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Learning Control by Alvina

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After another almost explosion Peter's had enough of his uncontrollable powers. He decides it's time to learn them. A young woman thinks the same and starts to help him.

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Character : Peter Pertrelli

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Published: September 8, 2008

Updated: September 28, 2008

Learning Control Chapter 01

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters nor do I know the actors portraying them.
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Begun at: 8 September 2008
Ended at: 28 September 2008

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After another almost explosion, Peter's had enough of his uncontrollable powers. He finally decided it's time to learn how to control them. "But not here," he said to himself. He couldn't risk blowing up New York.

After leaving Nathan a message, he flew away to the desert; hoping he won't be able to hurt anyone out there.

He got frustrated after trying to use his powers, often using the power he didn't want to. His frustration grew until he couldn't control his radioactive power anymore and once more exploded…

Once everything cleared he wasn't in the desert anymore but in what looked like a crate. "How did I get here?" he wondered as he looked around.

"I've brought you here," a feminine voice told him.

Peter spun around, looking in the most beautiful grey eyes he'd ever seen. No doubt this newcomer was beautiful. Her dark blond hair was tight together in a bum, bringing out her beautiful face.

"Who are you and why did you bring me here?" he asked, defensively, already raising his hands ready to fight.

"My name is Shelly and I mean you no harm," the woman, ‘Shelly', replied. "I brought you here so I can teach you how to control your powers."

"Really? How are you going to do that?" Peter shot back. Although he really wanted to control his powers before he hurt anyone else, he was a little sceptic about this whole thing. How could she teach him something he had no control over?

"I have the same power as you have, Peter."

"Oh, yeah? What's that?"

"The ability to copy someone else power also known as Empathic Mimicry."

"Why am I not observing your powers then?"

"Because I have shielded them from you. You are vulnerable right now and if I unshielded them you'll get a power overload and end up in a coma."

"Guess I should be thanking you then," he mused.

"If you will let me. I will show you how to use your own power as well as your borrowed powers. But you'll have to be patient. This is not something you'll learn in a few hours."

"If I agree to this what would you want of me?" Peter enquired carefully. There was always a catch.

"Nothing but to know the world is save from any future explosions outbursts," Shelly replied. "Will you let me help you?"

Peter took a moment to consider her proposal. Eventually he accepted it. "When do we start?"

"Right now, if you like?" After Peter nodded she continued: "Before we begin I'd like to give you a new power, healing. If anything goes wrong you can heal me," she gave Peter her healing power before she closed her eyes. "You have a lot of powers," she mused, "if I didn't know you had the ability to heal yourself I'd be amazed that you're still standing in front of me. Anyone with this many uncontrollable powers usually end up in a coma." She took a moment to consider her next step. "Okay, let us start with your own power, empathic mimicry. If you close your eyes and concentrated only on that power you'd be able to feel when someone with power is close. Go on close your eyes."

Peter took a deep breath before closing his eyes and concentrated on his empathic power. He felt his (copied) powers flow through his veins. He was getting afraid he couldn't control them anymore and fight against them.

"No," he heard Shelly's voice, "don't fight it. Let them flow through you. Remember, these powers are a part of you now."

Peter tried to relax, silently praying he won't explode. Suddenly he felt some sort of pull towards Shelly. He opened his eyes, the question visible in them.

"That's it," Shelly encouraged him, "now try to feel what powers I have."

"I know what powers you have," Peter replied.

"Would you really take my word? I've told you I have the ability to shield my powers and empathic mimicry but how do you know for certain? Feel, so you are certain."

Peter closed his eyes again, and tried once more. He felt his powers flow through him and this time he let time. Then he felt it, the pull towards Shelly and it became clear to him what powers she has. "Empathic mimicry, shielding and water control?" The last was a little uncertain for it was weak and he couldn't quite decipher what it was called but it was there.

Shelly smiled, "Yes, that's it. Well, those are the ones I am showing you."

Peter could only smile as he sang down to the floor. "Damn, that's tiring," he complained.

"It'll get easier, I promise. You did well today Peter and with time you'll be able to wield all your powers."

"I hope so," Peter admitted. "I've hurt enough people with these powers."


Peter and Shelly had a system. Every Saturday and Wednesday she would summon him to a remote location and there she'd teach him how to control his powers.

Shelly walked up to Peter, who was working on his radioactive power but got distracted by Shelly.

"No, don't get distracted," she started to say but it was already too late. Peter was glowing all over.

Shelly tried to get away from him but was too late. Peter exploded sending her flying away from him.

Peter cursed before he started to search for the woman. He found her sprawled uncomfortably over a rock. "Shit," he cursed, once more before holding his hands over her wounds and healed them one by one. Luckily I mastered this one soon enough, he thought. "I'm going to kill you one of these days," he said, sadly. After healing her front he helped her stand up so he could heal her back.

"Nonsense," Shelly replied. "You're getting better. You shouldn't lose faith."

"How can you say that? We've been working on this power for 3 weeks now and I've already exploded 12 times. How am I getting better?"

