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Light In The Dark by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Nick had an accident at work and became blind and doesn't leave the house. A stranger comes into his house and helps Nick in more ways than he could think of.

Categories : Fanfictions CSI: Crime Scene Investigations

Character : Archie Johnson, Nick Stokes

Pairings : Archie/Nick

Genre : Romance, Slash

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 1

Completed : Yes

Word count : 3.220

Read count: 8

Published: November 12, 2006

Updated: November 12, 2006

Light In The Dark Chapter 01

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters nor do I know the actors portraying them.
Author's note: I once read a story like this but with another couple. I cannot remember where I read this story. To the author of that story: I am sorry I stole your idea. I hope you do not mind, if you do let me know.
Begun at: 12 November 2006
Ended at: 12 November 2006

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Nick didn't even bother to open his eyes the moment he woke up. What was the point? All he would see is darkness, so why go through the trouble of opening his eyes?

He groaned when he eventually opened his eyes. The darkness remained and he really began to loath it. He had lost his eyesight recently on a case. Once again he had been thrown out of a window and had somehow lost his eyesight. He didn't really care how he lost it; he just wanted to get his eyesight back. He longed for some light.

He heard the front door open and groaned once more. He did not feel like having visitors now. He heard his bedroom door open and turned his attention to the door. "Hey," he said but did not receive an answer. He heard the stranger walking closer to the bed. "Who are you?" he asked again, but still did not get a respond. He was getting scared and started to move to the other side of the bed.

He felt the bed move and knew the stranger had sit down on the bed. "Who are you?" he asked again, frantic. Why didn't the intruder answer him? "What do you want?"

"Shh…" the stranger said and pressed his finger against Nick's lips. The stranger let his hand travel from Nick's lips to his chest and eventually landed on his crotch. He gently rubbed Nick's crotch and felt it harder under his touch.

Nick had been scared when the stranger touched him. He thought he was going to get raped, but he did not expect such a gently touch. He couldn't help but moan as he felt his erection grow.

The hands left his erection and he moaned in protest until he felt where the hands were going to. They were trying to peal his boxers down, so Nick lifted his hips as the stranger peeled down his boxers. Nick buckled his hips when the hands returned and moaned.

The stranger shifted so he could take Nick's erection into his mouth, which he did. Nick moaned aloud, once more. Nick could almost believe he was in heaven, if it wasn't for the darkness. However he was grateful for the stranger for taking his mind of it. The stranger did something with his tongue which made Nick grunt and moan.

Nick's hand travelled down so he could run his hands through the stranger's hair. He was getting close to his orgasm and released his tight hold on the stranger's head. He thought the stranger would pull away but instead he kept going. Nick screamed out his orgasm as the stranger swallowed all Nick had to offer.

The stranger sat back down and looked at Nick. Nick began to tremble as tears were making his way down his face. The stranger lay down behind Nick and took him in his arms as Nick cried. Eventually Nick calmed down and turned to the body behind him. "Thank you," he said. "For everything."

Even though he could not see it the stranger smiled and nodded.

He felt the stranger get up and took a hold of his feet as his boxers was pulled back on. He smiled. He felt a hand on his cheek and he leaned into it. Not long after the hand disappeared and he heard the stranger walk away, a door open and close again and he knew the stranger had left.

Nick swallowed and then turned around to get some sleep.

Nick woke up hearing the door open and a few people walking up the stairs. He smiled hearing it was his collauges and friends.

"Hey Nicky," Greg said as he walked into the bedroom, followed by two others.

"Hey G," Nick said as he sat up.

"Hello Nick," Hodges said. "What's up?"

"Hello Hodges," Nick replied. "I gotta go to the bathroom. Can anyone help me get there?"

"Yeah, well… as long as you hold it yourself," Greg said as he took Nick to the bathroom. He helped Nick sit down on the toilet and then left the bathroom.

