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The Changing by Alvina

Rated: PG13

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Nessa and Alvina have been going through a rough time. When they escape they are found by Elrohir and Elladan and are brought to Imladris, where both of them begin a new life.

Categories : Fanfictions Lord of the Rings

Character : Elrohir, Legolas

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Genre : Drama, Romance

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Chapters : 10

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Word count : 14.608

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Published: September 1, 2004

Updated: September 1, 2004

The Changing Chapter 01

This story is written for Nessa… Also with Nessa, I do not mean Nessa as of the Valar!! I know that this isn't the best story I ever wrote especially not when I used my own name but I promised my friend Nessa that I write this so that's the reason I used my own name and hers... Also this is made up, I know that an Elf marries and then 'bind' their selves (Though Galadriel and Celeborn were lovers before they got married). The Elvish that is used in this fic is probably not the Elvish Tolkien used. I found it somewhere and thought it fitted a bit. If you know the 'real' Elvish please let me know!

Disclaimer:I do not own the Elves only Alvina. The Elves are owned by JRR Tolkien and Nessa is owned by herself so here ya go. I do not make any profits of this fan fiction it's just for my own fun, well actually for Nessa's fun… But hey who cares right?

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"You can’t force her!" Alvina cried to her master.

"And why is that?" Her master, Natar, said.

"You can’t take an Elf by force it’ll kill her and then you do not have any use for her." Alvina replied.

"You’re sure?" Natar asked. Alvina nodded "Why?"

Alvina stood up; never looking in her master’s eyes "They have their pride. If you take them unwillingly they can’t live with it and pass to the Halls of Mandos."

Natar looked at Alvina "Then I’ll take you" And Alvina let out a sigh. Though she did not want to be taken by him she was glad she could save this Elf, Nessa.

Both of them had been captured by their master, Natar, and he had brought Alvina here sooner then Nessa. Alvina had been here for 15 years and Nessa for just a day and Nessa is very weak.

Alvina looked at Nessa and said "Don’t worry I’ll look after you" in the Elvish tongue and followed Natar to his bedroom. Soon the air was filled what moans from Natar and cries from Alvina…

Chapter 1

"Come on Nessa, we’ve got to get out of here" Alvina cried. Nessa and she had escaped the dungeon of Natar and were now running to the forest. Finally they arrived at the forest and slowed their pace for they knew Natar and his men will never go through the forest by night time. Nessa spotted a spring. "There!" She called out pointed eastwards "There’s a spring" Alvina followed her gaze "Good we’ll go there" She said and after a few minutes they reached the spring.


"Why do you think they are here?" Elrohir asked his brother, Elladan. "I do not know, Gwanur-nîn [my brother]" Elrohir and Elladan looked at the two females who were asleep. "Do you think they are sick?" Elrohir asked. "I do not know gwanur-nîn. One of them is an Elf and her eyes are closed so I think one of them is at least" Elladan replied and Elrohir nodded.

Alvina stirred and woke up. "Who are you?" She asked once she saw two Elves sitting just a few metres away from her and Nessa and laid her hand around Nessa as protecting her. "I am Elrohir and this is my brother, Elladan" One of them answered. "What do you want?" Alvina asked. "We want to help you" Elladan replied. Alvina looked at the two Elves and then back at Nessa. "Nessa," she said "Wake up." But Nessa didn’t wake up "I think she’s sick! We had a long journey" Elrohir nodded. "We can help. We may not be Healers but our father is a powerful one. We can try to help her and then bring her to our father" Alvina just nodded.

Days later Alvina, Nessa, Elladan and Elrohir reached Imladris, Rivendell in the common tongue. Nessa was placed in a chamber for she was still very sick. Alvina was sitting next to her on a chair. "Wake up, Nessa, saes [please] don’t leave me now…" Alvina whispered to her friend.

There was a knock on the door and soon an Elf walked in. One Alvina has not seen before. "I am Lord Elrond, I am a Healer" He said. Alvina nodded. After a few minutes of checking Nessa’s injuries Lord Elrond turned to Alvina. "Will she be alright?" Alvina asked. Lord Elrond nodded "Yes in a while." and gave Alvina a resuming smile. "You should rest now. You look tired. Let me guide you to your chamber." Alvina nodded. She was tired indeed. She had not slept much for years and when she slept she had terrible nightmares.

"This is your chamber" Lord Elrond said. "Thank you" said Alvina. "Not just for showing me my chamber but also for helping Nessa" Lord Elrond smiled at her. "It was my pleasure. I’ll leave you. Sleep well" With that said Lord Elrond went to his own chambers and Alvina went inside her own.

It was a big room with a bed in the middle of the chamber and next to it a chair and a table. Next to the door was a cupboard. Alvina walked to the bed and lay down. Soon she was fast asleep.


When Alvina woke she saw that there were new clothes laying at the edge of her bed and there was a tray of food placed on the table next to the bed. She placed the tray on her lap and started to eat it. After a while there was a knock on the door. "Come in" She called and Elrohir walked in. "Hello Alvina" Elrohir said, smiling. "Hello…?" Alvina said making a confused face not knowing which twin it was. "Elrohir." Elrohir said smiling. "I see you’re hungry" Elrohir noted once he looked at the tray of food which was already quite empty. Alvina blushed "Yes I haven’t had a proper meal for ye…days" She quickly said noticing the mistake she almost made. "Oh, is that so?" Elrohir asked concerned. Alvina nodded. "Do you want anything else?" He asked. "No, I thank you for your kindness" Elrohir just smiled at her. "Don’t worry about it. Anyway I came here to tell you that your friend has woken up and is calling for you" He said.

"Oh… I’ll dress and go to her."

"Alright" Elrohir said and left the room.

Alvina quickly ate the last of the food she had and then put on the dress that was placed on her bed and went to Nessa.