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The Concert by Alvina

Rated: G

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Jared's thoughts when he's on stage

Categories : Fanfictions 30 Seconds to Mars

Character : Jared Leto

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Genre : General

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Chapters : 1

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Word count : 205

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Published: February 6, 2007

Updated: February 6, 2007

The Concert Chapter 01

Author's notes:

I do not own Jared Leto neither do I own 30 seconds to mars.

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Jared smiled behind his mask. Once again the room was crowded. People from all over Holland had come to see them, 30 seconds to mars, live in concert.

After tossing the roses into the crowd he tossed his mask aside and they started their first song, A Beautiful Lie.

He loved being on stage, listening to the crowd scream and sing to their songs was such a rush. He couldn't get enough.

He asked a few of the people if they'd catch him and once they nodded eagerly he jumped.

He sang the words to The Fantasy as the crowd carried him further away from the stage, still loving every second of it. A security guard came to help him back on stage and he sang the rest of the song.

The adrenaline rushed through him as he leapt onto the speaker set and climbed on the balcony, letting the people on the balcony know he was there and he'd noticed them.

Knowing that all these people come to see them made him giddy and excited and feel alive.

Too soon it was over. He didn't want to leave; it was Holland for crying out loud. So he decided they should stay after the concert and they did…

The End
6 February 2007