Nick splashed some water on his face and after drying his face left the bathroom to hear Archie and Greg laugh at something Hodges has probably said. "What's so funny?" he asked as he made his way through the bedroom, trying not to bump into someone or something.

"Hodges just made a joke," Archie responded.

"Really?" Nick said smiling as he finally reached the bed. He sat down on it and turned his attention to his friends, or at least he thought they'd be there.

"So, how are you doing?" Archie asked.

"Fine… well as fine as I can be," Nick admitted honestly. "So, how are things at the lab?"

The 4 friends continued their conversation till three of them had to go to work…


Nick was, once again, alone. All there was left was the darkness and the silence. He had become too loath both. Usually he had longed for them, but now he loathed them. He silently prayed for the soft click the door makes when being closed. But it never came.

Not until a week later. As always he was just lying in bed, not doing anything but think. It was all he could do. He heard the door to his bedroom open and turned away from the sound. "Go away," he said and pulled the covers over his body.

He heard someone walking closer to the bed. "I said, go away," he said again but when the covers was pulled back and a familiar finger on his lips his protest died. "It's you?" he asked, confused. "I…" he started but was silence by two more fingers on his lips. He felt how the blankets were completely pulled aside and a hand caress his chest.

The stranger went to lie on top of him and he moaned at the contact. Yet this was not enough for him and he started running his hands all over the strangers back under the shirt.

The stranger got the hint and sat back on his knees to remove his shirt. He helped Nick sit up and remove his shirt then he lay back down. Both men moaned when their chests came into contact.

Nick's hand ran all over the stranger's back and couldn't help but be startled when he felt the stranger kiss him. Although it didn't take long for him to respond to the kiss. The kiss grow more passionate by each passing moment.

Nick couldn't stand it anymore and needed to feel more contact with the stranger's skin. His hands travelled from the other's back to his pants.
The stranger released Nick's lips and stood up. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor along with his boxers then went to sit back on the bed again.

Nick thought he had made a mistake when the stranger stood up but when he felt him pulling at his boxers he knew that the other was naked now. He lifted his hips and felt how his boxers was replaced by a body. He moaned as his erection came into contact with another erection.

Once again his lips were attacked and he easily surrender. He felt the other moving his hips down onto his and he moaned again, although it was swallowed by the other.

Together they found a pace and found their orgasm together. Nick felt how the stranger left the bed. "Don't go," he said but it did not help. He heard the stranger walk away and sighed. A smile grew on his face when he heard the stranger walk back and felt how he was being cleaned. The stranger had probably gone into the bathroom to get a towel so he could clean both of them up. This meant that the stranger knows his way around Nick's apartment, which led to the fact Nick knew this person and probably trusted him.

"Please, don't go," Nick almost begged and held his arms out, hoping the stranger would take it. He felt the stranger take his hand and his smile grew bigger. He pulled him closer, hoping the stranger would understand what he wanted from him. The stranger did and laid down next to Nick.

They lay facing each other as Nick's hand caressed the stranger's side. "Who are you?" he asked but the stranger did not answer. "Why won't you talk to me?" he tried again. He felt how the stranger turned on his back. "Are you afraid I will reject you?" He heard the stranger sigh and he knew he was right. "Why would I reject you? Why now?" he felt how the stranger shrugged and made him turn back on his side again. "I will not reject you," he stated, firmly. Never before had he wanted his eyesight back so desperately than now. He wanted to see the other's reaction.

He felt how the stranger kissed him and then left the bed. He wanted to say something but he did not know what. So, he just listened to the stranger getting dressed and eventually leaving the room. Nick sighed and after lots of twisting and turning he eventually fell asleep.


Nick got out of the shower and searched for the towel with his hands. He found it and dried his skin. "I'll be right out," Nick yelled after he heard the bedroom door open and close. He tight the towel around his waist and left the bathroom.