"You have to understand that your powers are controlled by your emotions. Your love for the humankind, actually your love for all things is what's healed me. Your concern for my safety and the uncertainty you're showing, afraid you're going to explode are what making you lose control. If you'd just concentrated at the task at hand and not be distracted by all that is happening you'll find you'll be able to control all that is happening to you.

"Now, let's try this again…"

Peter took a deep breath, nodded and then walked 10 paces away from her. He closed his eyes and concentrated, letting all of her teaching wash over him. He felt his radioactive power wash trough him. He felt he was on the brink of exploding and tried to calm down. A few moment later he felt the power leave him and when he opened his eyes he wasn't glowing anymore.

He looked around, searching for Shelly and when he spotted her he ran over to her, smiling and hugged her, spinning her around. They stared in each other eyes as their laughing subsides. Slowly, ever so slowly, Peter leaned down to capture her lips with his own.

The kiss was slow, exploring, searching, new. Just as Peter wanted to deepen the kiss a thunder was heard, right above them, making them jump apart.

"I'm sorry," Shelly quickly apologised, blushing.

"What for?" Peter asked. He looked up at the sky and noticed the one single grey cloud right above them, which was slowly disappearing. "You did that?" A nod answered his question. "I don't think you should be teaching if a kiss did that," he teased.

"Hey, even a teacher can slip up," she remarked. It's not like I've been kissed before.

"You haven't?" Peter asked after hearing her thoughts.

She shook her head, not knowing what else to say.

"We should remedy that," he said before claiming her lips again.

A moan escaped her lips as his body crashed into her own. Once more thunder sounded and this time rain also started falling from the sky but they did not break apart.

Hands roamed freely, tongues explored slowly just as clothes were removed. One piece at a time until both were naked. They broke apart long enough for Peter to help her lay down on his jacket and covered her body with his own.


Shelly woke up in Peter's arms, a smile playing on her lips. Ever since she had met Peter she'd felt so safe with him. Even with the possibility that he'd kill her with his powers she still felt safe.

She turned to face Peter, to gaze into his peaceful face. She knew the moment she saw him explode in New York they were meant to meet. Somehow she'd known she was meant to help but never did she imagine something like this was going to happen.

A smile was still playing on her lips as she leaned down to place a kiss on his lips. She was about the pull back when she felt his hand move through her hair, holding her in place as he deepened the kiss.

"I love waking up like this," Peter said after the broke apart.

"I love doing the waking like this," she replied before stealing another kiss.

Peter yawned, stretched and then glanced at his watch. "I better get going, Nathan wanted me to come over," he slowly got up, reluctant to leave him.

Both of them started to get dressed and once both were completely dressed Peter took her in his arms. "I'll see you on Wednesday," he told her and placed a kiss on her lips. When the broke the kiss Peter was back in his apartment, leaving Shelly alone.


It didn't take Peter long to learn how to control his powers. It was now six weeks later since the night spend together. They were going through Peter's powers one by one.

"Alright, let's check your ability to feel what kind of powers someone has," Shelly proposed after putting the fire out which Peter had just made.

Peter concentrated and found the new powers she had unshielded. "Empathic mimicry, shielding, summoning, teleportation, weather control and water control," he summarized.

"Very good!" Shelly smiled, pleased.

"So, what other powers do you have? Besides the one I just mentioned."

"I have the ability to give powers away. I know…"

"Give powers away?" Peter interrupted her. "Does that mean you can't heal anymore?"

"No, I can't heal anyone anymore," she replied.

"Why would you give that power away?" Peter couldn't grasp the fact she'd willingly give that power.

"You need it more than I do," she replied, shrugging.

"Why? What for?"

"Your upcoming battle with Sylar, for one…"

"How do you know about him? Can you tell the future as well?"

"No, I can't see the future. I see what has happened in you life and what you are preparing for. There are a lot of power hungry people in the world. To get this power a lot of people will get hurt. You care about them. Now you have a change to help them when you'd usually feel useless," she explained.

"Does this mean you won't fight with us?"

Shelly shook her head. "No, but promise me something."


"Promise me you'll kill Doctor Suresh's murderer. Promise me you'll kill this Sylar…"

Peter saw the venom in her eyes. "I'll promise I'll try my best," he promised. "I take it you know Suresh?"

"Yes, he was the only one who was willing to help me. The only one who believe in me. Without him I don't know what would have happened to me. I own him my life… I was there the day he was killed."

Peter wanted to say something but didn't know what so he kept quiet.

"Don't you have to go?" Shelly asked him, suddenly. "Don't you have an appointment with," she took a moment to search for the right name, "Nathan."

Realizing she was right he nodded. "I completely forgot about that," he replied. "Quite handy that power of your. When I don't remember you will," he smiled. "Well I'll see you later."

Shelly nodded before sending him back to his apartment. "But not anytime soon," she whispered to the wind.

Her only reason to have brought Peter here was to teach him how to use his powers, just like Chandra had done for her. Now he was ready. Ready to take on the thread she felt was coming. Ready to use his powers to there full limit. Now he had a change at wining and that's all she wanted to give him. A winning change.

Besides he doesn't need another distraction. Deciding this was for the best she teleported back to her own apartment in her own hometown in he own country. "Yes," she thought one last time. "It's for the best…"

The End
28 September 2008