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Just A Dive In The Wind by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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After "Stalker" Archie needs to go through the tapes found at Nick's house for solid prove evidence.

Categories : Fanfictions CSI: Crime Scene Investigations

Character : Archie Johnson, Nick Stokes

Pairings : Archie/Nick

Genre : Drama, Romance

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 1

Completed : Yes

Word count : 7.723

Read count: 4

Published: March 10, 2006

Updated: July 20, 2007

Just A Dive In The Wind Chapter 01

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters nor do I know the actors portraying them.
Author's note: I do not mean to imply Nick or Archie are gay, I just suddenly had this story in my head and thought to write it done. Again: if you do not like homosexual stories then please do not read this. Also keep in mind that I've never written anything like this before so it might be full of things that are incapable in 'real' life but just bear with me; it is fiction after all.
Author's note 2: I do not know what kind of glasses Archie uses, but in my story he need glasses to read not for distance.
Spoilers: Stalker
Begun at: 10 March 2006
Ended at: 20 July 2007
Beta reader: Daphne

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Grissom walked into the A/V lab carrying a box with him. "Archie, process these tapes and let me know your findings," he said as he put the heavy looking box down on the desk next to the tecnician.

"What's this?" he asked standing up and looked through the tapes. He noticed the tapes were labelled by date.

"Tapes found at Nick's apartment. We need evidence to prove that Crane was there," Grissom said before he walked away.

It took Archie a moment to let it sink in. Tapes from Nick's apartment? I have to watch tapes… personal tapes of Nick? he thought as he picked up one of the tapes. He put the tape in the recorder and then went to close the blinds out of respect for Nick's private life; he did not want to rest to see what Nick did in his private life nor did he want them to gossip about it.

He sat down in front of the television and sighed. Although he felt a little nauseous watching through the eyes of the stalker; Nigel Crane by watching the tapes, he knew it was his job.

If I'm going to do this I'm going to act professional. No matter what I see, he silently promised himself. He swallowed one last time and pressed play.

He watched as Nick walked in, probably back from work and threw his jacket on the couch. He noticed a magazine called Out Las Vegas on the couch next to where Nick had thrown his jacket. Isn't that a gay magazine? he thought but quickly discarded it thinking Nick isn't gay.

Archie looked closely to see if he saw any trace of Nigel Crane but so far, Nick was by himself.

The camera switched and he saw Nick entering the bathroom. He watched as Nick start the shower and undress himself. Nick removed his shirt first then his shoes and jeans. Archie noticed how muscular Nick's chest is. He must work out, he thought but quickly shook his head to get rid of it. He needed to focus, see if he saw Nigel Crane anywhere.

Nick had already stepped into the shower as Archie watched for any sign of Nigel Crane. He looked into the mirror, trying to find a glimpse of the stalker. So far, he didn't see him. He looked at the small window that was next to the shower next was the reflection of the shower door but still he did not find Nigel Crane.

Archie heard the shower being turned down and tried not to look at Nick coming out of the shower. When he did look at Nick, for he was in the centre of the room he had wrapped a towel around his waist.

The screen went black for a second and then showed Nick's bedroom. For some reason Archie's eyes were glued to Nick's exposed skin, his chest and his back. He noticed how a few drops of water still caressed his skin and swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. For reasons yet unknown to him he felt himself harden in his jeans.

He watches as Nick sit down on the edge of the bed and pinch the bridge of his nose. Nick stood up again and removed the towel from his waist, letting it fall onto the bed. He then pulled the blankets of his bed down so he could lie down.

Archie's eyes made a quick sweep around the room but soon landed on Nick's form again. His feet had disappeared under the blankets and his right hand fallen on top of his chest. Archie watched as Nick's hand travelled down his body until it held his half-hard member in his hand. With a few gentle strokes Nick's member was hard and Archie could hear Nick's moans of pleasure.

Even though the technician had promised himself he would be professional no matter what he saw he could not look away from Nick's exposed body. The way Nick laid there on the bed, his eyes closed his mouth open and from time to time his tongue would come out to wet his lips, was breath taking in Archie's eyes. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

He noticed Nick's pace was quickening. Never in his life had he seen something so entrancing. Nick's breathing became shallow and Archie knew that Nick was reaching his orgasm. He suddenly realized he was breaking the silent promise he had made to himself and let his eyes wander through the bedroom. Examining every crook and cranny, looking anywhere but at Nick.

"Archie!" Nick's voice groaned as he climaxed.

