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Answering Prayer by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Dean can't do it alone anymore and asks the Heaven for help. Only one archangel answers his plea.

Categories : Fanfictions Supernatural

Character : Dean Winchester, Gabriel

Pairings : Dean/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel/Gabriel

Genre : Slash, PWP

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 1

Completed : Yes

Word count : 14.266

Read count: 25

Published: May 2, 2015

Updated: May 2, 2015

Answering Prayer Chapter 01

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“Please…I can't…I need some help…Please,” His eyes were turned upward towards the sky. Tears started running down his cheeks as he begged anyone up there in Heaven to help his little brother. Knowing there wasn't anything he could do for his brother broke Dean and for once he didn't wipe away the tears and let them fall down.

He fell to his knees as he prayed with all his might for someone to hear him. For someone to be able to help him. Any angel that was out there, anyone that would care even the slightest about him. Anyway that would be able to help him!

Dean knew that Castiel would have helped them had he been able to but the angel was out of juice. All he would be able to do is take down a few angels or demons. Detoxing Sam probably went above his pay grade. Dean didn't blame the fallen angel, he'd already sacrificed so much to their cause.

So he did the only thing he could do. He prayed to Heaven. Hoping against hope someone would care enough to help him. To help his little brother. Even though all the shit they pulled, Sammy didn't deserve this.

A hand on his shoulder startled him, bringing him out of his thoughts. “I've come in answer to your prayers.”

When Dean looked up he was greeted with a familiar cheeky grin and had to bit back a groan. “Shit, what the hell do you want?” He so didn't have the strength to deal with the cowardly archangel turned trickster.

“Like I said, I came in answer to your prayers,” the tone was serious. Reminding Dean of when he and Sam had trapped the trickster inside the holy fire circle and found out he was the archangel Gabriel.

“You?!” Dean was on his feet as soon as the angel said that. “Since when do you listen to prayers?”

“Since I have this annoying loud voice in my head who keeps asking for my help!” Gabriel answered. “If you don't want my help, I'll go but as you see I'm the only one who answered your prayers.” The archangel popped down on one of the hoods of a car in the salvage yard and snapped a lollipop into existence before sucking it into his mouth.

Dean looked around the salvage yard, it was true. It had been a foolish hope to think the angels would actually help him or his brother. That though brought the tears back to his eyes but now he refused to let them fall. He didn't want to see weak in front of the archangel. “Can you help him?” He asked after a moment pleadingly.

“Maybe,” the archangel replied. “I'll need to see him.”

Dean didn't know how the archangel knew what was wrong with his brother but he figured he'd read it from his mind or maybe heard it in his unspoken prayer.

The hunter nodded his head and led the angel towards the panic room where Castiel was still on guard, looking concerned and helpless.

“Gabriel,” Castiel said and strengthened up at seeing his older brother. It still uneased him being in the company of an archangel even Gabriel who they all thought was dead.

“Hey bro,” the archangel replied with a smile. “I'll take over for a while.”

The angel cocked his head as if trying to understand what the archangel was asking of him before nodding his head. “I'll check with Bobby,” he said before disappearing in a flutter of wings. Eager to leave the presence of the archangel.

“Guys!? Help! Please!” Sam's voice was heard from behind the closed door. Gabriel cocked his head in a similar way that Castiel had done before stepping closer and watching the younger Winchester through the small window evaluating the situation.

“Demon blood detox?” Gabriel asked before turning to Dean. When Dean nodded he sighed. “Shit, that's tricky.”

“Can you help him?” Dean asked, harshly.

“It's difficult,” the archangel told him. “And probably very painful for Sam.”

“But you can help him?”

“I think so.”

“You think so?” Dean asked angrily.

“In case you hadn't realized it but Sam is the true vessel of Lucifer!” Gabriel threw at him, getting angry himself. He had come here to help Dean because he asked for it and now the hunter was getting angry for Gabriel trying to help him. “The demon blood is needed to sustain him while Lucifer rides him. Whether you like it or not, the demon blood will always be a part of him now.”

The archangel tried to calm down before continuing. “Removing the amount of demon blood currently in his system is like removing part of your arm. Doing it incorrectly could kill you.”

Dean closed his eyes as he took in everything the archangel had told him. Ever since he found out that Sam was hooked on demon blood he knew that they would never be rid of it. It was the same way he knew that the world would never be rid of demons. Yet, he had to try and kill as many sons of bitches that he could and he would do the same with the demon blood. He listened to his brothers screams and felt his eyes tear up again. He couldn't handle seeing or even hearing his brother in pain.

“Just…just do what you can.” He told the archangel before turning away as he angrily wiped the tears away that were now falling from his eyes again.

The hand on his shoulder was soft and comforting and Dean couldn't help but lean back into it. “The demon blood will not be completely gone but he'll be detoxed. I'll also make sure the addiction, the need for the blood, is lessened. Again, I can't completely remove it but I can lessen it.” The tone the archangel used was gentle, almost as if he was reassuring a scared animal.

Dean had never heard the archangel's voice so comforting, it may have freaked him out if he wasn't out of it already. He only nodded his head before turned around and watched the angel walk into the room.

Sam's screams became louder. The older Winchester didn't know whether he was hallucinating or because Gabriel was cleansing him out but Dean didn't go to check it out. He wasn't able to bear it. A chill shot through him but he shook it off as reaction to his brother's pain.

“Dean,” his name was whispered and when he turned he noticed Castiel coming down the stairs and walking closer to him.

“Hey Cas,” he said, trying to give the fallen angel a smile but failing miserably.

“What's happening? Bobby and I can hear Sam screaming from upstairs,” he asked concerned.

“Gabriel is detoxing Sam,” Dean explain and closed his eyes again when another torturous scream was heard from the panic room.

Castiel's eyes widened as he strolled towards the door and peaked inside. “I didn't know that was possible,” the angel murmured in amazement.

“What?” Dean asked and wanted to walk over to see what he meant but his feet wouldn't move.

“It's nothing,” Castiel quickly replied but didn't look at Dean. It was a sign, Dean had learned, that the angel wasn't being truthful to him.

“Cas, tell me,” Dean pleaded. If it had anything to do with Sammy he had to know about it. It was about his baby brother after all.

“It's nothing, Dean,” the angel explain as he turned to the human. “I just never seen it happen before.”

“Cas, you're freaking me out here. What's Gabriel doing to my brother?”

“He's saving him,” Castiel replied eyes turning back to the room but didn't comment further.

“Shit, Cas, can I ever get a straight answer form you?” Dean shook his head, realizing this was all the angel was going to tell him. “Is Sam going to be okay?”

“Yes,” Castiel answered without hesitation.

“Good,” the hunter replied. That was all that matters. That Sam would be all right.

“I should go,” Castiel said, before disappearing with the flutter of wings.

Dean shook his head. Obviously something that he didn't understand had happened or was about to happen. Angels are strange,Dean thought as he walked towards the door and peaked inside.

Bright light enclosed the room and Dean had to look away before his eyes would burn out of his skull. He was rather fond of having eyes. When he felt the light dim he looked back inside and noticed Gabriel had fallen down over the now unconscious body of his brother.

Quickly, Dean opened the door and rushed inside. He checked to make sure Sam was still alive and when he noticed the steady breaths, he turned to the archangel.

“Gabriel?” Dean asked, unconsciously holding his breath as he waited for a sign of life. He wasn't sure if angels breathed, if they did than Gabriel was in trouble.

The archangel responded to his name by flicking his eyes down to Dean's but otherwise didn't move or say anything.

“Shit, what's wrong?” Dean asked but knew he wasn't going to get a response when the archangel's eyes closed. Acting on instinct, Dean lifted the lithe body of his brother and carried the angel upstairs towards the couch, where he laid him down.

“What's wrong with ‘em?” Bobby asked as he rolled inside the living room.

“Don't know,” Dean replied not looking up from the angel. “He fixed Sam, then went like this.”

“What?” Bobby asked as he went over to the angel and touched his forehead. “Is he suppose to be cold?”

“How the hell am I suppose to know?” Dean shot at the older man.

“Sam, alright?” Bobby asked, changing the topic.

“Think so, he was breathing at least.”

“I'll check up on him.” Dean only nodded at that but didn't look up at the older man. His attention solely focus on the unconscious angel. Strange how his concern had shifted from Sam to Gabriel but didn't question it now. His focus was completely on the angel and making sure he was all right.

“What the hell did you do, Gabe?” He asked as he kneeled down next to the angel. He reached up and touched the angel's forehead just like Bobby had done moment before. Fuck, he was really cold.

Just as he thought that, the angel started to warm up beneath his hand. Moving his hand he noticed that only the spot he was touching was warming the angel up. Strange,Dean though but shook it of as another angel thing he didn't understand.

