castiel and he didn't care that they were men or angels in their case.

Castiel had never indicated that he had been more to him then just the guy he'd 'gripped tight and raised from perdition' and Dean had figured Castiel was just another play ting of Zachariah. Someone to plant into his fantasy to get Dean back on the horse.

But now.now that Castiel was sick and Gabriel had answered his prayer he started to think that maybe.just maybe it had been real and maybe just maybe there was a tiny chance that he would get it back.


Chapter 3


"W-w-wait," Sam said as he tried to wrap his mind around what his brother was telling him. "You, Castiel AND Gabriel?"

Dean just nodded his head and let his eyes fall on the unconscious body on the bed. "Yes," he eventually replied. "Me, Castiel and Gabriel."

When he turned back to look at his brother he noticed the unbelieving look he had in his eyes. As if he wasn't buying anything Dean was telling him.

"What can I say, Dean Smith was a closeted gay," he rolled his eyes as he said this.

"Are you gay?" Sam asked carefully not wanting to upset his brother.

Dean took a moment to let the question sink in. He carefully considered what his brother was asking before settling down on a answer. "No," he shook his head. "I mean, I want them but I don't want any other guy."

Sam looked at his brother as if he was nuts but didn't comment on it before continuing his questioning. "You want them?"

"Yeah," Dean sighed as he looked away not daring seeing the disgusted look in his brother's eyes. He was certain that Sam would be against it but didn't dare seeing it. "It's crazy but the two weeks I spend with them were the happiest I've ever been and I don't want to lose it. Not now it may have been real after all."

"Why did you think it wasn't real?" sam asked, wanting to understand what his brother was saying.

"Cas," he simple replied before realizing he had to explain what he meant. "When we got back, Castiel just acted like he always had. Given me orders and vanishing the next moment. I just thought he didn't know what happened between us and figured it was all just a ruse. I mean Gabriel turned out to be the trickster after all."

"You ever asked him about it?" Sam asked before realizing the answer. "Of course you didn't."

"What was there to talk about?" Dean shot at his brother in a defensive manor.

Sam shook his head, knowing how his brother handled things but he wasn't going to comment on it. "So what are you going to do now?"

Dean sighed and looked back at the angel on the bed. "I.I don't know," he admitted in a small voice. "I guess we should focus on curing Cas and then we'll see what happened next."

Sam nodded his head before thinking this over. "Why didn't you call for Gabriel sooner?"

"I just figured he was in on it," Dean sighed and shook his head. "I wasn't thinking straight okay."

"Sorry," Sam replied. "Do you think Gabriel is the archangel?"

Dean sighed again before turning to face his brother. "I don't know, Sam," he told him. "I just about know as much a you do."

"That would mean he has been on earth for a while then," Sam mused out loud.

"I guess," Dean noted. "When we got back I just remembered him as the trickster. He's been screwing us over since the moment we met him. I didn't want to face him and realize it was just his idea of some sick joke."

Before Sam could answer his brother there was a flit her of wings and Gabriel appeared looking distract.

"Gabe?" Dean asked and quickly stood up.

Gabriel didn't answer and just walked to the angel on the bed and sat down. He caressed the unconscious angel's face.

"Do you know what spell Cas' is under?" Dean asked as he got closer to the two angels.

"Yeah," Gabriel answered.

"Are you gonna tell us?" Dean inquired.

"Why should I?" Gabriel shot at him. "You left him, you left us! Why should I tell you anything?"

Dean didn't know what to say but he did get angry. "So I should just let the angels keep screwing with me? Because I've had enough."

"Ah, that's why you've been begging for more."

Dean turned away from the angel, pain filled his heart and he didn't want him to see the tears that were starting to form in his eyes.

"Okay, break up you too," Sam said going to stand between the two of them. "Gabriel, can we help Cas?"

"No," Gabriel replied in a mumble. "The only spell on earth and I don't know how to help my brother."

"How can you help him?" Sam heard the unspoken answer in the angel's words. There was a way to cure him.

"Make him relive the happiest he's ever been," Gabriel answered. "I've known my mate for over 3000 years and I don't even know what was his happiest time.and I can't take him back there."

"Mate?" Dean asked in a small voice from the table but the angel didn't answer him. Just kept staring at his mate on the bed.

Dean, however, stood up and walked over to the two angel's. "Can you create any universe?" He asked the angel as he made him look at him, going to get through to him.

"Of course," Gabriel replied with slight pride in his voice.

"You can create my apartment? I mean, Dean Smith's apartment?"

Gabriel raised an eyebrow not sure where the hunter was going with this. "Yes," he answered carefully.

"Then there's where we have to go," Dean ended with.

"What do you mean, Dean?" Sam asked from the other side of the room, asking the question Gabriel wanted to ask.

Dean didn't turn to face his brother. He just look at Gabriel, trying to convince him. "I may not have known him for that long but I do know that I haven't seen Cas smile as much as I've had those two weeks we were together."

"It's not enough," Gabriel whispered, shaking his head in denial.

"What will happen if it's not?" Dean asked, carefully. Already dreading the answer.

"My mate will die," Gabriel deadpanned. "And I'll die as well."

"What will happen if we don't help him?" Sam asked, knowing his brother didn't dare ask.

Gabriel licked his lips. "We'll die."

Dean started shaking his head, not believing what he was hearing. "I'm certain our time together was his happiest he's ever been."

Gabriel looked at the hunter, slightly hope in his eyes, before nodding his head. "How can you be so certain?"

"Because either way I'm gonna loose you and if there's a chance, I'm fighting for you," Dean told him with truth shining through his eyes.

Gabriel looked away from the hunter and at his mate.

"We were all happy then, weren't we?" Dean probed, hoping his words would be heard by Gabriel.

At those words, Gabriel nodded his head. "We were," he admitted. "If I do this then you have to become Dean Smith because he thinks Dean Winchester hates him."

Dean nodded his head. "No problem."

"It also means soja buggers," Gabriel added.

Dean scrounged his nose up before looking at Castiel. "Fuck, fine, that as well."

"He can't know you know about us. We are humans to you and you don't know anything about the supernatural." All the while Dean odder his head. Yes, he would do all that for Castiel. "No Sasquash, no drunken daddy's."

"Gabe," Dean made the angel look at him as he told his what he wanted. "I'll do it, for Cas, for you."

Gabriel nodded his head before signing to Sam who remained quiet in the corner.

Dean nodded his head as well before turning to his brother. "You better go to Bobby's or something."

"You sure you want to do this?" sam asked concerned.

"I have to, Sammy," Dean replied and Sam noticed the truth in his eyes. This was his chance to fight for the one thing he wanted to have and he would take it. Sam appreciated that fact because he would have done the same.

"Okay, yeah, uh, I'll go to Bobby's," Sam took a moment to gather his thought. "We'll meet up there?" He asked.

Dean nodded his head. "Yeah, as soon as we've saved Cas," he told his brother with a smile. Deep in his heart he knew that they would be able to save Castiel but he still had doubts. Which he knew he had to hid far inside himself.

Sam, once more, nodded his head before gathering his things.

"You better take this as well," Dean said to his brother before handing him his amulet. "Dean Smith doesn't have weird amulets."

Sam took the amulet from his brother and put it around his neck. When he was certain he had gathered his own and his brother's things he left his brother alone with the two angels.

"So, how are we going to do this?" Dean asked after a moment of silence.

Gabriel thought a moment before he answered. "We have to move him somewhere else where I can recreate the apartment."

"Okay," Before Dean could say anything else the three of them disappeared and reappeared in an abounded warehouse. "Shit," Dean said as he tried to steady himself. "Never going to get used to that."

When he looked up again he noticed that the room had changed into Dean Smith's apartment. "So, how are we going to do this?" He asked after Gabriel laid Castiel down on the bed and turned to face the hunter.

"Just, keep appearances up as much as we can. Make him as happy as he was during the time we were together."

"And when it's not enough, I'm losing both of you again." Dean mused out loud before shaking his head. "If you two survive this, then we'll talk about it."

Gabriel nodded his head. "Yeah," he agreed.

"What does it mean by the way," Dean asked curiously.


"Being mates?"

For the first time Gabriel smiled since he arrived. "It means that we belong together."

"Were you mated when we were together?" Dean asked carefully.

"It happened when we were together," Gabriel explain. "After the three us of had been together the first time both, Castiel and I, needed to mate. We decided it best to mate with each other since you, or Dean Smith, wouldn't know what it meant."

"Did you want to mate with me?"

"Yeah," Gabriel admitted. "We both did but we also knew you weren't ready. You wouldn't be able to comprehend what it meant."

"So what does it mean?"

"It means every fibre of our being is connected with each other. We exists only for each other."

"And how would I fit in?" Dean figured that since they were mated they didn't need another with them.

"We haven't completed our bond. We waited till it was time for you to join us," Gabriel admitted. "We wanted you with us, we still want you."

Dean licked his lips as he looked away. "I thought it was just some cruel joke the angels played on me. I didn't dare think the two of you would be interested in me."

"We were, we are," Gabriel told him and took a step forward to give Dean a gentle kiss. "If we do this, we all need to be back at the place we were."

"Yeah, yes," Dean swallowed the lump in his throat before nodding his head. "Okay, best time to start is probably when I get back from work. This way I'll be with him the most."

"Good thinking," Gabriel remarked. "Always knew you were smarter than you look."


"Oh and we need to do something about your attire."

Dean looked down at his clothes before realizing the angel was right. If he was going to be Dean Smith he needed to look the part and Dean Smith always wore suits on work days.

"Fine," Dean sighed and felt a breeze against his skin as the angel changed his clothes.

"Always thought you looked good in a suit," he hinted as he wriggled his eyebrows.

Dean could feel a blush coming on and turned away. "Right, so, uhm, where will you be?"

"Well, that's for me to know and you to find out," Gabriel smirked at the younger man. "You didn't knew where I went before so you won't know now."

"True," Dean admitted before glancing over at Castiel who was still unconscious on the bed. "So, let's do this."


Chapter 4


"Gabe? Cas?" Dean called out into the empty apartment as he opened the door. "You guys home?"

He closed the door behind him and walked inside. "Cas, you home?" He asked and made sure to check the bedroom. Castiel hadn't felt well this morning and maybe he'd gone to get some sleep.

"Cas?" He asked again as he noticed the other man on the bed. He checked his forehead before wearing slightly. "Shit, you weren't this hot this morning."

"Dean?" Castiel asked softly as if he didn't believe Dean was really there.

"Hey Sleepy Head," Dean replied just as soft. "Why didn't you call me when you got worse?"