Archie turned his eyes back to Nick and saw that the other man was cleaning his waist and torso with the towel which he had placed on the bed earlier. He couldn't believe Nick had cried his name in his ecstasy. He picked up the remote and reversed the tape to sixty seconds back. Once the tape was back in place he pressed play.

There Nick lay on his bed, his breathing quickening… "Archie!" Nick repeated.

Suddenly, the door to Archie's office opened. Startled, he pressed pause instead of stop, freezing the screen still on Nick settling down to go to sleep.

Nick walked in and saw himself on the screen. Images of Nigel Crane holding him at gun point flashed through his mind, forgetting what he was going to ask the technician, he tried to mumble an excuse. "I… uhm… Sorry," Nick managed to say as he left the room.

Archie was still shocked from what he had seen and heard, and was unsure of what to do. Taking a deep breath, he shook his head and stopped the tape. Needing to clear his head and relieve some pressure, he got up and walked to the bathroom. He checked to see if there was any one there, when he was certain he was alone he went into one of the stalls and undid the button of his jeans before lowering them along with his boxers. He took himself in his hand and gave his member a few swift strokes. He bit his lips to stop the moan from leaving as he came into his hand.

He wiped his hand with some toilet paper before he pulled his jeans back up. Making sure he was presentable he left the stall and washed his hands. He splashed some water on his face and shook his hand as he looked at himself through the mirror. What is happening? he thought and shook his head. He would not think about it right now. He was at work and he needed to do his job. He dried his hands and left the bathroom and went to the break room heading straight to the coffee machine. He got a mug and then filled it with coffee, then returned to the A/V lab and restarted the tape.

Even though the scene he had seen before didn't leave his mind he went on with his work. Every time he found a shot of Nigel Crane, he would print it out and write the tape number, date, and time on the back.

He managed to get through three more tapes by the end of his shift. Ejecting the last tape, he placed it in a drawer with the rest of the tapes and locked it. Grabbing his stuff, he locked the door after himself and went to the locker room, where he took out his bag and left the lab.


For the past week, Archie had been avoiding Nick. Although he could sometimes see the hurt look Nick was giving him when, once again he turned him down when everyone was getting a beer at the local pub, he knew he needed the space away from Nick.
He never had another man moaning his name when he climaxed and never before had he found another man beautiful. He needed to figure out what his feelings were for the Nick.

Looking up at the clock, Archie realized it was already after his break time. He got up and walked towards the break room, where he filled a mug with coffee. Placing, the mug on the table, he sighed and hid his head in his hands.

"Bad day?" a voice asked.

He looked up and noticed Nick sitting on the couch, sipping a mug of coffee. "Yeah," he replied and picked up his own mug. "Catherine's case. Father rapes his daughter while mother records it," he said, shaking his head and took a sip of coffee. "Sometimes I do not understand human nature." He shook his head again, remembering what he had seen.

"Me neither," Nick replied. He had heard about Catherine's case and was glad he was not working on that one. He looked up at Archie and decided it was time to find out why the younger technician was avoiding him. This may be my only chance, he thought. "Archie, we… uhm… need to talk," his voice uncertain as Archie looked up, colour draining from his face.

Archie swallowed and took a moment to think. He really needed to figure things out and so far he hadn't gotten anywhere. Maybe once Nick finds out why I've been avoiding him we could talk about? Although he was dreading the talk he agreed to do this. "I know, but…"

"Not here," Nick nodded in agreement. "Your apartment is closer; why not meet there?"

"Okay," Archie agreed, trying to ignore the butterflies in his stomach. "I… uhm… I better get back to work." He felt embarrassed for feeling like such a school girl who had just been asked to prom and didn't want Nick to notice.

"Yeah, me too," Nick said and got up. "I'll see you after shift."

Nick watched as Archie disappeared down the hall, and couldn't help but wonder what he had done for the technician to avoid him. Although he knew he was gay, he didn't want the whole world to know. People thought of him as a "ladies man", and he wanted them to continue to think just that. For the past few years his attraction had grown from a simple crush, to something more. He knew he loved the technician, but had never once acted on it, in fear of it jeopardizing their friendship.

Had Archie found out about my attraction to him? Is that the reason he's been avoiding me? Is he disgusted by me? Fear ran through his mind, as the thought of losing Archie's friendship hit him. I cannot lose his friendship. Although he wouldn't admit it out loud, Archie's friendship meant the world to him. Losing the few moments he shared with Archie would break his heart. I'm going to set things straight, he thought as he nodded his head. Tonight he would say whatever it was Archie wanted to hear, even if that meant he had to lie.


Heading out to the parking lot at the end of his shift, Archie found Nick waiting for him. "I thought I'd follow you to your place." Nick explained.

