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Meant for you by Alvina

Rated: NC17

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Mac needed a moment of peace after Don's been in the hospital and goes to the bar to play music and clear his head.

Categories : Fanfictions CSI: Crime Scene Investigations, Fanfictions CSI: New York

Character : Archie Johnson, Mac Taylor

Pairings : Archie/Mac

Genre : PWP, Slash

Warnings : Explicit sexual content, Male/Male relationship(s)

Chapters : 1

Completed : Yes

Word count : 4.405

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Published: May 10, 2015

Updated: May 10, 2015

Meant for you Chapter 01

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Don was going to be alright. He had to be. Mac thought as he walked up to the stage. He had been at the hospital for the past three days. There had still been no change but he had to be all right. Mac couldn't loose another important person in his life. Don had been a good friend, he still was. No, he was not going to loose him.

Being at the hospital had put a few things in perspective. Ever since Claire died, his whole life had been about work. It was the only thing he did. He barely slept, only ate when his stomach grumbled and didn't care about anything else.

Then a few years ago he started playing at this club. For the first time he felt alive. Just playing the base, listening to the music...it reminded him of a better time. Nowadays, he went there to clear his mind and feel peace.

Every Wednesday he would come to this club and play. It never matter who played that night, he was always allowed to join. Of course they knew who he was. Detective Mac Taylor, hero of New York City, though he didn't feel like a hero. He was simply Mac and on this stage he could be. He could be anyone and he loved being just Mac.

Tonight he needed to clear his head and decided to go to the club. He was going to play. Hopefully the music would take his mind of Don and everything else that has been happening these past few years.

Passing through the crowd, he noticed it was rather busy. That didn't bother him. He just needed to get through the crowd toward the stage. The guitar player already spotted him and beckoned him over. Mac nodded, letting him know he was on his way up.

Arriving at the stage, Mac took up the base guitar. For the first time in days a smile began to play on his lips as he hit the first chords. Yes, this felt good. He sat down on the empty chair next to the lead singer and began playing along with the rest of the band.

It felt really good to let the music take control. Finally he could let go of everything that was going on. Music filled the already crowded room and it seemed to be some sort of spell. Everyone seemed to be in some sort of trance as they listened to the sounds filling the small room.

It was amazing how music could calm your soul. It seemed to take away your doubt, fears and worries. Everything didn't matter anymore as long as the music was playing. Mac knew that once the music stopped all his doubts, fears and worries would return but for now he could enjoy this moment where nothing mattered.

It was far too soon when the music stopped. Mac handed the base back to the original player. Not wanting to leave just yet, he decided to sit down and have a drink. Enjoying the music the current band was playing. He went to the bar and ordered a drink, scanning the room he noticed that there wasn't any tables left empty.

He found a table with on chair empty, asking the other occupant if he could sit down he did. Although the music was good, the base player hit some dull notes. He winced when the chord was of key.

"They aren't as good as the previous band, are they?" his table mate asked.

"Well, the base player's off on his chords," he answered back. The gently eyes of the stranger seemed to take hold of him. It was weird, no one had ever had this effect on him. Well, except for Claire.

Claire...she had been the woman of his life. He couldn't love any other woman the way he had loved her. She had been his friend, his best friend and his lover. She had been everything to him. Until that fateful day where some idiot decided to fly a plane into the towers.

For a long time he had thought that nothing would be worthwhile in life. His everything had been taken away from him and now he had nothing left to live for. So, he had dived into work. Hoping that fighting crime would bring some satisfaction but it never had. Sure, it always felt good that he put another scumbag away but it never brought a smile to his face anymore.

He'd thought he would never feel this again, but here he was, with a stranger who made his heart skip a beat just by looking at him. Not to mention, this stranger, this man, was looking at him as if he was the most precious thing in the world.

Normally it would make Mac feel a little uneasy not to mention on guard but not now. Not with this man. It felt more natural and Mac couldn't explain why.

"The drummer is also off," the man continued. "By half a beat."

Mac turned back to the stage and tuned toward the drummer, noticing that he was indeed off by half a beat. "He's getting tired, usually he's right on time."

