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So Ordinary by Alvina

Rated: PG13

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Castiel and Uriel go to the Winchesters to inform them another seal was about to be broken when Castiel gets hurts and the brothers are left to care for him.

Categories : Fanfictions Supernatural

Character : Castiel, Dean Winchester

Pairings : Dean/Castiel

Genre : Angst

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Published: April 12, 2012

Updated: April 12, 2012

So Ordinary Chapter 01

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The next time Dean saw Castiel it was four weeks later. He came with Uriel to tell t hem another seal was about to be broken. Castiel didn't say much and when he did he was looking at Sam.

Dean was about to comment when Castiel cried out and fell, Uriel was just in time to catch his fallen brother before he fell to the floor.

Uriel and Castiel shared a look, one Dean and Sam use when they communicate non-verbally with each other. Another scream was torn from Castiel's lips, then Uriel made a decision. "You better take care of him or else," he warned before disappearing. If Dean's reflexes weren't as quick as they were Castiel would have fallen to the ground, luckily Dean was able to catch the angel.

"Sam, help me get him into the bed," Dean told his brother. A dark spot was covering the angel's shirt so Dean removed the tie, trench coat and eventually the shirt. "What the?" Dean began when he saw the wound. On top of his heart was a deep cut which resembled lighting. The cut resembled a broken heart and was bleeding intently. "Sam, get some towels," he told his brother as he tried to stop the bleeding with his hands. His questioning landed on Castiel who was still screaming.

"Danger," the angels gasped out between screams. "My... charges," moving hurt, talking hurt even breathing hurt.

"What are you talking about?" Dean asked as Sam handed him the towels.

"I think he's a guardian angel," Sam guessed, studying the angel. When Castiel nodded he knew he was right. "I'm guessing someone's attacking his charges," when Castiel moaned in pain/agreement he knew he was right.

"That doesn't make any sense, why is he hurt?" The words ' some angels don't feel anything. I'm not one of them' echoed through his mind.

"Danger," Castiel tried again. "Dean... you...charge," even in his agony he found the strength to warn the hunter.

Sam and Dean shared a look. "Dean..." the younger Winchester began but was cut of from Dean.

"I know," Dean quickly thought of a solution. "Barricade the doors and windows with salt," Dean was still trying to stop the bleeding, using the towels but it was no use. Blood kept pouring out of the cut.

"I'm going to see if Ruby has another protection spell," Sam told his brother, who just nodded and went to cleaning the wound again. Sam left his brother alone with the angel. He knew something was up with his brother but he couldn't decipher what it was. Shaking his head he went on with his task and went in search for the demon.

If he's going to be bleeding at this rate he'll bleed to death, Dean thought solely, a sadness he couldn't quite understand washed over him. Dread took hold of his hear. The thought that he might lose his angel. When had Castiel become his angel?, was terrifying and he would try everything he could think of to prevent that from happening. Dean would never admit it out loud but the kiss they had shared four weeks ago still played in his mind. The shy tongue against his own had sent a shot of electricity through his body. The lips had been firm, but soft just as he liked it.

The firm body underneath his own had been a new but welcoming feeling. He never had a male body under him, unless he was fighting, and it had never been an interesting but scary feeling.

He knew he wasn't gay, for he only felt this way with Castiel. Maybe it was because he was the one that pulled him out of hell, yet thinking about it it felt as if it was more than that. Sometimes it felt as if he has known the angel his entire life while at other times he was just a stranger to him.

Maybe this explained why Dean felt as if he had known the angel his entire life; he was his guardian angel. Did this mean Castiel had been with him his whole life? Was he there the day he sold his soul to save his brother? If he was why hadn't the angel stopped him?

Dean shook his head, who was he kidding? He'd do it again in a heartbeat, just to save his brother. Dean hadn't noticed his hand had moved until he looked back at Castiel. His hand was placed over Castiel's heart, he had to swallow at the intensity the emotions shone from the angels eyes. Pain, sadness and love were a few of the emotions.

Dean didn't understand it but his hand on the angel's heart seemed to slow down the blood flow, it didn't stop the blood flow completely but at least it was a start.

He was pulled out of his musings by a knock on the door. "Press this against the wound," he told Castiel after taking a clean towel form the floor. When he got up he opened the door to find Ruby standing there. "What do you want?" he asked her not in the mood to even see her.

"Sam asked me to take this hex bag to you?" Ruby explained. "What kind of trouble did you get into now?" she asked with a smirk on her face.

"None of your business," he shot back at her.

"Sam told me to tell you he's at the library trying to figure out what's wrong," she told him and handed him the hex bag.

"Thank," Dean mumbled before closing the door and making his way back to the angel. He hoped Ruby hadn't figured out what was wrong, he didn't want her to know and tell her demon buddies Castiel was helpless. The cry that as torn from the angel's lips brought Dean into action. He quickly placed the hex bag under the bed then brought his hand back to Castiel's heart, amazed as the blood flow slowed down once more.