Archie nodded, sliding into the driver's seat, and started towards his apartment with Nick following him in his own car.

After they pulled up at Archie's apartment, they went inside.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Archie asked tossing his keys on the counter, and pulling open the refrigerator.

"A soda would be great," Nick answered, making himself comfortable on Archie's plush leather couch.

Archie grabbed two cans of coke, and taking a deep breath, walked back into the living room. "Here you go."

"Thanks," Nick accepted the cold can, and watched Archie closely as he sat down across from him, wishing he could read his mind.

They studied each other for a long time, neither man speaking, neither moving, just studying each other.

"Archie, I…don't know why you've been avoiding me…" Nick began, breaking the silence.

"I need to say something before you continue…" Archie interrupted the other man, knowing he had to let Nick know what he had seenand heard. "When Grissom told me about these tapes I promised myself I would keep a professional distance and keep this separate from our relationship, but I never expected it to be so hard. The first tape I saw, the one you walked in on, was the one that had a most private moment of you," he let his eyes wander as he remembered what he saw. "You came home, took a shower and went to bed," he suddenly stopped and stood up.

Not being able to look at Nick and for a way to calm his nerves he started to pace. "You started to masturbate," his eyes fell on Nick and noticed a slight blush had spread over his cheeks. "When I noticed you were nearing your orgasm, I remembered the promise I made to myself and quickly scanned to room, looking anywhere but at you. I heard you cry out my name and I couldn't believe it. For reason still unknown to me I had wanted for you to cry out my name and when you did, I could not believe it. So I reversed the tape and found out you did." he stopped pacing and turned to Nick. "I'm sorry I avoided you for the past week, I merely wanted to figure out what I was feeling," he apologized.

"Do you know what you are feeling?" Nick asked, uncertain, looking Archie in the eye. Although this wasn't the explanation he had prepared himself for it was better than anything he'd ever heard.

Archie sighed, "I…" he started but stopped and sat down on the table in front of Nick. "I don't know what I am feeling." he answered truthfully. "It's all new to me," he said, "I've never felt anything for another man before and yet I feel… something when I look at you."

Nick held Archie's gaze with his own, looking into his eyes for a long moment. His hand came up to caress Archie's cheek. Archie's eye drifted shut, as he leaned into the feel of Nick's palm. Nick swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. "And what is it that you feel?" he asked, his voice deep and husky.

Archie's eyes opened. "Safe…" he replied and leaned closer till their lips were touching. Slowly both their lips started to move. A moan escaped Archie's mouth and he leaned in closer. He wanted more, more kisses.

He pushed Nick back against the couch, and straddled his lap. Nick's hands were all over his back, his arms, and running through his hair. Archie moaned feeling himself growing hard and tried to move closer to Nick, this made their crotches touch and both moaned once more.

Nick couldn't believe it; in fact he was afraid he'd wake up any time soon. Here he was kissing the man of his dreams… he had been dreaming about Archie since they met, but he had never given it a second thought, always believing Archie was straight.

Archie broke the kiss as both needed air to breath and sat back a little. "I don't want…" Archie started uncertain but stopped seeing Nick nodding.

"We don't have to go further if you don't want to." Nick said honestly and Archie let out a soft, relieved sigh.

"I just don't want to rush things," he explained with a shy smile.

Nick stopped Archie's explanation with a kiss on the lips. "It's all right. You don't need to explain."

Archie nodded, "Would you mind spending the night?" he asked, uncertainly. "I mean to sleep?" His heart was beating wildly in his chest, he would rather be swallowed by the ground than have Nick say no. But Nick looked at him as if he wanted to know Archie was for real.

"I'd like that." Nick answered.

Archie grinned, relieved knowing Nick wasn't going to laugh at him. "Don't you need a change of clothes?"

"I have a change of clothes in the car. I'll get them out." Nick said but made no effort to move.

Archie leaned in and kissed Nick, but pulled back before it got too heated.. "I'm going to take a shower now, you go get your stuff." he said and slowly got up.

Nick nodded and then got up as well. He grabbed Archie's hand and then kissed him again. When they pulled apart, he smiled at Archie and then walked towards the door. "I'll be right back."

Archie nodded. "Make yourself at home." he said and walked off towards the bathroom. Once inside, he took a deep breath and then turned on the water full force, a big smile on his face.

Nick closed his trunk and went back inside. He tossed his bag next to the couch and sat down. He saw that he still had some soda, so he drank it all with one gulp. He shook his head as he looked around, he could not believe he was actually here, in the apartment with the man of his dreams. He had actually kissed the man of his dreams!