"He does look tired, doesn't he?" Both men turned to wards the stage. "At least the rest sound good." Just as he said it the pianist hit the wrong note.

"You shouldn't have said that," Mac told the man as he turned back to him. "Don't know what's wrong with them though. Usually they sound better than tonight."

"Think they are nervous or something?"

"No, I just think they are tired, maybe they don't even want to play anymore." Mac shrugged as he finished his drink.

"You come here often?" The line was often used as a pick-up line. Mac has used this one before himself. In this case, however, it wasn't used as a pick-up line. Or at least Mac didn't think so.

"Every Wednesday," the detective replied. Just like that the words were out of his mouth. Normally he wouldn't say something like this, especially not to a stranger. He didn't understand why he wasn't more cautious with the man in front f him.

"There's some band playing every Wednesday you have to see or are you only available on Wednesday?"

"Definitely the band," Mac replied, a small smile playing on his lips. It wasn't a lie. He always came on Wednesday because the band he joined always played on Wednesday.

"If it was the previous band, then I can understand but this one..." The stranger smiled at him as he trailed of. "Tough I think some of the players were the same as before."

"Yes, the pianist and drummer are the same," Mac replied and downed the last of his drink. "Think the guitarist is also the same but it could be his brother."

When the stranger raised an eyebrow in question Mac elaborated. "They are twins, I've never bothered to tell them apart." Mac shrugged.

It was weird normally he noticed every detail but in here he didn't. Well, except for the stranger in front of him. He noticed how his eyes light up when he smiled. How his eyes always seem to dart towards his lips.

"Twins?" The stranger asked. "Wow, I didn't even notice."

"I don't know if they have changed but it's always either one of them playing. Usually brother one plays with the first band. Brother 2...well, I don't often see him. I think," he added the last part a little unsure.

The stranger laughed and shook his head. "I'm Archie," he said when he calmed down.

"Mac," he nodded at the stranger, now known as Archie.

"So, Mac, you're from around here?"

"Yes," Mac replied. "I take it you're not?"

"No, I'm from Las Vegas."

"You're a big way from home," Mac smiled at Archie before continuing. "What brings you to the capital?"

"Seminar," Archie replied as he shrugged. "I have to leave tomorrow night."

"That's a shame," Mac replied but wasn't sure why. Why should he care that this man, this stranger he had only met a little while ago, was going to leave New York?

A silence fell over the pair, listening to the music. When another false chord was hit, Mac cringed and decided to leave. This just wasn't worth damaging his ears over. "I best be going," he said not knowing why he wanted the stranger to know he was leaving.

Archie nodded at him, swallowing the last bit of alcohol that was left his his glass before setting it down. "Want some company?" the words were out of his mouth before he knew it but he didn't regret them.

Mac had already stand up when the question was asked. He looked down at the man still sitting. The words ran through his mind, want some company. Before he knew it he was nodding his head. "Ye--," the sound that came out of his mouth was rough. He cleared his throat before he tried again. "Yeah, I would like that."

Archie couldn't help the smile that spread his lips before he stood up and followed Mac through the bar.

"Can you put it on my tab, Mike?" Mac asked the bartender. He waited for the man to acknowledge him before he left the bar.

Another silence fell over the pair but it wasn't uncomfortable. They were just enjoying each other's company. As they made their way to Mac's apartment.

Mac wasn't sure what to do, he had never done this before. Sure he had gone on dates but never brought them home the second they met. Or even gone home with one of his dates on the first date. But with this man, with Archie, it was different. It seemed as if he knew this person just by looking into his eyes.

Everything with Archie seemed right. Having a drink together at a bar. Discussing music. Even taking him home seemed right. There didn't seemed anything wrong with it.

Normally he would never even think of taking someone home, especially not someone he had only met a couple of hours before. It was something he had learned from his time as a detective. The things he saw made him sick sometimes, the things humans did to another.

The things he had seen also made him cautious. That and what he knew humans were capable off especially to each other but he felt he didn't need to fear this man. Not that he would have, fear was something unknown to him. It had left him the moment he had lost his wife. Nothing there was left to fear, he had already lost everything he held dear. There was nothing those scumbags could take away from him.