Raising both hands he started rubbing the angel, hoping to get some warmth into the frozen body. The angel seemed to come alive under his ministrations. His stomach started to rise and fall and eventually the angel's eyes opened.

"Gabe?" Dean asked when he noticed the eyes on him. "You okay?"

"Oh yes, especially when you keep doing that?" The grin on the angel's face was the full blown cocky grin he'd carried since the day Dean met him and slightly suggesting.

As if the angel burned him, Dean pulled away and stood up. "Sorry," he muttered as embarrassment filled him. "You okay now?"

The angel nodded, but Dean could feel the angel slumping down again. Something still wasn't right. "Just weak," he managed to say before his eyes closed again. The hunter had seen the light go out in them before the eyes closed all the way.

Out of concern or whatever, Dean reach out to cup the angel's cheek and made him look at him. "Gabe..." Immediately the eyes opened again, eyes alight again. "What?" He only said as it dawned on him that he seemed to make the angel feel better.

"What do I need to do?" He asked a moment later.

"Don't need your charity," Gabriel mumbled and Dean was reminded how much alike they were.

"Not charity, gratitude. You helped my brother."

"Having you close is enough," Gabriel answered. "Touching is better."

"All right," Dean took a moment to decide what he was gonna do. "You better never tell Sam about this." He warned the archangel before climbing onto the couch with the angel and spooned behind him. "This okay?"

"Yes," Gabriel breathed out in relief and sank back down against Dean. Although angel's didn't require to sleep, Gabriel had long learned that sleep increased the healing ability and decided to let himself fall into dreamland.

Dean stiffly laid behind the archangel. Although he was wondering why the archangel needed him, of all people, close, he didn't question it. He figured the angel was too weak at the moment and would ask him later.

Though he had to admit that this was rather nice, just laying there, hugging another human body close. It was comforting. The hunter closed his eyes and let himself fall asleep.

When he awoke he was still spooning behind the archangel, who was still asleep, so that wasn't what had woken him. When he looked around he noticed two man in the room watching him. Ahh, shit,Dean thought. Busted.

"You want to tell us something, boy?" Bobby asked in his usual gruff voice.

"No," Dean replied before sitting up without waking the angel. He made sure that he was still touching part of the angel because he was not sure if the angel still needed the touch.

"Dean," Sam began, which Dean had dubbed his 'you-better-tell-us-now-or-else' face.

"He needed my help, I gave it," Dean shrugged his shoulders. It was that simple.

"By sleeping with him?" Although the question was meant to be harmless Dean took offense.

“He saved your life Sam. Either be grateful or shut the hell up. You don't know what the hell your talking about.” Dean sighed as he look down at the still sleeping archangel. “He needed my help, I provided it to him. It's not a big deal…”

When Dean looked up he noticed that Sam would leave it at this, at least for the moment. “I'm gonna get breakfast,” he mumbled. “Don't think I'll ever get the image of my brother cuddling an archangel out of my head.”

“Wasn't the angel I expected either,” Bobby put in.

Which made Dean glance at the older hunter. “What?” He asked not knowing what he was talking about.

“Geeze, the way your eye fucking Castiel all the time. Figured it would be him you'd end up with.”

“I'm not ending up with Gabriel,” Dean replied defensive, completely ignoring the fact that he had been eye-fucking Castiel.

Bobby only raised his eyebrows as he look at the sleeping angel.

“He said touching him would help him recover,” Dean admitted with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Now how could that help him recover?”

“I don't know! Must be some weird angel thing or something…” Dean shrugged not caring one bit. The archangel had promised to help his brother and he had. This was the least Dean could do for him.

“Maybe you should ask Cas,” Sam suggested.

“I'll ask Gabriel when he wakes up,” Dean replied, firmly.

The two men just looked at the older Winchester before shrugging it off and leaving him with the angel.

Dean looked down at the angel and started wondering what it had happened to him to become so weak. Gabriel had explained to him that the procedure would hurt Sam but never mentioned that it would also weaken him.

That was something Dean also didn't understand. Why would the angel need him close? Whenever Castiel had been weak he didn't need Dean close to heal. He would be fine on his own.

Shaking the thoughts out of his head, he decided to take a shower. It wasn't as if he was going to get any answers thinking about things he didn't have the answer to. Slowly, he got up, not wanting to disturb the sleeping angel before going to the bathroom to take a shower, letting the water wash away any trace.

Just as he was redressing himself, he noticed the lights flickered. Cursing at himself for leaving his gun at the coffee table, he quickly redressed himself before going to check things out. He opened the door and peaked inside, not seeing anything he walked out of the bathroom and towards the stairs.

Groans were heard from downstairs, somethings seem to fall to the floor and the lights were flickering madly. Quickly Dean ran downstairs. The first thing he noticed was the angel seizing on the couch. “Shit,” Dean cursed as ran over to the angel, who turned out, was still unconscious.

When Dean placed a hand on Gabriel's shoulder the seizure stopped. When the hunter was certain the seizures were gone, Dean stood op. Removing his hand from the angel. When he was about to turn away, the angel started seizing again.

“What the hell?” Dean asked no one in particular and quickly kneeled down again, placing his hand on the angel's shoulder. Again, Gabriel stopped seizing. “What's going on?”

The question ran through his mind. Whenever he removed his hand Gabriel would start seizing again. Was this some after match of healing Sam? Dean didn't know but, luckily for him, he knew someone who did.

“Cas? Get your feathery ass down here! I have some questions,” Dean prayed up to the sky, knowing his friend would be able to hear him.

“Dean.” Was the only thing the angel said.

“What the hell is wrong with him?” Dean figured he should get right down to business.

“I-I don't know what you mean,” Castiel responded and lowered his head. Indicated to Dean that the freaking angel was lying.

“No, you're not getting out of it this time, buddy.” Dean replied. “Why is he seizing?”

Castiel looked at the hunter as if he was mad so Dean removed his hand to prove his point. This time Castiel's eye almost bulged out of their sockets before he quickly wiped any emotion from his vessel's face.

“Cas, please tell me…” Dean wasn't one for pleading but he sure didn't like it when an angel stopped seizing whenever he touched him. The hunter was pretty sure it was only because he was touching the angel. He quickly touched Gabriel again to stop the seizures.

“I'm not sure,” Castiel replied. “I never knew it was even possible.”

“Cas?” Dean prompted.

“There are some legends among angels,” the angel began. “An angel has a mate. One mate that is made for him. It's kind of like a vessel. Angels only have one true vessels. Angels also have one true mate.

“Most of us aren't that lucky to find the one but when we do we are only complete when our mate is near. When the bond is just forming, the angel would need his mate close, preferably touching, to help settle the bond.”

“Are you saying I'm Gabriel's mate?” Dean's voice had risen an octave higher than it was as he asked that.

“No,” Castiel deadpanned. “He has not lay claim on you.”

“Then what?” Dean was getting confused now. Why the hell would Castiel tell him about mates if that wasn't what they were.

“One legend states that an archangel can bond himself to someone without the other knowing.”

“Come again,” Dean asked perplexed.

“It's difficult to explain.” Castiel looked pained when he said that. “Gabriel will be able to explain better.”

“Yeah well, Gabriel is currently unavailable.” Dean took a deep breath before continuing. “Just tell me what you can.”

Castiel took a moment to study the hunter before nodding his head. “I'll try.”

“I believe that Gabriel bonded with you to help your brother, I do not know how he did that but it would explain his reaction when you don't touch him.” When Dean gave him a confused look he continued. “He bonded with you but you are not bonded with him. He'll need you close to know that you are still in his life. If you stop touching him he can die.”

“What the hell?”

“Usually it takes two to bond but it is said that an archangel, if he's strong enough, can bond himself to another.”

“Why would anyone do that?”

“I…don't know,” Castiel admitted. “I believe Gabriel needed your strength to help Sam and thought this to be the only way.”

“But what does this mean?”

“It means that Gabriel will only be complete when he's with you. He'll need you close, preferably touching, to heal himself.”

“So what, we're joined to the hip now?”

“With time it'll lessen and he won't need you touching him. He'll recover just being close to you.”

“So, why the touching now?” Dean had to admit that he was getting a little uncomfortable touching the archangel the entire time.

“The bond need to settle.” Castiel took a moment to think. “I also believe the bond has troubling settling down because he did not tell you about this.”

“Damn right he didn't!”

Castiel raised an eye brow at this. “The bond is uneasy because it doesn't have your permission to settle…”

The tone the angel used made Dean think that Castiel had finally figure out what was wrong. “Touching him makes the bond think you're not against it…”

“Cas, what the hell are you talking about?”