Many a time had he dreamt to hold and kiss the technician but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that this could ever happen to him. But it did and here he was, in the apartment of the man of his dreams. About to stay for the night.

The sound of a door opening shook him out of his thoughts and he glanced at Archie as he made his way towards him.

Archie blushed under Nick's gaze but smiled when Nick's eyes met his own. "You can use the shower if you want," Archie tossed Nick a towel.

"Thanks," reaching out, Nick pulled Archie to him, kissing him deeply before he disappeared into the bathroom.

Archie stared at the now closed door of the bathroom as he pondered what had happened. Although he had never been with a man he did not feel scared like he thought he would be. He slowly got up and walked to the bedroom where he picked up a book and sat down on the bed.

When Nick left the bathroom, he saw Archie sitting on the couch with a book. He leaned back against the bathroom door and took his time to study him unaware and smiled as another page was turned. He was fascinated by how Archie left the real world to become one with the world of the book. "Good book?" Nick asked as he tried to read over Archie's shoulder.

Archie looked up at Nick and smiled. "'Death of a salesmen' by Arthur Miller." Archie said "A very good book, I always read something before going to sleep, " he explained and Nick nodded. Archie put the book down. "Come, we should sleep. You look tired," he said as he got up.

Nick nodded "Yeah, tough day." He said and Archie just nodded.

Archie took hold of Nick's hand and led him into the bedroom. "Mind sharing?" he asked while nudging to the bed. Nick shook his head and both got into the bed. They made themselves comfortable. Archie was keenly aware of the warm body next to his and smile when he felt Nick's hand curl around his. "Goodnight" Archie said and let out a yawn.

"'Night" Nick said, and not long after, both men were asleep.


Archie moaned as he woke up. He just had the most wonderful dream and now something had woken him up. He opened his eyes and noticed he was laying on a warm body. He smiled but it quickly faded as he noticed his dream had aroused him. He bit his lip thinking of a way to get away from Nick without waking him.

He slowly untangled himself from the other man hoping not to wake him.

"Where are you going?" Nick's voice groggily asked, pulling Archie back into his previous position.

"Shower?" Archie asked uncertain.

Nick had noticed the other man's arousal. Forcing himself to wake up completely he looked into the technicians eyes. He wrapped his fingers around Archie's member and slowly started to move.

Archie closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation Nick's hand was giving him. His hips buckled into the other's hand.

Nick looked entranced at the image in front of him. He had never seen something so bewitching; Archie's eyes were closed, his mouth slightly open from time to time his tongue would come out to wet his lips, his forehead was covered in sweat. He couldn't help but lean in and captive the technician's lips with his own.

Archie moaned into the CSI's mouth. His breathing sped up and he could feel his orgasm coming closer.

Nick had felt his arousal grow when he had taken in the other man's appearance and couldn't contain himself. He reached inside his boxers and took hold of himself, slowly moving up and down on his member.

Nick swallowed Archie's groan as Archie climaxed in his hand. Just as Archie was coming back to reality, a phone rang.

Nick groaned as he heard the familiar tune of his cell phone. "Damnit," he only cursed on rare occasions. This was one of them. He placed an apologic kiss on Archie's lips before he stepped out of bed to find his pants where he had left his phone.

Archie sat up against the wall and watched and waited as Nick talked on the phone.

"Yeah, I'll be right there," Nick said into the phone before he hang up. "I've got to go," he told Archie as he turned back.

Archie nodded. "I figured," he smiled. "You still have a problem." He let his eyes travel down Nick's body and landed on the bulge in his boxers.

"Yes," Nick cheekily smiled at the younger man. Just as he was advancing on the younger man his pager went off. "I better take a cold shower," he kissed Archie before he went into the bathroom.

Archie laughed and shook his head before he dressed himself and walked into the kitchen. He made breakfast and coffee.

Nick walked into the kitchen carrying his bag. "You made omelettes?" he asked the younger man.

"Yes, you can take it with you," Archie suggested.

"Thank you," Nick said and took a bite from the omelette. "I have to go," Nick leaned in and kissed Archie.

"Yeah, you do," Archie said and responded to the kiss. He threw his arms around the older man to pull him closer to him. It was in this moment he realised he had feelings for the other man. A smile grew on his face when they broke the kiss.

"I really have to go," Nick began again but, once more, leaned in to capture the technician's lips.

"You need to go or your going to be late," Archie broke the kiss and gently nudge him to the front door.

"I know," Nick pulled his jacket on. "I don't want to leave you…"

"I'll see you at the lab," Archie told him.

