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Snow Fight by Alvina

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Elrohir and Elladan sneak out of the house to play in the snow.

Categories : Fanfictions Lord of the Rings

Character : Elladdan, Elrohir

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Published: May 11, 2007

Updated: May 11, 2007

Snow Fight Chapter 01

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Young Elladan sneaked out of the Last Homely House with his younger brother following him. "We shouldn't do this, Elladan," the youngest twin said. He was always the most sensible one. His brother always got them into trouble, but he also was the one to get them out of trouble again.

It was a cold evening when the two twins sneaked out of the Last Homely House. All day they had wanted to play in the snow but they had to take their lessons, provided by Erestor. After that they had to help Glorfindel with the horses, although they liked horses and spending time with Glorfindel, all they wanted was to play in the snow.

Yet when they were done taking care off the horses they had to go to their parents. After dinner they finally had a chance to sneak away and here they were already outside. "Catch!" Elladan yelled to his brother and throw a hand full of snow to his twin. He laughed when he saw his brother was quit shocked as he received the snow flat on his face.

"I'm going to get you!" Elrohir yelled to his brother and gathered snow. He saw that his twin was hiding behind a tree but that they not stop him from throwing the snow.

"Missed me!" Elladan yelled back at his brother as he emerged from behind the tree.

Elrohir had counted on this and had already gathered new snow and threw it at his brother, this time hitting him square on the face. Elrohir fell to the ground laughing.

By the time they were done playing with the snow they were soaked wet. Not to mention cold. Being half-elven had its disadvantage, they'd get cold.

"I'm so cold," Elladan complained as he shivered.

"Come here, we can keep each other warm," his younger twin suggested and held him close. Slowly they made their way back to the Last Homely House until they could go no further. They fell to the ground hugging each other close. "Ada will find us," Elrohir said after a while off shivering.

Celebrían had been looking for her sons for half of the evening. After dinner they disappeared and were now no where to be found. Worried, she found her husband and told him she couldn't find their sons. Elrond decided it was time they searched outside.

Soon Elrond found his sons, hugging each other, in the garden close to the entrance. He checked their foreheads and quickly got into action, he lifted Elladan and ordered Glorfindel, who had joined the search, to take Elrohir with him. Because his sons needed warmth he took them to his and Celebrían's room.

Celebrían who had been worried sick hurried over to her husband when he entered with their oldest. "He's so cold," she said touching his fore head.

"They've been playing outside in the snow," Elrond answered as he undressed his son. Glorfindel had entered with Elrohir and Celebrían begin to undress her youngest son. Once they were both naked they dressed them in nightshirts and placed them in the warm bed, making sure they were warm.

The next morning the twins woke up. "Ahh, the little monsters awake," Glorfindel said, smiling seeing they had woken up.

"You gave us quit a scare, ion nîn," Elrond said to his sons.

"Sorry, ada," Elrohir said, sleepily. He felt so miserable that he wished he had never let Elladan talk him into having a snow fight.

"I see you've learned your lesson," Elrond said hearing both his sons sneezing. Turning red, they nodded. For indeed they had learned their lesson. They won't go out in the snow again without proper clothes…

The End
26 January 2007