"Didn't want to trouble you."

"You will never trouble me," Dean admitted and went to lay down next to the other man. "Don't you know you mean everything to me?"

Castiel didn't reply, just closed his eyes and enjoyed the closeness of the other man.

"I should get some pills into you," Dean observed.

"Stay," Castiel commanded and tried to pull the other man close but was too weak.

"I'll just be gone for a second."

"No," Castiel murmured.

"Guess I can wait till Gabe get's here," Dean said out loud.

"Gabe?" Castiel asked, wanting the other man with them.

"Someone called for me?" A voice asked from the bedroom door.

"Just in time," Dean answered and smiled at the older man. "Come, take my place so I can get sick boy some pills."

"What and get all the germs on me? Nooooooo waaaaaay," Gabriel replied with a smirk. "I'll get the pills."

"Really?" Dean raised an eyebrow. "Do you even know what pills he need?"

"Uhmm.the blue ones?"

"Yes, if you want to kill him," Dean deadpanned. The blue pills weren't deadly but Gabriel didn't know that.

"Fine," Gabriel sighed dramatically and took Dean's place. "What have you done, little brother?" He asked worriedly.

"Gabe?" Castiel asked and pulled the other man close. His eyes were unfocused but they tried to fall on his brother.

Dean had made his way to the bathroom to get the required pills and a glass of water. When he returned he noticed the two brothers curled up together. He smiled before walking around the bed and help Castiel swallow a few pills but he spit them back out again.

"Come on Cas, you need them to feel better," Dean urged before looking at Gabriel, concern shining in his eyes.

"No, no, no," Castiel whispered and pulled into Gabriel.

"Come on, Cassie, you need them to get better," Gabriel urged his brother as he gently moved his hands up and down his brother's back.

"No," Castiel whispered again before looking at his brother and then nodded his head.

"Here, Cas," Dean said and helped him with the pills and waited for him to swallow them before he sat the glass on the nightstand. Then he went to lay down on the other side of Castiel and wrapped his arms around them.

"How was work?" Gabriel asked from the other side of Castiel.

Dean smiled but Gabriel wasn't able to see that. "I quit," he replied.

"What?!" Gabriel asked, his voice rising a little higher than he would have liked.

"Mr. Adler came to speak to me today and what he said kind of made me realize something," Dean told them.

"That you are an idiot?"

Dean laughed out loud. "Maybe," he admitted. "I told you about this Sam Wesson guy right?" He waited a moment for the older man to respond before he continued. "We killed this ghost and that was fun. It also made me realize that I don't want to spend my life behind a desk kissing Mr. Adler's ass."

"Oh man, please tell me you said that to him?" Gabriel hoped from the other side.

"No," Dean replied. "I told him, politely, I might add, that this job just wasn't for me."

"Well, I keep telling you that but you were obsessed with work," Gabriel said and lifted his head to look at the younger man.

"I am, I mean I was," Dean admitted. "Which is why I quit. I don't want to become a workaholic, I want to leave my work behind when I get home and lay in bed with my two perfect men."

"Keep flattering us, It's good for my ego," Gabriel replied with a smirk before laying back down and cradling Castiel's head under his chin. "What are you gonna do now?"

"Well, first I'm gonna stay home to make sure Cas is better again but I'll find something else to do. Haven't really thought that far yet."

"Really? Dean Smith not knowing what he's going to do? Call the paper! Alert the media!"

"Wise ass," Dean smacked the other on his arm as it was all he could reach. "Didn't know his fever had gotten this bad." He admitted after a moment of silence.

"Neither did I," Gabriel admitted. "He was only warm to the touch this morning and now he's practically boiling."

"I hope the pills will start working soon," Dean said and closed his eyes for a moment.

"Yeah," Gabriel whispered and turned his head away.

A silence fell over the room as both Gabriel and Dean listened to the man between them sleeping silently. The pills Dean had given him made him drowsy and had fallen asleep during their talk.

"Please get better, Cas," Dean softly whispered against the other man's neck. "It hurts me seeing you like this."

Gabriel had heard the younger man and reach over to clasp their hands together. "He's going to be fine," he promised. Of course he wasn't certain but he had to believe Castiel would be fine. It was just a fever after all.


A few days later had Gabriel and Dean laying in the same situation with Castiel between them. "He's getting worse," Dean stated as he checked the unconscious man's forehead.

"I know," Gabriel only replied before sighing. "I wish there was something more we could do."

"Yeah, me too," Dean admitted.

During the last few days Castiel's fever had gotten worse. Often he was mumbling that Dean was the 'wrong Dean', ailing in his confusion. Dean had just reassured the other man that he was there with him and wouldn't leave, that seemed to settle Castiel down but had the two other men more concerned. They had even called in a doctor but he wasn't able to tell them much.

They just had to wait the fever out, try to get his temperature back. Get some fluids in him because he was becoming dehydrated.

Dean was glad that he didn't have to take care of Castiel alone. He was sure he would have screwed it all up. There were times when Dean would start panicking, almost to the point of having a panic attack, whenever Castiel would be worse for wear but Gabriel was always there with them. Calming the both of them down. Helping both, Castiel and Dean, settle down. Dean couldn't imaging what would happen if Gabriel wasn't there for the two of them.

Dean felt so lucky he was with these two perfect men. He didn't know why he had deserved them but he didn't question it. From the first moment he had saw Castiel he had been sold. Sure the staring had been creepy but he had to admit that it also felt him special. Never before had anyone looked at him like that. Like he was someone's entire world and it made him feel all tingly inside.

When Gabriel had introduced himself as the staring man's brother, Dean first thought that Castiel had send him but turned out that wasn't the case. Gabriel had wanted to come over and explain his brother to him, to talk to him. Again Dean felt special someone had taken enough interest in him to talk to him.

Sure, Dean had a few men interested in him during his thirty years on this beautiful earth but it was mostly just because apparently he had a handsome face though he didn't himself see it. Not to mention he never dared dating guys before he met Gabriel and Castiel.

Although he had come out to his parents after college, told them that he was more interested in guys than he was girls. They had been supportive, even his sister had been.

"Always knew I was more manly than you," she had told him with a smile, showing Dean she accepted him no matter what and that had meant more to Dean than any other words she could have said.

Though he had started dating a few guys, he had never brought them home to meet his parents. It never lasted longer than a week so why would he go through all that trouble?

But with Castiel and Gabriel, it was different. He wanted them in his life. He wanted them to meet his parents and sister. For his parents to accept them, in him in turn, for now he didn't only have one man but two.

They were amazing. Have always supported him like no one else has ever. They accepted his decisions and never complained when he wanted something they didn't. They just accepted him. He knew that whenever he wanted to work late they never agreed to it but they accepted it as something Dean needed to do.

Of course, that had just made Dean realize that he didn't want to work late. He wanted to go home after working for 8, sometimes 9, hours a day and relax. Watch a movie with his two boyfriends or even having sex.

The sex was another thing he really, and he meant really, enjoyed. Though he had been with a few men before he met them, nothing compared to what Gabriel had made him feel the first time they were together. Gabriel just seemed to know his entire body and knew which spots turned him on and had him melt in his hands.

Castiel was different though. It was obvious to Dean that Castiel had never been with a man before, never even been with a woman either, but luckily he was a quick learned and picked up everything within seconds. Also precisely knowing what would turn Dean on and often used it against him.

Dean felt himself smile as he he thought of Castiel. Castiel never asked for sex with words. It seemed as if he didn't know how to form the question. What he would do is kiss Dean on the spot where neck met shoulder, then he would gently suck it before leaving a trail of kisses to Dean's mouth which he would devour. All the while his hands would wrap around the taller man's body and draw circles on his back.

Dean would always knew that this meant Castiel wanted more then just making out or kissing. It also turned Dean on like nothing else. Especially when Castiel would do the exact same thing to Gabriel. The three of them would then hasten to the bed and make sweet love to one another.

Dean could feel himself harden as he remembered all the things they did before Castiel became sick and felt angry at himself. How could his body respond to this? His boyfriend was laying unconsciously on the bed, the doctor himself wasn't sure why he was reacting like this and Dean wanted to have sex with him?

He tried to will his body to relax. Ashamed at his body's reactions to his thoughts. He shouldn't focus on himself but on Castiel. First Castiel had to become better before he should even think about these things.

But his bodies was responding. He remained hard and begging for release. After sighing he climbed out of bed muttering to Gabriel that he would take shower. "A cold one," he added softly, hoping Gabriel wouldn't hear him.

Gabriel noticed how Dean was walking, as if he was hurt. He cocked his head and realize that Dean had a slight problem between his legs. Knowing Dean, he probably felt guilty about this. His decision was quick, he got up out of the bed but not before making sure Castiel would know he was still with him and followed Dean into the shower.

Dean had undressed and stood under the cold spray. His fists balled together and leaning against the shower wall. His head was turned towards the floor and his eyes were closed. Anger surged through him, he was angry at himself for his member wouldn't soften and he hated himself for it. The cold water didn't seem to help and it angered him. He was so lost in thought that he hadn't heard the shower cabin open or felt Gabriel joining him or the warm water that was now hitting him.

It wasn't until he felt arms sneak around his body that he realize wasn't alone. "Gabe?" He asked confused.

Ever since Castiel had been sick they hadn't done any of these activities, neither wanting to because their other boyfriend lay unconscious on the bed. It wasn't as if they hadn't been together since the three were together but now it just didn't feel right. Why should they enjoy themselves when Castiel couldn't?

"Shh." Gabriel whispered against his shoulder before placing a soft kiss against it.

"Shouldn't you take care of Cas?" Dean asked. Ever since Castiel had gotten sick they hadn't left him alone. Always one of them would be there with him.

"Castiel isn't the only boyfriend I need to take care of," Gabriel whispered before turning the taller man around and kissing him softly.

The kiss was gentle, searching. As if they were trying to relearn each other's mouths. Arms encircled each other pulling them close. Dean moaned when felt Gabriel's own hardening hardness against him. It was only now that he realized how much he wanted this.

Gabriel broke the kiss before he started making a trail of kissing down Dean's chest. He knew his boyfriend wasn't going to last long, so he didn't stop to play with the pink nubs and went straight for his destination. He sat down on his knees and licked his lips as he stared at his price.

Slowly he wrapped his lips around Dean's hard cock and let it slip into his mouth.

Dean moaned at the first touch and bucked his hips when he slipped inside. His hands found their way into Gabriel's hair and helped him bopping his head.

