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Last Goodbye by Alvina

Rated: PG

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A small death scene...

Categories : Fanfictions Phantom of the Opera

Character : Christine, Erik

Pairings : Christine/Erik, Erik/Christine

Genre : Drama

Warnings : None

Chapters : 1

Completed : Yes

Word count : 447

Read count: 8

Published: February 18, 2007

Updated: February 18, 2007

Last Goodbye Chapter 01

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This wasn't how it was suppose to be. This wasn't right. It couldn't happen… not like this. No, never like this…

There were supposed to die together. Old and happy in their bed. She had promised him! She had promised the day she chooses for him. The day she left her whole life behind and all that she knew, she did it all for him…

Even in her illness, she was still beautiful. Her beauty shone more brightly than any star in the heavens. But best of all, she was still his. Even after all those years his heart still beats for her. As hers still beats for him.

But her heart is failing her. Any moment could be her last and he wanted to spend those few moments he had left with her, by her side.

Her eyes opened and with much struggling landed on his own. Although the sparkle had left her eyes, she still smiled. “Christine, I love you,” he whispered, while a tear slide down his face. He slowly moved in to his her beautiful lips.

“I love you too, Raoul,” she whispered back before she closed her eyes and let out her last breath of air…

Raoul let out a sob and buried his face in his just departed wife's chest as the tears made their way down his cheek. Finally letting all the emotions out which he had held inside, to be strong for her.


Madam Giry left the note under the door, knowing that he would find and read it. Just as silently as she had come, she left.

Erik had heard the note being slid under the door and groaned while he stood up. All those years after the Opera had burned down he had stayed most of his time with Madam Giry. Hoping and in his heart knowing that she would let him stay. Although most of their habits where now gone, Madam Giry still respected his privacy and would not speak directly to him when he was composing, (like he was doing now) and there for had slide the note under his door.

Once he had walked over to the door he kneeled down to pick up the note and read it. A sob escaped his lips as he read the line that was written on the note. The note fell to the ground as he started throwing everything he could find through the room, anger becoming his sadness and once he could find nothing left to throw he fell down to his knees as tears kept falling from his eyes.

The note that was forgotten in his rage had fallen to the ground, with the side up that read “Christine is dead…”…

The End
18 February 2007