“Just, keep doing what you are Dean. That's the best way to help him…”

Before Dean could say anything else, the angel disappeared. “That's just great.” Dean mumbled before deciding to get off of the floor and make himself more comfortable. If he was going to be stuck with the archangel for a while he wasn't going to be sitting on the uncomfortable floor.

“What am I going to do with you?” Dean wondered before standing up. He made sure he was still touching the archangel before lifting him up and towards the quest bedroom which he always shared with Sam when they were staying with Bobby.

He gently laid the angel down on his side before, once again, spooning behind him. “You ever mention this I'm gonna find a way to smite your ass,” Dean mumbled, before wrapping his arms around the angel and pulling him back against his chest.

The hunter had to admit that it did feel nice having someone this close to him. It's been a while since he's been with anyone but never had he felt like this. Even though they hadn't slept together, Dean didn't feel the need to split. Usually when he shared a night with a woman, he'd leave as soon as they finished.

Dean didn't know what this was with Gabriel but he knew that in this moment the archangel needed him and he was going to help him no matter what. It was the least he owned the angel for helping his brother. Maybe it was something more but he needed to be here with Gabriel. To help him any way he could. It was with these thoughts that the hunter fell asleep.

When he woke it was to soft puffs unto his face. He raised his hands to wipe it away but it kept coming. Then he heard a chuckle and opened his eyes just to see Gabriel laughing.

“Back to the land of the living, I see,” Dean said.

“Yes, not fully back to my own strength yet but awake at least,” Gabriel grinned at the hunter.

“So, you wanna tell me what happened?”

“Not really,” Gabriel replied with a shrug.

“Gabe,” Dean pushed. It was time for some answers.

“Shit, Dean, why the hell would you want to know?” Gabriel was getting angry but Dean didn't know why.

“Why I want to know, Gabe?” Dean retorted angrily. “This is why.” Just as the words were out of his mouth, he stood up and broke any contact he had with Gabriel.

There was a scared look in the angel's eyes before he started siezing. Immediately, Dean jumped back into bed and wrapped his arms around the angel. The compulsions stopped but the angel was breathing heavily and wasn't moving. His eyes closed in obvious pain.

Running comforting circles over the angel's back, Dean waited for the angel to open his eyes. When he did, Dean could see that the angel was scared.

“Okay, so maybe it wasn't my smartest move but you needed help and I gave it,” Gabriel told him with a shrug.

“Gabe, tell me what you did.”

“What did your pet angel told you?” Dean was certain he could detect a hint of jealousy in the angel's voice but that was ridiculous, right?

“Cas told me all he could. He always believed it was just a legend.”

“Yeah, that's what we tell the younglings so they did get jealous.”

“Jealous of bonding with humans? Thought angel's don't feel anything.”

“Oh we do, Dean-o, we do…” If Dean thought Gabriel would elaborate he was mistaken.

“You know, you keep stalling but that doesn't mean I don't want to know. So bear your teeth and tell me already.”

“Can't we just enjoy the niceness of this morning,” Gabriel whined.

“It's actually afternoon,” Dean replied. “Now, tell me.”

“Ahh, shit,” Gabriel said before turned on his back and signing deeply. He closed his eyes before taking a deep breath. “First off, we're not bonded.” Dean was about to protest when Gabriel interrupted him. “I know Cassie told you that but he wouldn't know any different. He is, after all, not an archangel.”

“In order to help Sam, I had to create a link to something personal of his, so I had an anchor to hold on to.”

“Something personal?” Dean breathed.

“Yes,” the angel replied with a happy smile.

“”Why me?”

“What is more personal to Sam than his own brother?” Gabriel replied before turning his head and lifting his eyebrow. “I just needed a link and you were the closest thing around…”

“What the hell?” Dean exclaimed.

“What? It's not like I can't break the link. I just need you close for the next week or so and then I'll severe it, okay?” Gabriel sounded a little sad to Dean's ears as if he didn't want this.

“What the hell, Gabe, can't you give me a straight answer for once?” Dean shook his head. “You angels are all the same. Cas also never gives straight answers.”

“I liked my grace to you to help your brother, what's not to understand about it?” Gabriel bit at the hunter before moving away. Forgetting for a moment that he shouldn't move away from Dean. Just as the angel stood up he started seizing and fell to the floor.

“Damnit, Gabe!” Dean was on the floor, next to the archangel within seconds and took him in his arms. Five minutes past and the angel was still not calming down. “What do I do?” Dean asked the seizing angel but received no answer. His eyes were unfocused. Breaths were coming in sharp.

“Gabe, come on,” Dean whispered. He wasn't sure what compelled him to do so but he turned the angel so they were facing each other and wrapped their arms around each other in an embrace. The entire time he drew invisible circles over the angel's back, lending him his strength.

The action seemed to stop the seizing but he was still gasping for breath. Dean tugged the angel's head against his chest before resting his own on Gabriel's shoulder, whispering, hopefully, reassuring words to the archangel.

“Thank you, Dean,” Gabriel whispered quietly but didn't move away. He just stayed still, trying to get his breathing back. “I'm sorry for being a burden.”

Dean had never heard the angel talk like this and it was unsettling him. “Gabe,” he begin but couldn't finished.

“I just need a moment,” he replied before closing his eyes again and taking a deep breath.

“There anything I can do?”

“Just…do what your doing…” Gabriel mumbled against the hunter's chest and snuggled closer.

“So what? I'm your teddy bear now?”

“Most definitely,” the angel mumbled with a grin and tightened his grip.

"So, you're gonna finish your tell tale?" Dean asked after a few moment.

"Maybe I just want to lie here." Gabriel answered before sighing when he felt the hunter stiffen. "Fine. I linked my grace to you before I healed Sam. It's all very simple really. I just need you close till I'm back to my lively cute self again."

"What does it mean to be linked with you?"

"For you?" When the hunter nodded the angel continued. "Not much. I mean you'll be stuck with me. Let's just say we're joined at the hip for the moment until I can server the link again."

"So it's not permanent, then?" Dean asked just to be certain. "That's good."

"Yeah," Gabriel didn't elaborated further.

"How long is it going to take for your mojo to be 100 percent?"

"Days, maybe weeks." Gabriel sighed before turning his head to look at the hunter. "Honestly, I don't know how long it will take."

"Awesome," Dean replied before sighing.

"Guess you're stuck with me," Gabriel replied with a cheeky grin.

"Awesome," Dean repeated.

"What? I'm not that bad." Gabriel widened his eyes dramatically before smirking.

"Yeah, says the guy who's killed me a hundred times over."

"Yeah, about that..." Was it him, or did Gabriel started fidgeting? "I'm sorry."

"What?" Dean asked, he was certain he hadn't heard him correctly.

"I'm sorry okay. I was just trying to teach your brother a lesson. Besides it's not as if you remember dying."

'"That's true," Dean admitted. "Well...those times." He added with a shrug.

Gabriel remained silent, which unnerved the hunter but he didn't ask what was wrong. "Should we move?" Dean asked after a moment of silence. Half sitting, lying on the floor was getting a little uncomfortable.

Gabriel nodded before snapping his fingers. The next moment both, Dean and Gabriel, where laying on the bed. When Dean raised his eyebrow the angel elaborated. "When you're close I'm not as juiceless. I can do the little things."

"Really?" Dean asked. "Can you mojo up some entertainment?"

"Getting bored of me already?" Gabriel pretended to be hurt. The only thing that made him seem like he was joking was the grin on his face.

"I just don't like sitting, or in this case, laying still. Not able to do anything..."

"Well, what do you like?"

Dean took a moment to think before answering. "I wouldn't mind watching some Dr. Sexy."

At Gabriel's look Dean blushed and look away. "What, it's a guilty pleasure."

"I figured," Gabriel replied. "I like the show but I think Lilian and John should have broken up."

"Yeah, I know right." Dean smirked at the angel. It was weird to have someone to talk to about this show but he had to admit that he actually liked it.

"Well, one Dr. Sexy coming up," Gabriel smirked before snapping his fingers. At the end of the bed a television appeared which turned itself on and began playing a Dr. Sexy episode.

"Oh, yeah, that's a good one," Dean said before settling down onto the bed and watching the show.

Gabriel turned his head and watched the hunter beside him. The hunter who had wrapped his arms around him without complaining. Had helped him without even thinking about it. At the time he knew he shouldn't have linked with the hunter but he also couldn't deny those green eyes what they were longing for and that was to help his little brother.

The only way Gabriel knew how to help him was to cleanse his body. Sam's body would never be free of the demon blood but, Gabriel was able to remove the most of it. In order to do so he had to create a link to something so pure that would guide him back. During the cleansing all Gabriel could see was blood and pain and torture and hate but because of the link he could see light shining through.