It was unusual for him to take someone home because he had never shown any interest in someone. There was a woman a while back but it didn't work out and he certainly hadn't taken her home. So, why did he have no trouble taking Archie home with him? Home into his sanctuary.

When they arrived at his apartment, Mac led Archie inside. He wasn't sure what to do and was about to ask if the other man wanted something to drink when Archie slammed him back against the door. For a moment the detective tensed up, that was until Archie started kissing him with a hunger Mac had never felt before but easily gave into it.

Feelings long buried begin emerging from deep within him. A hot, desperate and burning passion begin at his lips, going all the way back to his stomach and toes before coming back up again. It was too much and gently pushed the other man away from him. Panting hard, he tried to catch his breath and noticed Archie was in a similar state as he himself was.

Their eyes met and as if they were one, moved towards each other and their lips connected again. Their tongues started to play a passionate battle where neither one won, nor wanted to. They just explored each other. First starting in Archie's mouth before moving back to Mac and then back to Archie's. Though the kiss was passionate, it was also lazy, exploring. They were getting to know each other, slowly.

Mac felt Archie's hand caressing his back and moaned into the kiss as he stepped closer towards the smaller man. Raising his own hands, to move them through the other's hair which earned him a moan in return.

It didn't take long for his jacket to be removed by the other man. He let it fall to the floor, not needing it at the moment. Breaking the kiss again, he stood back and opened the zipper of Archie's jacket before removing it and letting it fall to the ground.

He stood there, shaking slightly, unsure what to do. This may not be the first time he had been with a man but the entire moment felt surreal to him. It felt as if these things couldn't happen to him, not anymore at least. Not since his dear sweet Clair died.

"Are you all right" Archie asked, seeing Mac slightly shaking.

"Yes," Mac answered but didn't move.

"Are you sure?"

Mac could see the concern, shining in the brown eyes. "Yes, I'm sure," he smiled. "I'm just a little unsure how to continue this."

The other man smiled at him and Mac knew he wasn't being mocked. It seemed that Archie was in the same situation as he was. Both of them were unsure.

"I understand," Archie said and took a moment to look around before he held out his hand. "Let's start with sitting down. Think we can do that?"

"Yeah," Mac replied, taking his hand and let himself being led to his couch where they sat down.

Archie turned towards the older man and took in his appearance. The moment Mac had sat down at his table, he felt like he had found his soul mate. How corny it may sound. Talking to Mac felt so easy. The silence that fell between them were never uncomfortable. Touching Mac felt like his entire body was on fire and when he kissed him...oh, there were no words to describe how he felt when he kissed the other man. A passion buried deep within his soul would burst free and he never wanted to stop kissing Mac.

Looking at the older man, Archie knew he felt the same way, but still both of them were unsure. It was probably Mac's first time with a man, or maybe first time he brought someone home with him who he just met. The same was for the Archie.

Working at the crime lab he had learned what people could do to each other and it had made him cautious but he also knew he had to take some changes from time to time and that's why he decided to go home with Mac. So far, it had been the right choose.

He enjoyed talking to Mac and even enjoyed just sitting next to him. Turning to face Mac, he noticed that the older man was still uncertain, maybe even nervous. He raised his hand made Mac turn to him. The look in the other man's eyes made him forget what he was trying to say and he leaned in to kiss him.

Mac hadn't been sure what to do. His thoughts had been racing, wondering what to do next. He was completely caught of guard when his lips were taken into a passionate struggle.

Finding courage he didn't know he had, Mac started pushing back against Archie. Climbing on top of him, aligning their chest and their kiss became more heated. Hands started roaming each other's back.

Archie's hands started working on the buttons of Mac's shirt, never breaking the kiss. He pushed it down the older man's shoulders, before pulling the other man closer against him.

This is heaven, that was what went through Mac's mind as he sank into Archie. There was no space between their bodies and that's just what they wanted. They wanted, no needed, to be close to each other. Lying on top of the other man was everything he needed, well that and kissing.

