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The Changing by Alvina

Rated: PG13

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Nessa and Alvina have been going through a rough time. When they escape they are found by Elrohir and Elladan and are brought to Imladris, where both of them begin a new life.

Categories : Fanfictions Lord of the Rings

Character : Elrohir, Legolas

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Genre : Drama, Romance

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Published: September 1, 2004

Updated: September 1, 2004

The Changing Chapter 07

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Every day Alvina sat beside the bed Elrohir was laying on and every night Legolas and Nessa dragged her out of the chamber to let her get some sleep. They understand Alvina wanted to be with Elrohir but Alvina was not an Elf and needed her rest.

In Elrohir's chamber Lord Elrond was talking with Elladan. "So you say he loves Alvina but does not want to tell her for she just wants him as her brother?" Elrond asked. "Yes Ada. He loves her very much. I think that's why he did not leave because Alvina said to him not to leave her." Elladan answered. "You are right. But if this happen again he might not survive for the call to the Halls of Mandos is strong when you are weak of a broken heart." Elladan nodded but did not look at his father. Elrond took note of this so he asked "You are hiding something? Has this happen before?" Elladan sighed. "Yes Ada." He whispered. "What?!" Elrond exclaimed. "Why did he not come to me? When did it happen and how many times?" Elladan thought for a second before answering. "This was the 2nd time and he did not go to you for he did not want any one to know." Elrond sighed. "As stubborn as me." He mumbled under his breath. "Then he should be lucky that he did not pass to the Halls of Mandos and we should be lucky as well." Elladan walked over to his father and hugged him.

Alvina slipped out of bed when she woke up the next morning. It was what she always did when she woke up. She walked to Elrohir's chamber and found Elladan and Lord Elrond there. She hugged Elladan and Lord Elrond before asking "How is he?" Lord Elrond was the one to answer. "He's getting better day by day." Alvina nodded and went to sit on the chair beside Elrohir's bed. Lord Elrond nodded to Elladan to leave the room. They said there goodbyes and walked out of the chamber. Alvina took Elrohir's hand in her own. "Please ‘rohir, wake up." She whispered. Elrohir stirred in his sleep but did not wake up. A streak of his hair hand fallen on his face and Alvina tugged it behind his ear. "Do not leave me dearest Elrohir." She whispered in one pointed ear and placed a kiss on his forehead.

Elrohir felt someone was sitting next to him. He opened his eyes but the sunlight that was shining through the window hurt his eyes so he closed them again. Slowly he opened them again and when he got used to the light he looked around the room. He saw he was in his own room and Alvina was sitting next to him. She was asleep. He saw that she was holding his hand and he smiled. He raised his hand a little to wake her up but he was too weak so he just looked at her.

Alvina woke up. Her back hurt a lot from the position she fell asleep in. She sat up to stretch herself and looked at Elrohir. He was still asleep she saw. She took a hold of his hand again and kissed it. Slowly Elrohir woke up. "Elrohir?" She whispered thinking it was just one of her dreams. Elrohir gave her a weak smile and she knew he was awake. "Oh Elrohir I was so worried about you." She cried hugging him. "I'm going to call Lord Elrond." Alvina got up and walked through the door she saw a servant and told her to get Lord Elrond immediately.


Days passed and Elrohir had gotten better. Alvina visited him every day except for today. She had not gone to him yet and was on her way to find Glorfindel. When she reached the library and did not find him there she turned around causing her to bump into someone. "Counsellor Erestor, I am sorry. I did not see you." She quickly apologized. "Ai Alvina, it does not matter. Can I help you?" He replied with a smile which was quickly hidden behind his mask. "Aye, I was... I am looking for Lord Glorfindel; do you might know where he is?" Erestor nodded. "He is at Lord Elrond's studies. You wish to speak with him?" Alvina nodded. "Yes but it isn't important I can wait."

"Can I help?" Alvina looked at Erestor never before had the counsellor proposed his help. To Alvina he was always cold, actually, now to think about it he was cold against anyone. "Ai, I see. You need Glorfindel's help." He said started to get away. He should have known better then to ask if he could help her. "No actually I think you can help me counsellor Erestor." Alvina quickly said putting a hand on his shoulder to stop him and gave him a smile. Erestor turned around. "Very well." He said and both of them walked to the garden.

Once they reached the garden they went to sit on the bench. "How can I help you, Alvina?" Erestor asked. "Well I need your advice." Alvina replied. "Uhm… What if you are in love with someone but that someone is in love with another would you tell that someone that you are in love with her?" Erestor blinked. "Uhm… I guess I would but I will need some more information. Is this the fact that you are in love with Elrohir but dare not to tell him." Alvina blinked, shocked. "You know?" She whispered. "Aye, I did." He replied. "If I were you, who I know I am not, I would tell him. He almost died of grief maybe your love will help him get through his most unbearable time." Alvina stayed quiet for a moment letting the word sink in. "I think you are right counsellor Erestor." She said and stood up. "Anytime, Alvina." He replied with a smile. "Even though I hid behind my mask I am always here to help you." Alvina looked at him. "To bad you hid behind you mask all the time. It will do you good to come out of that mask." Erestor smiled at her. "I cannot do that." He said with a sad tone I his voice. Alvina knew better than to ask more of that subject so she changed it. "Well thank you counsellor Erestor for your time." And she hugged him. Erestor smiled on the embrace. "Anytime, little one." He said. When they pulled away Alvina walked off to Elrohir's chamber


Legolas and Nessa were sitting at the other side of Imladris watching the sun go down. Nessa was snuggled up to Legolas and he was braiding her hair. (For so far he could do that!) Softly he tugged on her hair which made her face him then he bends down and kissed her lips. "Amin mela lle [I love you]" He said when they pulled away. "Ar amin mela lle" Nessa whispered back. This time she claimed Legolas' lips…

"I got a message from my father." Legolas said after a few moments. "What did he say?" She replied. "He needs me there." He answered. "Will you be going?" Nessa asked in a sad tone. "Aye, I have to." He replied. Nessa nodded. "Of course."

"Will you come with me?" He suddenly asked. "I can't…" She said. "I mean I want to but, Alvina…" She trailed off. "Alvina will be fine. I can ask her to come with us." Nessa nodded. "Alright, we'll ask her." Legolas kissed her again. "If you do not want to go I understand." Nessa turned around. "Nah, I do want to go…It's just that I do not think Alvina will and I would hate it to leave her alone."

"I agree to that but one day I have to introduce you to my father…" He said with a smile. "I wasn't joking Leggy!" She said getting angry, even though she used her name for him. "I know Ness'" He said. "I am just saying that Alvina will be alright in the time we are away." Nessa nodded. "Yes she will be alright though she will not like it."

"True." Legolas said and both of them felt silent.

"But I do need to go." Legolas said "You can stay here if you want to." Nessa stared in his eyes. "I'll see." She said smiling and kissed him again.

After the pulled away for the need for air they stared in each others eyes. "Gerish nin meleth na-den I methed o lû. [You have my love until the end of time.]" He said and kissed Nessa again. "Then would you bind yourself to me?" Nessa asked. "Always!" He said and both of them went to Legolas' chamber.