Dean had the most purest soul on earth. Since his time in hell it had dimmed a little but it still shone more brightly than most. It was the reason why he had chosen to link with him. Well, that and because Gabriel always had a soft spot for the older Winchester. Ever since he met him back when he was just the trickster he'd felt something for Dean.

Of course he had know those two chuckle heads were going to be the vessels of his two older brothers but that didn't mean he couldn't play with them. When he had spoken to Dean and Sam the first time he had felt some pull towards the older hunter but hadn't really stop to think about it until the entire ordeal was over.

It was then that he realized that Dean was a potential mate for him. Which, of course, was a little uncomfortable for he was his brother's life sized condom.

So Gabriel had done the only thing he could do. Run and don't look back. Of course, that didn't work because Dean was often on his mind. Wondering how he was, what he was doing. Then Gabriel would get angry at himself and trick some other douche bag into killing himself or something.

Linking to Dean was a dream come through for the ancient angel but he also knew that it was temporally but at least he'll get some time to spend with the stubborn hunter and maybe show Dean he wasn't the monster the hunter had gotten to know before.

He watches as Dean's face light up when he smiled when there was a particular funny part on the conjured television and felt his heart swell. Shit,he thought, I'm in more trouble then I thought I was.

Shaking his head to get rid of the thoughts he made himself comfortable. Might as well enjoy it as long as it lasts.

"Think we should get some snacks?" Dean asked after a comfortable silence of the two of them watching the episode.

Gabriel raised his head, which had fallen on top of the hunter's chest, and looked at Dean as if he was trying to read his mind before snapping his fingers. Popcorn and a six pack appeared, which made the hunter smile. "Awesome." he said before digging into the popcorn.

"So, this thing between us. Couple days you said?"

"Could be," Gabriel replied. "No one had ever had a link severed, so I don't know how long it will take to sever it."

"What?" Dean shouted a little alarmed.

"Well, you honestly think Lucy or Mikey or even Rafe would link with someone?" Gabriel asked with a grin.

"Uhm? No," Dean replied. "So it's an archangel thing?"

"Yes," Gabriel nodded. "It's not something we advertise among the younglings because when we link with another we became weak, as you may have noticed."

"Why can't you tell them?"

"Well, what they don't know they can't tell. A link is one of the only way to weaken an archangel. Though a link can only happen when the archangel is willing, we are still weakened for an enemy to attack."

"So, I guess your not happy about the fact that Cas knows about it."

"Well, I don't think Cassie is a tell tale" Gabriel shrugged at this. "Besides, as long as you're near I can still defend myself."

"So, why do you keep having seizures when we're not touching?"

"Seizures?" Gabriel asked perplexed.

"Yeah, you start seizing the moment I stop touching you."

"Oh," Gabriel took a moment to think about it. "I didn't realized that's what it looked like." He shook his head before continuing. "When you stop touching me, I can't find my way back to the light."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"Well, cleansing someone from demon blood leaves some traces."

Dean took a moment to think about what the angel was telling him. "You took the demon blood into yourself?!"

"Sort of," Gabriel admitted before turning his head so he wasn't facing the hunter.

"Shit Gabe," Dean raised himself so he was able to face the angel. "You didn't have to do that."

"You asked me to help your brother, I did," the angel shrugged again before lowering his eyes.

"Shit, Gabe," Dean sighed in expedition. "I never meant that you should take the demon blood into yourself."

"It was the only way."

"No, Sam could have detoxed on his own."

"Geeze, Dean, what do you want from me. You asked for my help. I gave it and now you're complaining."

"I just don't want you hurt, okay?" Dean sat up, but made sure he was still touching the angel. Now, more than anything, not wanting to stop touching the angel. Especially not if he was reliving the after effects of the demon blood.

"Aww, Deano, you do care," Gabriel smirked, trying to make a joke out of it.

"Of course I do!" Dean closed his eyes before wiping them with his hands.

Gabriel remained laying on the bed, looking up at the hunter, studying him. When Dean opened his eyes, their eyes locked. The angel wasn't sure but he could swear he saw worry in Dean's eyes.

"Gabe, I know we aren't on the best of terms but you're still one of us. So of course I care," the hunter told him.

Gabriel didn't know what to say to him so he just nodded his head before swallowing the lump that was beginning to grow in his throat. Then he wet his lips and smirked. "So I made that much of an impact on you then?"

"Nah," Dean shook his head. "You just grew on me."

"Well, I'm basically attached to your hip right now." The smirk was back.

"Which should explain why you've grown on me..." Dean smirked back at the angel. Their eyes locked again and this time the angel didn't look away. Dean could see the amber eyes darken and for a moment he wondered why but then the thought passed as he watched a pink tongue slip out of the luscious lips. Dean followed the pink tongue with his eyes as Gabriel wet his lips.

Heat seemed to surge through him. A flare of arousal hit him and for a moment panic hit him and Dean wanted to jump away. Only a hand on his hip stopped him from moving. The hunter wet his lips. "Sorry," he mumbled, slightly embarrassed that he was about to move away from the angel and in the process hurting him.

"It's okay," the angel replied, fully knowing how hard it was for the hunter to stay still like this with him.

Dean nodded his head, before turning away from the angel. He made sure his back was still touching the angel but faced away from him.

Gabriel sighed before sitting up. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I just..." Dean trailed of not knowing what to say. The hand on his shoulder felt comforting and thoughts he didn't want to filled his head.

"What is it, Dean? " the angel asked concerned.

Dean shook his head to clear his thoughts. "It's nothing." He turned around to face the angel again. "Why haven't Sam or Bobby come in here yet."

The smirk that Gabriel gave him made Dean raise his eyebrow. "They can't come in," he grinned.

"Why can't they?"

"I remove the doorknob, " the grin was back.

Dean looked over at the door before turning back. "So what, we can get out but they can't get in."

"Pretty much.” Gabriel shrugged as he summoned a lollipop right into his mouth.

"I feel like such a freaking school girl sitting like this with you," Dean admitted after a moment but Gabriel remained silent knowing Dean didn't want to discus it.

“So, tell me about this bond Castiel was talking about?”

“Why? You're interested?” Gabriel raised his eyebrow suggestively.

“No, Im just curious,” Dean immediately replied. “Besides there's not much else we can do since we're joined at the hip for the time being.”

Gabriel sighed before given in. “What do you want to know?”

“What's the difference between a link and a bond?”

“What makes you think there is?”

Dean shrugged. “They way you talk about it.”

“So, you have me figured out now?”

“Nah, I just know the signs.” When Dean didn't elaborate Gabriel explained to him about the bond.

“Well, a link is only meant for archangels. It's a way to find if our potential mate can handle us.”

“What doest that mean?”

“Maybe I should explain bonding first,” Gabriel mused before making himself comfortable against the bed. “Angels have one true mate but many potential mates.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, dear old Dad made it that way…” Was Gabriel's simple answer. “Angels didn't have free will but humans do. If an angel wanted to bond with a human then the human had to be willing. The human would be a potential mate and if they accepted the bond then they would became the true mate.”

At Dean's confused look Gabriel just shrugged. “I didn't make the rules, Dean-o. Whenever an angel mates with a human they have agreed to it. When they bond, they are stuck together, forever. There never will be any one else in their lives nor will they ever be separated. Should the human go to hell, the angel has to follow.”

“That sucks,” Dean said.

“What? Sharing your entire existence with the one being you love more than anything else in this world?”

“No,” Dean replied. “That the angel's doomed to follow the mistake of some unworthy human…”

“You're looking at it the human way,” Gabriel said before cocking his head the way Castiel always does when he doesn't understand something. “Imagine never having sex or someone to love you. I mean sure, we have our brothers and sisters but it's not the same. Then a potential mate comes along your way. Someone who will love you for who and what you are. Someone that won't judge you. Someone you can hold, love and cherish for the rest of your miserable existence.”

Gabriel shook his head for a moment. “Imagine being alone for thousands of years… Then one simple spark floats your way and pulls you out of the darkness that has been consuming you for centuries, making you forget who or what you are and have become in the meantime.”

“Then this light comes and makes you realize just what you have been missing all these years…It makes you realize that, even though you are an angel, you can still feel something. Make you realize you are worth more then just a stupid soldier being obedient to an absent father. Makes you realize that you want to be more than you already are…”

Gabriel had closed his eyes during his little speech and when he opened them Dean noticed the amber pools shining with unshed tears. “I would do anything to find my potential mate and try my hardest to hold on to them…”

Dean took a deep breath, not able to look away from the amber eyes that held his own. A shook of electricity shoot through him but he was unable to look away. He licked his lips, trying to get them to work again.