The younger man knew he wasn't going to last long. The stress and excitement of the past few days were taking it's toll on him. The pleasure was too much and he felt himself spill inside Gabriel's mouth who eagerly swallowed it all.

When Gabriel was sure he got it all he stood back up. "Really not good for my knees," he moaned as he stood.

"You're getting old, old man," Dean replied before guiding him to his mouth. "I love you anyway," he said after pulling away form the kiss.

"You okay?" He asked after studying his younger lover.

"Yeah," Dean replied before letting his hands run down and take Gabriel in hand. "Just worried about Cas, you know?"

"Yeah," Gabriel replied before closing his eyes as he let Dean pleasure him. He also wasn't able to last long and spilled between them. He opened his eyes again to study his boyfriend.

"Don't feel guilty for this, Dean," the older man told Dean when he noticed the guilty, haunted look in the green orbs. "It's okay."

"I know," Dean admitted before sighing and pulling the older man closer. "It's just not fair to Cas, he can't join us."

"When he's better, he will," Gabriel promised before turning his head up to kiss Dean. "And he will get better."

Dean only nodded his head. He knew that Gabriel was just trying to reassure the both of them but there was no guarantee Castiel would get better but he also knew that they had to keep hoping because Dean wasn't sure what he was going to do without either of them.

"Come, let me wash your back," Gabriel said after a moment of silence before helping Dean turn around and started washing his back. "Let me take care of you."

"You already take care of the both of us," Dean admitted.

"Well, I enjoy taking care of you, so let me," Gabriel replied with a shrug that Dean didn't see.

"Always," Dean replied as he let Gabriel take care of him. First Gabriel washed his back, before turning to his front. When the older man was certain the younger man was all clean he let him leave the shower.

Gabriel made quick to clean himself before also leaving the warm water and stepped into the cold air of the bathroom. Quickly the two men were dressed and went back to Castiel.

"I'll make us some dinner," Gabriel said when Dean climbed into bed with Castiel.

"Okay," Dean replied before taking Castiel into his arms. "We'll be right here, won't we Cas?" Dean asked the other man on the bed.

"Yeah," Castiel answered before opening his eyes.

"Cas?" Dean asked and sat up to look at the other man's face. Although his eyes were half open they were still open. "Gabe?!" Dean yelled when he noticed the older man had already left the bedroom.

"Dean," Castiel replied and turned his head to look at the green orbs he loved so much.

"Dean? What's wrong?" Gabriel quickly hurried back into the bedroom and went to the other side of Castiel.

"Gab-ri-el," Castiel whispered and turned to face the older man.

"Cas?" Gabriel asked, unshed tears in his eyes. "You okay?" He asked before siting down and checking the other man's forehead.

"Yeah," Castiel replied before turning back to Dean. "Dean.?" He asked but Dean wasn't sure what the other man was asking.

"I'm here Cas," Dean replied and took hold of Castiel's hand and enlaced their fingers together.

Before Castiel could say anything else, he started to yawn and turned his head to Gabriel. "You should get some sleep, little brother," Gabriel told him with a gentle tone.

"Stay," Castiel ordered before nodding his head and closing his eyes. Already on his way to dreamland.

"We'll stay," Dean answered and pulled the sleeping man closer to his body and noted Gabriel doing the same on the other side. "We're right here."

The next morning, Dean woke up to soft singing and realized it was Gabriel. He remained silent as he listened to the unfamiliar lullaby the older man was singing. The words were unfamiliar to him but he couldn't help but feel happy when he listened to the song.

Gabriel's voice died away when he hit the last note and Dean remained silent for a few more seconds, just enjoying the comfortable silence of the room. "What song was that?" He asked Gabriel after a few moments.

Gabriel hadn't noticed Dean was awake and jumped a little at the question. He made sure he hadn't disturbed Castiel's rest before answering Dean. "It was a song my older brother taught me," he answered. "Before he rebelled against the family and was cast out."

Both, Gabriel and Castiel, hadn't said much about their family but Dean knew something bad had happened. He just wasn't sure what it was.

"What's it about?" He inquired.

"About a little angel trying to fly," Gabriel answered with a smile. "There are four archangels. Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel."

"Which you are named after," Dean said with a smile. He knew the two men were named after religious angels, they had said as much back when they first met.

"Yes," Gabriel admitted before continuing. "Michael and Lucifer were taught everything by their father but the younger two had to by taught by Michael and Lucifer. Michael would teach Raphael and Lucifer taught Gabriel. The song is how Lucifer taught Gabriel to fly for the first time."

"What did he do?"

Gabriel gave a sad smile which Dean couldn't see before he answered the question. "Well, Lucifer first showed Gabriel how to stretch his wings and then how to use them."

"Sounds boring," Dean admitted.

"It wasn't," Gabriel replied before quickly continuing. "The song tells how Gabriel failed the first few tries but Lucifer would always encourage him. There's a verse where Lucifer took Gabriel onto his back as he flew before Gabriel realized what he had to do and flew off his brother's back and out into the world."

"So, Lucifer was a good brother to Gabriel?" Dean asked after slight hesitation.

"He was," Gabriel admitted. "I mean, all the songs tells us so."

"What language was it in?"

"Enochian," Gabriel admitted. "The languages of the angels."

"Damn, I always knew you were religious I just never knew it was this bad."

Gabriel shrugged before answering. "One of the reasons I left," was all he said before he stood up.
"Time for breakfast." He said firmly and Dean knew this discussion was closed.

There was a lot Dean still didn't know about the two brothers and yet he didn't mind so much. He knew that when they were ready they would tell him.

Gabriel was quick in dressing himself before he walked back to the bed and kissed Castiel's forehead before giving Dean a kiss himself and then left the room.

Dean sighed and settled back into the sleeping man. "What am I going to do with the two of you?" Dean asked the sleeping man and pressed a soft kiss against his shoulder.

"Dean?" Castiel asked groggily as he woke up.

"Morning sleepy head," Dean said and gave Castiel a quick kiss.

Castiel raised his hand and wrapped them into Dean's hair and deepened the kiss.

Dean moaned into the kiss and rearranged himself so he was on top of the other man. Their kiss became more passionate the longer it continued and Dean had to break the kiss to get some much needing air into his burning lungs.

One of Castiel's hands had landed on Dean's bottoms and started kneading it and Dean could feel himself hardening as he looked down at the man beneath him.

"Cas?" He asked uncertain.

The shorter man had been sick these past few days and Dean wasn't sure what he wanted.

"Dean," Castiel replied with need in his voice. He wanted Dean so much right now but his body wasn't responding to what he wanted.

Dean seemed to released what was wrong as he pressed his lower region against Castiel's and noted he wasn't responding to the stimuli. "You're still not well, Cas, you cannot force things." he told the younger man before giving him a gentle kiss.

"No." Castiel moaned. "Want."

Dean wasn't sure what the other man was asking of him but luckily for him Gabriel knew. Gabriel had been watching them for the open door and knew what Castiel wanted.

In the mean time, Dean had sat back up. Removing his weight from Castiel as he looked down, trying to figure out what the other man wanted. It was then that he felt two arms wrap themselves around him. "Fuck, Gabe," Dean jumped before relaxing back against the older man.

"You know what Cassie wants, Dean-o?" Gabriel asked into the younger man's ear and let his hands start running under Dean's shirt.

Dean shook his head as his eyes fell close. "No," he replied. "What does he want?" His voice was deep, laced with lust and his throat felt dry.

"He wants to watch," Gabriel whispered into Dean's ear before licking the shell and taking his earlobe between his teeth. "Don't you, Cassie?" He asked as his eyes locked with Castiel's.

"Dean, Gab—bri—el", Castiel moaned as he tried to reach up to touch the other men but his arms wouldn't move. He was too weak.

"That's what you want, isn't it Castiel?" Gabriel continued. "You like watching us, don't you?"

The man on the bed was nodding his head feverishly and continued to watch the two men in front of him.

"Turns him right on, doesn't it?" Gabriel continued as he removed Dean's shirt.

Dean had been looking at Castiel and was fascinated with his reaction. He knew Castiel liked to watch, how could he not with all the staring he had been doing during their time, but hadn't realized this would be something he wanted to see now. Castiel was still sick after all. Sure his fever was going down but that didn't mean he was out of the woods yet.

Castiel was following Gabriel's movement on Dean's chest with his eyes. Loving these two men in front of him and it clearly showed from his eyes he was certain.

Dean had closed his eyes when Gabriel started playing with one of his nipples and threw his head back when the older man started biting, licking and sucking his neck. He was always amazed how easily Gabriel could turn him into pudding in his hands.

He groaned in disappointment when Gabriel stepped away from him but then helped him stand up as well and removed the rest of his clothes. The garments were removed one piece at a time, fully intended to give Castiel a striptease show which he seemed to enjoy.

"Help me," Gabriel said to Dean and together they undressed Castiel. Dean noted that Castiel hadn't responded yet but he knew this was turning him on. Maybe his body was still to weak to respond. It didn't matter though. Gabriel and Dean would give Castiel what he wanted, what he needed.

When Castiel was completed naked, Dean took his position on top of Castiel again. This way Castiel didn't have to move around much and strain his weakened body more. Once Dean was back in position, Gabriel was behind him again and continuing his exploration of the younger man's chest.

Dean kept his eyes on Castiel, hoping this was giving him as much pleasure as he was receiving. Gabriel had wrapped one of his hands around him and softly started pumping, it wasn't enough to get him off but it was nice and very pleasurable. He let his head fall back against Gabriel's shoulder but kept his eyes on Castiel.

His breathing became in pants and that's when Gabriel knew he should moved things forward. He already had gotten the tube off lube and started preparing Dean carefully. His movements were carefully, so Castiel could see everything he was doing and that thought turned all of them on even more.

Once Gabriel was certain Dean was prepared enough he slid inside and bit down on Dean's shoulder to bit back a groan.

Dean felt Gabriel fill him up and sighed in relief. He really, and he meant really, enjoyed it when Gabriel was inside him and refelled in the sensation. He opened his eyes when he realized he had closed them and looked down at Castiel.

"This is what you want, Cas?" Dean asked hotly as his body started to move in time with Gabriel's thrusts. "Is this what you enjoy?"

Castiel was feverishly nodding his head and biting his lower lip. This was indeed what he wanted, what he had needed. He had been in the dark for the past few days, though to him it had felt weeks maybe even months, and Gabriel and Dean brought light to him. To see them together like this was all he wanted. The two of them shone brightly and he refelled in their light.

Dean reached out and took hold of Castiel's hand which he guided to his straining cock and wrapped the limb fingers around him and started to move their joined hands up and down. Again, Dean closed his eyes and moaned out loud.

