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Could It Be True Love? by Alvina

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Danny looks into the crowd and find the girl he loves.

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Character : Danny Rook

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Genre : Romance

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Published: March 23, 2005

Updated: March 23, 2005

Could It Be True Love? Chapter 01

This came to me after I went to a Musical I went to. This story isn't the best one so you're warned… sort of…

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When the musical was over Danny made his way to the make-up to remove his make-up though he left his costume on. He would need it tonight any way. He sank down into his chair and let the make-up artist do her work. After a few minutes René, his co-worker walked in.

"Hey." He said and went to sit in the chair next to Danny.

"Hey." Danny replied. "You're gonna film tonight?"

René nodded. "Yes, it'll be fun." He smiled. Danny who felt tired and down forced a smile on his face. "You're gonna stay?"

"Nah, I'm already beat I'm going home first change I got."

They were done and went to the restaurant, which was connected with the theatre, sat down next to Kim and began eating.

"You look tired" Kim stated. Danny just nodded, meaning he didn't want to talk and Kim got it. She began to talk to Chantal.

Finally the evening broke and it was time for the second, well actually third, and last performance. Danny was already in costume and his make-up was in place again. He waited in his trailer for his cue and when it came he went to the stage.

He already knew he had to skip 3 lines from the song he was supposed to sing in a minute so that wouldn't be a problem. Finally he had to sing about his 'sweet little Madeline' and got up stage. The song quickly ended and he went of stage again.

He again waited for he cue and when it came he got on stage. Weaving with his banner. Knowing he had to play scared and then not scared anymore.

The musical continued and he was to play the ‘dinning scene' Finally he thought I can look in to the audience.

That was what he liked to most to get a 3 second glimpse in the audience. So he grabbed his plate and walked onto the stage again. Holding his plate on the fake table he looked around the room.

When he looked right in front of him he saw a girl, no a young woman. She's beautiful. He thought. She looked at him and his heart skipped a beat. He raised his eyebrows in a flirting way and she smiled at him. Again his heart missed a beat. But than she looked away and he remembered he was on stage and needed to play the ‘boy in love' with Kim who was the Princess who was in love with him. He turned his head to look at Kim and thought about the girl he just saw.

Kim frowned at him. And he blushed a bit knowing he most have looked very intense at her what he had never done before. But he got on with the scene as he couldn't stop. He now wished that time would slow down cause then she would still be there with him. Looking at him, sometimes.

The show ended at it was time for the cast to bow he got up with Kim the first time and then glimpsed at the girl she had stood up, like most of the audience, and was clapping. René came on stage and she looked at him. He saw his heart fell, he know understood that she was going away again he would not be able to see her again. Also did he understand that she apparently liked men like René and not like him. He sighed and went of stage only to come on stage again but this time alone. He felt her gaze upon him, he did not know how but he knew she was watching. That made him smile again.

But soon the smile famished again as it was time for them to leave the stage. Danny went to the make-up and sank down into his chair. The make-up artist quickly finished her job and he went to change himself. He walked into the foyer and saw that Kim was already done. He only had to wait for Chantal. Kim walked over to him and he knew she was going to ask him about tonight.

"okay, what's up?" She asked. I knew it. He thought.

"Nothing." He quickly said.

"Then why did you look at me like that? Someone from the audience caught your eye?" She teased and he blushed again. Kim gave him a sympathy look and hugged him. "Perhaps she will be at the exit?" She said giving him hope.

When Chantal arrive the three of them went outside. He could not believe it but there she was standing in the snow was the girl from the audience. He tried to act cool and went to take pictures with the rest of the fans. She was standing in front of him now and he hold his breath. "Will you sign this?" She asked. He nodded and released his breath. "Of course."

He took the pen from her and signed her book then gave it back to her. "Thank you." She said "Will you also take a picture with me?"

Really he could not believe it but this question was what he'd been waiting for the whole evening. "Sure." He said and wrapped his arm around her and grabbed a lock of hair.

He felt so at peace that very moment. He could smell her. Hear her breathing feel her heart beat. But most of all he could feel her and he didn't want to let her go. But eventually he had to as the photo was made. He released her and she thanked him once again. He nodded his head. Her sister, who had made the photo, called to her to go to Chantal which she did. She turned around and walked over to Chantal but not before looking once more back to Danny and Danny felt like he was in heaven.

Danny walked away from the group of fans and celebrities and went to his car. He got in and once he drove by the group he looked once more at the girl and then drove of. Knowing he would never see her again and that made his heart break…

The End