“So this bond thing? It's unique?”

Gabriel smiled. “Yeah, you could say that. Not many angels are willing to mate anymore. They've forgotten how.” The archangel shook his head as if denying that fact. “They have turned into mindless little foot soldiers. just blindly following orders they don't even understand. It used to be different you know.”

“Back when I was still up in Heaven, was actually one of the reasons why I left. Well, that and Mikey and Lucy's constant fighting. I had hoped to find a potential mate as well.”

“Did you?” Dean asked and was that jealousy in his voice?

Gabriel turned sad eyes towards the hunter before shaking his head. “No, I did not.”

“I'm sorry,” Dean replied not knowing what else to say.

"So this bond thing is unique in heaven. Can angels only bond with humans?"

"No, angels can bond with angels but it's happening even less than angels bonding with humans."

"Why is that?" Dean asked, he wouldn't admit it but he was actual interested in learning more about the angels. Castiel was always so vague about everything and only gave half answers to the questions asked. So it was a relieve to lean that Gabriel was a little more straight forward. Though he couldn't help but think that the archangel might have ulterior motive but shrugged the thought away. Focussing on the information Gabriel was freely giving him.

"When I left it happened like once or twice and at that time the angels were already turning more and more into mindless little soldiers. They have forgotten that we can feel as well. They have forgotten that, even though we were here first, we are more like humans then we care to admit. Sure, we don't need substance nor do we die of sickness or even look like you do in our natural form but we can love and we can hate. It's sad really that most of us have forgotten this."

Dean bit his lips for a moment before asking the question that was plaguing him. "Was Castiel like that?"

"Dear ol' Cassie?" Gabriel asked with a smile. "Well, Castiel has always been a good little soldier. He didn't understand feelings."

"Didn't?" Dean raised an eyebrow. "He does now?"

"Well, he's trying to understand what's it like to feel, isn't he? He's falling so. But, yeah, Castiel was always a soldier. but that could also be because of the garrison he was in. They were more of the 'follow orders' type of angels then the 'we also have feelings' type of angels."

"And you?"

"I've always been a lover and not a fighter.” Gabriel gave Dean a suggestive look.

"Which is why you ran," Dean shot at the angel bitterly. He wasn't even certain why he done so.

"I ran for many reasons but yeah. I didn't want to face the fighting anymore. Mikey and Lucy were getting more and more angry at each other and basically at the entire world. The other angels just followed their lead. No more feelings, no more caring, just being obedient. It pained me to see my brothers and sisters like this. I've always loved going out of my way to spend some time with the younglings, teaching them whatever they wanted to learn and then it all went to hell. I left...I couldn't take it anymore."

Dean noticed the sad look in the archangel's eyes. "It may not have been the best choice you've made," he began hoping to put it lightly. "But I get it."

"You do?" Gabriel was confused and honestly interested.

"Yeah," Dean nodded his head before continuing. "I mean, my brother and my dad were always at it, you know. Always fighting each other every step of the way. I was always in the middle of it, helpless. There was nothing i could do about it. They never listened to me when I tried to break them up. I often thought it would be best if I just left, leave them at it but..."

"But you never did," Gabriel concluded.

"No," Dean agreed.

"Why not?"

"Because I had to take care of Sammy." Was the simple answer. "I had to be there for him. Kid would have gotten himself killed."

"Why was it your responsibility to look after him?"

"Because I'm the only one who can." Dean shrugged his shoulders. "Anyway, this link thing is that the same as a bond only for archangels?"

"Subtle," Gabriel noted before answering his question. "No, a link differs form a bond. When an angel bonds, they share it's grace. Part of the grace would go into the bond mate so they will always be connected to each other. Also, a bond can't be broken. While a link is more of a safety net. When an angel links with someone they are just testing the grounds. See if their potential mate is strong enough to hold the grace within himself. To see if our potential mate is strong enough to be with us for the rest of, well, existence."

"Have you ever seen an angel bond with a human?"

"Once," Gabriel replied, sadness filled the room.

"Is that another reason why you left heaven? Because you wanted what they have?"

Gabriel was perplexed when Dean had figured out why he wanted to leave heaven but knew he shouldn't have been surprised. The hunter was smarter than he looked or acted most of the time. The angel knew this because he had been studying the hunter ever since he first met him. The older Winchester would often pretend not knowing how to do something while his brother figured if out. Gabriel knew that Dean knew the answer, he just didn't know why he pretended to be stupider than he was.

"Yes, I spend many years trying to find my potential mate but...I never did. So I became a pegan god. Trying to make sense of life and losing myself in the process"

"I'm sorry to hear that," Dean replied with genuine sad look. "I always thought you just conjured up anything you wanted and not be lonely."

"Well, when I conjure something it's not actually there." The angel replied. "It's all fake."

"Well, at least you won't have to deal with the morning after."

"That's true," Gabriel grinned. "Though, I have to admit that I want to experience that once."

"Well, aren't you basically experiencing it now?"

"Are you suggesting something?"

"No," Dean grinned. "Besides, I don't do morning afters."

"Except for now..." the grin was once again back.

Dean shrugged. "True, but yet this is different."

"Yeah? Why is that?"

"I never slept with you."

"I thought you just woke up?"

"You get my meaning."

"But you enjoy it right?"

"It has it's moments."


"Well, I finally am able to find out more about your and your douchy brothers and sisters."

"What, doesn't Cassie tell you are deepest secrets?"

"No, he's just about vague about everything.“

"Oh, do I detect trouble in paradise?"

"Excuse me?"

“What not banging the little seraph?”

“Of course not,” Dean almost yelled. “Why does everyone thing that??” He asked after taken a few calming breaths.

“Well, I've been studying the two of you and the way you're always eye fucking each other I just figured…” Gabriel trailed of not continuing the sentence.

“No, man, just…no,” Dean shook his head. “Cas and I are not sleeping together.”

“But you want to?”

“What?!” Dean's voice rose an octave. “No, no.”

“It's fine, you know. I get it.” Was it him or did Gabriel sound jealous and was there a hint of sadness in him?

“Cas is just…Cas alright? Besides he'd probably freak out.” Dean laughed when he thought back to the time he took Castiel to a brothel. “Took him to a brothel once. Guy freaked out.”

“Wait, what?” Gabriel looked actually surprised at this. “You took little Cassie to a brothel?”

“Jup, didn't actually go as planned but we did have a great time. Or at least, I did. I've never laughed so hard in my entire life.” Again Dean laughed at the memory.

“Wow, what I wouldn't give to have seen that. Little uptight Cassie in a brothel…” Gabriel laughed out loud before shaking is head.

“It was fun,” Dean told him. “So this link you made with me,” the hunter began after a moment of silence. “Is that the same link as with a potential mate?”

“Well, there's only one way to link with someone, yes.” Gabriel admitted. He had hoped the hunter wouldn't have figured it out but again the hunter was smarter than he looked. “But I didn't link with you to be my mate.” He hastened to add.

“You linked with me to save my brother, right?”

“Yes,” Gabriel nodded before looking away. He wanted Dean to believe he had only linked with him because of Sam but the truth was that he had also done so because he saw Dean as a potential mate. Dean was everything he wanted to be and knew the hunter would be an amazing mate for him. Now, being linked with him he could actual see potential but he also knew that if he would flat out say it the hunter would run the other way.

Thinking it was time for a conversation change, the hunter asked whether the angel was hungry.

“What do you want?”

“Pie,” Dean immediately replied before three trays of pie appeared on the bed next to them. Amazed the hunter looked at all the different pies on the trays. “Is this heaven?” He asked after a few moments.

“Can be,” the angel grinned at the hunter.

Dean had trouble choosing which pie he was going to eat first so he turned to the angel. “Which do you want?”

“They are all for you,” the archangel replied with a smirk.

“What you're trying to woo me?”

“Maaaaybe,” the angel replied. “Is it working?”

Dean was a little surprised. Sure the angel had been flirting with him since they've been like this but this was different. Then he remembered that the angel had linked to him and maybe that's why. He was trying to find out if Dean was a potential mate for him.

The hunter had to admit he was surprised at that but he was also intrigued. He knew he would never be worthy of an angel which is why he never did anything with Castiel but he had to admit that he was going to enjoy the ride. Once Gabriel realized that Dean wasn't worthy he would server the link and the both of them will go on their own way.

“Maybe, depends on how good the pie is,” Dean flirted right back. Already enjoying the game. He leaned over and took the peach slice before slipping a piece between his lips. “Oh, God,” Dean moaned as his taste buds exploded. “Don't tell me this is Oklahoma pie? From the little diner called ‘Peachy palace'?”