Nick nodded then leaned in to kiss him once more before he left for work.

Archie smiled and went back to the kitchen to finish his breakfast. He sighed as he thought back on the past twelve hours he had. One minute he was unsure what he felt for the Texan, the next he realised he loved him.

Although he has never been with a man before, he could see the beginnings of a relationship with Nick. Although he was a little scared, he knew if he was going to have a relationship it would only be with Nick. It was scary and exciting at the same time. He couldn't remember having ever felt so comfortable with anyone.

But despite his love for Nick, he was scared of the finality this relationship would bring. There would be no turning back, and Archie wasn't sure if he was ready for that sort of extreme change. He wanted nothing more to make love to Nick but he needed to take his time with this. He needed to sort out his feelings before he would take that next step.

Archie shook his head, trying to get rid of his thoughts and looked at the clock. He noticed it was time for work and got up. Once he had put his jacket on he walked outside and got into his car. After starting the engine he drove to the lab.


Halfway through shift Nick finally had a reason to see Archie. Although he had been acing to see the technician ever since he left his apartment he knew he couldn't just show up for small talk.

Nick knocked on the door and poked his head inside, "Hey."

Archie turned to see the intruder and smiled when he saw Nick. "Let me just write the time down for Catherine's case before I forget," he told Nick and once he was done turned back to Nick. "What can I do for you?"

"Can I use your VCR?" Waving a videotape around which he was carrying.

Archie nodded. "Of course," he said and took the tape from Nick, which he placed in the VCR and started.

Nick checked around to see if the blinds were still down. When he noticed they were he leaned in to give Archie a hesitant kiss before he sat down in front the screen.

Archie smiled at Nick and went back to work. "Will you come to my place after work?" he asked as his eyes left the screen to stop at Nick's eyes.

Nick turned his attention to Archie and nodded. "I'd like that," he answered and they smiled at each other. Then both went back to work, with a smile resting on their lips.


Archie stopped at his apartment and found Nick sitting on the stairs waiting for him. He smiled and walked up to Nick. "Second flowerpot next to the door is the spare key." he informed Nick, amused, and got the key.

Nick stood up and nodded. "Yeah, I know." Nick said and both laughed.

"Then why didn't you go in?"

"Didn't want to intrude." Nick replied, shrugging.

Archie nodded, gave the spare key to Nick and then opened the door and walked in. Nick hadn't even closed the door when he was pressed to the door with Archie kissing him. "God, I've been waiting to do that all day," Archie said as he broke the kiss. He saw Nick smiling and attacked Nick's mouth again. This time, Nick pushed Archie back till they reached the couch. Nick turned them around so Nick was the one who fell on the couch with Archie on his lap.

Archie rubbed his crotch against Nick as the older man spread his legs a little. Archie placed his leg in between Nick's spread legs giving both of them more friction as he moved against Nick. Archie broke the kiss as a moan escaped his lips. His neck was now exposed to Nick so Nick kissed it, sucked it and even bit it. Archie moaned again and moved his head to find Nick's lips.

The slow movements Archie was giving him was slowly driving Nick insane. He needed to feel more. He broke the kiss and told Archie to stop. Once he had Archie attention he smiled and pulled him with him into the bathroom.

Once they were inside the bathroom, Nick helped Archie out of his shirt. Softly finding the other's lips again to place a passionate kiss on them. He left Archie's lips and placed butterfly kisses on his face and neck, softly nibbling at the sensitive skin.

Archie moaned as Nick licked his skin. His body felt on fire and Nick's tongue was the only cure to cool him down. He pulled Nick back to him and kissed him deeply as he fumbled with the hem of the other's shirt. The kiss broke only so they could take of Nick's shirt.

Nick's hands found there way to Archie's belt and slowly undid it. After helping Archie step out of his jeans he crashed his body against the younger man. He felt as if he couldn't breath and Archie was his oxygen. He needed to touch the younger man.

Archie gasped as his chest came into contact with Nick's. Yet, somehow it wasn't enough. He wrapped his arms around the older man's body and pressed him even closer. He reached between there bodies and undid Nick's jeans and let them fall to the floor.

When the other man stepped out of his jeans and boxers Archie took a moment to study him. His usually brown eyes where glazed over with arousal, his lips were slightly parted and he was breathing heavily. Sweat was starting to gather on his chest and his member stood proudly at full attention.

Nick slowly advanced on Archie, as if he were a scared animal. He wrapped his arms around the other man's body as he leaned in for another kiss. Softly he moved from his lips to his neck and eventually his chest. Licking his way down so he could remove the lat piece of clothing. Then he licked his way back up to end on the lips.