He heard someone gasp and turned toward the sound. "Who is it?" He asked but did not receive an answer. "Is it you?" he asked and took a step closer to, what he was hoping, was the stranger. "Let me know it is you," he silently begged.

He felt a familiar hand on his cheek and leaned into it. "Why didn't you come sooner?" he asked. It had been over three weeks since he had come and each night he had yearned for him; to feel his touch.

He felt the stranger kiss him and he kissed him back. His hand travelled around the strangers back and lifted the shirt he was wearing. The shirt was tossed to the ground and his hands went back to the strangers back and chest. His hands travelled upwards to the strangers face but the stranger caught his hands and placed them back on his back. "I'm sorry," Nick said but was silenced with a kiss.

The stranger led him to the bed and took the towel away from Nick. He helped Nick sit down and first removed his pants and boxers and then sat down next to Nick. He took Nick's face in his hands and kissed him, softly pressing him onto his back.

The stranger turned them around. Nick was now on top and he felt a little scared. He was afraid he'd hurt the stranger because he could not see what he was doing. But the stranger's kisses were encouraging him and he took the lead. Kissing the stranger's lips, his Adam's apple, his neck all his way down the stranger's chest till he reached his final destination.

According to the moans he was hearing he was doing a good job. He swallowed all the stranger had to offer and then slowly found his way back to the stranger's lips. He was turned around again and he smiled. The stranger began to kiss him and softly began roaming over Nick's body.

Nick moaned at the attention the stranger was giving his body and softly let his hands travel all over the stranger's body. After Nick found his orgasm, the stranger kissed his way up to Nick's mouth. After sharing a passionate kiss they went to lie side by side, facing each other. "How I wish I knew who you are," Nick sighed.

The stranger softly caressed Nick's face and he leaned into the touch. The stranger left Nick's face and found the blankets. He pulled it over Nick and after another kiss left the bed. "I know you want to leave, yet I do not understand why. Why can't you stay?"

The stranger had already put on his trousers and went to sit down on the bed. He softly caressed Nick's face again and felt how he leaned into his touch. "I know, you won't reveal yourself to me," he sighed. "Will you tell me? When you're ready? Will you tell me who you are?" He felt the stranger take his hand and kiss the top of his hand. "I shall take that as a yes," he whispered. "I shall see you soon," Nick stated.

The stranger stood up and dressed him fully. Then he left, leaving Nick alone. Once more. Nick stared at, what he thought, would be the door. He turned around and fell into a light sleep, dreaming of the strangers hands on him.


Nick sat down on the couch. Tonight he had decided to make his own dinner and eat it on the couch, whilst listening to the stereo blasting country music. He took a bite from his spaghetti and immediately spit out. "Oh gawd, this is awful!" he said out loud. He went to put his plate on the table but missed it. "Damnit!" he cursed. "Hey, I'm in the living room," he yelled, when he heard the door open. He sat down on his knees trying to get the glass from his plate together but instead he cut himself. "Damnit!" he cursed again, holding his right hand in his left.

Nick felt two arms around him and sighed, feeling the familiar touch of his stranger. He was pulled onto the couch and shook his head. He felt the stranger took his right hand in his own and then felt how he cleaned it. "The spaghetti was awful," Nick told him, starting a conversation. "Missed the table when I placed the plate on it that's why it's on the floor. I was trying to pick it up when you came in."

The stranger took hold of his head and turned him towards him, kissing him. In a way he was reassuring Nick that he would come back, because he stood up and went to clean up the plate. Nick sat back into the couch and waited for the stranger to return. The stranger returned and took hold of Nick's right hand. "I'm alright," Nick reassured him. "It doesn't hurt anymore."

The stranger gently pulled on Nick's hand silently asking him to follow. Nick smiled and stood up, following the stranger to his bedroom. Once there the stranger pulled Nick in a breath taking kiss. Nick was pushed to the bed and fell down with the stranger on top of him. "I've missed you," Nick told him. Even though it had only been two days since the stranger had come to him, he had missed him. Not for the sex, but he enjoyed the strangers company. Even when they stranger didn't talk.