“Only the best,” Gabriel grinned as he watched the hunter take another chuck full and moaning again at the taste.

“Here, taste this,” Dean held out his fork for Gabriel and watched how his tongue slide out and took the offered piece into his mouth.

“It's good,” Gabriel acknowledged.

“Good?” Dean exclaimed. “This is heaven! God this is the best pie in the entire world!”

“Well, not exactly like heaven but close, but I'm glad you like it,” Gabriel said honestly.

“So was this your plan all along?” Dean asked after finishing his peach pie and setting the place back on the tray.

Innocently, Gabriel look at the hunter as he had no idea what he was talking about. The look, however, didn't fool Dean so he continued his questioning.

“Fix my brother so you could get into my pants?”

“Honestly?” Gabriel asked after a few moment. “No, I just came to help.”


“Well, I heard you pray and I couldn't help but answer.”

“You must have more humans praying to you every single day, why answer mine?”

“Your prayer was the loudest,” Gabriel shrugged at his answer. “It was the only one I could hear clearly even though I shut it all off. It didn't matter what I did, I heard you and I just needed to help. My entire being screamed at me to answer your prayer.”

“Well,” Dean cleared his throat before continuing. “Thank you, I guess.”

Gabriel sat up inching closer to the hunter. “What have you done to me?” He asked in a whisper. “Why can I hear your prayers so loudly? Why do I feel the need this need to help you?”

“I-I-I don't know,” Dean whispered back, licking his very dry lips. Very much aware of the body so close to him. Warmth shot through him where the angel touched him and he closed his eyes as he bit back a moan.

Gabriel reached up and cupped the hunter's cheek in his hand. Slowly running his thumb over the stumbles of his cheek. “Even now, I can hear you,” he continued. “Praying for more yet wanting to stop. Praying you're good enough… Why can I hear you?”

Dean didn't know what to say, wasn't even sure if he should say anything, so he stayed quiet and waited for the angel to talk or do something. For some reason it didn't make him uncomfortable knowing the angel could read him so well. With Castiel he was always embarrassed, especially since he had to knack of reminding him of ever doubt he ever had.

But with Gabriel, it was already different. Weird though, Dean thought, maybe it was the link. Maybe it effected him too…

“No,” Gabriel answered his thought without thinking. “The link only effects me, it has no effect on you.”

“Shit, man, you reading my thoughts?” Dean asked, even though he already knew the answer.

“Didn't you just say, or think, that you didn't mind so much?”

“Damnit, Gabe, stop reading my thoughts,” Dean told the angel a little angrily. You're making me uncomfortable.

“Sorry, Dean-o,” Gabriel told him honestly. The last thing he wanted to do was make his hunter uncomfortable. His?Oh, shit, he was in deep trouble.

Dean just nodded is head, which made him move into the caress Gabriel was still bestowing on him. Then closed his eyes, enjoying the gesture.

Gabriel watched as the hunter sunk into his caress, hope flaring up deep inside him but he knew he had to move slowly with this human. Doubt ever gnawed at him and never felt he would be good enough. Yes, the angel had to move slowly but that didn't mean he wasn't going to have some fun.

Smiling slightly, Gabriel moved closer. Their breaths were mixing together. The movement had made Dean opening his eyes. The archangel noted the slight panic inside the green orbs but also how those green orbs lowered to his mouth when he licked his lips. The gesture made Gabriel realize there was a small chance, even though it was small, it was there. It gave him hope but he still had to act carefully.

Gabriel moved the hunter's head slightly so he would be easier to kiss but instead of kissing those lips that the archangel really wanted to he placed a kiss on top of Dean's head before sitting back and smiling up at the hunter. “More pie?” He asked after the green orbs locked with his own amber ones.

Dean had held his breath when the angel moved him and waited for the kiss he wanted yet knew he didn't deserve. Then he felt the press of lips against his forehead and sighed. He wasn't sure whether it was of relief or not. His eyes had closed and when he opened them, he couldn't help but stare into the amber colored eyes of the angel. Which had slightly darken before returning to their normal color.

“Pie?” Dean asked after a moment before the question registered and he nodded his head. This time the angel picked out a piece and fed a part to the hunter.

“Shit, are you trying to kill me?” Dean asked as, once again, his taste buds exploded, his eyes closing in obvious pleasure.

“I might,” Gabriel replied, smirking.

“Damn, at least I'll die happy,” Dean replied before taken another piece from the angel. A moan escaped him as he chewed the pie. “You've outdone yourself, Gabe,” the hunter said. “But you know what can make this even better?”

Before the question was asked a six pack appeared next to the trays of pies. “Damn, you're good,” Dean replied before reaching over to grab a beer and opening it. “Want one?” He asked after taking a deep swing.

Gabriel cocked his head and for some reason he couldn't resist. He grabbed the hunter by the back of his head and pulled him close, before smashing their lips together. Gabriel took advantage of the hunter's surprise and devoured his mouth, tasting the last traces of pie and beer inside it before pulling away.

“Delicious indeed,” he said before sitting back against the headrest, given the hunter his space. Something Gabriel knew he needed. He hadn't planned on kissing the hunter and knew he would probably freak out, right about now.

Dean raised his head and touched his lips. “What the hell was that?” He asked, already breathing heavily.

“Think you know,” Gabriel raised his eyebrow suggestively but didn't move. The ball was now in Dean's court and he had to figure it out himself. Gabriel wasn't going to push him, fully knowing that pushing the hunter would push him straight out the door and he didn't want that. He wanted a chance and that's what this was.

“Shit,” Dean said wanting to stand up but then noticed the scared look in the angel's eyes as he feared that Dean would send him back to the darkness. “Fuck.” He cursed. “Can't even get some space here…” He mumbled but the angel still heard him.

“I'm sorry,” the angel said again. “I know this is difficult for you.”

Dean noticed the sad look in the amber colored eyes. “Well, yeah, I mean, shit…” Dean took hold of the angel's hand before standing up and pacing up and down. Glad to be able to walk around for a moment. “You mention this to Sam I'm gonna kill you,” he shot at the angel as he held hands with the angel.

The angel followed the hunter with his eyes. Whenever the hunter would turn he'd replace the hand with the other so he could keep pacing. Dean's thoughts slipped into his mind and he realized the hunter was conflicted but didn't say anything. Knowing the hunter had to work through things himself.

Gabriel turned his head, given Dean the privacy he needed and closed his eyes. He knew he shouldn't have done it, knew he shouldn't have kissed Dean, but he couldn't help himself. Everything within himself was yelling at him that Dean was the most perfect mate for him and he needed to claim him, to bond with him.

Yet, something held him back as well. He hadn't linked himself to the hunter to mate with him. He had needed him as a beacon in the darkness that was Sam's demon blood. He would have easily become lost if he hadn't done so.

But having Dean so close to him felt amazing. The bright soul shone deep within him and pulled the archangel closer. The righteousness was shining through him, making Gabriel be better, wanting to be better than the pecan God he's been these past years.

In the mean while, Dean had stopped pacing and looked at the angel laying on the bed. He had to admit that the angel was good looking and the fact that he was a man didn't bother the hunter. The one thing that plagued him was that he wasn't worthy of being with the angel.

Licking his lips, he made his decision. I'm going to hell, again,he thought before kneeling down and leaning over the angel. Before giving the angel time to react, Dean placed his lips against the angel's.

Gabriel's eye widened when he felt the hunter's lips against his own but was quick to respond the kiss and kissed him back feverently. He pulled the hunter on top of him and sighed in contentment. His arms wrapped themselves around the hunter, pushing him closer. Automatically he opened his legs and Dean slid between them.

A moan escaped the hunter before he pulled away from the kiss. Their eyes locked and for a moment neither man moved. “Are you certain?” Gabriel asked in a whisper.

“Yeah,” Dean replied in a husky voice.

“You do understand that should we continue then we will be bonded. I'll need to claim you as my own and you'll be mine forever.”

Dean swallowed before closing his eyes. “Fuck, it scares me but yes, I understand. I want this, Gabe…”

Gabriel locked his eyes with that of the hunter seeing the truth in them before nodding his head. Snapping his fingers, their positions were changed and their clothes disappeared.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean moaned as he felt skin to skin contact. His entire being felt it was on fire, where ever Gabriel touched him and he wanted, no he needed, more. “Gabe,” the groan escaped him as he felt the angel move his hips against his own.

The hunter felt himself hardening already. Their bodies became slick with sweat and pre come as they moved against each other. Gabriel lowered his head to kiss him and Dean eagerly responded to their kiss.

His hands started roaming the angel's body. Mapping every single bit of skin he found and committing it to memory. He hooked one leg around the angel's, creating more friction in the process.

