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My Immortal Love by Alvina

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Orlando misses his love...

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Character : Orlando Bloom

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Published: June 1, 2003

Updated: June 1, 2003

My Immortal Love Chapter 01

Author's note: Inspired by the song "My Immortal" by Evanescence or something.
Begun at: 2003
Ended at: 2003

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Orlando walked around the beach of New Zeeland. How he got here he still doesn't know. He was a auditioning for the role of Faramir in the Lord of the Rings next thing he know he's playing Legolas in the film. And all this happened just 2 days after he finished his school.

He sat down in the sand and looked over at the sea. He did not understand it himself, but the sea always comforted him. "Perhaps that's because she so loved the sea," he thought sadly.

He had come here to think about all the things that has happened this few months. He is now playing in one of the biggest films ever, has made a lot of new friends and above that he's learned so much the last few months than that he had at his school. His friends were the best ever. He smiled as he remembered going bungee jumping with some of the cast. He would love to do that again.

"Perhaps she would have wanted to come as well," he again thought sadly. "Yes she would have loved it." He shook his head. "Not now, please not now," he silently begged himself. He had not come here to remember her. No, he had come to think about what had happened these last few months. But, she also happened the last few months.

"Why did you leave me?" he suddenly asks the waves that hit the sand. "You could have been here, with me, enjoying this. I'm sure you would have enjoyed this as well.

"Yes, you would have been happy for me that I actually did something with my life. Or is this your doing?" He looked up at the sky. "Did you arrange this for me? I think you did, I could never have done this on my own. But still I wish you never left me." He wiped away a single tear which made his way down his cheek.

"The pain I feel now, it's to real so real. I miss you." He lowered his head and hid his head in his hands balancing his hands on his knees. "Remember, when you cried I cried as well? Or when you were afraid I'd show you there's nothing to be afraid of?" He rested his head on his knees hugging his knees close.
"I remember that when you told me you were pregnant I couldn't believe it. Remember? It was on April Fools day, you said: ‘I'm pregnant, Lando' and I was like: ‘You almost had me there, love, but I do not believe you.' You were almost angry at me for not believing you and because of that I realised that you were not joking. Sometimes I wish you were joking, because then I wouldn't have lost you both." Another single tear made its way down his face but this time he didn't wipe it away.

"Were you with her, the day she died? I know I was in the hospital 24/7. I believe my mother and sister once dragged me out of it. I couldn't leave her side. I would have done anything to stay right there, with her.

"I called her Angel, because that's what she was, an angel send from you for me. But she did not make it. I cannot believe God's so cruel to me. First he took away you and then Angel, how much more does He think I can take?

"I know what you would reply to that, ‘Do not be angry with God, Lando, He has his ways, sometimes painful, sometimes not, but do not doubt him. Never doubt him.'

"I do not doubt him, love, I just wish you were still here." He lay down and stared at the sky. "Sometimes I wish he would just take me as well, sometimes I am tired of being here, being alive. I cannot take my own life cause then I will not see you, you told me so, ‘If someone kills themselves they will not go to God but somewhere else', yes I still remember that. But the wounds you left me won't heal will never heal.

"I-I, I just wish you were still here!" He suddenly cried out, sitting up and burring his head once again in his hands, letting the tears come down. "Time cannot erase the hurt you've caused by leaving." He whispered through his tears.

As he cried openly a figure quietly made its way towards him. "Orli?" a soft voice said. "Come, we need to go," he says as he kneels down next to Orlando. Orlando wiped his face with his hands and took the hand Elijah, one of Orlando's friends he had made when he was here, was offering him and the both of them stood up.

"Why did she leave me, Lij?" Orlando asks when he controlled his tears. Elijah was one of the few who know what had happened between Orlando and his fiancée, Sarah. She died while giving birth to their daughter, Angel. Not long after her Angel's birth she died as well. Being born 2 and a half months to early.

Orlando didn't spoke, eat, drank or did anything for months until he got the chance to work for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and he thought it was good for distraction. Everything in London reminded him of her. Everywhere he went reminded him of Sarah.

"I do not know Orli, but I am sure she wants you to live on." Elijah said soothing, knowing this was the day Sarah died 2 years ago. Elijah saw Orlando nodding and led him towards their shared house. Ever since Orlando has told Elijah about his ‘problem' of doing stuff to himself while being alone Elijah moved in with him ever since he has taken care of Orlando when he felt this way. It wasn't as often as it used to but there were times when Orlando needed a friend and Elijah was always there for him.

"Come, let's go back inside. I am sure Sarah doesn't want you to be sick," he said as they made their way inside. Orlando give one last look back to the beach before they entered the house and said. "I love you, Sarah, take good care of Angel for me." And went inside.


Somewhere, high in the sky, a figure looked at the miserable figure of Orlando Bloom. Hearing his last few words before he entered the house she silently replied. "I will, dear Lando, I will," and she hugged her little child closer to her chest.

The End


  • Jackie 4 years ago

    This story had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next!!! Adding anymore chapters to this one??..Because I seriously think you should!!!!

  • Serena 4 years ago

    Gawdddddd! Are you trying to make me cry Darling??? Awwww, god, poor baby Lando!!! I's make the hunny feel better any time!!!