Gabriel was panting in to his ear and Dean knew the small bites on his neck were to keep him from moaning. They would leave a mark but Dean never minded. He actually enjoyed them. It made him feel like he belonged to the older man and that thought excited him.

Dean leaned down on his arms to take Castiel's lips into a passionate kiss. He moaned into the kiss as his pleasure spot was hit with every thrust and Dean didn't know how much longer he was going to last but then he felt something. Something moving between his legs. He broke the kiss and looked down. He noticed that Castiel was responding to their coupling. He reached behind him to stop Gabriel's moving.

Gabriel honored his request but had to will himself to stop moving. He bit Dean's neck before he was able to stop. "Dean?" He asked in confusion.

Dean made them move back a little and that's when Gabriel notice. A smile started playing on his lips and he gentle pulled out of Dean.

"What do we have here," he said as he reached over to take Castiel's hard cock into his hands and slowly started pumping it.

"Gab." was all Castiel could say as moans and groans escaped his mouth.

"You're not going to last long, are you Cassie?" Gabriel asked after a moment already knowing the answer.

The younger man was against feverishly shaken his head and both Dean and Gabriel made the same decision.

"You ride him," Gabriel whispered into Dean's ear. It seemed the most logical decision since Dean was already prepared.

Dean nodded and let Gabriel help him move into place. With one quick movement he had Castiel buried deep inside him and he sighed in relief and being filled once more.

Gabriel moved to lay down next to Castiel and took hold of both Dean's and Castiel's hands who he wrapped around his own hard leaking member. Dean nodded his head and started to move their joined hands up and down Gabriel's cock before started lifting himself up and down on Castiel's.

The three man moaned in unison as they found a steady pace. It didn't take Castiel long before he came spilling inside Dean. Dean stopped moving and looked down at the man beneath him. Castiel eyes were closed and Dean noticed he was falling asleep.

Smiling down at the man, Dean slowly let him leave his body. He noticed Gabriel was still pumping himself and thought to surprise him since his eyes were closed. He lifted himself up and straddling Gabriel's hips before letting him slide in with one precise movement.

"Holy Fuck, Dean," Gabriel moaned as he slide inside the younger man. He hadn't expected the younger man to do this.

Dean only smirked down at the man beneath him and started raising himself up before letting him sit down again.

"Cas asleep?" Gabriel asked before a moan escaped him.

"Yeah," Dean nodded his head. "Think it was too much for him."

"You've worn him out," Gabriel replied with a smirk of his own. "Think you can wear me out?"

"I might," Dean smirked down at the older man.

Gabriel had raised his hands and was as siting Dean as they found a pace the both of them enjoyed. "Shit, this is even hotter than you riding Cas," the older man admitted with a moan.

"Have to admit, I'm enjoying the view from up here," Dean smirked again. "Besides, this time I can torment you."

"You're becoming way too good at that," Gabriel admitted with a deep groan.

"I've had an excellent teacher," Dean replied as he started moving faster, feelings his orgasm start up. Gabriel beat him to it and climaxed deep inside the younger man. Dean milked him for as long as he could before climaxing all between their bodies.

Dean raised his hips to let Gabriel slide out before collapsing on top of him. "'m not to heavy, am I?" He slurred as if he was drunk.

"No," Gabriel replied and wrapped his arms around the younger man. "Just the perfect weight."

Dean smiled into the older man's chest but didn't reply.

"We should really do this again," Gabriel mused after a moment of silence.

"What?" Dean asked after he turned his head and rested it on Gabriel's chest. "Me riding you?"

"Yeah, I enjoyed seeing you loose yourself."

"As did I," Dean admitted. "You think Cas enjoyed it as well?"

Gabriel turned his head so he could look at the sleeping man beside them. "I'm sure he did."

The two men laid silently together, enjoying the silence and listening to each other's breathing. "We never do this do we?" Gabriel asked after a moment.

"Do what?" Dean mumbled.

"Well, it's always the same, isn't it?"

"Gabe, what the hell are you talking about?"

"It's always me topping you and you topping Cassie, we never change things around."

"No, but we like what we do," Dean answer before lifting his head so he could look at the older man. "Don't we?"

"Yeah," Gabriel was quick to assure the younger man. "We do but maybe we should also change things around."

"We can," Dean said before shrugging his shoulders. "I mean I enjoy the sex as it is but I can't say I sometimes imagine what it's like to top but I always figured you didn't want to."

Gabriel shrugged his shoulders as well. "I don't, I just," Gabriel trailed off as he look away. "I guess if you or Cas wanted to top I'll do it. For the two of you."

Dean wasn't sure what to say but he knew this was a big step for Gabriel. He leaned up and kissed him, letting him know how much he appreciated it before he laid back down.

The next morning Gabriel woke Dean up by moving out from under him. "Wh're you goin'?" He slurred as he moved to settle next to Castiel who was also still sleeping.

"Work," Gabriel replied as he got out of bed. "Be back soon." He said before dressing and then leaving the bedroom.

Dean had fallen asleep again and woke up a few hours later. He checked Castiel and noticed he was still asleep before climbing out of bed and taking a shower. He returned to the bedroom and dressed not noticing the small box that fell on the floor.

"What's that?" Castiel asked as he pointed to the small box that had fallen on the floor.

Dean jumped slightly at the voice not noticing Castiel was awake. When he looked down to see what the other man was pointing at he blushed and quickly picked it up. "It's nothing."

"Dean?" Castiel asked from the bed.

Dean sighed and turned to face Castiel. He held out the small box and gave it to Castiel who opened the box and saw three rings in side.

"Dean?" He asked again, not knowing what it meant.

"I wasn't gonna do this while you were sick." He shook his head as he started pacing.

Castiel knew Dean enough to know that he needed to work things out before he would explain himself so he patiently waited for Dean to continue.

"You know this guy I met, at work? Sam Wesson?" Dean eventually asked.

"The guy that hit on you in the elevator?" He asked and Dean nodded. "You've mentioned him," Castiel replied carefully.

"Well, we, uh, hunted this ghost together, right?" Dean waited a moment for Castiel's reaction when he just received a nod he continued. "Sam thought we should continue this hunting thing. We would drive across the country and hunting any ghost we could find. Be like the ghost facers." Dean smiled at the thought. Those two guys had really taught him and Sam everything they knew.

"But?" Castiel continue.

"I couldn't do that," Dean admitted. "I wasn't planning on leaving you and Gabe. So I gave him some crappy lie about health insurance and told him I wasn't interested."

"So what happened next?" Castiel cautiously inquired.

"Well, I went back home to you guys, made love to you and the next morning I was back at work. Mr. Adler came in and offered me a raise and the next ten years of my life taped out. It was everything I had worked for." Dean sighed as he shook his head. "I told him I quit."

"Why would you do that?"

Dean had stopped pacing and kneeled down next to the bed Castiel was lying on. "Because I didn't want it anymore."

"Why not?"

"I don't think I ever really wanted it. I think I just thought I wanted it because it was expected off me. Not by my parents but everyone else around me and I thought I live up to it.But you and Gabe made me realize this isn't the life I wanted." Dean took hold of Castiel's hand. "You and Gabriel, you guys mean everything to me. Even though we just know each other for four weeks, I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with the two of you.

"You and Gabe made me realize that I wanted something else in life. Did you know that I have't seen my parent for over 6 months?"

Castiel shook his head. No, he hadn't known that.

"I haven't seen my sister for over 8 months. You guys made me realize that this isn't the life I want. I want to spend time with my parents and my sister. I want to be able to go over and see them whenever I wanted and not have half a continent between us."

"You planned on moving back home?" Castiel realized.

"I wanted to discuss this with you and Gabe first but yeah, if the three of us agreed I would have liked to move back home," Dean admitted. "Maybe work in my mother's bar."

"Your mother has a bar?" Castiel inquired. Dean hadn't spoken about his parents much.

"Yeah, Harvelle's," Dean answered with a smile. "It's my mother's maiden name." He added knowing Castiel wondered why it was named like that.

"Anyway, I was waiting for you to get better till I discuss this with you and Gabriel."

"But this doesn't explain the rings."

"I, uh," Dean looked away for a moment trying to gather his nerves before turning back. "I wanted Gabe here for this."

"Dean, you're worrying me."

"No, I mean.shit, Cas. It's not bad.I think," Dean looked away again before continuing. "It's like I said, you and Gabe, you guys mean everything to me. I can't imagine my life without you. You guys make me happy and I feel like the luckiest man on the planet to know I have don't have just one but two of the most perfect men with me."

Dean shook his head with a tiny laugh before continuing. "Since the moment I met you I knew that this was it. You make me feel so special so comfortable in my own skin and I just can't imagine what life would be without you or Gabriel in it."

Dean smiled as he stared deep into Castiel's blue eyes. "Okay, what I've been trying to say is. Castiel, will you marry me?"

Castiel looked at Dean as if he didn't understand the question but luckily he didn't need to answer as Gabriel burst in. "What? Popping the question without me?" He grinned at the two shocked man on the bed.

Dean just shrugged his shoulders. "You were't here," he replied.

"Well, I'm here now," Gabriel grinned, his eyes shining in delight.

"I'm not going to repeat the entire thing," Dean replied. "But Gabriel, will you marry me as well?"

"Of course I do!" Gabriel shrieked like a little girl and kissed Dean before turning to Castiel who was staring at them as if they lost their mind.

"Well, one man down, one to go," Dean said and turned back to face Castiel. "Cas? You're making me nervous here."

Castiel was still staring at Dean as if he didn't understand the question. "Think Cassie has troubles processing what you just asked him, Dean-o." Gabriel shared a look with Dean, asking him to give them a moment.

"Cassie," Gabriel said softly as he walked around the bed and sat down on opposite side of Dean. "Dean asked you to marry him, you know what that means don't you?"

Castiel shook his head and Gabriel sighed. "Shit, never knew no one would explain the simple context to the younger siblings." He said and made the other man look at him.

"He's asking you to bond with him," he stated and this time recognition fell over his face before a smile started forming on his face and he turned back to face Dean, who was silently fidgeting in his seat.

"Yes, Dean, I'll 'marry' you," Castiel replied making Dean smile brightly before kissing him gently.

"What about me? I wanna join in the fun" Gabriel asked as he joined in the kissing. First he brought Dean's lips to his own and gave him a passionate filled kiss. Before he turned to Castiel. He first caressed his check then brought their lips together as well. Their kiss was gently, cautious of the sick man. Knowing shouldn't be able to strain himself to much but also knowing what his limit was.