Mac broke the kiss, set his hands on either side of Archie's shoulders before raising himself, so he could look at the younger man beneath him. A tongue darted out, to wet the red lips and his eyes followed it. They were glued on it. He leaned down and licked the now wet lips, before taking them in for a soft kiss. A tongue came out to play with his and he let it. After a moment he broke the kiss again.

"You still all right?" the man beneath him asked.

"Yes," Mac replied. "Are you?"

"More than all right," Archie smiled up at the older man, his hand trailing down the other still clothed back. He had hoped that removing the shirt would mean skin contact but Mac was wearing another shirt under it. He admitted that he was disappointed. His hands tangled into the shirt, raising them up and taking the shirt with him which he removed.

Yes! he thought, Finally some skin!

Mac had a similar idea, he helped the younger man sit up and remove his shirt. Immediately hands went caressing any exposed skin they could find. Their lips found each other again and started a heated battle.

Archie's fingers found the scar on Mac's chest and started trailing it. A shiver ran down Mac's spine when the tips of the younger man fingers trailed over the scar.

"I'm sorry, am I hurting you?" The younger man asked with concern.

"No, it's just sensitive..." Mac replied. "It's...uh...an old war wound."

"I figured you were once a solder, what kind?"

"I was a marine," talking about the past, especially about his scar, hurt. He had already gone too the past way to often the last couple of days. Being in a exploding building with one of his closest friends bleeding from the stomach. He was back at the battle zone, where his friend was dying. He didn't want to go back to that time again, especially not now.

"This brings back many bad memories, I can imagine," Archie began as he touched the cared again. At Mac's nod, he continued. "Then let's make some good ones and forget about the past?"

This time the younger man didn't wait for the older man to reply, he just pounced. Kissing Mac with all his might which the older man eagerly returned.

Mac let his hands travel down Archie's back, cupping his buttocks and pulling him closer to his own body. They moaned into each other's mouth but never stopped the kiss. His left hand travel to the front of the clothed trousers. It earned him a throaty moan from the younger man, which he eagerly swallowed.

The detective sank down in front of the younger man breaking the heated kiss. Mac licked his lips when he looked at the state his young lover was in. His eye lids were half closed, a tint of red graced his exposed skin, his lips were red, swollen and parted. He really was a sight to see, I really want to know what he looks like in the mornings... the thought was sudden but it didn't scare Mac. To tell the truth he was intrigued and wanted to see more of the half clothed man in front of him.

His hand started working on the buttons of the younger man's jeans but stopped. "Maybe we should make this a little more comfortable..."

"I'm up for anything," Archie replied with a smile on his handsome face letting the words sank in before winking at the older man.

Before he let the younger man stand up, he helped him remove his shoes before removing his own. Then he led him towards the bedroom. Once there Mac pushed the younger man back onto the bed and lay down on top of him, taking his lips into a soft kiss. Before breaking it and licked and kissed his way toward Archie's left ear.

Softly, he took the earlobe between his lips and sucked before releasing it. Noticing Archie wasn't into this he quickly released the ear lobe and made his way to the other's neck. Slowly placing kisses, then licking it and gently sucking earned a long moan from the man beneath him. He found something he liked, but Mac wasn't going to stop here. He decided to move down, taking a nipple between his teeth and softly biting down before he released the nub and sucked it gently.

Archie's hands which had been caressing his back, went up to tangled into his hair. The gesture made Mac moan, he had always loved it when his partner run their hands to his hair.

"Mac," Archie moaned as his other nipple was sucked and nibbled on. Hands started working on the buttons of the younger man's jeans. When it was opened the younger man raised his hips to help Mac remove his jeans and underwear. He let out a sigh when his straining erection was released. "Mac..." he moaned again. Wanting, no needing more contact.

Mac smiled, he had this young man at his mercy and there wasn't anywhere he'd rather be. He gently took hold of the other man's cock, feeling the weight in his hand before slowly pumping it up and down, sending the younger man into a wave of crazy lust.

"Shit, so good," Archie moaned as he moved his hips in rhythm with Mac's strokes. Sending more waves of pleasure throughout his entire body. Having Mac touch him felt like heaven. It certainly was better than any partner he has ever had and way better than his own hand. "More," he moaned. He wanted to feel Mac's body against his own not only connect at his cock.

