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The Changing by Alvina

Rated: PG13

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Nessa and Alvina have been going through a rough time. When they escape they are found by Elrohir and Elladan and are brought to Imladris, where both of them begin a new life.

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Character : Elrohir, Legolas

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Genre : Drama, Romance

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Published: September 1, 2004

Updated: September 1, 2004

The Changing Chapter 03

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Elrohir walked into Alvina’s chamber and sat down on her bed. He looked at her sleeping figure and traced his hand over her face. Alvina stirred in her sleep but did not wake up. Elrohir woke Alvina up shaking her lightly saying. "Alvina, wake up" Alvina stirred once again before opening her eyes. "Elrohir?" She whispered. "Yes it is I." He replied smiling at her confused expression. "What are you doing here?" She asked sitting up a bit. "You promised me to tell me what has been troubling you yesterday." A flicker of emotion went through Alvina’s eyes that Elrohir almost thought that he had imagined it. Almost. "Yes… I promised that…" She mumbled. Elrohir went to stand on the balcony to let her wash herself and dress. When Alvina was done she told Elrohir to get Elladan, Nessa, Lord Elrond, Lord Glorfindel and even Legolas to go to the Hall of Fire. Elrohir gave her a confused expression but said nothing and nodded. After he left Alvina gathered all her strength together and went to the Hall of Fire.

When Alvina entered the room she saw that everyone was already there. She noticed that Nessa and Legolas were cuddled together and smiled at Nessa. She was a bit angry that Nessa hadn’t told her she and Legolas were together but then again Alvina hadn’t visited Nessa either. She saw that Lord Elrond and Lord Glorfindel stopped their chat when she walked in and that Elrohir and Elladan were both looking at her with confused eyes. "Thank you for coming." She said after a few minutes. "You are probably wondering why I summoned you here." There were a few yes and nods of the head and Alvina continued. "Well I wish to tell you the story which brought me here, the story of my past the one that was troubling me yesterday." The last line she said while looking at Elrohir. Alvina paced around for a few moments and the Elves remained silent for they know it was hard for Alvina. "I am telling you this so you know what happened and don’t have to talk behind my back about it and because I think you have the right to know. All of you." She said and stopped again. Finally she said down and her story began…

"My story begins 25 years ago when my mother was pregnant of me and met a certain Elf. He called himself Elleelen and took care of my mother. I don’t know what he did there but he was there the day my mother needed someone to help her and he did. He and an Elven Healer brought me into this world. He helped my mother take care of me for he knew it would be hard to raise a child on your own. He raised me as I was his own. Even though he and my mother always said he wasn’t my father I called him Adar. (Father in the common tongue) He taught me Elvish and the ways of the Elves for as far as I could learn when being 9 years old human. For that was the last time I saw him.

"Being an Elf he couldn’t stay long in Esgaroth as that’s the place I am from. But he came as often as he could once a week. But when I was 9 he didn’t came anymore and my mother told me he was busy. I proposed to my mother to go to him to Mirkwood but my mother said no till change came and my mother couldn’t pay the rent anymore of our house so we left and went to Mirkwood."


"Mummy, are we going to see Ada soon" Alvina asked happily. "Yes dear. You’ll see Ada very soon" Alvina smiled and run ahead of her mother stopping at a tree to listen to it but hearing nothing. "Alvina come here." Said her mother and Alvina walked up to her mother. But before she could reach her mother she was grabbed by her arm and thrown to the ground. "Mummy!" She cried out. "Alvina!" Her mother cried out. Alvina run to where her mother was but didn’t see her. "Mummy" She cried out again, tears running down her face. She heard her mother moan but still didn’t see her. So she stood still and cried. "What’s wrong, little one?" A man’s voice asked. Alvina looked at the man. "I lost my mummy." She whispers crying. "Aww you poor little thing" He said. "I know where your mummy is." He said. Alvina looked at the man. "You know where mummy is?" She asked a glint of hope in her eyes. "Yes come with me." He said and Alvina followed.

