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At last by Alvina

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A few weeks after the ending of "Cursed" Bo finally finds a boyfriend.

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Published: September 1, 2008

Updated: September 7, 2008

At last Chapter 01

Author's note: This is my first crossover. I don't know why I choose Dean (Gilmore Girls) though you can read it as ‘another Dean’ but it Dean was inspired by Dean from Gilmore Girls.
Begun at: September 01, 2008
Ended at: September 07, 2008

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Bo and Brooke were sitting in a dinner. When Bo had walked Brooke over to Jimmy's house they had talked. He told her that he was gay. They'd stayed friends, even after she started dating Jimmy and promised not to tell anyone.

They were now sitting in the dinner, eating fries and discussing guys. "What about that one?" Brooke pointed to a dark haired, muscled man, whose shirt was way to tight and staring at a young petit blonde cheerleader.

"Uhh, no," Bo replied shaking his head.

"Why won't you tell me?" Brooke complained.

"Why is it so important to you?" he shot back.

"I've known for a few weeks now that your gay, I just want to know your type."

"Brooke, I don't even know my type. How can I tell you?" he shook his head again and stuffed another fry in his mouth.

He was just about to comment her pout when something or rather someone, caught his eye.

A very tall, dark haired, handsome man had come into the dinner with some friends. What caught his attention was the man supported a beautiful smile that lit up his whole face. That smile could light up the whole room. He thought.

Bo turned back to face Brooke who was grinning from ear to ear at him. "What?" he asked as he finished his fries.

"I know your type," she exclaimed, happily. "The dark mystery man."

"What are you guys talking about?" Jimmy asked, placed a kiss on his girlfriend's cheek and stole some of her fries as he sat down.

"Guys," Brooke answered, sweetly. "Bo's got a crush!"

"Shut up," Bo mumbled embarrassed. It was already hard on him to find he liked guys after so long pretending he like girls now his ex had to tease him! He felt like the ground could swallow him whole.

"Go on, go talk to him," Brooke encouraged him.

"I'll pass, thanks."

"Don't be such a chicken."

"If you want someone to talk to him why don't you go and talk to him?!" he threw back.

With a big smile, she stood up and walked over to the mystery guy's table.

For a moment Bo gaped at her. He would not have thought she would talk to him. Brooke was normally very shy about meeting new people. He tried to hid himself in his sweater when Brooke and ‘the guy' glanced over to him

"It can't be that bad," Jimmy tried to reassure him.

No, it's worse, he thought sinking further in his seat already trying to find a way out without passing them. Just as he thought he'd found a way his view was blocked. He looked up and noted Brooke had come back with ‘the guy'.

"Dean, meet my boyfriend, Jimmy and my ex-boyfriend Bo," Brooke introduced them.

"Nice to meet you," Dean said while shaking Jimmy's hand before shaking Bo's.

A shot of electric went through his body as Dean shook his hand. Time stood still as they gazed into each other's eyes.

The spell was broken when Brooke announce she and Jimmy had somewhere else to go.

"You'd think she planned that," Dean said, smiling as he watched the two departing figures.

"Knowing Brooke, she did," Bo replied. He felt uncertain and self-conscious when those beautiful green-blue eyes landed on his own. He suddenly felt the need to flee. "Maybe I should go too," he mumbled. When Dean started to nod, he got up. "Well…uhm…bye" he said and headed for the exit.

"Wait," Dean yelled after him. "May I walk with you?" All Bo could do was nod…


As they walked in silence Bo started to wonder what Brooke had said to Dean. After stealing a few glance in Dean's direction he snapped. "So, what did Brooke tell you?"

It took Dean a moment to figure out what Bo had said for his question was rushed. "Oh, you know Brooke. Always sticking her nose where it don't belong," Bo smiled, for it was one of Brooke's bad habits. "But she basically told me to stop whining about my last relationship and move on. She had pointed out a candidate for me," he waited a moment to let Bo reach the right conclusion. "That candidate is you."

Bo swallowed, his throat had suddenly gone dry, not used to the direct approach.

"But you know my cousin's always sticking her nose in other people's business," Dean finished, seeing the emotions play on Bo's face he knew he shouldn't tell him that Brooke said Bo might be interested in him but that he had to be careful for he'd would be Bo's first boyfriend and also because Brooke would kick his ass if he tried something funny.

Bo started nodding, then it ht him. "Wait, your cousin?

"Yeah, Brooke," Dean laughed. "She didn't tell you?" after a shake from Bo's head he had his answer. "Well, I guess it doesn't really matter."

"So, that's why she so easily walked over to you?" Bo wondered out loud not realising he had said it out loud until Dean asked him if he was that intimidating. Bo laughed at Dean's joke. "A little," he joked back. "I mean you are very tall…"

"That's not fair," Dean pouted.

"You look cute when you pout," Bo blushed, realising he had said that out loud.

"Thanks," Dean replied. "You look cute when you blush," which earned him an even deeper blush.

Dean stopped walking after looking around to see if there was anyone around. When he saw no one he pressed Bo against a small wall. Leaning down, he kissed him, grateful they had arrived in a secure spot in the small park. Damn, he had wanted to do that for a while now.

Bo moaned into the kiss. Once more electricity shot through his body every time his tongue connected with Dean's. His body felt like it was on fire everywhere he was touched by Dean even through the layers of clothing. His arms sneaked around the taller man and pulled him closer to his own body.

When the need for air came up they broke the kiss, but breathing heavily, their cheek were flushed and their pupils dilated.

Dean smiled down at the younger man. "Damn, I'd wanted to do that for a while now," he said and took Bo's hand to entwine their fingers together and pulled him back up.

"For a while?" Bo inquired.

"Yeah, I've been watching you for weeks now. Didn't know how to talk to you and I wasn't sure if you'd like guys. So, I must say it was a blessing when Brooke came over," Dean explained.

Bo smiled and as the walked through the park he thought about how his life had changed. A few weeks ago he still had a girlfriend, pretending to be someone he was not and now he had a boyfriend, or so he thought. Glancing over to Dean who took his hand to his mouth to kiss the back of his hand he was certain he had a boyfriend. Finally he could be himself…

The End
September 7, 2008