The groan that escaped the angel, made Dean's heart flutter. He was the one who made him groan like that.

“Shit, I want this so fucking much,” Gabriel groaned against the hunter's lips before kissing him again. Then he promptly sat back and breathed deeply as he gazed down at the hunter.

“Gabe?” Dean asked a little uncertain. Not knowing why the angel had stopped.

“During our bonding I have to mark you,” the angel explained. “It'll hurt.”

“Okay,” Dean replied not knowing where the angel was going.

“You do realize that this will change everything, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“Every angel will know you belong to me and I belong to you. Our being will be connected.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that we are always connected. I won't only be able to read your thoughts but I'll know what you are feeling. I'll know every little thing about you and you'll know every thing about me. You can never have secrets from me.”

Dean gulped, shit. That definitely wasn't something he would enjoy. He liked having his thoughts to himself but, shit, he wanted Gabriel more.

Obviously, Gabriel had read him and delved in again. Passionately kissing him again. “Where do you want my mark?” Gabriel asked before sitting back up again, given the hunter some time to think.

Dean gazed down at his left shoulder, where Castiel's mark was, before nodding to his right. “Right shoulder.”

Gabriel nodded, not quite happy with the fact his mate wanted another's angel mark on him but he did understand. Castiel had pulled him out of hell, after all. They shared a connection that only the two of them could understand.

“Placing the mark will hurt but I'll try to make it more pleasurable,” Gabriel explained.

“Okay, are we getting on are are you going to keep talking?” Dean raised his eye brow suggestively.

Gabriel grinned down at the hunter before leaning down to kiss him. “I'm gonna make you feel so good, Dean-o,” the angel promised.

“Well, hurry up then,” Dean smirked back.

“Oh, it's on,” the angel smirked right back at the hunter before conjuring up a tube of lube which he placed next to the hunter. They will need it later. Then he leaned in to kiss the hunter again. His arms running up and down Dean's chest.

His thumb flicked a hard nipple which made Dean buckle of the bed. He lowered his head as he moved kissing along the hunter's skin as he trailed downwards towards his destination. He found a nipple and gently took the nub between his teeth before sucking it into his mouth. He released the bud only to repeat the gesture a few times.

Dean was moaning against the sensations the angel was giving his body. His hands came up to wrap into the angel's hair. Pulling him closer to him. “Shit, Gabe, I won't last long,” he warned the angel. It had been a while since he last slept with anyone besides his right hand and he was already leaking pre come.

Gabriel looked up and noted how true Dean's word were before nodding and grabbed the forgotten lube. He coated his fingers with it before lowering them to Dean's entrance. He first prepared the hunter with one, then two and eventually three fingers.

When the hunter was writhing beneath him, Gabriel coaxed his own member with it and slowly entered the hunter. “Oh fuck,” the hunter moaned as his head fell back on the bed. “Move already,” he said after a moment.

Gabriel complied and started moving his hips. Making sure to his the hunter's prostrate every time. His hand reached up to take hold of the hunter's right shoulder. He called from deep within himself to push his grace into the hunter. “I'm sorry,” Gabriel whispered before Dean's body felt as if it was on fire. Starting from his right shoulder and spreading through out his entire body.

“Fuck,” Dean gritted his teeth as pain exploded through him. The angel made sure to send waves of pleasure through him as well as he hit the hunter's prostrate over and over.

“I'm sorry,” the angel whispered again.

Dean opened his eyes to look at the angel. The sad look in his eyes broke the hunter's heart. Instead of focusing on the pain the mark was given him, Dean focussed on the pleasure the angel was given him. “Gabe,” the pleasure become over whelming and he felt himself lose control.

The angel soon followed the hunter in his bliss before he crashed their lips together in a sloppy kiss. His felt his wings spread behind him as the angel lay complete claim on the hunter. The mark on Dean's shoulder started to burn more intensely and when Dean looked at the mark, he thought that the mark was glowing brightly. “What the…” he trailed off as electricity shot through him.

The angel lowered his hand and admired his handiwork. Placing soft kisses against the red skin. “Mine,” he whispered over and over again between kisses.

Dean moaned at the pain and pleasure. Before opening his eyes and gazing lovely at the archangel. His eyes lowered to his right shoulder and noted the mark burning onto his skin. He reached over with his other hand and traced the marking. “What does it say?” He asked, he knew it was enochian but didn't know what it spelled out.

“My name,” Gabriel whispered as he traced the top marking before tracing the lower marking. “And your name.” The archangel leaned in to kiss him. “It means that you are mine.”

Dean returned the kiss before smiling up at the archangel. It was then that he noticed another figure in the room.

“Cas?” He whispered.

That one word made Gabriel stiffen and look at the hunter as if he had betrayed him. “Dean?” He whispered, afraid that the hunter didn't want him but another angel. It was then that he noticed the hunter wasn't looking at him but at something behind him. His eyes darkened as he turned his head just in time to notice Castiel falling to his knees, softly begging for forgiveness.

An angry cry left his lips before he was up and raised the other angel by his neck, pinning him against the wall behind Castiel. Rage filled him from deep within as he watched the angel. He was not allowed to interrupt a binding ceremony and the angel knew it.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry,” Castiel whispered not looking at the archangel or even at Dean. The angel's eyes were closed and he was obviously in pain from the hold the archangel had on him.

Dean leapt from the bed and was beside the archangel within seconds. “Gabe, what's going on?” The hunter was obviously missing something but he also didn't want his friend hurt.

Red fury shone from the archangel's eyes. His body started to light up, heat radiated from his body and started to burn the lesser angel. “You dare to lay your eyes on my mate?” The question was spit at the other angel and sent shivers through not only Castiel's spine but Dean as well.

“I'm sorry,” Castiel repeated again, squeezing his eyes tight shut. Pain shot through him as Gabriel's hand burned his neck but he didn't cry out in pain, knowing he deserved this.

“Gabe!” Dean almost yelled, trying to get the archangel's attention but Gabriel didn't react to him. “Shit Gabe, what the hell's going on? Release Cas. Come on, Gabe.” It didn't matter what Dean said, the archangel didn't seem to hear him.

“You dare interrupt a mating ritual? I should kill you on the spot.” Gabriel's voice had dropped an octave sounding deep and send shivers not only through Casitel's body but Dean's as well.

“I'm sorry, I didn't know,” Castiel pleaded. “Sam asked me to check on Dean…please, I didn't know.”

The grip around the seraph neck tightened. His body pushed deeper against the wall, almost breaking it as cracks appeared on the wall.

Dean realized that he was no longer looking at Gabriel the archangel turned trickster but the Archangel Gabriel the right hand man of God. The power that radiated from the archangel scared Dean but the hunter also was someone who didn't back down from a fight and right now Castiel needed his help.

“Gabe,” Dean began again, trying to get the archangel's attention. “What the hell are you doing? Stop, please, you're scaring me!”

It was the last sentence that got a response from Gabriel. He turned his head to look at the hunter, noticing the scared look in his eyes. “Forgive me, Dean, I did not mean to scare you.” His voice was soft but harsh as if trying to restrain himself. The grip he had on the other angel didn't loosen.

“What's going on?” Dean asked now that he had the archangel's attention maybe he could talk him out of hurting Castiel.

“He barged in on our mating! He should not be allowed to live!” Gabriel turned back to the angel still in his grasp and tightened his hold again. His eyes held the same fury as before, heat radiated from his body again.

Dean didn't understand what was going on but it must have been something bad since Castiel wasn't fighting against Gabriel, only accepting what the archangel would do to him.

“Don't kill him, Gabe, please,” Dean pleaded making the archangel look back at him. “He's my friend, don't kill him, please.”

Gabriel looked at his mate, as if not understanding what he was asking before taking a calming breath. He released Castiel but made sure he wasn't able to leave the room. Immediately Castiel fell to his knees, begging for forgiveness again.

“Tell me what's wrong?” Dean urged when he noticed he had the archangel's full attention.

Gabriel took a few calming breaths before answering his mate. He realized this was all new to him and should explain a few things from him. “Forgive me, Dean,” he began. He closed his eyes as the adrenaline wore off and he fell to his knees as well. “Guess I'm not as strong as I thought I was,” he tried to joke but failed.

Dean concernedly helped the angel back to the bed and sat down beside him, hoping this way he could have a cicil conversation with the archangel. He glanced over at Castiel and noticed he was still on the floor, silently begging for forgiveness but at least he was still alive before turning his attention back to his newly found mate.

“Tell me, Gabe,” he urged again. “What's going on?”

“It's stupid, really,” the archangel begin. “I kind of lost it when Castiel appeared here. Angel's are very protective of their mates especially so soon after a bonding. I just lost it.”