"The two of you are my life as well, I wouldn't know what to do without you," Gabriel replied after he broke the kiss with Castiel.

"You heard?" Dean asked, knowing those were his words and Gabriel just nodded his head with a smirk on his face. "Well, saves me from repeating myself." Dean said with shrug of his shoulders before the three of them settled down together on the bed.

The three men lay their for a moment before Castiel started convulsing. "Cas?" the two other men asked worriedly.

"Gabe, what's happening?" Dean asked worry shining through his face.

"I don't know," Gabriel replied as the two men waited for Castiel to stop convulsing.

The convulsions lasted for ten minutes before Castiel went limp. Gabriel checked his forehead for any signs but found nothing. Just as he removed his hand Castiel's eyes opened. "Cas?" He asked in a soft voice, not wanting to scare or upset his younger bother.

"Gabriel?" Castiel asked confused before looking around. "What's happening?"

It was then that Gabriel realized Castiel was back to himself again. "You okay, little brother?"

"Yes," Castiel replied before he stood up. "What's going on?"

"Do you remember what has happened to you?" Gabriel asked curiously.

Castiel took a moment to think about the last past days before answering, "I was cursed?"

"Yes," Gabriel nodded his head. "Do you remember what curse it was?"

Again Castiel thought about it before answering. "The True Happiness Curse?"

"Yes," Gabriel answered again. "Do you remember who cursed you?"

Castiel shook his head. "It's a little hazy," he answered. "You helped cure me?"

"Of course we did, Little Brother," he said and pointed over to Dean who had been silent the entire time.

"Dean?" Castiel cocked his head as he studied the other man as if he didn't know who he was. Dean was looking at him with hope even love.Normally Dean Winchester wouldn't look at him like that. That look was only reserved for him by Dean Smith. It was then that he realized that Dean had been playing a role help him. "You helped cure me as well?" he asked carefully.

"Yeah, of course, Cas," Dean answered immediately.

"Thank you," Castiel replied stoically. "I appreciate your help."

Dean gave Castiel a confused look before looking over to Gabriel who was shaking his head.

"I think it's time for that talk now, Dean-o," Gabriel said and nodded to Castiel.

Dean realized that Castiel didn't believe he was actually genuine in his actions. Maybe the both of them had been making a mistake when Zachariah pulled him and his brother out of the world he pulled up. They had both been had feared the other's feelings weren't true and their fears had just taken a worse for the wear.

"Yeah," Dean nodded his head and stood up. Before looking down at his clothing. As Dean Smith he had been wearing lose jogging pants and a Hawaiian shirt, which was originally Gabriel's. "Can you do something about this?" He asked Gabriel as he pointed at his clothes.

"What? You're not liking it?" Gabriel smirked before snapping his fingers and Dean's clothes changed into a maid's outfit.

"What the hell, Gabe!?" Dean screamed as he looked down at the clothes.

"What? Not what you wanted?" Again Gabriel smirked before walking over and checking the younger man out. "You look rather hot in it, though."

"Gabe," there was a warning in the hunter's tone.

Gabriel shoot a puppy dog look at him before snapping his fingers and Dean's clothing changed to jeans and shirt.

Dean sighed in relief. "Thanks," he said before walking to the living room with Gabriel leading and Castiel following.

"I'm gonna get us something to drink and then we can start our much needed talk," Gabriel said before walking to the kitchen.

Dean shrugged his shoulders before going into the living room. He looked over at Castiel who stood stoically waiting for Gabriel. "You can sit down, Cas," he said signing over to the couch.

Castiel stared at the hunter before sitting down on the couch all the while he didn't look at Dean nor did he speak to him.

"Cas?" Dean begin wanting the angel to look at him but Gabriel walked in, making the younger angel look at his brother instead.

"Don't tell me?" Gabriel said as he placed three mugs of coffee on the table. "Cassie has been al stoic and you haven't spoken to each other?"

Dean shook his head and sat down opposite Castiel as Gabriel took the seat next to Castiel.

The three sat in silence before Gabriel started clicking in tongue. "Okay," he sat after a moment. "Shall I start then?"

"The floor is yours," Dean replied, with a smile.

"Geeze, thanks, Dean-o," Gabriel replied. "So, we have a real situation on our hands."

"You don't say?" Dean rolled his eyes as he said that.

"I think we should figure out what we're going to do now," Gabriel begin for the first time sounding real serious to Dean. Normally there was always a hint of amusement in his voice or his eyes but not this time.

Dean knew in that moment that Gabriel was just as scared to lose them as he was. Castiel looked just as his brother.

"I think the best way to do this is to start at the beginning," Gabriel mused out loud before he continued. "I know you only know me as the trickster," Gabriel told Dean. "But before I became a trickster I was an archangel."

"So, you are the archangel Gabriel," Dean said, just to say something.

"Yes," Gabriel replied with a smirk. "I left heaven and became a trickster."

"Why?" Dean asked, curiously.

"My own private witness protection," Gabriel sighed as he said this. "I was sick and tired of my brothers' continuous fighting. I just couldn't take it anymore."

Dean noticed the pained looked in the archangel's eyes and knew how much it had hurt him to see his family fight. He could related. Whenever his father and brother fought it had hurt him as well because he wasn't able to do anything about it.Yes, Dean knew how Gabriel felt.

"Cassie found me," Gabriel smirk at his younger brother. "After running away from home for so long my little brother found me."

"I had help," Castiel admitted softly. At Gabriel's raised eyebrow he continued. "I saw Dean's memories of you when I pulled him from hell and I knew it was you. I just had to find your mo."

"You were always a good strategist," Gabriel admitted with a fond smile. "He found out what Zachariah was planning to do and wanted to keep an eye on you. He's not as strong as Zach is so he went to me for help."

"And you just decided to help him out?" Dean asked not daring to believe it.

"Well, no not at first," Gabriel admitted a little ashamed. "I just wanted to run and hide again. I figured if little Cassie could find me then Michael wouldn't be far behind. But then, I don't know what it was, but I just decided to help him." The archangel shrugged his shoulders. "I always had a weak spot for the younglings."

"You were the only one who was always there for us," Castiel said in a quiet voice. "You always taught us everything with patience and urged us to try again." A smile played on his lips as he remembered the time Gabriel had taught him how to fly and how to groom his wings.

"I enjoyed teaching you that," Gabriel replied with a smile of his own. "But Michael and Lucifer where always at each other at that time. I loved Michael and I loved Lucifer, I just couldn't take it anymore. Their constant fighting. They often wanted me to choose between them, I just never did, but I knew that the next time they would ask me to choose I would have chosen Lucifer and I couldn't do that to Michael. So I left."

"You were always closer to Lucifer than most of us."

"Yeah, he taught me everything I know." The two angels were lost in their memories when Dean urged them on.

"So you decided to help Cas?" He asked.

"Yeah," Gabriel nodded his head. "I wasn't sure what Zachariah was up to so I decided to find out."

"What exactly did you do?" Dean asked curiously.

"When Zachariah wiped your memories, I added some new ones." Gabriel smirked at his own accomplishment.

"Like what?"

"Like noticing Castiel staring at you at the coffee house. Even that you enjoyed going to that coffee house. Some more memories of your family, since I knew how important they are to you. Tiny things that could make Castiel approach you a little easier."

"The coffee house was your idea?"

"Yeah," Gabriel smirked. "We needed a place where we could talk to you without Zachariah butting in. I created that place knowing Zachariah couldn't and wouldn't look inside."

"How did you do that?"

"I am an archangel after all!" Gabriel replied with slight insult. "He may be stronger than little Cassie here but he's no where near my level. Nor does he know anything about my trickster abilities. Castiel needed a place to talk to you and I provided."

"But Castiel never talked to me.at least not at the coffee house. Not until you introduced us."

"I wasn't certain how to talk to you. As Gabriel has pointing out a thousand time I lack people skills."

"Well, that's true," Dean admitted when he looked at the angel. "So Gabriel decided to talk to me instead."

"We needed to break the ice," Gabriel admitted. "Castiel needed to know you were alright and not fallen victim to Zachariah's bullshit."

"But I was, I was in that idiotic company."

"That may be true, but you were still mostly yourself except without your memories."

"And eating crap," Dean grimace at the remembrance of eating salads and all those other vegetarian bull crap.

"Not sure why Zachariah did that," Gabruel shrugged like he had absolutely no clue.

"When you realized I was alright why didn't you stop going to the coffee house?"

"Cassie and I didn't know what Zachariah had in mind for you. We figured it had to do something with the ghost in the building you were working but we didn't know what it was. We couldn't go in without exposing ourselves and since this was Zachariah's creation he could expel me from it. I couldn't let that happen so we hid and gathered information.

"We had to figure out what Zachariah want what his end game was and all the while protect you."

"So when I invited you to my place, what did you think would happen?"

"Honestly?" At Dean's nod he continued. "Nothing, I just figured I had an extra place where I could keep an eye on you. If we were friends and I knew where you lived I could just pop in whenever I wanted to. For examples on the weekends or something."

Dean nodded at his explanation not sure if he was believing it yet or what to make of it but he decided to let it go for now.

"Did Zachariah really beat you up?" Dean asked Castiel when he realized what had happened after Dean invited Gabriel back to his place.

"He did," Castiel admitted but didn't elaborate.


"He thought I was trying to break you out of his little scenario and decided I should be thought a lesson."

"What lesson?"

"That I should listen to my superiors." Castiel looked away, not looking at either Dean or Gabriel.

Dean wanted to ask what that meant but was stopped by Gabriel's look, which held so much sadness that he didn't dare ask, afraid he would hurt the younger angel.

"I hand't realized that Castiel would be unprotected if I left him alone, it's how Zachariah found him," Gabriel told the hunter with a sad look. "When Castiel was with me I was cloaking him as well, away from Zachariah's eyes, but when I left he was unprotected."

"It's not your fault," both Castiel and Dean told the archangel. Already knowing he was blaming himself about this.

"So Castiel came to me because you were there?"

Gabriel nodded as did Castiel. "I take it the three of us wasn't planned?"

Gabriel laughed out loud. "No, it certainly wasn't," he said shaking his head. "But I have to admit that I very much enjoyed the outcome."

"As did I," Castiel admitted in a soft voice.

Dean realized the two angels were laying themselves bare before him and it was up to him to decide what would happen next. He nodded his head not yet giving them his answer, even though he already knew it, but also not shooting them down.

"Why did you react like that after my memories were back, Cas?" he asked instead.

"Like what?" Castiel asked carefully.

"Like our time together hadn't happened at all. Like you were another dick angel giving me and Sam another assignment."