The stranger kissed him, then pulled away from him again. Shedding both of their clothes in record time. Nick laughed at his hurriedness. "I'm assuming you've missed me too!" The stranger answered him by kissing him passionately and pressing their crotches together. Nick moaned when the stranger rolled them over and he was on top of him.

Nick left the strangers mouth and began his journey south. Kissing every piece of exposes skin, making the stranger moan. When the stranger found his orgasm, he kissed his way back north until he reached the strangers lips. Once more they shared a passionate kiss, both moaning into the other's mouth.

The stranger rolled them over again, making sure Nick wouldn't fall of the bed while doing so. He kissed Nick and then left a kissing trail to his chest. Playing with his nipples as he left kisses all over the other's chest. "Make love to me…" Nick silently commanded. He felt how the stranger stopped and knew he was looking at him. He felt how the stranger went to sit back and he sat up as well. He reached out trying to find the stranger. His hands found the person's arm and he grasped his wrist. "Please," Nick begged and dragged the stranger with him as he lay down.

The stranger took a moment to think this trough. Although he wanted to make love to Nick, he was scared he would hurt him. "Please," he heard Nick plea again. The pleading in Nick's tone was enough for him. He bend down and kissed Nick again, letting him know he would make love to him. "I have some condoms in the nightstand drawer," Nick told him, pointing to, what he hoped, was the right direction. The stranger got up and walked to the nightstand, opened the drawer and rumbled through it's content. He found what he was looking for and sat back down on the bed, waiting. "Please," Nick begged again, giving full permission to the stranger.

The stranger gently perpared Nick and eventually made love to him. Once they reached their orgasms, they lay next to each other spend.

Nick had his eyes closed and it looked like colours were playing in front of his eyes. He turned to the stranger when he felt the stranger leave.

"Are you already leaving?" he asked him, with his eyes closed. He felt the strangers hand on his cheek and took it in his own hand when he felt the stranger kiss him. The hand left his cheek and he heard the stranger walking around the room, probably gathering his clothes.

Nick sat up, his back against the wall and opened his eyes. The colours were still playing in front of his eyes, and he closed them again. When he opened them again he saw that the colours were taking shape. The shape became a familair form, a man to be more precise. The man he knew all the well. They worked together and he called him a friend. Nick smiled as he saw Archie turning toward him, now fully clothed.

A confused look appeared on Archie's face not expecting the smile on Nick's face. Normally the CSI looked sad when he left, he had never smiled before. Suddenly it struck him! Nick was looking into his eyes. Panic appeared on his face as he dashed from the room.

Nick, having seen the panic on his lover's face, quickly got out of bed. Cursing as he was still tangled in the covers. He quickly run after Archie, finding the technician was just on his way to the front door. Nick grabbed Archie's hand when it came in reach and pulled him towards him.

"Please, don't leave," he whispered.

"I'm sorry," Archie said.

It felt like it was the first time he had heard Archie speak and it sounded wonderful, like music. "For what?" he asked, curious.

"I took adventage of you…" Archie whispered, traling off. All the while not looking into Nick's eyes.

"No, you did not," Nick replied. "I wanted this as much as you did," he told him.

"I'm still sorry," Archie said.

Nick lifted Archie head so he would look at him. "Don't be," he then kissed Archie. "Come," he ordered.

Although Archie was confused, he smiled and followed Nick back to his room.

Nick shivered and quickly got into bed, pulling the covers over his naked body. "Join me," he told Archie.

Archie undressed himself and went to lay down next to Nick, facing each other. "You can see?" Archie asked.

"Yeah," Nick replied. "And I've never seen such a beautiful thing in my life," he whispered before kissing his lover. "I love you."

Archie smiled. "And I love you…"

The End
12 November 2006