"Please." The silently plea in the younger man's eyes made Mac moan out loud.

He raised himself up and lay back down on the younger man. His hand kept stroking the younger man's cock up and down, not slowing down in rhythm. Mac licked the younger man's lips before letting his tongue out to play with Archie's.

"Shit," Archie moaned again, as Mac deepened the kiss. If the older man didn't stop soon, he would cum. Archie didn't want it to end so soon and decided to stop him. Taking hold of the other man's hand, moving up and down his straining erection, he made him stop. ‘Don't I'll come too soon..."

Mac smiled in understanding, before he sat up.

Archie took this opportunity to open the buttons of Mac's jeans and delved inside. Stroking the hard erection up and down as best he could in the confined environment.

Mac closed his eyes, loving the feeling of the younger man's hand on his cock. He needed more, though and stood up to remove his jeans and underwear before laying down on top of the younger man.

"Oh shit," both Archie and Mac moaned at the feeling of skin against skin. Taking the younger man's lips in his own again he kissed him with ever more passion.

"You feel so good against me," Mac moaned into the kiss.

"As do you," Archie replied, running his hands through Mac's hair, knowing how much the older man liked that.

Mac had to do something, or else he was going to explode. He looked in Archie's eyes and knew he felt the same way. Getting up he opened his bedside drawer and found some lube. Luckily, he always had a tube in his drawer. It payed off to always be prepared.

"A real boy scout aren't you?" Archie teased with a smile.

"Aren't you glad?"

"Well, not yet, but I'm sure you can fix that," the teasing look was back on his face and Mac smirked.

"I can certainly try," Mac replied with a smirk and coated his fingers with a generous amount of lube. He made sure Archie was spread out before him before he entered one finger into the tight tunnel. "You have to relax," Mac reassured the younger man feeling the muscle contract around his finger.

"I know, I'm trying," Archie replied as his eyes were closed. "It's been a while," he admitted when he opened his eyes again to look at the older man.

Understanding came to Mac;s eyes and decided, if he hadn't before, to take his time with Archie This also meant that he would be able to enjoy the younger man and his delicious body. "I'll go slow," he promise the younger man.

"Thanks," Archie smiled up at the older man.

Mac noticed that the younger man started to relax and moved his finger out, before moving it back in again. Noticing the channel was still too tight he started wriggling his finger around. Once he started moving his finger, the younger man tensed up again. Knowing he wasn't going to relax, he knew he needed to find that pleasure deep buried deep within him.

When Archie arched off the bed, Mac knew he had found it. He rubbed it a few times, wanting to relax the younger man before adding another finger. He first pulled his first finger out, coated two fingers with the lube and entered the tight channel again. Trying to loosened it more.

The tight tunnel was loosening up real nicely and Mac added another lubed finger. All the while he made certain that he hit that nub hidden deep within his new lover.

"Please," Archie moaned. He wanted, no, he needed to feel Mac inside him. "Mac."

Mac locked his eyes with his younger lover and nodded. Gently removing his fingers before moving in place between Archie's legs. "You certain?"

"Yes, please," Archie moaned again and closed his eyes.

Gently, Mac moved inside the younger man and started a slow pace. Both of them moaned out loud, enjoying the feeling of finally being joined as one. Though the pace started out slow, it soon became faster.

It didn't take them long to reach their peaks. Slowly, Mac pulled out before laying down next to the younger man and took his lips into a passionate kiss. "I wouldn't mind laying like this forever," he admitted before realising what he had said. "I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that."

Who said something like that on the first night they met someone? He probably was just another one night stand to Archie.

"No," Archie replied. "I wouldn't mind it either."

Mac licked his lips as he realised what Archie had said, before claiming his lips again.

Tonight both men realised they were meant for each other. As the world turned dark, two men lay cuddling together. Enjoying the feeling of being in each other's arms.Tonight was the start of their new lives together. They may not yet know how they were going to solve everything but for tonight it didn't matter. They were together and that's how they wanted it to be...

The end