“Okay, and why is Cas a blubbering mess on the floor now?” Dean looked over at the heap on the floor before turning back to the archangel.

“Well, technically he should be facing the wrath of God about now…” Gabriel grinned at the hunter.

“You are going to let him go, aren't you?”

Gabriel sighed before shaking his head. “I know I should but…” His eyes darkened again as his eyes fell on the angel. “It's difficult to explain to you how betrayed I feel by him. Deep down I know it's not his fault but…”

Dean noticed the archangel darkened look again and quickly took hold of the archangel's hand, rubbing it soothingly. Gabriel looked down at their joined hands and watched as Dean raised them to place a kiss at the back of his hand.

Again, his eye darkened but this time in pleasure and he leaned in to kiss the hunter. He raised his hand and touched Castiel's mark, a sound made both of them break apart as they noticed that Castiel was groaning.

Gabriel raised his eyebrows in question as he ran his fingers over the mark again. Again Castiel groaned and Dean and Gabriel shared a look. “Castiel, come here,” Gabriel ordered.

Castiel quickly stood up and almost ran towards the bed, before falling down to his knees again. “I'm going to ask you some questions and you're going to answer them truthfully, am I understood?”

“Yes, Gabriel” Castiel replied, never looking at Gabriel or Dean but still looking at the floor.

“Good,” Gabriel nodded his head before he begin his questioning. “Are you bonded to Dean?”

Dean's eyes widened at the question before looking down at the angel waiting for his answer.

Castiel took a moment to think about the question before answering. “No, I don't think so.”

"You don't think so, but you don't know?" The younger angel shook his head. "It explains everything, then!" Gabriel exclaimed as if it did explain everything yet it didn't.

Dean had felt a rush of disappointment run through him when Castiel mentioned that they weren't bonded but he didn't understand why. He was bonded with Gabriel, and even though it was new, it was what he wanted. Yet, he had to admit that he did wanted Castiel not that he would ever admit it out loud.

"What the hell do you mean, Gabe?" Dean asked when the archangel didn't explain.

"Well, obviously I'm just guessing here but I think when dear ol' Cassie pulled you out of hell he somehow bonded with you but since it's just a bond made without permission, It's not completed. That's the actual reason why Cassie here is fallen. Every decision he's made on his own was to help you, Dean-o. Hmm... You do know what this means don't you?" The question was directed at the younger angel.

Castiel had been watching the archangel during his explanation with wide open eyes. He considered what Gabriel was telling him before nodding his head. Yes, he thought. He know what it meant.

"What?" Dean asked from his place from the bed.

"It means that if Castiel fully bonded with you then he'll be a full blown angel again," Gabriel smiled at the hunter when he said this. "I always wondered what it was that made Cassie fall…now I know.”

"What do you mean by that? Didn't he fall because he went against Heaven's orders or something?" Dean asked.

"Nah, that's what they tell the younger angels to stay obedient to the cause," Gabriel sighed at this. "If it was true that if you disobeyed your superior's orders then all angels would have been fallen..." Gabriel laughed as if it was a good joke. "Most orders don't even come from higher up. They just decide for themselves.... Or at least it was before I left. I doubt anything has changed though."

"Heaven's kind of screwed up, isn't it?" Dean asked before shaking his head.

“As it is in Heaven, so it shall be on earth…” Gabriel only responded.

"That's your way of saying Earth's screwed up as well?" Dean asked before nodding his head. "I get it."

Gabriel smirked before crawling over to the hunter and kissing him deeply as if asking him something without words. Apparently, he found the answer before he broke the kiss and looked down at the, still seated, Castiel who was looking at the floor as if it was the most interesting thing on the planet.

"Tell me Cassie," Gabriel began as he stroked the hunter's stomach up and down and waited for the angel to look up at them. "Do you want to touch, Dean?"

"Oh shit," Dean moaned at the words. A flash of arousal shot through him at the words and Dean realized this is what Gabriel had been asking him during the kiss.

Castiel didn't answer but looked away from the couple on the bed, silently already given his answer but didn't dare say it out loud. He wasn't about to offend an archangel again. He wasn't suicidal.

"Castiel, you promised to answer my questions truthfully," Gabriel warned the younger angel. Authority in his voice.

Castiel's eyes widened but didn't dare look up when he answered. "Yes," he whispered. So soft that Dean had to strain himself to hear it but he had heard it and so had Gabriel.

Gabriel nodded his head before turning back to look at the hunter. "You want this as well, don't you, Dean-o?” He whispered just loud enough for Dean to hear. As one of his hands started playing with a nipple.

Dean wet his lips before answering. "Yes," he admitted and moaned in pleasure as his eyes closed. "But only if you want to as well,” he was quick to add after opening his eyes again and looked deep into the archangel's own honey colored one.

Gabriel raised his hand and cupped the hunter's face, softly caressing it. “I have to admit I'm a little possessive about you but I had sort of know this would happen." At Dean's questioned look, he continued. "You Winchester's never do anything by the book so why would this be any different? Normally an angel only has one mate but not with you. Once again you defied the laws set down by dear ‘ol dad l for you and decided to have two mates." At this the archangel stopped before continuing. "Guess it could be interesting as well."

"Gabe," Dean only said his name but it was enough for the both of them. They knew what the other wanted to say.

Gabriel leaned back in and kissed the hunter again. "You better be prepared for another bonding, Deano," he smirked before turning to Castiel and snapping his fingers.

One moment Dean and Gabriel were the only ones on the bed, the next Castiel was laying, as naked as they were, next to them. "Gabriel?" Castiel asked after a moment not understanding what was going on also fearful the archangel would still smite him.

"Think we need to spell it out for dear Cassie here, Deano," Gabriel smirked at the hunter. "Do you want the honors?"

Dean smirked back at the archangel before turning to face Castiel. He knew words wouldn't mean anything so he just showed him and placed his lips against the angel's.

"Oh shit," Gabriel moaned. "That's hot."

Castiel had stiffened when the archangel had spoken but relaxed into the kiss at those last words. Never had he dreamed this would happen to him. When he had pulled Dean out of hell he had felt close to the hunter. Always wanting to make him happy, to do what he wanted him to do.

It wasn't until Gabriel had pointed it out to him that he realized he accidentally bonded himself to the hunter. He never had meant to and especially not without Dean's permission but things were different in Hell and that is where he thought it happened.

Now though he didn't question when it happen he was just glad that it did. He was kissing Dean and it felt even better than heaven.

"You get that right," Gabriel smirked at the younger angel making Castiel break the kiss and looked down.

It was weird to touch another's angel mate. Normally he would have been dead before even touching the other. "Sorry," he whispered but both Dean and Gabriel heard him.

"Cas, do you understand what's going on?" Dean asked after sharing a look with the archangel.

Castiel thought it was safe to shake his head for he couldn't speak.

"You know that Gabriel and I are bonded?" Dean asked, wanting to make sure the angel would understand everything. When Castiel nodded his head, the hunter continued. "We also want to bond with you." The hunter thought it better to just say what they wanted.

"But why?" Castiel couldn't understand what the pair was asking of him.

This time Gabriel leaned in to kiss the younger angel. "Does that answer your question, bro?"

Amazed Castiel looked at Gabriel then at Dean and then back at Gabriel again. "Yes, yes it does," he replied before letting actions speak for themselves and kiss the archangel again.

"You are right, that is hot," Dean replied making the two angels stop kissing.

"You better be ready to be branded by another angel, Deano, might not hurt as much as my mark but it'll still hurt."

"Oh, am more then ready," Dean replied before kissing first Gabriel and then Castiel. The hunter was still slick from his activities before and the angel could easily slide inside. Gabriel decided to help the hunter out and slide down his body and take him in his mouth.

Dean surrendered himself to the pleasure his two angels were given him and knew the younger angel would mark him soon and he moaned in anticipation.

It didn't take long for Dean to be writhing on the bed between his two lovers and Castiel branding his mark onto him. His waiting was rewarded as Castiel placed his hand on the same arm Gabriel had left his mark, pain surged through him but he focused on the pleasure his mates were given him.

It didn't take long to reach his high point and he climaxed between them. Castiel soon followed after as did Gabriel who had taken himself in hand.

The three of them curled up together enjoying their after bliss. Dean had never felt this relaxed before and soon fell into dreamland, happily wrapped between his two mates. They did not know what the future would bring but they had each other now and that's all that counted.

Nothing in the world could separate them for a bond was forever. The only one who could severe it was God himself and let's face it he wasn't in the building. So the three of them would be bonded forever and all three of them were content with that.

They did not know what tomorrow would bring but today life was good and they made the most out of it.

The End