He stepped away from the other man and started the shower. He took hold of Archie's hand and stepped inside the shower pulling Archie with him. Once they were both inside Nick started kissing the younger man again.

Archie closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation Nick was giving his body. Nick had moved from his lips to his chest and he moaned as Nick sucked on one of his nipples.

His body tingled where Nick's hands and mouth has been. He was forced to lean back against the shower wall when Nick took hold of his member and slowly moved up and down as he felt his knees bugle.

Nick helped Archie steady himself when he felt him bugle and couldn't help but smile. He slowly lowered his expedition and took the tip of Archie's member into his mouth. He felt Archie's hands dug into his scalp and took him deeper into his mouth.

Archie had never felt this excited before. Nick was doing wonderful things to his throbbing member and just when he thought he couldn't take it anymore Nick would change his tactics and make his member throb even more. Archie groaned as Nick blow against his member only to take him fully into his mouth again.

Nick took mercy on his lover and helped him over the edge. He relaxed his throat and swallowed all Archie had to offer. He released his lover's member and kissed his way back up to let Archie taste himself in his mouth.

Archie eagerly responded to the kiss. He turned them around so Nick was leaning against the shower wall. He broke the kiss when Nick made him look at him.

"You don't have too," he started but was interrupted by Archie.

"I want too," he replied and placed a passionate kiss on the older man's lips. Slowly he started his exploration of Nick's body. He smiled when he heard Nick's hiss as he gently sucked on one of his nipples. Knowing Nick wouldn't last much longer he lowered his exploration and took Nick into his mouth. Although he wasn't sure how to give a blow-job he just mimicked Nick's teasing from before.

He knew he was doing it right when he heard Nick moans. Feeling a little bolder he took the full length into his mouth as he relaxed his throat.

Nick couldn't take it anymore. He hadn't expected Archie to give him a blow-job but here he was. He opened his eyes, which had closet and looked down. He watched enthralled as he saw himself disappear into the technician mouth and moaned. He had wanted to alert Archie he was coming but his orgasm hit him so suddenly that he had no time.

Feeling drained, Nick pulled Archie up to kiss him. He slowly licked the inside and outside of Archie mouth removing the remaining traces of his cum.

Once both of their breathing had even out a little they started to clean themselves up. They helped each other wash their hair and backs.

Archie was the first to step out of the shower and picked up two towels. One he gave to Nick, the other he used himself. Wrapped in towels both men left the bathroom.

Archie walked to his bedroom where he clothed himself in some clean boxers and a shirt. Nick walked to the living room where he had left his bag. He took it with him to the bedroom and dressed in boxers and a shirt as well.

Archie was already waiting for Nick and Nick soon joined him. Nick wrapped his hand around Archie's and pulled him into his embrace. The technician rested his hand on his chest and sighed contently. Nick placed a kiss on top of the technician's hand. "Goodnight," he whispered into his ear.

Archie smiled and lifted his head so he could kiss the other man. "'Night," he replied.

Nick watched as the other man closed his eyes and fall asleep. Hugging the younger man close to him he, as well, fell asleep.


Archie was the first to wake up, and he softly turned his head so he could study Nick. A smile rested on Nick's face and he looked relaxed. Even though they had only been together for two days, Archie felt like he couldn't live without him; for some reason, it scared him to be without the Texan CSI. He raised his left hand and traced Nick's face with his finger.

Nick stirred in his sleep but did not wake up. Archie then placed a soft kiss on Nick's lips, which made the other man gain consciousness.

Nick's heart skipped a beat when he opened his eyes to look at Archie. He had never expected more of Archie then to be his colleague, maybe even a friend. Waking up next to him was a dream come true.

"Morning," Archie leaned in to kiss him.

"Morning," Nick replied after accepting the kiss. "Archie, I think we need to talk about…" he began, wanting to know what was happening between them. If Archie was only using him to find out his sexuality, that would break his heart.

"What is going to happen to us?" Archie suggested and Nick nodded. "I agree," he thought for a second before he continued. "I'll make us some coffee," he placed a kiss on Nick's lips before he disappeared through the door.

Nick got up as well and found a blanket in one of the bedroom closets; he took it with him to the living room and made himself comfortable on the couch.

When Archie emerged from the kitchen he was carrying two mugs of coffee, which he placed on the table in front of Nick. Then he made himself comfortable in Nick's arms once more. Nick wrapped the blanket around both their bodies and then his arms around Archie, holding him close.

"I've never been on this end before," Archie mused. "I am usually the one to hold the other," he looked up into Nick's eyes. "I like it."