"How?" Dean asked but when he looked up he noticed Castiel's eyes were closed and he wasn't responding. God, please, don't let him... he stopped the thought not ready to finish it. He'll be fine, he thought, he's an angel for fuck sakes!

Suddenly Castiel sat up, gasping in pain, eyes trying to focus on Dean's.

"Easy," Dean told him trying to make him lay back down. "Lay back down."

But Castiel had other plans, he threw his arms around the hunter, pulling him close. The hunter had to close his eyes for a moment before sneaking his arm around the angel, while the other stayed on Castiel's heart, and pulling him close. His hands and shirt was soaked with blood but he didn't mind, Castiel needed him and that's all that mattered.

The angel led out a low moan, Dean was about to pull away when he noticed the blood flow was decreasing. He slowly removed is hand form the angel's heart and noticed the cut had healed. Only when his eyes landed on the angel did he noticed his hand had moved from the angel's back to his left shoulder. When he moved his hand away he saw an imprint that much resembled his own. "How?" once more, Dean was at a loss for words.

Castiel, who's head had been resting comfortable on Dean's shoulder raised his head to look at Dean. "You healed me, thank you," was all he said.

"What are you talking about? How did I heal you?"

"You gave me part of my soul back."

Dean opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. "Come again?" he asked after a few more tries.

"You gave me part of my soul back?" the angel repeated.

"You already said that. How did I do that?" He didn't even know he owned part of the angel's soul.

"By binding yourself to me, as I did to you," the last part was added as if in an after thought and quietly but Dean had heard him loud and clear.

"What do you mean I bonded myself to you? How did I do that?" Dean asked confused.

But the angel didn't answer, just closed his eyes and then fell back on the bed dragging Dean with him, forgetting his arms were still around the hunter. This whole ordeal had taken a lot out of him.

"You have to let me go, Cas," the hunter said when the angel groaned at the impact when their bodies collided.

Castiel loosened his arms, after hearing the nickname the hunter had given him, but didn't release Dean. He opened his eyes and felt his heart beat a little faster at the closeness of their bodies.

Dean shifted so he was more comfortable, laying on top of the angel. "What are you doing?" he asked when the angel started running his fingers through his hair.

But the angel didn't answer, he just looked at the line of blood his fingers left when he caressed the hunter's cheek. "We should clean up," he stated but made no movement.

Dean took in their appearance and grinned. "What, don't like the serial killer look?" he laughed, for indeed they looked like two serial killers. Both the hunter and the angel's hands were covered in blood, as well as their chests and theirs pants.

"Can you stand?" the hunter asked the angel as he sat back giving the angel some room.

"Yes, I think so. Why?" the angel, once more, cocked his head.

"Because we're going to get cleaned up," Dean helped the angel to the bathroom after seeing hi womble on his feet. He made the angel sit down on the toilet while he busied himself with setting the water temperature. He pulled his shirt over his head before tossing it away and walked back to the angel.

The angel took in the sight before him; Dean's naked chest. Of course he had seen the hunter without a shirt before but that was always from either Heaven or through the veil. Now looking at Dean with his own eyes, or through the eyes of his vessel, he found the sight simple put beautiful. Once more his heart skipped a beat when his eyes locked with Dean's.

Dean watched the pink tongue dart out of the angel's mouth and unconsciously lick his lips. Dean had to swallow, his throat had suddenly gone dry. "Come, let me help you clean up," his voice was harsh and he flinched at the sound. He helped the angel up and told him to lean on him as he went to undo the angel's pants. He tried hard not to look at the length between the angel's legs. He slowly stood up and helped the angel into the shower. He had wanted to start cleaning his shirt but when he saw Castiel just standing there under the spray, blinking as the water hit his eyes, he decided to help him. Sighing he undid his pants before lowering them then joined the angel in the shower.

"You have to scrub yourself to remove the blood," Dean told the angel as he ran the sponge over the angel's chest demonstrating the cleaning action.

Castiel just looked at Dean intently, as he always did, but didn't make any movement to take over the sponge. So, Dean just continued cleaning the angel taking his time as he admired the angel's chest. Not feeling any remorse as he did so. The first time he had touched the angel he had convinced himself the angel had used some angel mojo on him or something for him to act and feel this way but now looking at the angel he knew the angel hadn't done anything to him. He was feeling all these feelings on his own and it scared the living crap out o him.

He knew the angel loved him but did that mean Dean loved the angel as well? He admits he has feelings for this heavenly creature but whether it's love or not he didn't know yet.

A slight blush covered the angel's cheeks when Dean lowered himself to his knees to clean the vessel's private parts.

Dean concentrated on the task at hand. He looked up at Castiel's face and noticed the flush across the angel's cheeks and smirked. Dean suddenly felt the need to pry that lip from between the angel's teeth. He finished his task and stood up, starting to clean his own hands and arms which were still covered in blood - though the water had washed most of it already away.

Castiel took the sponge from the hunter and started cleaning Dean's hands. He dropped the hunter's hands and took a step closer. His hands sneaked his way around the hunter's neck to pull him closer, his lips found the hunter's in a passionate kiss.