Castiel looked at Dean with a pained expression. "I wasn't sure how to approach you about it. Gabriel thought it best if I went instead of him. Dean Smith may have enjoyed our time together but Dean Winchester may not."

Dean nodded his head, he understood where they were coming from. Heck he had had the same thoughts. As Dean Smith he was a closeted gay and falling into a relationship with two men may have not been what he thought he should want but it had happened and he didn't freak out about it.

But Dean Winchester was a real womanizer. He enjoyed sex with woman and has never even thought about another man before. Heck, it had made him uncomfortable whenever a man hit on him but he had to admit that even as Dean Winchester he had wanted what Dean Smith had.

"I'm not saying I would have just accepted it," Dean began carefully. "But I also know that I wouldn't have been against it. If you had shown that all of it was real I would have been amiable about it."

"What do you mean with 'had it been real'?" Gabriel asked carefully.

Dean turned to face Gabriel before explaining. "Well no offense but I only knew you as the trickster. The guy who's screwed me and my brother over every time we met you. Then this whole thing with Zachariah added to my last memories of what the angels have done to me. I just kind of figured it was all just a ruse or something to get me to do the angels bidding and stop Lucifer from rising from his cage. Actually has the opposite effect."

"What happened?" Gabriel asked carefully, not sure he wanted to know. He had felt his mate's mood darken but didn't want to pry on his thoughts. As bonded mate, Castiel and Gabriel were able to read each other's thought and feelings but they hadn't done so. Or at least Gabriel hadn't. He wasn't so sure about his little brother.

"Cas and Uriel came to get me," Dean begin carefully. "They had Allistair in custody and wanted me to get some information out of him."

"They ordered you to torture him?" Gabriel asked enraged. He wasn't angry at Castiel, he knew that the younger angel was only following orders. "Heaven wanted you to torture someone?"

Dean nodded his head, not daring to speak. Gabriel's eyes had turned a darker honeyed color and were filled with rage. An invisible force seemed to radiate from the angel and that's when Dean realized that he was an archangel more powerful then he could imagine.

Castiel raised his hand and placed it on Gabriel's shoulder, hoping it would calm him down a little. Should Gabriel give in to his rage, he would be discovered by the rest of their siblings and neither angel wanted that.

"We were ordered to find out who killed the angels. They told me only Dean could get the information we wanted," Castiel told his brother silently.

"How fucked up has Heaven become since I left?" Gabriel asked in a dangerous voice but knew he wouldn't receive an answer. He focused on the hand on his shoulder, gratefully accepting the comfort his mate was giving him and forced himself to relax. It wouldn't do him any good if he blew up the room.

"Uh, right," Dean said not sure what else to say. He decided it was best to continue his side of the story. "Allistair got loose somehow and I ended up hurt. When I was in the hospital Cas told me I was the one who began this and I couldn't exactly handle it."

"You told me to find someone else to stop the apocalypse." Castiel deadpanned. "That's why Zachariah interfered. He felt that you were going of your destined path and wanted to put you back on."

"Yes, well, he screwed up didn't he because I still feel the same as I did," Dean was sad and didn't have the courage to look at the two angels.

He knew he had fucked up by taking up the whip Alistair had given him back in hell but he had never thought it would have the apocalypse as result.

"It wasn't your fault, Dean," Castiel said as he kneeled down in front of the broken human.

"I broke and that's when the first seal broke," Dean laughed at that. "How is it not my fault?"

"It's only your fault if you let it happen. If you sit back and don't do anything to stop it."

Dean didn't say anything just shook his head. "You know why I broke?" he asked after a moment but didn't wait for an answer. "The first years it was Alistair who carved into my skin. But after ten years he started to morph into Sammy or Mom or Dad. Sometimes even Bobby. He would carve into me when he was Sam and told me that he didn't want me as a brother. That he deserved so much more. I could have taken it from anyone but from Sam. It broke me to know that this was what Sammy thought of me. One day I just couldn't handle it anymore so I took up the whip and I carved and I sliced.Sammy told me how proud he was of me and it felt so good."

"Dean stop," Castiel commanded softly. "That wasn't you." He wasn't sure what else to say so he just hugged him close and let the hunter shed the must needed tears.

"I got you out, we're going to stop this."

"All you need to do is don't let the final seal break," Gabriel added and also kneeled down in front of the hunter.

"Sure, that's easy." Dean let out a laugh. "Cas said there were a lot of seals and no one knew which one would be broken by the demons."

"That's true," Gabriel admitted. "But there's only one last seal. If the last seal is broken then Lucy gets out of his cage."

"What?" Was Dean understanding him correctly.

"The last seal, is Lilith," Gabriel told him and noticed Castiel's shocked look. "Kill her you set Lucy free, don't kill her Lucy stays in the box."

Dean shook his head, not sure if he was understanding it all correctly. "It al comes down to one seal?"

"Yep pretty much," Gabriel replied.

"We need to tell Sam this," Dean said wanting to stand up, ready to leave.

"Not yet," Gabriel said with authority in his voice. "We still have some things to settle."

Dean looked at Gabriel then at Castiel and nodded his head. Yeah, they would first figure out where they stand before they figure out how to stop the apocalypse.

"Where were we?" Gabriel pretended to think about it. "Ah yes, you thought we were putting a prank on you."

"Yes," Dean answered. "I wasn't exactly in the best state of mind after torturing Alistair. Then Zachariah put me in this freak show and I just figured it was all just a joke to him.

He thought I quit the company so I could go hunting with Sam but I really quit because I wanted to spent more time with the two of you."

Dean sighed before continuing. "When I proposed I told you everything I was gonna say when I would return home that day. I meant what I said, I still do."

Dean looked down at their shared hands. The blue-green-honey colored orbs on their rings glistered brightly in between them, making him smile.

"Are you asking us to marry you again?" Gabriel asked with a smirk on his face.

"No, I'm saying that I'm still in if you are willing," Dean hated these chick flick moments but knew it was necessary.

"What do you say little bro, still want to bond with Dean?"

Gabriel already knew his own answer but didn't want to say anything until he had his bond mate's permission.

"Of course," Castiel replied without hesitation.

The three of them moved as one closer together, sharing a three way kiss. It was clumsy and messy but none seemed to mind. Their kiss continued for a few minutes before they pulled apart.

"I'm ready to move this to the bed," Gabriel declared with a suggestive smirk on his lips.

"More then ready," Dean answered and the three of them made their way to the bedroom.

With a snap of Gabriel's fingers their clothes vanished from their bodies and folded neatly on the empty chair in the bedroom.

"Where you ever going to tell me you were angels?" Dean asked as he watched the clothes on the chair.

"Maybe," Gabriel answered. "If it had continued longer I think I would have."

"You did everything human when we were together," Dean began. "Where did you go when you went to work?"

"No where," Gabriel answered with a smirk. "I just left the apartment and flew back inside. I only stayed invisible."

"You were here the entire time?" Dean asked bewildered.

"Yup, pretty much," Gabriel shrugged. "Sometimes I would leave to scout but most of the time I was just here."

"Damn little pervert you are," Dean said as he took a step towards the archangel.

"Of course I am," Gabriel replied before taking Dean into his arms and giving him a kiss. "I just couldn't leave the two of you long."

The last sentence was spoken quietly as if he wasn't meant to hear them but Dean knew no truer words have left the archangel's lips. Not knowing how to respond to that, Dean kissed the angel and turned it passionate within seconds.

Castiel had walked up beside him and pressed his body against Dean's before placing kissing down his neck.

Dean moaned into the kiss and grabbed hold of Gabriel to steady himself. He loved it when his lovers bit and licked his neck and both of them knew it. Gabriel had broken the kiss and moved to the other side of his neck and did exactly the same what Castiel did.

If Castiel bit down, Gabriel bit down. If Castiel licked his neck, Gabriel licked his neck. If Castiel kissed him, Gabriel kissed him.

"Shit," Dean moaned and reached behind him with one hand to press Castiel closer to his body. His head fell back against Castiel's shoulder and Dean knew that the two angels' were just playing with him.

One of Castiel's hand had found it's way to his chest and started playing with his nipple. "Oh, fuck, Cas," Dean moaned as his hands found their way into Gabriel's hair and pulled him towards him to kiss him before turning his head and kiss Castiel.

"You like that, Dean?" Gabriel whispered into his ear before licking the shell and gently blowing against it.

Dean nodded his head as he felt his knees go weak. He was lucky both angel's were holding him up, otherwise he would have fallen. "You know I do, Gabe," he shot before it turned into a moan as Castiel took him in his hand.

"Ahh fuck," Dean moaned again and gave himself over to the pleasure Castiel and Gabriel were giving him.

It was then that he started to notice how warm Castiel was becoming. His entire body seemed to heat up and became almost to warm to touch, yet Dean didn't mind. He enjoyed the warmth.

"You ready to complete the bond, little brother?" Gabriel asked, knowing what was happening to his mate.

"Yes," Castiel only replied. "Are you?"

The suggestive look the younger angel was giving him made him laugh out loud. "We've taught him too much, Dean-o," he told the man between them.

"Maybe not enough," Dean replied with a smirk.

"You're right, we may have to teach him a few more things." Gabriel smirked as well before he started to warm up. "I'm more then ready to complete the bond."

"Why are you guys getting so hot?" Dean asked as he felt Gabriel warm under his hand.

"What, weren't we always hot?" Gabriel shot back with another one of his famous smirks.

"You know what I meant," Dean replied with a roll of his eyes.

"Our graces are warming up getting ready to bond with you," Gabriel explain. "If you accept us are wings will shown themselves to you. The warming of the grace is preparing for showing our wings."

"If I accept you?" Dean asked confused. Wasn't he already accepting them? "You do realize that I am standing butt naked between the two of you right?"

"Ahh yes, and what a lovely butt it is," Gabriel smirked as his hand dropped to grab one of Den's cheeks and pinched him.

"You have to accept us verbally," Castiel said from behind him.

"One of your rules?" Dean asked with a smile.

"Yes," Castiel replied. "Will you accept our bonding?"

"Hell yes," Dean replied before he was taken in a passionate kiss by first Gabriel and then Castiel.

When they broke their kiss, Dean opened his eyes and was shocked at what he saw. Gabriel had stepped back his wings where out. Brown honey colored wings filled the room. They were twice as big as Gabriel and filled the entire room, seemingly going through the bed. He hadn't realized his mouth had fallen open. "Woah," he said as he reached out but stopped himself before actually touching them.

"You may touch them," Gabriel said as he stared at Dean. No one had ever wanted to touch his wings before but he felt like it was important Dean did.