Nick smiled as Archie said that. "I like holding you," he replied. "Archie, I know you're still uncertain. But…"

"You'd like to know where we stand," Archie guessed and Nick nodded. For some reason Archie could guess what Nick was thinking. "To tell you the truth, I do not know precisely where we stand. I had hoped we could figure it out together."

Nick nodded once more, "I'd like that," he replied.

"There's something…" Archie noted when he looked at Nick "I noticed how weary you looked the week after… you know?"

Nick looked amused at Archie, "You studied me?"

"Just because I was avoiding you, it doesn't mean I didn't study you whenever I had the chance," Archie explained and Nick laughed. Archie looked up so he was looking into Nick's eyes "Why don't you tell me what's on your mind?"

Nick took a deep breath and let it out. "Ever since Nigel Crane has been arrested, I do not feel save in my own house,"

Archie nodded; it was understandable that Nick didn't feel comfortable in his own house, where he was stalked and almost murdered.

"That same day I just left. I rented a motel room and stayed there for a week. Everything I bought new, hoping this would gave me some peace of mind, but I still couldn't sleep. I was always on guard suspecting everyone who just looked at me," Nick closed his eyes and turned his head away from Archie. "The day I stayed at your place… You said you felt safe when you are with me. It is exactly how I feel. Whenever I am with you everything else just seems to vanish and we are the only two people in the world. For the first time since Crane I could breath again," he looked back into Archie eyes and blushed, seeing Archie's encouraging smile. "I could relax knowing someone was there to… protect me, that someone was with me," Nick sighed and shook his head. "I just felt at peace again."

"Just being with me doesn't solve your problems. I mean, you said you could relax now that you're with me, but what if I'm gone? Does that mean you still go back to being on guard all the time?" Archie replied. He desperately wanted to help Nick but knew this was something Nick should do on his own. "You need to feel safe without me again," Archie traced his left hand over Nick's face. "I can help you to the door, but you'll need to walk the distance alone."

Nick closed his eyes, knowing Archie was right. He couldn't depend on Archie every single second of every single day. If he did that he'd be scared of the world for the rest of his life. But that wasn't why he knew he had to do this. If he didn't, he was bound to lose Archie, no matter what. That fact scared him the most. Nick opened his eyes but he did not look at Archie. "You'd help me?" he asked, uncertainty clinging to his words.

"We'll take one step at a time," Archie promised, turning Nick's head so he could look at him.

Nick nodded, "That is a good idea," Nick placed a kiss on Archie lips. "I could do anything as long as I know I have you beside me."

"How can I resist?" he answered and placed kissed on the corner of his mouth. He ran his fingertip across his lip before he placed a kiss on his lips. He hold his face between his hands as he tug and slightly bite the Texan's lips to gain access. Once he gained access to Nick's warm mouth he sucked gently on his tongue, licking every part of Nick's mouth. When the need for air torn them apart Archie had a smile on his face when he noticed Nick's flushed face. He rested his head against the older man's chest as he listened to his heart beat, feeling content…


Nick took one last look around the room and nodded his consent. Yes, he thought, tonight will be perfect. With a smile Nick walked into the kitchen to prepare the last of the dinner.

He had planned this romantic dinner for a few days now but had never seem to be able to get off earlier than Archie. But tonight he was able to finish his case earlier and had rushed home, Home? Since when has Archie's apartment become my home?, and he had changed his clothes and began to prepare the dinner.

Ever since their talk about Nigel Crane a few weeks ago, Archie had helped him through his fear by talking to him, listening to him and even leaving him alone for some period of time so he could get used to being alone. He wanted this night to be perfect for Archie so he could thank him and letting him know where they stand.

Archie unlocked the door and swung his bag onto the floor, and then he put his jacket on the coat stand after putting his keys in his pocket. He walked to the living room and stopped. Amazed, he looked around the room

Candles had been lit everywhere; there were two on the television, eight on the coffee table, and even more on the cupboard. He turned his attention to the dinner table and noticed it was set. A lighted red candle stood in the middle of the table and he gasped. No one had ever given him a romantic candle light dinner.

He could feel the butterflies in his stomach, it made him feel cherished. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Nick. His lover was dressed in a casual black shirt which hugged his body and blue jeans.

Nick smiled when he walked into the living room and saw Archie gaping at the dinner table. "You like it?" He asked and walked towards Archie to place a kiss on his lips.

Archie nodded "Yes," he only said, sitting down in the chair Nick pulled out for him.

"So, how was work?" Nick asked as he filled Archie's plate with Chinese, which was Archie's favourite and then his own.