Castiel's legs gave away and Dean had to steady him before he fell down. "I know I'm an excellent kisser but I never knew I was this good," Dean smirked at the angel.

"I'm afraid I'm not fully healed," the angel replied, apologizing.

"Is there anything I can do?" Dean asked concerned.

"You've done enough," the angel replied. "I must return to Heaven to heal," he told the hunter and kissed him once more before disappearing.

Dean stared at the empty spot Castiel had previously vacated. "I really hate it when you do that," he said turning his head to the heavens. Then he turned down the water and left the shower to dry and dress himself and walked back into the bedroom. Glad Castiel had left him for the time being, he really needed to sort out his thoughts before facing the angel again.

"Dean," Sam called out as he walked into their rented room. Dean almost groaned, he had wanted a little solitude after his encounter with the angel. "Where's Castiel?" his brother's voice shook him out of his thoughts.

"Heaven," he replied sitting down on his bed. Only noticing the blood on the bed was gone when he sat down.


"He's gone to heaven to heal," the older Winchester explained, rubbing the bridge of his nose exhaustingly.

"He is all right?" The younger Winchester asked, concerned.

"Yes, for as far as I know," he didn't mention to his brother that he was now bonded with the angel. He wanted to figure out what it meant on his own instead of having his brother fuss over him. "What did you find out?" he asked changing the subject.

"I found out that angel's don't bleed," Sam answered as he sat down on his own bed facing his brother.

"Then how do you explain the blood?" Dean asked.

"That was rather difficult to find out but luckily the town library had an ebook of an old angel bible."

"Ebook?" his brother asked confused.

"A virtual copy of the book," Sam explained. "Anyway, for an angel to bleed through a single lightning shaped cut across the heart would mean hundreds of his charges are in excruciating pain or dying at the same time," Sam took a moment to let his words sink in before he continued. "A guardian angel feels every single death of his charges as a small pull, having hundreds of his charges die at the same time would have most likely killed him."

"That still doesn't explain the whole 'Angels don't bleed' crap," Dean remarked.

"It's true that angel's don't bleed. The blood we saw was not Castiel's blood."

"Then whose's blood was it?" Dean dreaded the answer afraid it would be the blood of the vessel.

"It was the blood of his dying charges," Sam explained, carefully.

"What are you saying?" he asked is brother. "When his charges hurt he hurts?"

Sam heard the underlying question in his brother's question 'when I hurt he hurts?' "Yes," was all Sam could reply.


Dean was lying on his bed listening to Metallica on his phone, nodding his head to the beat. His brother had gone out for lunch while he had decided to stay inside. For a moment forgetting all around him. The song ended as he sat up and flung his legs over the side of the bed.

"Hello Dean," a voice behind him said, making him jump from the bed ready to fight the intruder.

"Geeze, Cas, don't you knock?" The hunter asked, realizing there was no danger, just an angel who liked to pop up whenever he felt like it. A silence fell over the room making Dean uncomfortable. "So, how are you?"

"I am well, thank you," Castiel replied, as he sat down on Sam's bed, facing Dean.

Dean sat on his own bed, facing the angel. Another silence filled the room. Awkward, Dean thought."So, are you going to explain this whole ' me being bonded to you' or not?" he asked breaking the silence.

"What do you want to know?"

"How did I own part of your soul?"

"It was an accident, really," the angel began, a little embarrassed. "When I pulled you out of hell I gripped you too tight and accidentally bonded with you and in the process gave you part of my soul."

"How do you accidentally give someone part of you soul?" Dean asked but the angel didn't answer. "Okay... What does it mean to be bonded?"

"I believe the human term is ‘married'," Castiel explained.

"What? We're married?" Dean stood up and started pacing around. "How can you be so ordinary about it?" He almost yelled at the angel who was calmly watching the hunter pace back and forth.

"I mean, we're married? This is really not how I thought I'd get married. You know, flowers, chocolate, a little wooing. Not kiss and bang! You're married!"

"It didn't happen like that," the angel interrupted the hunter's ramblings.

"I know that!" Dean practically yelled at the angel," he was freaking out, "You know, this is not the way to get married."

"If you didn't want to get married why did you do it?"

"Hell, If I knew placing my hand on your shoulder meant I was getting married, I wouldn't have done it," the words hung heavy in the air and Castiel had to look away, the hunter's word had hurt him deeply.

Dean regretted the words when he saw the hurt look on the angel's face. The last time he saw that look was after their first kiss and the angel had left almost right after.

"Isn't it against the rules or something? Two men getting married?"

"The Lord is all about love, Dean, and a bond consists of love," Castiel explained, patiently. He knew this was Dean's way of processing thing though it still hurt.

"So, I won't be send back to hell and you won't loose you're grace?"

Castiel looked amused for a moment before he answered. "No."

"Oh, that's good," the hunter replied and sat down on the bed next to Castiel. "So, married, huh? Does that mean I get a honeymoon?"

The End

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