End Flashback

"That was the stupiest thing I’ve ever done." Said Alvina blinking away the tears. "I should have never done that I should have remembered what my Adar used to tell me ‘Do not go of with strangers’ he used to say. But I did…" She stood up and walked to the window.


Alvina arrived at a house which was quite big. She was told to wait there in the hallway and she looked with big eyes around. A man walked up to her and kneeled down next to her. "You know where my mummy is?" She asked with hope in her voice. "You do not need to go to your mummy now." The man answered. "But that man said he was going to take me to my mummy." She replied crying. "You do not need your mummy anymore. You belong to me now!" He said and took her into his arms and thrown her into a room on a bed. Alvina hide her face in the mattress to hide her tears.

End Flashback

"At the beginning nothing happened and they let me work as a slave. You know caring there food. Cleaning up the room. Making up their bed. But when I turned 19 they let me do other things…" Alvina swallowed. "They forced me to pleasure them.

"When I was 20 they had brought an Elf. They were also about to force her but I did not let them and told them they’ll kill her if they did so they never forced her but took me instead. What they did, I will not say for it is too painful..." A tear made its way down her face. "After 5 years we had a change to escape and we did. The Elf and I, for we had developed a friendship, which was the best thing that has happened to me for a while. She never treated me different of the things she knew about me. And for that I am grateful." She gave a weak smile. "When we escaped we where found by two male Elves. I didn’t trust them as I didn’t trust anyone anymore. But even though my fear for them I let them help me, help us for my Elven friend was sick. And those 2 male Elves took us here to Imladris where I found Elleelen. I knew he would not remember me for the last time he had seen me, was when I was a little girl and I have changed since then…" Alvina stopped talking and Elrohir who was sitting stood up. "Who is Elleelen? I have never heard of him before?" Now it was time for Legolas to speak. "I wish to say something…" He started. Everyone (except for Alvina who was starring out of the window) looked at him. "I am Elleelen." He whispered, which shocked everyone.

"It was, as Alvina said 25 years ago. I saw a woman in great pain and walked over to her introducing me as Elleelen so she would not know I was the Prince of Mirkwood. I did not tell her my true identity for my father told me woman were only after your title which I never believe but still I didn’t tell her my true identity. 9 years I have raised Alvina, my little Elf I used to call her. And those 9 years I have never forgotten.

"One day I went to hunt in the forest as patrollers had spotted Orcs in the forest but I found a woman instead. It was Amelia, Alvina’s mother. I kneeled down next to her to help her but there was little I could do. She was dying; I can still remember her last words. ‘Find Alvina’ then she died. That moment is burned into my memory and I swore to Elbereth I would find Alvina. Just to make her last few words come to reality. I never did find her and that was my purpose I came her for the counsel of Elrond for he is known to be very wise." He stopped.

"You never asked for my counsel." Said Elrond. "No, I have not." Legolas replied. "For I know if I asked for your counsel I could not find peace for a while. I needed peace so I waited and hang out with my two old friends Elrohir and Elladan but I also met Nessa and my troubles were forgotten for a while till yesterday…"

"You were thinking about Alvina." Said Nessa remembering the evening at the lake. Legolas nodded. "Yes I was thinking about Little Alvina and the Alvina I met here. My heart told me this Alvina was her for she never looked into my eyes. But my mind told me differently." He sighed. "Why did you never tell him Alvina?" It was Lord Glorfindel’s turn to ask. Alvina still stared out of the window. "You would also not like it when your Adar finds out you’ve been forced…" She said. Elrohir walked up to her and hugged her. Then he signalled for Elladan, his father, Glorfindel and Nessa to leave the room. Nessa hugged Legolas and kissed him then hugged Alvina and left the room…

Legolas stared at Alvina for a while. Alvina noticed this and it just made her feel uncomfortable. After a while Legolas walked up to Alvina, he startled her when he spoke. "I have missed you, my dearest Alvina." He whispered. Alvina turned around "I have missed you too, Ada." She whispered back and then throws herself in his arms.