Dean took another step closer before gently reaching out. He let the feathers slide through his fingers and enjoyed the feeling of silk through his fingers.

Gabriel groaned and flinched away from the touch which made Dean immediately pull his hand away.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," Dean said, already regretted hurting the angel.

"No," Gabriel said as if he was out of breath. "You didn't hurt me. Au controire. An angel's wing is an enourase zone for us."

"Oh," was all Dean said before reaching out again. He let his hands slide through the feathers a moment before he turned and looked at the other angel. He gasped again when he saw Castiel's wings out. They were completely different from Gabriel, slightly smaller but still big. Instead of honey colored they were black and blue. The blue of his eyes reflected the blue of his feathers.

"Wow," he said again and reached out to touch the wings but again stopped himself before he would reach them.

"May I?" Dean asked and watched how Castiel cocked his head to one side before he nodded his head. Dean carefully reached at and let the feathers run through his hand. They were as soft as Gabriel's and felt amazingly like silk.

Castiel reacted a little more violent than Gabriel and jumped back when Dean reached a particularly sensitive spot. "I'm sorry," he said and immediately dropped his hand.

Gabriel had walked up to Dean and wrapped his arms around the younger man. "Look into his eyes, Dean," he told him. "Look how fiery they are."

Dean looked up and noticed the fiery look in the angel's eyes and swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat.

"Look how his breathy is ragged," Gabriel continued. "He wants you Dean but he's holding himself back."

"Why?" The question was whispered and left his lips before he knew it.

"He doesn't want to hurt you," Gabriel answered. "He's holding himself back because if he doesn't you would be on the bed with him fucking your brains out."

Dean moaned at the visual and leaned back into the archangel.

"Do you want that, Dean?" Gabriel continued, already knowing the hunter's answer.

"God, yes," Dean whispered.

"Come on then," Gabriel said and let him to the bed. "Cassie why don't you lie back down on the bed," Gabriel said taking charge and watched as Castiel lay down on the bed on his back.

"You remember how he likes to watch, Dean-o?" Gabriel said behind Dean.

"Yes," the hunter whispered as he kept his eyes locked on Castiel's body.

"Go, lie on top of him with your ass out so I can prepare you."

Dean moaned at the image alone and climbed on top of Castiel. The archangel always had great ideas. As Dean moved into position he gave Castiel a kiss. Their cocks met and Dean moaned at the contact.

"Move up a little," Gabriel ordered the human. "I'm gonna prepare you, don't think either one of us will last long."

Dean complied all the while looking at Castiel who kept looking right back. Dean licked his lips and noticed how Castiel followed the movement with his eyes and smirked down at him.

Gabriel started to prepare him but Dean knew he wouldn't last long. Looking at Castiel he knew he wouldn't last either. "Gabe, hurry up."

"Patience is a virtue," Gabriel sing songed but complied and moved on to the next part. He rearranged Dean and let him sink down on Castiel's hard cock.

"Oh fuck," Dean moaned and closed his eyes as he felt Castiel fill him.

Castiel also moaned as he felt himself slide inside Dean. He hadn't experience this often but knew he had to top Dean in order to bond with him.

"You okay Dean?" Gabriel asked concerned, knowing he hadn't prepared him properly.

"Yeah," Dean groaned and opened his eyes to look at Gabriel. "Yeah," he said again with a smile.

"I have to enter you as well, Dean," Gabriel told him. "Do you want us to continue?"

Dean swallowed at Gabriel's words before nodding his head. He knew it would probably hurt but he was more then willing to face this pain if he could get to spend the rest of his life with Gabriel and Castiel.

"Yeah," he said and nodded his head.

"Let me prepare you some more," Gabriel said after studying the hunter to see if he was telling the truth.

"Okay," Dean replied and felt Gabriel enter him with his finger. He felt full and as Gabriel moved his finger around he thought nothing more could enter. He was wrong when Gabriel stretched him some more and had him writhing on the bed urging him on.

"Fuck, Gabe, hurry," Dean moaned and let himself fall back onto of Castiel, making sure he was still inside him.

It hurt when Gabriel entered him, he had to grip the bed tight and tried hard to relax. Castiel noticed Dean's pain and sat up to bring their lips together.

"Relax, Dean," Gabriel muttered into his ears. "You have to relax."

Dean did as Gabriel told him but mostly just relaxed into his kiss with Castiel. "Okay, I'm good," he said before leaning back and kissed Gabriel urging him to move.

Gabriel looked over Dean's shoulder at Castiel and noticed the flame in the other angel's eyes. The both of them were ready to complete their bond. They linked their arms before they placed it on the hunter's shoulder, the one without the handprint of Castiel.

Dean could feel his shoulder heat up until it burned and the heat started to run through out his entire body. Pleasure was quick to replace it and he felt as if all his senses were in over drive.

Both angels were inside him and he couldn't do anything except moan out loud. The sensations that was running through his entire body was difficult to put into words. All he knew was that he was loved. Loved by the two most perfect beings on this planet.

He opened his eyes and looked down at the angel beneath him. It was then that the room filled with a bright light and Dean saw it was radiating from behind him, the same light started to eliminate from Castiel and Dean realized he should close his eyes but he wasn't able to.

The light took shape and Dean realized he was staring at Castiel's true visage. "Oh, God," he moaned before turning his head and catching a glimpse of Gabriel's true visage. "Oh, fuck," he said and closed his eyes as his orgasm was ripped form his body and passed out.

When he came to he was lying between Gabriel and Castiel with his head resting on Castiel's chest. Gabriel was rubbing soothing circles on his arm. "God, I passed out, didn't I?" Dean groaned as he buried his head in Castiel's chest.

"You sure did, Dean-o," Gabriel smirked down at the hunter. "But don't feel embarrassed, not every human can take on an angel and an archangel."

Dean groaned again but this time at the memory of what they had done. "How are you feeling?" Castiel asked concerned.

"Sore," Dean answered truthfully. "Shoulder hurts like a bitch though."

Gabriel gently probed the marks on his shoulder and Dean winced in pain. "Sorry," Gabriel said before kissing his shoulder just a little under the mark. "We, unfortunately, can't take away the pain of your shoulder but we can lessen it with natural herbs but we'll need to get it."

"Don't want you to leave," Dean muttered immediately. Only realizing that he had said it when the words left his mouth. "I don't know why I said that."

"It's the bond," Gabriel responded. "It's settling down but needs the three of us close for a while to completely settle."

"Right," Dean sighed as Gabriel continued his comforting circling on his shoulder. "I'm just gonna pretend I understood what that means."

Gabriel just smiled down at the hunter and figured he and Castiel would explain everything to the hunter later. Although, they may have had to explain things before they bonded they knew that Dean wouldn't mind all the extra's eventually.

"I saw your true forms, didn't I?" Dean said after a moment of silence.

"You did?" Gabriel asked surprised. That wasn't suppose to happen until the bond had completely settled. "You Winchester's really don't follow the rules do you?"

"I guess," Dean replied not knowing what he was talking about.

"It's not uncommon for a bond mate to see the true visage of the angel in the heat of the moment."

"Did you just quote an Asia song?" Dean asked and raised his head to look at Gabriel before laying back down. He was mighty comfortable laying on Castiel's chest.

"Normally you won't see our true visage until the bond had completely settled but apparently you don't follow the rules and can see our true visage earlier."

"Hmm," Dean made a sound of commitment. "So I can see your true forms." He asked looking up at Castiel, still not able to see Gabriel. Castiel nodded which gave Dean his answer. "Awesome, might try that again if I could keep my eyes open long enough..." He admitted before closing his eyes already feeling tired again.

"Go to sleep, Dean," Gabriel whispered into his ear and Dean complied already falling asleep.


It was two days later that the bond had completely settle. "Time to leave our little paradise?" Dean asked as he dressed himself. Both angels were already dressed and waiting for him to finish. Gabriel had offered to snap his fingers and snap his clothes on but Dean declined. There were still things he wanted to do manually.

"Yes," Castiel replied. "The bond had settled and we still have an apocalypse to stop from happening."

"Castiel, the little fun ruiner.." Gabriel sighed dramatically.

Dean let out a laugh before he walked over to them. The three of them gave their shared bedroom a do over before Dean nodded his head. "Let's do this."

Gabriel looked first at Castiel then back at Dean before sighing loudly. "Okay," he said and snapped his fingers. The room disappeared and the three of them were standing in an abandoned warehouse.

"Time to go to the real world," Dean sighed as the luxurious apartment disappeared.

"Yes,"Gabriel answered. "Where to first?"

"I told Sam to meet me at Bobby's. So I guess we go there," Dean said.

"O-kay," Gabriel replied and snapped his fingers.

The next thing Dean saw was Bobby aiming a shotgun at them. "Woah, Bobby, it's me," He said and held out his hands in surrender.

"Damnit, boy, don't you know not to entered someone house's without knocking?" Bobby shot at the three of them before he lowered his shotgun.

"Sorry Bobby," Dean said. "Where's Sam?"

"He's not here," Bobby answered confused. "Why is he not with you?"

"We needed to split up, we agreed to meet up here," Dean replied worriedly. Where could his brother have gone to? "What if something happened to him?"

"He's fine," Castiel replied and Gabriel nodded.

"You can locate him?" Dean asked.

"Of course," Gabriel answered for Castiel. "We can sense everything on this Dad given planet."

"Where is he?" Dean asked worriedly. He didn't like it that Sam isn't where he's suppose to be.

Gabriel and Castiel shared a look which didn't go unnoticed by the two hunters. "Cas? Gabe? What's going on? Where's my brother?"

"He's staying at the motel," Gabriel answered.

"Here in Sioux Falls?" The two angels nodded at his question. How the two of them stayed quiet unsettled him. "There's something your not telling me." Dean faced Castiel knowing he had more chance at getting a straight answer out of him.

"What's wrong with my brother, Cas?"

"Nothing is wrong, Dean," Castiel answered. "Your brother is fine, I'd tell you if he was in trouble."

"We both would have," Gabriel butted in.

"Then what is it?" Dean asked knowing they spoke the truth.

"He's not alone," Gabriel answered for his brother. Knowing Castiel didn't want to say these things.

"Really? Way to go Sammy," Dean smiled at the thought of his brother finally getting laid but then he noticed the look Gabriel and even Castiel gave him. "Not good?"

"No," Gabriel answered. "He's with a demon."

"What?!" Bobby who had remained silent was the first to recover from what the archangel had said. "What are you getting at boy?"