"Rough," Archie only answered. "Yours?"

"I wasn't assigned to a case today, I did paperwork instead," Nick replied, taken a bite.

"Also important," Archie grinned. "This is delicious! I didn't know you could cook Chinese."

"I have many hidden talents!" Nick responded, picking up some of the rice with his chopsticks and was about to put it in his mouth when it felt back on his plate.

"Yes, I can see that!" Archie laughed. "So, what did I do to deserve such a pleasant dinner?" he asked after he calmed down.

"It's my way of thanking you for helping me for the past weeks. I know it has been tough but I think I have come a long way,"

"You have," Archie confirmed, interrupting Nick before he could continue.

Nick smiled and nodded. "Yes, and I know we should have had this talk before but it never seems the right time. That is why I planned this dinner so we could talk. I like to now where we stand. I mean although I have been living here for the past few weeks I still don't know your feelings for certain and I can guess but…"

Archie interrupted Nick's rambling by placing a kiss on his lips. "Nick, you're rambling," he stated. Not many people knew this but whenever Nick was nervous he would either ramble or sing.

"I know, I'm sorry," Nick replied, lowering his head.

"Shall we continue this conversation in a more comfortable manner, or had you planned something else?" Archie knew where this was going. They were going to let each other know how they truly felt about each other.

Although he knew he loved Nick and the other man loved him in turn he had kept a little distance from Nick for a while. He had helped Nick be less depended on him and confront his fears. Though they slept in each other arms most night he would sometimes leave the bed earlier to see how Nick would react.

In the beginning of their relationship Nick had ran out of the bedroom, his jeans were still unbuttoned his shirt hugging his chest, his hair uncombed and he was breathing loudly. Archie knew Nick had just woken up at that point and rushed to dress himself so he could either be with him or go to the lab where he was not alone.

But the last few days Archie could leave the bed with Nick still asleep. He would then wake up and take his time to walk into the living room where Archie would either read or watch television.

He knew that if he'd tell Nick that he loved him too soon Nick would not have come this far in such a short time. Although he still had panic attacks from time to time they came less and less.

"No, I had not planned anything else," Nick replied Archie's question and was led by the younger man to the couch where both sat down.

"I must apologize for taking my distance with you," Archie began. He needed Nick to know why he did so. "I merely wanted to give you some time to over come your new found fear."

"I know, and I thank you for that, but I am ready for more, if you are ready as well." Nick knew he sounded uncertain but he had every right to be. This was Archie's first relationship with a man and he might think it's not for him.

Archie read the uncertainty in Nick's eyes and knew words wouldn't reach him. He reached up to caress the Texan's face and slowly brought their mouths together. The kiss was slow, undemanding, loving.

The unspoken question lay in Nick's eyes. "Does that answer your question?" Archie asked as he pulled Nick in for another loving kiss.

Nick closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Archie's tongue against his own. Their slow sensual play for dominance became more heated as Nick pushed Archie back onto the couch hovering over the younger man before lowering his body against him.

A moan escaped Nick's mouth as Archie's hands move up and down under his shirt on his back. As soon as the offending piece of clothing was removed their mouths came crashing back against each other.

Slowly every piece of clothing was removed and hands started roaming over the other's bodies. Nick pulled away slightly to look into the technician's eyes. "Are you sure?" he asked, needing permission.

Archie smiled, slightly. "I have never been so sure in my life," he answered and pulled Nick back into a kiss.

"Let's move to a more comfortable place," Nick suggested and stood up, pulling Archie with him.

Their lips never left the other's as Nick pushed Archie onto the bed strangling him as he climbed on top of the younger man.

Slowly, ever so slowly they made love. Nick wanted Archie's first time to be special. He had taken his time to prepare his lover before he had taken him, hoping that would lessen the pain.

Nick used one of the shirts that was still on the floor to clean them up. He tossed the shirt away and laid back down, watching as Archie moved into his arms.

Archie rested his head on Nick's chest and sighed. He could not get enough of this, being in Nick's arms. He felt like nothing could harm him as long as he was in Nick's arms.

Nick looked down at Archie and placed a kiss on top of his head. "I love you," he whispered.

Archie smiled as he heard those three words. He raised his head to look at Nick. "I love you too," he replied. "With all my heart."

Nick bend down to place a kiss on Archie's lips. Then they both settled in to get some sleep.

As the sun was rising over Las Vegas both men fell asleep with a smile on their lips, for neither men had felt such love as they did in that moment…

The End
10 March 2006
re-Betaed: 20 July 2007

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