Gabriel raised his eyebrow at 'boy' but didn't say anything about it. "Just what it means, he's banging a demon, willingly I might add. There's also something else, something off about it but I don't know. I noticed it when you called for me but I didn't really focus on it."

"He's with a demon?" Dean asked flabbergasted. "He's screwing a demon?" Both angels nodded again. Dean felt rage fill him from deep inside. His brother had been lying to him, keeping things from him. "Ruby," Dean spat. He was certain it was Ruby again even when Sam told him he was done with it. "She's doing something to him, isn't she?"

"I believe so," Gabriel answered but he wasn't sure. He hadn't studied Sam as he should have too afraid of losing his mate.

"Take me to him," he demanded.

"Dean," Gabriel began before sighing and shaking his head. He knew the hunter enough to know that nothing would change his mind.

"He's my brother, Gabe," Dean said as his eyes landed on Gabriel's.

Gabriel sighed again and nodded his head. "Yeah, of course." He looked over at Castiel and nodded his head. Together they flew over to the motel where Sam was. Dean silently hoped they wouldn't interrupt anything. Especially not sex. He so didn't want to see his brother in that position.

When the nauseous feeling disappeared he took in the scene before him. Sam and Ruby where naked on the bed but, luckily, weren't having sex. It was much more disturbing. Sam was drinking her blood.

"What the hell?" Dean exclaimed and unconsciously took a step forward.

"Dean!?" Sam exclaimed and grabbed the blanket to cover himself and Ruby up.

Dean took in the blood that was still dripping from his brother's lips and then faced Ruby who was looking at him with a smug look on her face. "What the hell are you doing to him?" He asked.

"I'm giving him what he needs," Ruby answered and stood up, showing her naked glory.

"Ruby, shut up," Sam said looking aghast at the demon.

"She's a demon Sam, when are you getting that through your think skull!?"

"Dean, it's not what you think," Sam began but was interrupted by his brother.

"No?" Dean let out a laugh. "So I didn't just see you drinking her blood?"

"Well, yeah," Sam said before stopping to think how to answer his brother. "It makes me stronger. So I can kill Lilith."

"Why the hell do you want to kill Lilith Sam?" Dean asked, "Revenge for killing me? Because I'm still here! In case you didn't notice."

"But you're not here, Dean," Sam said and got up before pulling on his discarded boxers and jeans.

"What does that mean?"

"Ever since you got back you're different," Sam shot at him. "You not you anymore Dean."

"Not me?" Dean asked. "So you would choose a demon over your own brother?"

"Yes!" Sam said immediately. "Because she helps me getting stronger, strong enough to kill Lilith."

"Have you asked yourself why she wants Lilith death?"

"She's helping me Dean, it doesn't matter why."

Dean shook his head before he looked at Ruby again, the same smug look on her face as before. A look that said she was winning. Something flashed in the corner of his eyes and without any thought he reached out and took out the demon killing knife and lashed at Ruby.

She easily blocked him and when he tried again his brother intervened. "No, Dean," he said and pushed him away from the demon and fought him of as he tried to charge again.

The two angels had been standing in the room, silent. Not wanting to get between the two brothers. Only when the demon tried to run did they intervened. Gabriel held her in place with a simple hand gesture before gesturing to his brother to pull them apart.

"Dean," Castiel said softly and went to stand between the two brothers. "Dean, stop," he tried again and this time the hunter's eyes fell on him.

Dean looked from his brother to Castiel and felt himself relax the moment their eyes met. He was sure it had something to do with the bond they had but he didn't question it now. They would talk about it later, he knew. He was going to get answers soon.

He turned and noticed that Ruby was being held by Gabriel and couldn't help the smirk on his lips.

"Let her go," Sam said from behind Dean.

"Sorry moose," Gabriel said. "I don't answer to you."

"Maybe it's time to get the truth out of her," Castiel suggested.

"Let her go," Sam spat again and took a step towards the archangel.

Gabriel cocked his head before smirking. He let his power rise and knew Sam felt it when he took a step back.

Dean relaxed further when he felt the room fill with Gabriel's grace, he wasn't sure why he felt like this but he couldn't deny that he enjoyed it.

"I think he's right, Sammy," Dean said gently. "You're going to get the truth out of that demon once and for all."

Sam looked at his brother before he calmed himself down and nodded his head. "If she tells the truth you'll let her go."

"If we're wrong then yes, maybe." Gabriel answered with another smirk. Dean was then reminded that Gabriel wasn't only an archangel but also a trickster. Someone who enjoyed making anyone suffer if they deserved it.

Gabriel turned all his attention on the demon, who was staring at him her black scared eyes. "You are going to tell the truth, demon."

"Or what?" Ruby shot at him.

Gabriel didn't answer only smirked before snapping his fingers.

Ruby screamed in pain as her body felt on fire. Her demon body.

"Now, answer some questions," Gabriel said at the demon. "Why are you feeding Sam your blood?" When the demon didn't answer Gabriel snapped his fingers again and she screamed in pain. "Answer the question," he demanded.

"To prepare him," she spit out blood that had formed in her throat.

"Prepare him for what?"

"For killing Lilth," she answered.

"Why do you want Lilith dead?" Again when the demon didn't answer Gabriel snapped his fingers and had her screaming in pain.

"She's the last seal," Ruby spit out. "Lilith will set our father free."

Gabriel turned to face Dean when they got the answer out of her and he nodded his head before he turned to Sam.

"You are using Sam, why?"

"He's the key," Ruby answered after another torturous scream left her lips. "He needs to be there."


"He's the true vessel."

"What?" Dean asked as he took a step forward. "What the hell does that mean?"

"We'll explain that later," Gabriel said with a final tone.

Dean wanted to argue but decided that they had pressing matters at hand. He turned back to face his brother and noticed the hurting look in his face.

"Sam?" he said and took a step towards hi brother.

Sam didn't say anything only grabbed the knife from his brother's hands and stabbed the demon right in the heart. "Sam?" she whispered before she slid lifelessly down to the floor.

"Well, that's one way to kill her," Gabriel said as he stepped back away from the demon and give Sam some space.

"Sam?" Dean said to his brother. "Are you okay?"

"She was using me?" Sam asked a little hurt.

"I'm sorry, Sammy," Dean said and laid his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"I hate to break up the family reunion but we have pressing matters at hand," Gabriel said after a moment. "First we need to protect the two of you."

Gabriel took a moment to think of what he should do before he snapped his fingers and both Sam and Dean recoiled back in pain. "Sorry about that." he said with a smirk.

"What the hell did you do to us, Gabe?" Dean asked in an angry voice.

"I engraved some carvings in your ribs," Gabriel answer vaguely.

"What?" Dean asked.

"You are now hidden from all but two angels," Gabriel relied with a smirk.

"Let me guess," Dean began. "Only you and Cas can still find us."

"Of course," Gabriel replied. "Got to keep an eye on my bond mate."

Dean just smiled back but didn't say anything and turned to face his brother. "You okay Sam?" he asked his brother.

"Yeah," Sam automatically answered. Of course he wasn't okay but he wasn't going to get into it now. Especially not with the two angels present.

Dean just stared at Sam for a moment before turning back to his two angels. "Can you give us a moment?"

"Of course," Gabriel replied. "We will stay close," he added before flying away with his brother in tow.

"Sammy," he begin but shut up when Sam turned to him with tortured eyes.

"Please, not now, Dean," he said. "Can you hold the 'I told you so' for a while."

"I wasn't going to say that," Dean replied, slightly hurt his brother would think so less of him. Then again he should be used to it by now. He had raised the kid and knew how his mind worked. Not to mention that he would choose a demon over his own brother.

"Just, not now, Dean," Sam said again as he sank down on the bed burying his head in his hands.

Dean nodded his head before looking outside the window and noticed his baby was parked out at the front of the motel. He smiled when he noticed she was still in good shape, at least she seemed to be.

"Look, Sammy, this is what demon's do. They know we are each other's weaknesses. She used you at your weakest moment and filled your head with things you wanted and needed to hear at that time. It's what Gabe had been trying to teach us." The last he started to realize as he spoke it.

The time that Gabriel or the Trickster as he knew him back then had killed him, he had been trying to teach Sam a lesson. One Sam needed to learn once Dean was gone. Unfortunately neither Sam nor Dean had learned it. Which brought them to the position they were in now.

Sam just nodded his head at the words but wasn't really listening. He just couldn't believe he had fallen for her lies! He was a better hunter than this! He should have known never to trust a demon. All the time Dean had been right but he didn't believe him. Sam thought that Dean wasn't right because he'd come bac different but it had all still been Dean. He just couldn't see it.

Dean wasn't sure what else to say to his brother so he just patted him on the back. "Why don't we go back to Bobby's?" He said after a moment. "We still have a apocalypse to prevent."

Sam mutely nodded his head before following his brother outside where the two angels were waiting for them by the Impala.

"Oh, baby, I missed you," Dean practically drooled when he saw his car. He hadn't seen her in a few days and had been missing her.

"Think we just got passed over for a car, Cassie," Gabriel noted to his brother as he saw Dean caressing his beloved car.

"Just so you know your place," Dean shot back before getting into the car at the driver's side. He waited for his brother to get into the car before starting the engine. "You two coming?" He asked when the angels hadn't moved.

Both Gabriel and Castiel turned to look at each other before the archangel broke out into a grin. Next moment he snapped his fingers and all four of them, including the impala, was sitting outside Bobby's place.

"Oh fuck," Dean groaned as he fell out of the car making retching noises. "I hate it when you do that!"

Sam was a little more graceful than his brother and simple got out of the car and went inside with a shrug of his shoulders.

Castiel had walked over to the older Winchester and helped him up. "Are you okay?" He asked Dean, concern bright in his eyes.

"I'm fine Cas," Dean answered immediately. Hating to see the concern on his angel's face. "Just not used to angel express."

Gabriel had stood back, with a grin on his face, and watched his two mates interact.

"What are you grinning about?" Dean asked him.

"Just glad to have the both of you," Gabriel asked before summoning a sucker and put it into his mouth.

Dean just shook his head before leading the two angels inside. Remembering why they were there in the first place. They needed a plan. A plan to stop the apocalypse. Maybe with an angel and an archangel on their side, they would be able to prevent the entire thing. After all, they now had inside information. Gabriel knew more then he led on and now that he had a human mate he'd do anything to protect him. Even if that meant standing between his brothers. He would do it to save Dean and to save Castiel.

Yes, Dean was sure that now they would be able to prevent the apocalypse. It no longer mattered that he was the one who started it. The only thing that mattered was, he was going to prevent it!

The end